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Big Questions with Cal Fussman | TSP 194

Podcaster, in-demand speaker, writer, and expert at asking the best questions, Cal Fussman believes that a good question could get you to the most powerful person on earth. Sharing a story that is not short of that, he takes us into the time where he landed an interview with Mikhail Gorbachev and how he managed to extend their conversation beyond what was allotted for. He then transitions to the power of asking the right questions, one that strikes at the heart. Equally important as well is...


Creating Experiences That Are Memorable with Gail Davis | TSP 193

It was in the early ‘90s when event budgets were big and the stages were filled with former heads of states and retired Olympians that Gail Davis was leading events at one of the world's largest corporations, EDS. It's now Hewlett Packard Enterprise. After watching the movie Alive, decided to search for Nando Parrado, the main subject of the movie. After research and phone calls throughout South America, Gail convinced Nando to come to speak for the first time about his experiences. The...


Build Your Tribe - Philip Folsom | TSP 192

It is not anymore about the team, it is now about the tribe. Industry leader in team building and leadership Philip Folsom of the Fulcrum Leadership Institute shares how to build your tribe in business and in life. Moving away from the concept of a team, a tribe has become the people who are beyond acquaintances or transactional business partners. Philip talks about how to build a legitimate relationship-based collaborative connection. He gives great insights on creating an environment where...


Pivot, Disrupt And Transform - Marcia Daszko | TSP 191

How leaders behave directly impact the course of the business. They are the ones that lead the people in the team to work towards a common goal and succeed. As we know it, everyone has the capacity to become a leader. The only thing therefore is to be good at it and not the judging critique that blames others. One of the world’s leading business strategists and catalyst for leadership and organizational transformation, Marcia Daszko, talks about how leaders beat the odds and survive with her...


Negotiation Secrets From An FBI Special Agent - Chip Massey | TSP 190

Growing a business means having to go through high-pressure situations. Sometimes, you get involved with misunderstandings among clients that take a toll on the entire business relationship. Talking about the art of negotiation in these kinds of situations is someone who is no stranger to this. Chip Massey, CEO of Plowshare Communications, is an FBI Special Agent who worked as a hostage negotiator. Sharing his experiences as an agent, he re-aligns it with how people running businesses can...


The Marriage Of Real Estate And Blockchain - Henry Elder | TSP 189

Henry Elder comes from a four generation of Los Angeles real estate professionals, yet he made his own way in the world when he got out of Pepperdine. He was going to go to law school and decided to go work for a hedge fund instead, and then pivoted again and went into the world of blockchain. The lessons he's learned along the way starting his own company of surrounding yourself with people you trust as well as people who have complementary skill sets, and finally how he found a confidence...


Good Enough Now - Jessica Pettitt | TSP 188

Instead of sitting around pointing fingers and waiting for change to somehow magically appear, which never happens, a lot of people are looking for, “What can I do to make myself have better relationships and stronger teamwork?” Jessica Pettitt, author of Good Enough Now, provides some great insights on how to be a better leader and how to have difficult conversations with your team. Jessica compares Martin Luther King to Gandhi and to Mother Theresa, looking at what they have and don’t have...


Courage, Compassion And Rescue - Marty Brounstein | TSP 187

Urging leaders to make a positive difference wherever they are, Marty Brounstein talks about doing the right thing when you find yourself in a situation where it’s fear-based. As a master storyteller, he discusses the power of using stories as a way to teach people, not only engaging them but getting themselves imagine being in it. He shares his book, Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust, about a young Christian couple out of Netherlands who saved the lives of...


Happily Ever Always - Michael Rosenblum | TSP 186

We often look for happiness in different places and people. But no matter how much we look, we can’t seem to find it. Michael Rosenblum believes we all deserve to live Happily Ever Always and for him, that is about looking within oneself. He is a self-made man and one of America’s most successful real estate brokers—deemed even as the broker’s broker. He talks about how much of his success comes from loving what he does and in serving other people. Shedding some life into real estate, he...


Innovation Hacks - Josh Linkner | TSP 185

To Josh Linkner, founder and CEO of ePrize, creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of all human progress. As such, he’s spent his career harnessing the power of creative disruption. His journey has been non-traditional at every step, using innovative hacks to topple competitors, fight through adversity, and achieve at the highest levels. In addition to his own startups, Josh has been involved with the launch, growth, or financing of over 100 other companies. Josh shares how he built the...


Stop Hoping: Start Hunting - Jennifer Hill | TSP 184

Finding your dream job may not be what most people expect. For some, their dreams are only realized after life has thrown an unexpected curveball. They find that they are on to a different path than what they had planned. Keynote speaker Jennifer Hill says its okay. She shares her own personal experience when she took a different route that later on led her to become a successful president of a recruitment company. Jennifer gives some great tips on how to go about pursuing your dream job and...


Happiness From The Inside Out - Rob Mack | TSP 183

Many people get stuck on thinking as soon as something happens then they’ll be happy. The fact of the matter is your circumstances only account for 10% of your overall happiness. People have to realize that the outside achievements are not the end all, be all to being happy and wanting to stay on the planet. Positive psychology expert Rob Mack you can achieve happiness from the inside out and the opportunity for happiness in this day and age is greater than it's ever been in the history of...


Talk Triggers: Word Of Mouth Marketing - Daniel Lemin | TSP 182

The more people talk about how remarkable your business is, the better it is for you economically. This is a fact that almost everyone in marketing knows. There is an economic impact to what we call “word of mouth”. Daniel Lemin, CMO and co-founder of Selectivor, trusted advisor and bestselling author on reputation management, digital marketing, and social media customer service, shows his expertise on this subject as he takes us into Talk Triggers. Sharing what he learned as one of the...


From On Air Anchor To Blockchain - Elsa Ramon | TSP 181

One of the keys to success is authenticity. You can't fake that, and Elsa Ramon has it. She exudes authenticity and effervescent energy on camera. Until recently, Elsa was the weekend evening anchor for CBS in Los Angeles. She made the big decision to leave that industry and her successful career and go out and start getting involved in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. From on air anchor to blockchain, Elsa shares how she made that big decision, what her future goals are, and...


Exactly What To Say For Influence And Impact - Phil M. Jones | TSP 180

Lots of people have a great idea, but they fail to have any understanding of who they want to bring that idea to or exactly who that perfect person might be in the first place. They sit, wish, wait, hope and pray for success as opposed to point themselves in a targeted, directed fashion with the right message towards the right person at the right time. Professional sales trainer and coach, Phil M. Jones, teaches on exactly what to say for influence and impact to close a sale. Phil entered...


Pitch Secrets From Top Investor - Vic Pascucci | TSP 179

Starting the path to being a venture capitalist was unconventional for Vic Pascucci. Graduated as a lawyer, he went the other way to pursue a career in the financial world. Now, with more than nineteen years of experience, he shares the secrets to successfully pitch your business. Bringing up the importance of storytelling, he shows the value of being able to compel people and not just convince. Vic reveals the pitch secrets as he lays down one by one what venture capitalists are looking for...


Local Investing, Venture Funds, Cryptocurrency, And NYCQ - Rob Nance | TSP 178

Managing partner of CityBlock Capital Rob Nance gets down into the business of local investing as he shares his new venture called NYCQ, a tokenized venture fund for investment into New York City startups. Starting with his origin story, he relays the milestones that led him to his successful career, from his interest of banking to taking on the opportunities to expand with venture fund. He covers topics about blockchain and cryptocurrency in relation to how his tokenized venture has...


One Page Marketing Plan | TSP 177

Small businesses need a small business strategy that works, and that really comes down to direct response marketing. Allan Dib needed to come up with a plan that was fast, effective, and followed direct response marketing principles very closely that would move the needle for his clients. From that need was born the 1-Page Marketing Plan which is a process that’s easy for clients to fill in and literally a single page divided that into nine sections. Allan is a serial entrepreneur, marketer...


Are You A Sonic God? - Chris Hayman | TSP 176

The most exciting thing ever in entertainment is LA’s creative industry, and that's largely due to the competition. In LA, everyone's here for a reason and everyone's trying to pursue something amazing. Being around that particular level of brilliance that's abundant in LA pushes you towards the mindset of being the best at what you do, at who you are. Chris Hayman, head composer, producer and founder of Sonic Gods, explores how you, too, can have a stroke of genius. Chris makes it his...


The Magic Question: Unveiling Forensic Handwriting - Bart Baggett | TSP 175

Is it possible to get what you want in half the time? Forensic handwriting expert Bart Baggett dares you to ask the Magic Question: not only the ones we ask other people, but also the questions that we ask ourselves. They influence our beliefs, which influence our actions, and ultimately our success. Bart discusses a never-before-released 1 minute per day technique to manifest more love, happiness, and success. Even if you have studied Neuro-linguistic Programming before, this technique will...