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The Successful Pitch interviews successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share their stories so you can have a road map to success. Join your host John Livesay, sales keynote speaker, sales expert and author as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, clear and concise. You can download the Free sneak peek of his book "Better Selling Through Storytelling at

The Successful Pitch interviews successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share their stories so you can have a road map to success. Join your host John Livesay, sales keynote speaker, sales expert and author as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, clear and concise. You can download the Free sneak peek of his book "Better Selling Through Storytelling at


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The Successful Pitch interviews successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share their stories so you can have a road map to success. Join your host John Livesay, sales keynote speaker, sales expert and author as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, clear and concise. You can download the Free sneak peek of his book "Better Selling Through Storytelling at




The Secret To Making Your LinkedIn Post Go Viral with AJ Wilcox

Have you ever wondered if you should be running ads on LinkedIn versus another platform? In this episode, AJ Wilcox, LinkedIn ads professional and Founder B2Linked, joins John Livesay as they reveal the secret to making your LinkedIn post go viral. John and AJ talk about targeting people on LinkedIn and the strategies you can implement on LinkedIn for people to buy from you. Get to know AJ and his company a bit more as he shares his story of origin and his journey through the years. Tune in...


Transformational Storytelling With Scott Monty

A good story is defined by whether you've moved somebody emotionally or not. When you bring the emotions out, you make your audience feel like they are part of it, and that could become the best customer experience you can ever design. On today’s podcast, John Livesay welcomes Scott Monty on the show to tell us more about transformational storytelling and the concept of creating emotions in the details. Scott is a Strategic Communications and Leadership Advisor helping executives become...


Leveraging Emerging Technologies And Immersive Experiences With Amber Allen

What is augmented reality? In this episode, Amber Allen, founder of Double A Labs, joins John Livesay as they explore the world of augmented reality and leveraging immersive experiences for consumers. Amber and John talk about innovative ways how brands reach their customers and how Amber helps her clients make the impossible a reality. With a disruption at hand and every industry is thrown out of whack, learn how Amber and her team utilizes the digital world and successfully imitate live...


Secrets From The CEO Whisperer with Cameron Herold

Now more than ever, people are starving for leadership. In this episode, the CEO whisperer, Cameron Herold joins the pitch whisperer, John Livesay, as they reveal the secrets to inspire and upgrade your organization and achieve that exponential growth. Get to know Cameron and how he got his moniker as he takes us through his story of origin and his expertise for crazy growth that he’s more than willing to share with the most dynamic business leaders. John and Cameron talk about the work...


Influence PEOPLE With Brian Ahearn

Having influence over people without being manipulative is a skill in itself. This episode, Brian Ahearn, the Chief Influence Officer at Influence PEOPLE, joins John Livesay to talk about the fascinating story of how he began his journey to reimagine influence and persuasion. He touches on the importance of grasping the skill of influence and its effects, not only in business but also in your personal life and relationships. Learn the true meaning of persuasion and understand the principles...


LinkedIn Sales Playbook With Brynne Tillman

How can you effectively use LinkedIn as a tool to widen your connections, increase your sales and grow your business? Get ready to take notes as the Pitch Whisperer, John Livesay, joins forces with the LinkedIn Whisperer, Brynne Tillman, to talk about the most important things that you have to remember when selling on the platform. Brynne is the CEO of Social Selling Link and author of the LinkedIn Sales Playbook. Having been in this niche since people barely knew what LinkedIn was, Brynne...


Global Investing: An Entrepreneur’s Global Perspective With Sleem Hasan

As the years go by, it seems like the world has become significantly smaller. It has become easier by the day to reach other people and even set up your own business. In this episode, John Livesay interviews Sleem Hasan, the founder and CEO of Privity FZ LLE, to talk about global investing. He takes us through a global lens of his own journey that spans different countries and shares the different lessons and experiences he got. How can being globally competitive help you? What are the...


How To Monetize Your Blog with Alex Nerney

The entrepreneurial journey is very much like your journey towards being good at sports. At first, you may find yourself in that awkward phase of just fumbling over things, and eventually, after some practice, you may well be on your way to reaching that success. John Livesay has someone whose passion in both sports and entrepreneurship lend him some parallel lessons that made him the highly successful internet entrepreneur that he is now. John sits down with Alex Nerney, the co-founder of...


How To Monetize Your Blog with Alex Nerney

Gone are the days when blogs are like their authors’ personal diaries. Today, blogging can be monetized just like any other business, if you know where to start. This is what health and wellness blogger, entrepreneur and adventure junkie, Alex Nerney, teaches to his community at Create and Go, a website that teaches people how to build a blogging business and make money from it. Alex also runs Avocadu, a health and wellness website that reaches over 3 million visitors yearly, as well as two...


College Success Habits with Jesse Mogle

What do college and business have in common? In many ways, the very habits that bring you success in the former are the same habits that will help you succeed in the latter. Join John Livesay as he discusses some of these habits with professional speaker and lifestyle architect, Jesse Mogle, author of College Success Habits and host of From Sobriety to Recovery podcast. Jesse Mogle’s spent 12 years in college while battling addiction. Looking back at all those years, he reflected upon the...


Data Fluency With Zach Gemignani

Even as we get bombarded with so much data today, many still don't know how to use it for their business. It is time to change that and start to become data fluent before it is too late. In this episode, John Livesay interviews the founder and CEO of Juice Analytics, Zach Gemignani, about the need for data fluency, learning the language of data and turning it into an empathy tool that will set you apart from your competitors. More importantly, Zach highlights the role of taking action. After...


Scale: Seven Proven Principles To Grow Your Business And Get Your Life Back

Sometimes, in the pursuit of success, people tend to lose track of what really matters - their life. Jeff Hoffman, the Global Chairman of Dream Tank, joins John Livesay in this episode to talk about what you can do to get your life back and still grow your business. Jeff shares his personal story and how he discovered a straightforward formula to achieve success. Leaning on the notion of working efficiently instead of working all the time, he dives into the details of how this strategy...


Social Selling And Making Creative Presentations With Mike Montague

Age old principles of sales hold true even in the era of social selling. Just with traditional selling, it is all about being creative with your presentation – a feat that can only be achieved by knowing what your client needs and building a relationship of trust with them. Joining John Livesay to talk about this is, Mike Montague, Global Head of Content and a Certified Trainer at Sandler Training. Mike is author of LinkedIn the Sandler Way, a groundbreaking book that documents some of the...


Selling With Flair! With Jeroen Corthout

Rarely does it happen when a CRM becomes a salesperson’s friend as opposed to another project they have to do. This is how revolutionary Salesflare has become, a CRM system that automatically fills itself out so salespeople don't have to waste time manually putting information in. On today’s show, Jeroen Corthout, the Cofounder of Salesflare, joins John Livesay to talk about how you can sell with flair and the importance of building stories that take your clients on the complete journey....


The Science Of Customer Connections with Jim Karrh

There is no magic bullet, there's a missing bullet. In this episode, Jim Karrh, PhD, joins John Livesay as they discuss the science of customer connections and how you manage the messaging you send out. Jim dives into the importance of consistency in order to build trust with your customer and promote loyalty. If you're going to recommend something to somebody, be sure to give the specifics of why you think they would like it. Jim and John share their thoughts on the importance of...


Inbox Detox With Thanh Pham

Every one of us has had that experience of sitting down to really focus on a task only to be bothered by an email notification. Thanh Pham, the Managing Director at Asian Efficiency, has a program called Inbox Detox, which helps you optimize your email and break free from distraction to become more productive with your work. Thanh’s work at Asian Efficiency is all about helping people become more productive by maximizing their time, energy and attention. He believes efficiency is the product...


Tragedy On My 100th Day As CEO With Dr. Diana Hendel

The 100th day is typically a milestone for any career. For Dr. Diana Hendel, however, it came with a tragedy that changed her life and led her to a profound understanding of trauma and how individuals and organizations can come out of it with hope and resilience. Joining John Livesay, she shares the tragedy on her 100th day as CEO, and how she learned to let go of the blame, shame and guilt that came with it. Diana’s career spanned more than 25 years of experience in leadership at all levels...


The Empowerment Paradox With Ben Woodward

Life is not without its own set of challenges and struggles for us to go through. Understandably, these are the very things no one asks for. However, the paradox in all of these lies in the way it reveals our strengths that we often don't know we have. In this empowering episode, John Livesay interviews Ben Woodward, the author of The Empowerment Paradox: Seven Vital Virtues to Turn Struggle Into Strength. Here, Ben gives us a peek into his book and talks about the philosophy behind his...


Social Impact Investing With Neil St. Clair

Doing good and doing well is a philosophy that all entrepreneurs with a philanthropic side want to do, but there are so many ways to approach it. Neil St. Clair does his share by removing fear from everyday life through social impact investing. Neil is a serial media entrepreneur, senior marketing and startup advisor and creator of the “Intrigue Marketing” philosophy. He is currently leading the launch of a global media network focused on “investing with impact.” As a former journalist, Neil...


The Blind Spots Between Us With Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

We like to think of ourselves as intelligent beings. After all, are we not the most evolved organisms on the planet? Sophisticated as our brains may be, they are specifically wired to be prone to a large number of cognitive biases that affect how we communicate and build relationships with other people. Whether you’re talking about business or personal relationships, falling prey to our cognitive bias leads to bad decisions and, ultimately, disaster. We have over 100 cognitive biases....