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A CEO’s Secret Weapon: How to Accelerate Success - Dr. Frumi Barr | TSP 171

People make your business successful or not. To accelerate success, a conscious leader always starts with finding the right A players and having the right people on the team. Dr. Frumi Barr says that's where the whole idea of concentrating on culture came from. One part of culture are the core values and another part is knowing what your purpose is, your why. She says your why is your engine that allows you to overcome challenges. Dr. Barr talks about her book, A CEO’s Secret Weapon: How to...


Landing On Your Feet - Sam Morris | TSP 170

When one’s sense of identity gets challenged, the whole foundation becomes loose. Even people who are ambitious and are making things happen in the world cannot predict when something is going to come along that is going to completely derail that direction. You have otherwise confident people who have been very successful in their lives suddenly questioning everything and going, "How did I end up here?” Zen Warrior Sam Morris talks about landing on your feet and knowing how to come back to...


Awakening Your Inner Guru - Dr. Erin Fall Haskell | TSP 169

What we energize, we magnetize. That is what Doctor of Divinity and thought leader Dr. Erin Fall Haskell always tell people during her speaking engagements and when she’s broadcasting her podcast, Good Morning Lala Land. Erin is a self-made millionaire and an active philanthropist. Growing up, she always believed that finding the right relationship, getting the right job, and marrying the right person would make her whole life work out. A personal tragedy sent her on what's been now a...


Angel Investor Secrets - Jim Brandt | TSP 168

Let’s say you’re a brilliant founder of a startup company, looking to make a difference in technology with all the plans and blueprints for success laid out – except for an investor. You’ve met with dozens of angel investors but none of your pitches have impressed them. How do you get investors to say yes when you pitch for funding? Jim Brandt, who has raised funds for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and who has invested in hundreds of companies including Slack and Skopenow, opens...


What Is A Success Mindset? - Joanne Chen | TSP 167

When it comes to successfully making a pitch, you need to establish your own success mindset – and that involves not letting rejection affect you more than it should. Learn how to spot the characteristics of a founder: grit, tenacity, and of course the ability to tell a good story, which is what the successful pitch is all about. Joanne Chen, a venture capitalist at foundation capital in Silicon Valley, talks about this in a discussion of her journey, and how her company is transitioning...


How To Become Millionaires At Make It Happen University - Spencer Lodge | TSP 166

It’s not rocket science. The real reason people don’t buy from you has nothing to do with price or time; it’s because they don’t trust you. If you want some real insights on how to build up your confidence up to your first million, Spencer Lodge has some great tips on how to do that. He shares his expertise in selling at Make It Happen University. He’s also a leader in the international financial services and sales industry with over 24 years of experience although if you look at him, you...


Where The Magic Happens - Kevin Corcoran Jr. | TSP 165

People say that the magic happens when we step out of our comfort zone. You’ve done it once or twice, and it clearly works. But what if you could step out of your comfort zone daily? Award-winning college professor Kevin Corcoran Jr. tells us how in his stunning new book, “Where the Magic Happens! The Science & Stories Behind Challenging Your Comfort Zone”. Blending the latest research, personal interviews and his own anecdotal experiences, Corcoran reveals how you can gain lasting...


Ownership Is The Ultimate Loyalty Program - Melinda Moore | TSP 164

Melinda Moore has always wanted to change the world and be in technology, and so every step of her professional career was a step towards understanding how much human information processing and technology was going to impact everything that we do. As a social entrepreneur and a seasoned digital marketer, Melinda likes to create companies that solve real problems. She has a new company out called iConsumer that not only allows people to save money when they shop online, but to become part...


Selling To The Point - Jeff Lipsius | TSP 163

In a field as competitive as sales, earning high commissions is top priority. Jeff Lipsius is the president and founder of Selling to the Point, which is a sales training and consulting umbrella platform. He developed Selling to the Point sales training during his 30 years of sales training experience. Back in the late ‘70s, he pioneered inside selling for the natural foods industry, successfully training the first sales force of this type in that industry. As a result, Jeff’s sales model...


New Heart, New Life - Ava Kaufman| TSP 162

Our guest on The Successful Pitch is Ava Kaufman. She has an incredible story of getting a new heart, a heart transplant. We're all being disrupted in our business and in our life, but what happens when we get disrupted with our health? She has some great insights about how do you start a non-profit, what obstacles do you overcome and what life lessons do you learn when you have a new heart and literally a new start? Like starting over in your career or starting over and pivoting with your...


Avoid Aging Through Technology - Aubrey de Gray | TSP 161

The Laws of Physics is the number one cause of aging. This means that it doesn’t matter if the subject is biologically alive or not, everything is subject to aging caused mainly by the damage that occurs through the normal operation of a subject through a natural course of time. As Aubrey de Grey would put it, if we can fix a car or an air plane when its parts are damaged and defective, we can do so too with the human body. But the human is different from a machine so defeating biological...


Build A Big Network By Becoming A Friend Of A Friend - David Burkus | TSP 160

A lot of successful business owners keep saying that for you to get ahead of everyone else, you need to see the disruption before it happens. But how exactly do you do that? David Burkus, the world’s top business thought leader believes that best way to do this is creating connections to build a network so you can see what other people are seeing and then you can connect the dots to the disruption. This authentic and collaborative relationship starts when you become a friend of a friend.


TESLOOP vs. Amtrack - Haydn Sonnad | TSP 159

The key to success is not about being perfect but having the confidence to pursue your vision in your market. Haydn Sonnad takes smart marketing to another level with TESLOOP and how he pitched this to Elon Musk. The first thing he knew was to not compete with Uber or Lyft. Rather, his company puts the customer first. To do this, Haydn becomes the customer first before giving out something to other people. Haydn explains how TESLOOP offers a cheaper way of traveling in the long haul from...


Connecting The Millennial Generation - Josh Tickell | TSP 158

Parents often teach their kids that there are many ways to solve a problem. Whether its fossils fuels, climate change, or connecting the millennial generation, Josh Tickell will find a way to solve it. As America’s number one strategist for generational conflict, Josh has filmed many movies geared towards millennials. He creates a future and works around it backwards so everyone can tag along his non-linear journey. His concept of reverse engineering the concept of business is the future...


The Hope Driven Leader - Libby Gill | TSP 157

Hopes starts when we believe that change is possible. Being a hope-driven leader means believing that whatever you do makes a difference for the entire team. If hope is one of your foundations in leadership, you are leading by inspiring and informing; not by demanding and ordering. Libby Gill believes that when you become this kind of leader, you will be able to determine the outcome of your team’s performance. She shares that hope and happiness are key to keeping up with the velocity of...


Anticipate Disruption: Become The Disruptors Of Today’s Age - Dan Burrus | TSP 156

It is no longer enough to just be reactive and agile in this fast-paced world of technology and disruption. More than agility, we need to learn how to anticipate disruption and become the disruptors of today’s age. Dan Burrus has been predicting technological change for 30 years and encourages people to start speaking in future facts so that you can solve the problems before they comes to you. If you think things can be done, then it can be done. The question is are you going to be the one...


The Skill Set Of The Ask Is The New Pitch - Tracy Chadwell | TSP 155

Have you ever tried not pitching for fifteen minutes? It’s not always easy but you can get better at it by developing the skill set of the ask. Tracy Chadwell shares how this method will help you clearly identify all you need to know to create that perfect pitch, things like creating an investible market, identifying your competitors, learning how to stand out, and more importantly, pricing your products or services to create a successful pitch and close that deal.


Engage People On Social Media To Pull In New Clients - Sean Hyde | TSP 154

Building a successful business is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things you’ll ever do in your life. The path can be rocky, to say the least, and you’ll encounter numerous learning experiences along the way. Sean Hyde, Founder of Ideation Digital, is no different. He’s made a lot of mistakes when he was starting out. He learned how to transform those mistakes into learning opportunities in order to develop the tools he needs to grow his business. One of the key nuggets Sean...


The Purpose Revolution, Show Your Value And Tell Your Story - John Izzo | TSP 153

What happens when businesses put purpose at the top of the list? Companies that focus on purpose and people are happier and more successful than the ones that don’t. The Purpose Revolution drives people to do better and be better. Employees become committed to work because they don’t feel like its work when they enjoy doing what they do and where they do it. John Izzo, President of Izzo Associates teaches clients that by connecting with people, you gain competitive advantage with a value...


The Power Of Company Culture - Chris Dyer | TSP 152

A good team makes good business, so screening for the right person is very critical for every business owner. Chris Dyer, Founder of PeopleG2, know that the key to communicating well with applicants is being honest and transparent. When he does screenings, Chris controls the conversation. He doesn’t just look at the negative patterns of an applicant, but also the positive ones leading people to be more open towards him and communicative. Chris shares the power of company culture as way to...