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Hiring The Best Leaders with Jeanne Branthover

A company of effective leaders is an effective company. Jeanne Branthover, one of the most influential people in the world when it comes to executive search, talks about hiring the best leaders to run your organization or company. Shes opens up about her unique background of how she was taught the importance of relationships and how women can do anything, including making a difference in the world. As she reveals the four secrets to winning a new job, she also highlights the importance of...


What Is Your What? with Steve Olsher

Figuring out what you are good at and how to deliver it is a mystery that most entrepreneurs initially struggle with. International keynote speaker and author of What Is Your WHAT? Steve Olsher teaches us how to become an entrepreneur by figuring out our purpose. He tells us how he began his first entrepreneurial endeavor by opening a nightclub at the age of nineteen and then later on creating a house rental website for digital nomads that offers flexibility, equity, and privacy. Steve...


Life Lessons From The Oldest And Wisest with David Romanelli

There’s always a pearl of wisdom to learn from the elders. This is something that most of us tend to discount, but not for David Romanelli. Best-selling author of Life Lessons from the Oldest and Wisest, David talks about combining meditation and storytelling as the key to finding joy in your life. Creator of an ongoing series of events called Drinks With Your Elders, he uncovers what’s inside his book as he shares the healing power of a great story, how to find more time, what cures...


Entertainment Secrets For Entrepreneurs with Jennifer Lier

The key to success is confidence and pursuing your goal in life no matter what it takes. Jennifer Lier, the President of the country’s premier motivational keynote speaker booking agency, National Keynote Speakers, shares her life story from being a shy girl to blooming into a pageant queen and a successful entertainer. Through her experiences in the entertainment industry, Jennifer teaches invaluable entertainment secrets for entrepreneurs, showing us how to present ourselves in a way that...


Can You Sell? with Alex Rubalcava

All startup companies want to develop their businesses effectively. However, funding can be a hindrance for some who want to scale. Alex Rubalcava, General Partner and co-Founder of Stage Venture Partners, gives more information about their company and shares their passion for investing in a startup, particularly in enterprise software. Alex shares why and how they filter companies that approach them for potential funding with their three “why” criteria and three “can” questions. Find out...


Estars – The Future of Esports with Jeff Liboon

Estars as a platform is definitely the future of Esports. Jeff Liboon, the Co-Founder and President of Estars, talks about how he came up with his business idea, all the amazing things they have at their Las Vegas studio, and how to handle failure and to use frugality as a catalyst for creativity. Jeff explains how they are incorporating traditional to present esports concepts and how they get sponsorships on their games. He describes the kinds of sponsors they are attracting and why this is...


The Way Of The Quiet Warrior with Tom Dutta

Joe Campbell once said that we hear this call to adventure. Many of us ignore it, but some of us answer the call. That’s exactly what Tom Dutta did. He answered the call and went through an eight to ten-year journey going through lot of things in his career and in personal life, and came back transformed. He is now a senior business leader, speaker, and international number one bestselling author with more than 30 years of experience helping build and grow companies in Canada and the USA....


Martial Arts Leadership Skills with Aslak de Silva

Leadership skills can be honed from any discipline, especially martial arts. Aslak de Silva, the CEO of Nordic Business Forum, has successfully used his background in martial arts in being a word-class experience leader. Aslak who now speaks about sales, digital marketing, and leadership in general credits this to his early days in martial arts and the lessons he learned from becoming better every day and letting go of perfectionism. In this episode, he shares how he started achieving...


Close The Sales Gap Through Stories with Dr. Mark Goulston

Do storytelling and story selling differ? A lot would argue that being a great storyteller can increase your chances of bagging massive sales. Dr. Mark Goulston, a UCLA professor of Psychiatry for over 25 years and a former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, believes that you cannot be telling a good story and selling at the same time. Find out why as he gets into the science behind it. The podcast host of My Wakeup Call, he reveals the several key elements that people are...


The Game Changer - Chicke Fitzgerald

Many entrepreneurs who could be one step closer to the peak of their success hit the plateau for fear of taking risks. These daunting risks are often disguised as remarkable transitions, and Chicke Fitzgerald would totally agree. The author of The Game Changer, Chicke shares where she got the motivation to write her cathartic book and delves into the importance of investing yourself in making a massive difference in your life and career. The founder of Solutionz, a travel company involved in...


Business Elevation with Chris Cooper

It takes a brave leader to listen to feedback because often, leaders are scared to face the reality of the situation and forget how engagement must start with them. Chris Cooper, author, speaker, and host of the show Business Elevation, talks about an employee engagement program that allows employees to give anonymous feedback so they can be heard, moving the management to take action. In return, employees will become more engaged, productive, and loyal while the overall business becomes...


Think It, Be It - John Mitchell | TSP 209

Everybody wants to raise their income and have success in their careers. However, even with so many things written about achieving that, it is still pretty difficult to find one that you can follow. Taking the legendary book, Think and Grow Rich, entrepreneur and success mentor John Mitchell has created a technique that practically applies its ideas through his 12-minute-a-day Think It, Be It. Debunking the idea that hard work makes you successful, John talks about working smarter instead by...


Raising A Netflix Superstar with Greg Centineo

Many people don’t realize the work and the strategy that goes into any successful career. The road to success doesn’t come easy even for actors who most people believe have gotten their fame the easy way. Greg Centineo, the father of Netflix sensation Noah Centineo, shares what it’s like raising a Netflix superstar. Greg says getting his son to where he is right now is not an accident. They strategized it and went after it, and worked on it. He narrates how Noah’s passion for art and his...


Radio And Podcast Marketing In 30 minutes - Jim Beach | TSP 208

One of the great ways to promote your business is through radio shows and podcasts. Jim Beach, entrepreneur and author of Free Radio & Podcast Marketing in 30 Minutes, guides us on how to do it. Helping not only your marketing but search engine optimization as well, Jim talks about making your content searchable and ranking out there. He shares the secret to creating a good pitch, laying down the do’s and don’ts of pitching and why you have to make it both informative and entertaining. Love...


Create And Elevate Your Value with Tim Riesterer

Valuing yourself before valuing your business is an ideal order when gearing towards success. Chief Strategy and Research Officer of Corporate Visions Tim Riesterer believes that decision science is key towards delivering more value to anyone aiming to succeed both in business and life. He talks about how he has helped companies build messages that are aligned with the invisible forces at work in the customer decision. The values of conversion creating, elevating, capturing customer value,...


Financial Peace Of Mind with Michael Nathanson

While being a lawyer and financial planner, Michael Nathanson was diagnosed with a brain tumor that completely changed his life. Realizing how we need a specialist in the medical field, he believes that the same should be true with our financial health. Now, Michael is the Chairman and Chief Officer of The Colony Group. He shares the reasons why going to someone who knows what they are doing is key to achieving financial peace of mind. Discover the five pillars for getting financial peace of...


Mr. Persuasion - Jeff Tippett | TSP 206

The success of your business depends on how well you persuade. Sharing his mastery on the art of persuasion is Mr. Persuasion himself, Jeff Tippett. As the founder of the award-winning PR firm, Targeted Persuasion, Jeff gives great insights on what it takes to successfully do a pitch, whether you are a new client, someone who wants to get hired, or looking for funding. He talks about what captures people’s attention and, at the same time, how to be consistent with your brand and messaging....


How To Raise Successful People with Esther Wojcicki

In this day and age, we are faced with an epidemic of parental anxiety as more and more parents struggle on building a strong foundation for their children to be successful in life. Esther Wojcicki, author of How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results, is here to encourage parents and tell them to relax. Her book offers essential lessons for raising, educating, and managing people to their highest potential. Known to her friends as “Woj,” she is an educator, and...


The Front Row Factor - Jon Vroman | TSP 205

Some days, we unknowingly find ourselves standing in the back row, looking at all those people who are having the time of their lives. We then think how nice it must be to be just like them. Jon Vroman tells you that you can! He is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, and the co-founder of Front Row Foundation, a charity that creates incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences for kids and adults with life-threatening illnesses. Jon gives some inspiring advice on being able to come out of...


Clarity Win$ - Steve Woodruff | TSP 204

We are at the age of information that it becomes too chaotic to ever come out of it and offer something that stands out. Helping you to cut through the noise is the King of Clarity, Steve Woodruff. He lays down the three ways that can break through in a world where everyone is listening to so much information, allowing you to log into their brain and memory; he breaks down having a story, a symbol, and a snippet of information. Proving how, as his book is called, Clarity Win$, Steve shows...