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The Successful Pitch interviews successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share their stories so you can have a road map to success. Join your host John Livesay, sales keynote speaker, sales expert and author as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, clear and concise. You can download the Free sneak peek of his book "Better Selling Through Storytelling at

The Successful Pitch interviews successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share their stories so you can have a road map to success. Join your host John Livesay, sales keynote speaker, sales expert and author as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, clear and concise. You can download the Free sneak peek of his book "Better Selling Through Storytelling at


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The Successful Pitch interviews successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share their stories so you can have a road map to success. Join your host John Livesay, sales keynote speaker, sales expert and author as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, clear and concise. You can download the Free sneak peek of his book "Better Selling Through Storytelling at




The Right Hustle With Rajesh Setty

Many people say you won’t get far without hustle. In truth, it’s not just hustle that will take you far; it has to be the right hustle. John Livesay is joined by author and entrepreneur, Rajesh Setty as they discuss what the right hustle means and how you can achieve it. Rajesh talks about his early forays into writing and the rejections, and ultimately, the first book he sold. He also discusses connecting with people, generosity, and the art of learning. Love the show? Subscribe, rate,...


Wisdom At Work With Chip Conley

When you were young, you had kindergarten. When you were a teenager, you had high school. When you were a young adult, you had college. What happens when you reach midlife? Research says that midlife starts at 35 and ends at 75. Does learning stop at 35? Is that why people call it a midlife crisis? Join your host, John Livesay, and his guest, Chip Conley, in this discussion about why being middle-aged is just bad branding. Chip is the Founder of Modern Elder Academy and is the best-selling...


Business Mastery With Bill Prater

If you want to excel in business, don’t think like the players in your niche. Instead, figure out what the elite players do and emulate them. Joining John Livesay in today’s episode is Bill Prater, a business owner, entrepreneur, publisher, author, speaker, consultant, and coach. Bill is best known for his long-term success in enabling business owners and leaders to quickly eliminate personal barriers, rapidly reach their current dreams, and embark on a journey of business mastery. Today,...


Strategy Sprints For SaaS With Simon Severino

Do you want to know the secret to becoming irresistible to your clients? John Livesay’s guest might just have the thing for you. In this episode, John talks with the man who created the Strategy Sprints method, Simon Severino. Simon talks about how strategy sprints work, and how they help improve businesses. Simon and John discuss business strategies that can help double revenue. Simon shares his insights on using strategy sprints to help run your business smoother. Join in and get a few...


Leadership For Smart People With Adam Quiney

There is leadership and then there is leadership for smart people. What is the difference and why does it matter? Joining John Livesay on the show to enlighten us about this is Adam Quiney, a coach for the Smartest People In The Room. Smart, brilliant people often feel bored when they lack challenge or have too much of it; they fear looking stupid though they shouldn't, and they tend to act condescendingly. Being a smart person yourself possessing these qualities, how do you lead other smart...


Win-Win Selling With Doug Brown

Overcoming objections is perhaps a salesperson’s biggest challenge when making a sale and the best way to do it is to make the deal a win for both parties. Doug Brown comprehensively discusses how this is done in his bestselling book, Win-Win Selling. In this conversation with John Livesay, Doug explains that storytelling, asking discovery questions, and doing follow-ups are immensely effective tools for win-win selling. If you're having difficulty in selling and closing the deal, then this...


Epic Business With Justin Breen

Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone can be epic. Being epic means to being able to recognize opportunities and to act on them. John Livesay sits down and talks with veteran journalist and CEO Justin Breen as he talks about the impact his parents had on his life, what he learned from his years in journalism, and his formula for an epic business. Learn what you need to be epic! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The Successful Pitch community...


The Mirror Of Motivation With Dre Baldwin

Nothing ever gets better when you stop trying. Think about that the next time it gets hard to gain the motivation to keep going, when it feels as if giving up is the path of least resistance. Professional basketball player, keynote speaker and podcast host Dre Baldwin wants to spread this simple but powerful message to the world through his book, The Mirror of Motivation. Joining John Livesay on the show, Dre drums in the importance of listening to your inner voice as opposed to constantly...


Secrets To Getting A Standing Ovation With Leanne Christie

Getting a standing ovation is a wonderful experience. It shows that you have done something amazing that people want to commend you for. CEO of House of O, Leanne Christie, often referred to as the million-dollar maker having steered and coached speakers throughout her career, knows exactly what it feels like to get a standing ovation. She chats with John Livesay and reveals the secrets to becoming an excellent speaker that can speak from a topic and be an expert on a topic. She believes...


Raise Your Game With Alan Stein Jr.

The world tends only to see the wins and glorious moments in life. Many overlook the fact that behind all the success is the amount of work behind it, the blood, sweat, and tears shed leading towards that moment. In this episode, John Livesay is joined by the author of Raise Your Game, Alan Stein Jr. to share with us why we should not let outcomes determine our behavior and how the unseen hours we put in when no one's looking determines our success. Having worked with amazing athletes,...


Internet Marketing Secrets With Charles Byrd

What does it take to successfully grow your business? Charles Byrd, the CEO and Founder of PureJV, talks with John Livesay about internet marketing secrets and how his expertise in building relationships and connecting with people have helped him become an expert in his field. Charles highlights that the importance of knowing how to communicate is the stepping-stone to hitting your goal and swiftly making it through successfully. Get ready to take the first step into your own success as you...


Amazon Mastery With Shaahin Cheyene

The future of commerce is online and mastering online marketplaces is something that anyone with anything to sell dreams about. We do live in fortuitous times because that wish of yours might just come true with Amazon Mastery, a new online course created by Shaahin Cheyene, the world’s #1 Amazon Accelerator. Sales has been Shaahin’s life and passion since his teenage years, when he became known as the “King of the Thrill Pill Cult” for dominating the rave scene in the 90s with his legal...


The Art Of Attention In An Age Of Distraction With Peter Lynch

With so many things going on in the digital realm and society as a whole, it is easy to be distracted and lose focus. By mastering the art of storytelling, one can also learn the meaningful art of attention. John Livesay talks with Peter Lynch, Chief People Officer at Cardinal Group Companies, to share how to craft and deliver stories by asking the right questions and getting into engaging conversations. He explains how becoming vulnerable in storytelling is a sure path towards building...


Discover Your WHY With Dr. Gary Sanchez

There's a big difference between knowing your why and not knowing your why. When you don't discover your why, you can't understand yourself. When you don't understand yourself, you won't find the words to articulate your message. John Livesay's guest is Dr. Gary Sanchez, the creator and founder of the WHY Institute. John discusses with Dr. Gary how important your "why" is in figuring out your marketing strategy. Join in the conversation and discover how you can find your "why" and why you...


ClozeLoop With Hilmon Sorey

Sales is all about how you create a space that allows for honest and trusting communication. John Livesay's guest is Hilmon Sorey, the managing director of ClozeLoop. In this episode, you'll learn why sales is equal parts acting and psychology. Acting comes in when you speak out the script you've practiced a hundred times. But you own it in a way that's engaging, trust-based, and sincere. Psychology helps you understand the triggers that attract customers to your product. Join in the...


Unlock The Sales Game With Ari Galper

Sales may be a real-world problem, but most salespeople live in a world of fantasy, full of impervious myths peddled by one “sales guru” after another. Ari Galper disdains these myths and dismantles them one by one through Unlock the Game, a revolutionary sales approach that overturns the notion of selling as we know it. Ari is the world’s number one authority on trust-based selling who offers his top-notch services to clients in over 35 countries. Does sales seem like a futile exercise of...


Big Little Breakthroughs With Josh Linkner

Many people are stuck with exciting ideas that could cause significant changes but cannot bring them to the surface because of the lack of resources, funding, and motivation. But by embracing creativity and doing even the smallest, everyday innovations, you can finally realize your full potential. John Livesay is joined once more by Josh Linkner, the author of Big Little Breakthroughs, this time to share how the best concepts always start with lousy drafts and several revisions, all fueled...


The Amazon Jungle With Rick Cesari

The Amazon Jungle cannot be traversed without proper planning, knowledge, and tools. The same goes for every entrepreneur who tries to make it big in its online platform counterpart. Rick Cesari joins John Livesay to talk about finding success in the vast jungle of the internet: Amazon. Rick stresses the power of storytelling in connecting with your target audience, particularly in the form of backstories and customer testimonials. He also explains how to take advantage of digital media and...


Risk Forward With Victoria Labalme

What does it take for you to start embracing uncertainties? Taking a giant leap towards the unknown results in fear, but doing so can bring you to extraordinary things you may have never expected. What is the right attitude in the face of risks? John Livesay brings in actress Victoria Labalme to dissect the many nuggets of wisdom discussed in her book Risk Forward: Embrace the Unknown and Unlock Your Hidden Genius. She talks about how strict goal-setting may never lead to success, the five...


Deep Kindness With Houston Kraft

Everyone can agree that kindness is a vital character everyone must possess, but in today's world soaked in ambition, achievements, and ego, its meaning sadly wanes day after day. Houston Kraft, the author of Deep Kindness, believes that this can still be remedied by integrating the idea of kindness in the education system. Together with John Livesay, he discusses how providing training and curriculums centered on compassion can help change the perspective of kids in showing kindness rather...