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Welcome to The Teamwork Advantage, a Gregg Gregory Podcast. Informal and insightful conversations with professionals and experts in the TLC arena - Teamwork, Leadership, Culture. A must-listen program, where we take you inside the mind's of these experts to discover actionable insights to be a stronger team member, a more effective leader, and enrich your team's culture.


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Welcome to The Teamwork Advantage, a Gregg Gregory Podcast. Informal and insightful conversations with professionals and experts in the TLC arena - Teamwork, Leadership, Culture. A must-listen program, where we take you inside the mind's of these experts to discover actionable insights to be a stronger team member, a more effective leader, and enrich your team's culture.








Vice Admiral Sean Buck - Lessons From the Leadership Laboratory

Very few organizations give you the opportunity to get your foundational education, travel the world, and come back to oversee the institution that provided that education. This week's guest is Vice Admiral Sean Buck, the 63rd Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. He shares his testimonial on what it takes to become a successful Naval officer. This foundational education begins with lessons in teamwork during Plebe Summer. Over this 8-week period, these young men...


Juli Shulem - Designing Better Systems: Overcoming Stagnation, and Reaching New Heights to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

Are you stuck? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and kicking up a lot of dust and going nowhere? In this compelling episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Juli Shulem has got you covered as she shows us how to design better systems that will help you and your team get more done by being better organized, reducing stress, and increasing productivity. Juli shares her expertise in creating a single list of action items that includes team members. By following her advice, you can create...


Patti DeNucci - Mastering Meaningful Conversations: Insights and Tips for Effective Team Communication

In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Patti DeNucci shares the benefits of, and her secrets for, having meaningful conversations. Explore Patti DeNucci’s 4 P's of Communication and take communication to the next level with your team. Discover how to identify and avoid "Drainers & Downers," those individuals who drain the energy out of us. Join us as we discuss the power of meaningful conversations and how to use them to build stronger teams. With practical ideas that you can...


Dr. Richard Safeer - Cultivating Wellness for Success: Creating a Culture of Wellness

Are you curious about how your team's and organization's wellness affect productivity? In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Dr. Richard Safeer discusses the link between individual wellness and team productivity. By examining how our wellness actions impact those around us, even in seemingly insignificant ways, we can make small changes that contribute to a positive shift in team behavior. Dr. Safeer outlines his 6 Building Blocks for a culture of wellness, sharing tips on creating a...


Dr. Eric Holsapple - Mindful Leadership: Enhancing Your Skills Through Yoga and Meditation

Are you curious how yoga and meditation can enhance your leadership skills and help you influence others? Join us in this insightful episode of the Teamwork Advantage, as we speak with Dr. Eric Holsapple, a successful former businessman turned Mindful Leadership expert. Dr. Holsapple shares his personal journey of finding happiness and meaning beyond material success through yoga and meditation. He has since developed a program called "Living in the Gap" that teaches the art of Mindful...


Jeff Engle - Unleashing Success - The Power of Cultural Accountability

Unlock the secrets to success with Jeff Engle in this powerful episode of The Teamwork Advantage! Listen as Jeff takes you through stories of his time in the US Army, why he broke some rules, and why you can, too – if you do it right. Jeff, after joining the US Army at just 17 years old, rose through the ranks to become an expert leader in a special missions team. Learn from Jeff’s experiences in the US Army, including how breaking rules the right way can benefit you. Discover the three...


Brandon McKee - The Power of Communication for Remote Teams

At Win Big Media, maintaining close communication with the team is of utmost importance. To ensure this, Brandon makes frequent check-in calls to his team members, either via phone or Zoom. Despite their brevity, these informal calls have proven to provide more impactful feedback than structured meetings. Join us as we learn from Brandon's experience and expertise on how to create a successful remote work culture and enhance team engagement. Whether you're a team leader or a team member,...


Ken Wendle - Great Teams Provide Value at Every Turn, For All Stakeholders

V-A-L-U-E - we have heard the word for years. The term is often focused on Sales and how a salesperson should add more value. In this energetic episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Ken Wendle focuses on his definition of the word "Value". Ken takes the time to review each of his five components of VALUE:


Darrin Jahnel - The Tight Connection, Strategies for Building a Dynamic Team

Growth is one thing. Keeping employees engaged and motivated is another. In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Darrin Jahnel shares his secrets for taking a software development company from three employees (two of them being Darrin and his brother) to a powerful team of 150 in just 10 years. Darrin shares the story of his 3rd employee and the fact that she is still with them a decade later. His hiring funnel is impressive. His techniques to keep his teams engaged are awe-inspiring,...


Robyn Benincasa - TEAMWORK, The Extreme Athlete Way

Our 6th season of The Teamwork Advantage kicks off with a true superstar from the extreme athletics world, Robyn Benincasa. Robyn is the author of “How Winning Works” in which she talks about how she paralleled professions; being a firefighter for San Diego County and competing in the world of extreme athletics. Robyn talks about how, as a true competitor, her team was dropped in outlandish places like the jungles of Borneo. Her team then had to traverse over 600 miles, using no motorized...


Adel Migirova - Small Business Lessons for Every Team, Every Where

After opening in 2018 and working hard to grow its business, the Emma Justine Salon in Louisville Kentucky had its fair share of havoc to deal with during the COVID pandemic. Like many others, they shut down 100% for over 60 days and then opened with limited services for the next several months. In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Adel Migirova, the office manager for the Emma Justine Salon, shares how this small business survived the pandemic. Adel shares stories and ideas - like...


Sean Murray - Teamwork Lessons Learned from Unlikely Heroes

Years after the events of the 1984 Olympics, Sean Murray was inspired to write his book “If Gold Is Our Destiny – How a Team of Mavericks Came Together for Olympic Glory”. Sean interviewed the players and coaches of the 1984 men's volleyball team and discovered what brought them together to achieve Olympic glory. What makes this so powerful is that, less than two years earlier this U.S. team was not even in the top 10, worldwide. Listen to this episode of The Teamwork Advantage as Sean...


Dr. Quintin Shepherd - Complex or Complicated, What Problems Are You Solving?

Dr. Quintin Shepherd grew up on a working farm in the Midwest and is now the superintendent of schools in Victoria, Texas. His journey is a very interesting story, and one that both educators and business professionals may learn from. As a leader, are you solving complicated or complex problems? Dr. Shepherd helps us understand the differences in these concepts and offers strategies to become more transformational in our leadership, at every level of the organization. His analogies are...


Stephan Wiedner - Maximize Psychological Safety to Increase Productivity and Morale

Psychological safety is a powerful tool. In this episode of "The Teamwork Advantage," Stephan Wiedner shares tools to measure your team’s psychological safety. Click here to download the seven questions you should answer to measure the level of psychological safety on your team!


Lisa Welsher - Become Empowered Through Your Emotions

In this episode of "The Teamwork Advantag", focused on emotional intelligence, Lisa Welsher shares a different twist on emotions and how they can empower us on multiple levels. With Lisa, we explore the difference between emotions and feelings. She helps us learn what we can all do to check in with our emotions and become more effective, every day.


Lisa Cardinal - A New View of Human Resources and How It Has Changed Over The Years

While the names have evolved, the functions of HR have also evolved over the years. It is not longer just a place for on-boarding and termination and salary documentation. This episode of The Teamwork Advantage focuses on how today's incarnation of the Human Resources Department can help both team leaders and employees. Lisa Cardinal talks with us about the roles within HR and how people, and employees, have changed in recent years. She talks about the advent of hybrid work forces and what...


Shaan Rais - This is Where Your Personal Brand and Leadership Skills Intersect

In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Shaan Rais discusses four aspects of our own personal brand; self-awareness, self-regulation, emotional intelligence, and authenticity. Then, Shaan explains how these attributes affect our individual approach to the concepts of leadership within the organization.


Genefa Murphy - How TLC affects the Customer Experience

Genefa Murphy comes from a background in Information Technology and Development Operations. She now works in Customer Experience and focuses on marketing. Her leadership style focuses on the 3 M’s - Method, Message and Making It Work. In call centers across the country, You might think that the customer experience in call centers across the country would have improved since the pandemic. Instead, primarily due to the volume and velocity of the calls that customer experience teams were...


Frank King - What Does Comedy & Suicide Have in Common?

In this engaging episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Frank King talks about his life and how he has thought about committing suicide more times than he can count. He, like many others, was able to hide his suicidal tendencies. It is important to remember that teamwork is not just about sports, or even business. Teamwork is about wherever multiple people work towards a common goal. This is definitely one of the most powerful episodes we have had on The Teamwork Advantage. Frank’s stories...


Nicole Morgan - Building Resolute Teams

In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Nicole Morgan sharesthe story of how she created an environment of collaboration in her workplace. Her ideas are not exclusive to her company, business, or even her industry. They are transferable across every industry and every team. One key aspect she discusses freely is that, while hiring for skills may be important, it is not always the most important aspect of the hiring process. This episode is all-encompassing. There are strategies for...