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You’re gonna love this DAILY, commercial-free entrepreneur spotlight show. We feature CEOs and founders of 6-9 figure B2B companies. Agencies, coaches, consultants, and other leaders share not only their success stories - but their advice for business leaders focused on business growth. You’re going to hear real stories from real people all in 15-25 minutes time - perfect for your commute. On this podcast, your host, Josh Elledge encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts. We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! If you’d like to be featured on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, apply here:


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You’re gonna love this DAILY, commercial-free entrepreneur spotlight show. We feature CEOs and founders of 6-9 figure B2B companies. Agencies, coaches, consultants, and other leaders share not only their success stories - but their advice for business leaders focused on business growth. You’re going to hear real stories from real people all in 15-25 minutes time - perfect for your commute. On this podcast, your host, Josh Elledge encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts. We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! If you’d like to be featured on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, apply here:







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1914 – Multidimensional Economics with Doug Howarth

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and CEO of Hypernomics, Doug Howarth. Doug Howarth delved into the world of Hypernomics, revolutionizing how markets are understood and interacted with. He explained Hypernomics as the study of markets through a multidimensional lens. Hypernomics offers a fresh perspective on pricing strategies, emphasizing the importance of aligning prices with market perceptions and dynamics rather than relying solely on personal opinions. This approach is particularly relevant for consultancy services, where understanding the client's value perception is crucial. Doug's insights extend to B2B audiences, highlighting Hypernomics' role in revenue generation and market positioning. By grasping market dynamics, businesses can optimize their product offerings and pricing strategies to meet demand better. Key Points from the Episode: About Doug Howarth: Doug Howarth is an innovative figure in economics, having pioneered the concept of Hypernomics, also known as Multidimensional Economics (ME). He founded Hypernomics Inc. to advance this discipline, developing groundbreaking tools such as the MEE4DTM software—the world’s first 4D analytics platform, for which he holds a US patent of 10,402,838. His professional experience includes significant roles like the F-117A Manufacturing Program Manager at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works and leadership in their Parametric Analysis Group. Doug has collaborated with significant aerospace and technology firms such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Technologies, Northrop Grumman, and Virgin Galactic. An accomplished academic and researcher, Doug has authored 14 peer-reviewed papers published through respected institutions across four continents, including the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), International Cost Estimating Analysts Association (ICEAA), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Washington State University. About Hypernomics: Hypernomics is an innovative economic field developed around the concept of multidimensional market analysis. It fundamentally challenges traditional economic theories like the Law of Supply and Demand. It proposes the Law of Value and Demand, suggesting that markets operate within four or more mathematical dimensions rather than merely responding to physical or observable factors. This revolutionary perspective offers a new way of understanding how market dynamics form and fluctuate, much like the shift from Ptolemaic to Copernican cosmology transformed the understanding of the cosmos. The practical applications of Hypernomics are vast, from assessing the viability of new products in the market to determining appropriate pricing strategies against known market competition. Hypernomics allows businesses to discover sustainable market spaces and predict consumer behavior more accurately. The field is supported by patented analytical software and backed by...


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1913 – Secure Email Validation with Brian Minick

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the COO of Zero Bounce, Brian Minick. Brian Minick, the Chief Operating Officer for ZeroBounce, shared valuable insights and best practices shaping the future of email marketing. ZeroBounce, a SaaS platform, has become essential for email marketers and data collectors. Its core service is email validation and verification, ensuring contacts are valid and deliverable, a necessity in the altered data quality standards post-pandemic. Email marketing is cost-effective with a high ROI, making a solid sending reputation crucial for success. Brian emphasized the importance of a sender's reputation in determining whether emails reach the inbox, get trapped in the spam folder, or are blocked entirely. He also discussed the evolution of the inbox, emphasizing that quality trumps quantity in email marketing. Brian highlighted the impact of email hygiene on sending reputation, a concept championed by ZeroBounce through their services, including blacklist monitoring, inbox monitoring, and email warmup. ZeroBounce also offers a free version for individuals to test their services, underscoring the universal need for data cleanliness and hygiene. Key Points from the Episode: About Brian Minick: Brian Minick is the Chief Operating Officer at ZeroBounce, a leading platform in email validation and finding. With over 15 years of experience in the marketing and tech industries, he is recognized as an email marketing thought leader. Brian is responsible for managing day-to-day operations and ensuring that clients maximize ZeroBounce's services. Under Brian's strategic guidance, ZeroBounce has achieved significant recognition, including multiple Inc. 5000 honors, highlighting its rapid growth and impact in the email marketing sector. The platform supports many customers, from individual entrepreneurs to major corporations such as Amazon, Netflix, and Disney. It enhances email marketing effectiveness by ensuring emails reach intended recipients, boosting sales and engagement rates. About Zero Bounce: ZeroBounce is an acclaimed email validation and deliverability platform designed to optimize the accuracy of email data. ZeroBounce helps senders reach their intended audiences directly in their inboxes by ensuring that email lists are up-to-date. The platform is vital for businesses that maintain clean email lists, enhancing overall communication efficacy. ZeroBounce has proven its value by validating over 24 billion emails to date. Serving a diverse client base of more than 300,000 customers, the platform supports a wide array of businesses, from small firms to large enterprises. ZeroBounce provides its users with the confidence to press "Send," knowing their emails are far more likely to connect with real people, thus increasing the potential for conversions and customer engagement. Tweetable Moments: 05:4 - "It is not a numbers game, it's a quality game. You really want to make sure that the contacts you have...


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1912 – Creating Compelling Visual Stories with Mark Wonderlin

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Founder of Mosaic Media Films, Mark Wonderlin. Mark Wonderlin, founder and CEO of Mosaic Media Films, delves into the transformative power of video in communication and marketing. He shares insights and practical advice on leveraging video as a vital component of any communication strategy. Mark emphasized that video is not merely a tool but a critical element, combining visual and auditory stimuli to create an engaging experience that traditional media cannot match. Mosaic Media Films specializes in producing branded video content that resonates with viewers on a personal level. Mark discussed their focus on crafting narratives that tell compelling stories through brand story videos, business promos, and customer case studies, each designed to integrate seamlessly into a client's marketing funnel and directly address their audience. Mark also covered the technical aspects of improving video content quality. He detailed the key components that contribute to a video's success, emphasizing that it's not only about high-quality visuals and captivating animation but also about how these elements are integrated to tell a story effectively. Key Points from the Episode: About Mark Wonderlin: Mark Wonderlin is the CEO and Founder of Mosaic Media Films, a company dedicated to transforming how businesses communicate their value through professional video content. Mark has applied his artistic talent and marketing expertise to produce engaging videos that convert viewers into buyers. His approach is not just about visual appeal; it’s about making sure that each video clearly explains what a business does, helping them reach a wider audience effectively. A unique aspect of Mark’s leadership is his philosophy, often referred to as “Markisms,” which deeply influences his team’s creative process. One significant “markism” is the immersive approach to storytelling. Mark insists that to create a compelling story, one must empathetically connect with the subject, understanding their thoughts, feelings, and pains as if they were their own. This empathetic approach aims to resonate deeply with the audience, making each project not just a presentation but a meaningful experience that positively impacts viewers. About Mosaic Media Films: Mosaic Media Films stands out in the competitive landscape of video production by focusing on the power of storytelling to convert viewers into loyal customers. Based in Austin, the company skillfully blends the art of video production with marketing acumen to create visually stunning and strategically effective videos. Their work is not just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting content that builds connections and drives sales conversions by resonating deeply with viewers and directly addressing their needs and challenges. As the highest-rated video production company in Austin, Mosaic Media Films prides itself on delivering quality, speed, and competitive pricing all at once. With a reputation for three times as many five-star Google reviews as its nearest competitors, the company ensures


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1911 – Unlock the Potential in Businesses with Kyle Mealy

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of Next Level Coaching, Kyle Mealy. Kyle Mealy, CEO of Next Level, discussed the transformative role of a fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) in the B2B and small business sectors. Kyle specializes in blending marketing and sales with a profit-oriented approach. He focuses on enhancing margins and collaborates closely with CFOs to ensure profitability. His primary attention is on companies that rely on monthly recurring revenue or high-ticket projects, especially within the professional services sector, which often involves technical or complex products. Kyle observed that companies generating under $10 million in revenue usually cannot afford a full-time marketing or sales executive. Using his extensive experience, he developed a proven formula for driving new revenue for these businesses. Kyle highlighted the underutilized potential of LinkedIn and SEO for generating targeted B2B traffic. He also introduced the concept of a revenue strategy statement, a guiding principle that aligns all sales and marketing decisions with the company’s specific revenue objectives and unique market stance. Key Points from the Episode: About Kyle Mealy: Kyle Mealy is a distinguished leader, educator, and motivational speaker who thrives on harnessing the latent potential within entrepreneurial ventures and their leadership. He excels in transforming businesses and individuals, facilitating breakthroughs to elevate them to their next level of success. His dynamic approach and energetic focus consistently yield significant improvements in performance and growth for the businesses he engages with. His approachable teaching style and adept public speaking skills enable him to captivate large audiences, making complex concepts feel intimate and relatable. Kyle's passion is evident in his impactful delivery and the practical content he shares, derived from his extensive experience in coaching and executive leadership. Under his guidance, entrepreneurs he has coached have seen their profits soar up to tenfold, with businesses averaging a 35% annual increase in top-line revenue growth. His methods inspire and deliver tangible results, making him a sought-after figure in business development. About Next Level Coaching: Next Level Coaching offers transformative business solutions through its Fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) service, tailored specifically for small businesses with revenues between $1 million and $10 million. This service is designed to overcome plateaus in profit and growth, particularly in client service and recurring revenue models. By deploying the Next Level Revenue Model, the team at Next Level Coaching helps businesses implement scalable systems for marketing and sales, driven by data-informed decision-making and a focus on profitable revenue growth. Under Kyle Mealy's guidance, Next Level Coaching guarantees not just improvement but a doubling of top-line revenue within three years or less. The approach focuses on increasing the predictability and valuation of client businesses. For...


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1910 – Unleash your Next Level of Success with Steve Werner

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Hour Of Champions LLC, Steve Werner. Steve Werner is the innovative force behind Hour of Champions, an initiative crafted to support high achievers in overcoming barriers and reinventing themselves. With a commitment to holistic development, Steve's approach integrates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of transformation, promoting a significant shift in personal paradigms to access levels of previously unattainable success. Hour of Champions transcends the typical program format, representing a broader philosophy that underscores the critical importance of self-investment. Steve is particularly vocal about the necessity of self-care and ongoing personal development, especially for seasoned professionals who may have reached a career plateau. His methods are carefully designed to enable individuals to capitalize on their accumulated wisdom and experiences, turning these into valuable economic assets. Steve discussed the concept of viewing challenges not as insurmountable obstacles but as opportunities for substantial personal growth and reinvention. Hour of Champions is a platform where he shares numerous stories of individuals who, by embracing significant changes and confronting their limitations, have realized success far beyond what they had imagined possible. This perspective shift is fundamental to the program, encouraging participants to see potential where they once saw barriers and fostering an environment of continuous personal and professional transformation. Key Points from the Episode: About Steve Werner: Steve Werner, a seasoned former independent commodities trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, leveraged his experience in disciplined decision-making to launch a successful real estate finance and entrepreneurship career. After his trading career, he established Smith Rothchild Financial in Chicago, significantly impacting the local real estate market by facilitating over $500 million in funding, significantly contributing to affordable housing development. Additionally, he co-founded D.A.W.G.S., specializing in security solutions for vacant properties. Steve founded Hour of Champions Coaching, focusing on personal and professional development. Through his coaching, Steve excels in helping individuals uncover their inner physical and spiritual strengths, encouraging them to stay active, motivated, and resilient in the face of challenges. Hour of Champions Coaching promotes a philosophy that emphasizes self-belief and perseverance, aiming to empower clients to lead and inspire others regardless of age and find deep satisfaction in continuous personal achievement. This coaching service is positioned as a crucial investment in personal growth, helping clients discover and harness strengths they never knew they possessed. About Hour of Champions Coaching: Hour of Champions Coaching offers transformative coaching services designed to empower individuals in the latter stages of their careers to capitalize on their accumulated wisdom and experience. This program encourages participants to recognize and harness their inherent talents and skills as tools for success, ensuring they enter the second act of their careers with confidence and a clear vision. The coaching...


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1909 – Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success with Leslie Galloway

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder and CEO of Interleap, Leslie Galloway. Leslie’s journey as the founder and CEO of Interleap Group mirrors the experiences of many in the startup and business development sectors. The formation of Interleap Group represented a significant shift, focusing on addressing real-world issues with innovative solutions. Leslie covered the necessity of maintaining agility in a swiftly evolving market and Interleap’s methods for staying competitive. Leslie’s approach to business growth combines systematic planning with creativity, a blend entrepreneurs often seek. She delved into the essential function of effective leadership in expanding a business. Leslie provided examples of how to cultivate a culture of innovation and accountability within a team. Leslie also recounted the company’s origins, highlighting the achievements and the obstacles encountered that have defined its path. The discussion included strategies to navigate these obstacles and the mindset required to adapt to change. Leslie’s resilience and adaptability stand as lessons for all entrepreneurs. Key Points from the Episode: About Leslie Galloway: Leslie Galloway is the visionary Founder and CEO of Interleap, a company she started to revolutionize how leaders approach the development of their teams and staff. With a profound belief in the power of influential people strategy to balance workplace dynamics and enhance profitability, Leslie's inspiration stemmed from observing successful leaders who prioritized interpersonal skills in business. Her professional journey includes a comprehensive background in leadership roles within the branding industry and partnership at Capacity7, where she honed her expertise in organizational design and leadership programs. Holding a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina, a CCIM Coaching designation and various certifications in personality and behavioral assessments, Leslie has built a reputation for turning around projects and boosting team dynamics. Her unique approach combines leadership experience with emotional intelligence, enabling her to effectively foster trust, navigate challenging conversations, and drive leadership transformation. Leslie is deeply committed to personal growth and community service, leading educational sessions for women and serving as a Starting Point Leader at Buckhead Church. Leslie enjoys tennis, workouts, and walks with friends and family, residing in Brookhaven with her husband, Woody, their daughter, Grace, and their golden retriever, Winnie. About Interleap: Interleap is a transformative platform for leaders and teams, focusing on personal development and organizational growth through strategic coaching and collaboration. The company provides a unique framework designed to guide leaders on their journeys, offering tools and support to navigate the complexities of modern leadership roles. As the nature of the workplace evolves, Interleap emphasizes the necessity of clarity, guidance, and collaboration to achieve desired outcomes, ensuring leaders are not isolated but supported throughout their careers. Their philosophy emphasizes that effective leadership is founded on strong, healthy relationships, which are more crucial than traditional business strategies. This approach challenges and changes traditional leadership...


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1908 – Entrepreneurial Mindset and Mental Wellness with Steve McCready

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to a Psychotherapist and Coach for solo and small business owners, Steve McCready. Steve McCready is a former psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist who has transitioned to coaching, leveraging his extensive background in mental health. Through his website,, he offers guidance to individuals navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. His coaching emphasizes mental wellness, recognizing the high stress and potential for burnout in the entrepreneurial journey. Steve provides practical strategies for managing stress, preventing burnout, and maintaining a positive mental environment, focusing on helping entrepreneurs thrive amidst the challenges. Key Points from the Episode: About Steve McCready: Steve McCready leverages his extensive background in psychotherapy and his profound understanding of the human brain to offer specialized coaching for small business owners. With over two decades of experience helping individuals learn, grow, and enhance their performance, he focuses on empowering entrepreneurs to use their businesses as tools for positive impact. His approach is tailored to boost their focus, productivity, and confidence, enabling them to become exemplary leaders in their respective fields. Steve aims to transform business owners into exceptional performers, adept at overcoming mental and emotional hurdles that may impede their success. He provides insightful guidance to help them navigate challenges, avoid common pitfalls, and achieve their ambitious goals. Steve's method is particularly effective for those looking to make significant changes or undertake major projects they've previously struggled to accomplish. His support helps clients break through personal barriers and realize their full potential, making what once seemed unattainable a tangible reality. Coaching Services: Steve McCready leverages his extensive background in psychotherapy and his profound understanding of the human brain to offer specialized coaching for small business owners. With over two decades of experience helping individuals learn, grow, and enhance their performance, he focuses on empowering entrepreneurs to use their businesses as tools for positive impact. His approach is tailored to boost their focus, productivity, and confidence, enabling them to become exemplary leaders in their respective fields. Steve aims to transform business owners into exceptional performers, adept at overcoming mental and emotional hurdles that may impede their success. He provides insightful guidance to help them navigate challenges, avoid common pitfalls, and achieve their ambitious goals. Steve's method is particularly effective for those looking to make significant changes or undertake major projects they've previously struggled to accomplish. His support helps clients break through personal barriers and realize their full potential, making what once seemed unattainable a tangible reality. Tweetable Moments: 02:20 - "I know I can help other people become more empowered and bigger, stronger, better versions of themselves, and that's how I'm trying to do my part to help things move forward in the world." Links Mentioned in this Episode: Want to learn more? Check out Steve


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1907 – Scaling the Fractional CMO Model with Sara Nay

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the COO of Duct Tape Marketing, Sara Nay. Sara's expertise in marketing strategies for small businesses is unparalleled, offering valuable insights crucial for entrepreneurs. She emphasizes the importance of establishing a solid marketing strategy before implementing any tactics. Small businesses often need a clear plan to dive into marketing, resulting in wasted resources and poor outcomes. Sara advises laying a solid strategic foundation to guide marketing tactics and align them with business goals. Sara highlights the evolving nature of marketing, especially with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. These tools are transforming productivity and content creation. She underscores the importance of research and planning in developing thought leadership content and leveraging AI to repurpose this content across various platforms, maximizing reach and engagement. Sara stresses the significance of continuous lead generation for sustained business growth. Without a consistent flow of quality leads, even the best marketing strategies can falter. She recommends creating a system that consistently attracts and nurtures potential customers, turning them into loyal brand advocates. Key Points from the Episode: About Sara Nay: Sara Nay serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Duct Tape Marketing, where she has been instrumental since starting as an intern in December 2010. Over her 13+ years in the small business arena, Sara has held multiple roles within the company, progressing from community manager to account manager, consultant, salesperson, and now to operations. This breadth of experience underpins her expertise in systematically enhancing marketing and operational processes, ensuring that small business owners gain clarity and control to foster growth. Sara co-founded Spark Lab Consulting in 2021 to address operational challenges faced by small businesses after initial marketing successes. The consultancy aims to streamline operations and scalability, complementing the marketing solutions provided by Duct Tape Marketing. Outside of her career, Sara is deeply committed to an active outdoor lifestyle in Boise, Idaho, where she enjoys skiing, biking, and hiking with her husband and two daughters. Her leadership and strategic acumen are further evidenced by her top strengths: Achiever, Focus, Individualization, Strategic, and Futuristic. About Duct Tape Marketing: Duct Tape Marketing specializes in serving small to medium-sized businesses and marketing agencies by offering a unique marketing system known as the Fractional CMO+ system. This system fosters growth through streamlined marketing operations and emphasizes sustainable, strategic marketing solutions that prevent businesses from falling into the trap of short-lived tactics. With over 30 years of experience, Duct Tape Marketing has proven its approach by implementing its strategies in thousands of...


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1906 – Navigating the Financial Landscape with Stephanie Skryzowski

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting, Stephanie Skryzowski. Stephanie Skryzowski, Chief Financial Officer for nonprofits and founder and CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting, specializes in leveraging financial strategy to amplify impact in the nonprofit sector. Her mission is to help nonprofit organizations harness their financial data to make informed decisions that grow their bottom line and impact. 100 Degrees Consulting specializes in the nonprofit sector, with a dedicated team of 15 full-time employees. Their remote presence across the United States and beyond allows them to serve a diverse range of organizations with a personal touch. Through Stephanie's CFO financial strategy and bookkeeping services, she confidently empowers nonprofits to navigate their financial landscapes. While her expertise is tailored to nonprofits, the financial principles she discusses—covering cash flow management, forecasting, and budgeting—are universally applicable to charitable and for-profit organizations. Her deep understanding of the nonprofit sector, including accounting and tax nuances, makes her a valuable resource for optimizing financial operations. Key Points from the Episode: About Stephanie Skryzowski: Stephanie Skryzowski is a dedicated Chief Financial Officer renowned for her global commitment to enhancing nonprofit organizations. Through her company, 100 Degrees Consulting, she offers CFO strategy and bookkeeping services to numerous nonprofits worldwide, aiming to boost their operational success and financial stability. Stephanie holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration focusing on nonprofit finance from New York University, equipping her with the expertise to lead organizations towards prosperous futures. Stephanie actively contributes to the nonprofit community by sharing her knowledge through speaking engagements and educational content. She has been a featured speaker at prestigious events such as Blackbaud, Grants Professionals Association, and ROI: The Millionaire’s Summit. Stephanie also hosts a podcast, “The Prosperous Nonprofit,” and offers an online course, “Master Your Nonprofit Numbers,” which guides nonprofit leaders in achieving financial health and sustainable growth. Her free time is often spent enjoying lake activities with her husband and two daughters. About 100 Degrees Consulting: 100 Degrees Consulting is a specialized firm that empowers nonprofit leaders to harness the power of their financial data to expand their influence and resources. The organization provides fractional CFO and bookkeeping services tailored to enhance financial understanding and management. Focusing on key areas such as budgeting, cash flow forecasting, financial reporting, analysis, and leadership coaching, 100 Degrees Consulting is committed to helping leaders make informed decisions that foster long-term sustainability and growth. The belief that enduring change requires financial sustainability is central to 100 Degrees...


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1905 – Unleash Your Business with Matthew Sanjari

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and Business Coach of PRIME Consulting, Matthew Sanjari. Matthew Sanjari is a seasoned business coach, optimization consultant, and founder of Prime Consulting. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and scale their businesses effectively. He works closely with business owners, entrepreneurs, and high-level leaders to address their challenges, often stemming from overreliance on the owner's constant involvement. Matthew's ideal clients are established business owners overwhelmed with operational tasks. He helps them create businesses that can operate independently, freeing them to concentrate on growth and strategy. His mission is to guide them in shifting focus to revenue-generating activities, leadership, and team development. He frequently addresses concerns around budget constraints for replacing the owner's role with employees by demonstrating how margin can be created through automation, delegation, or eliminating inefficiencies. He emphasizes the importance of aligning the owner's time with their strengths and the business vision. Key Points from the Episode: About Matthew Sanjari: Matthew Sanjari has turned his formidable challenges into a foundation for a thriving entrepreneurship and business consulting career. After a severe accident that significantly impacted his life and career, Matthew spent much of the next decade battling through chronic pain, depression, and disability. His resilience has culminated in his role as a serial entrepreneur and an influential figure in the business world. He founded PRIME Consulting, where he utilizes his extensive experience in business ownership and public speaking to guide and uplift other entrepreneurs and business leaders. Matthew's approach in consulting is holistic, combining operational strategy with personal development to help clients transition from daily operations to executive roles. His methods have proven successful, with numerous brands exceeding their perceived limits under his mentorship. He has a commendable track record in business, including negotiating a successful exit from a marketing consulting agency in 2022. He now consults for diverse clients across Canada, the US, and Europe, helping them enhance their organizational culture, clarify their strategy, and achieve sustainable growth and profitability. His philosophy is simple yet powerful: "Build people, build business." About PRIME Consulting: PRIME Consulting emerged from a rich background of entrepreneurial experiences, including successful business ventures and an insightful exit. This boutique consulting firm was established to tackle common challenges businesses face: overcoming growth plateaus, escaping survival mode, and optimizing operations for peak efficiency and expansion. PRIME Consulting's dual approach serves businesses and entrepreneurs by coaching them towards profound self-awareness and strategic clarity, fostering a drive...


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1904 – Creating Competitive Advantage with Jaynie Smith

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO & President of Smart Advantage Inc.,Jaynie Smith. Jaynie Smith, CEO of Smart Advantage and author of Creating Competitive Advantage, shared her expertise on gaining a competitive edge in today's crowded marketplace. She emphasized that differentiation is not merely about being different but strategically different in ways that matter to customers. Jaynie's approach, foundational to Smart Advantage, focuses on identifying what a company does better than anyone else. It's about having a clear, measurable value proposition that resonates with the target audience. Through anecdotes and examples, Jaynie illustrated how businesses often overlook their inherent strengths and fail to communicate them effectively. Her insights provided a clear path for identifying and leveraging these unique attributes. Key Points from the Episode: About Jaynie Smith Jaynie L. Smith is a distinguished business consultant and CEO of Smart Advantage, Inc. This consultancy firm focuses on enhancing its clients' sales, marketing, and management strategies, which include mid-sized to Fortune 100 companies. Internationally recognized for her expertise, Jaynie leverages her knowledge to help companies identify and articulate their competitive advantages, thereby boosting their financial performance. Her role as a consultant extends globally, demonstrating her wide-reaching influence in the corporate world. In addition to her consultancy work, Jaynie Smith is a prolific author and influential speaker. Her book, Creating Competitive Advantage, is particularly noteworthy, having achieved significant success with its 19th printing and securing a place in the top 1% of books sold on She also authored Relevant Selling. Her thought leadership has earned her features in top publications like The New York Times and Entrepreneur, and she has made numerous appearances on television networks such as ABC and MSNBC. Her contributions to the business community are further highlighted by hosting the radio show Mind Your Biz Today, where she engaged with CEOs and business leaders to discuss key industry insights. About Smart Advantage Inc.: Smart Advantage, Inc. is a strategic consultancy firm that helps organizations stand out by improving their differentiation strategies. Founded by Jaynie L. Smith, the company has expanded significantly since publishing Smith’s book, Creating Competitive Advantage. This book details the benefits organizations experience when effectively distinguishing themselves from buyers by focusing their messaging and operational efforts on their competitive strengths. Over the years, Smart Advantage has assembled a team of presenters, consultants, and market research experts dedicated to this...


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1903 – P3 Selling with Greg Nutter of Soloquent Inc.

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the President and Founder of Soloquent Inc.,Greg Nutter. Greg Nutter, a seasoned management consultant and the founder of Soloquent, is also the author of “P3 Selling: The Essentials of B2B Sales Success.” The discussion explored the complexities of B2B sales, common mistakes to avoid, and practical strategies for elevating a business. Greg’s expertise is in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enhance their revenue performance. He works closely with owners and business leaders, who often need more sales expertise, to improve their sales capabilities and expand their businesses. His approach is hands-on and customized to address each company’s specific challenges. Greg pointed out a standard error in B2B sales: the tendency to prioritize a sales-centric approach over a buyer-centric one. Many sellers erroneously concentrate on product features and completing the sale instead of solving the client’s problems and seizing opportunities. He stressed the importance of understanding the client’s needs before making a product pitch. His book, “P3 Selling: The Essentials of B2B Sales Success,” is well-regarded for its practical insights into the B2B sales process. Greg’s consulting experience includes working with industry giants like Microsoft, SAP, and Michelin, as well as smaller, specialized firms. His extensive expertise demonstrates that practical B2B selling skills are crucial, regardless of one’s role in influencing decisions. Key Points from the Episode: About Greg Nutter: Greg Nutter is the president and founder of Soloquent, Inc., specializing in assisting business owners and senior sales executives with revenue growth challenges. His company provides targeted solutions that enhance sales performance through strategic consulting and innovative sales training methods. He is also the acclaimed author of "P3 Selling: The Essentials of B2B Sales Success" a comprehensive B2B sales and sales management guide designed to help sales professionals excel in today's complex selling environment. With over thirty-five years of experience, Greg has coached over 1,000 sales professionals. His expertise is frequently sought for executive briefings, workshops, and global keynote speeches. His approach is centered on practical, real-world applications of sales theories to drive performance improvement across various industries and markets. This experience has enabled him to contribute significantly to the sales strategies of numerous multinational corporations. About Soloquent Inc.: Soloquent Inc. is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping CEOs and business owners tackle challenges associated with revenue growth. The firm primarily serves small to mid-sized companies engaged in consultative selling through direct, indirect, or multi-channel sales approaches. Soloquent addresses common issues such as anemic growth, market expansion struggles, high staff turnover, and ineffective sales and marketing investment returns. The company distinguishes itself through a diverse team of highly skilled consultants who bring a wealth of experience from large corporations and start-ups. Soloquent's comprehensive services include situational analysis, refinement of sales strategies, and development of sales tools and processes. The firm offers hands-on execution support to implement strategic plans...


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1902 – Strategic Account Management with Brittany Brewer

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Senior Account Executive of FreeUp, Brittany Brewer. Brittany Brewer plays a crucial role in enhancing business operations and efficiency at FreeUp. She has established herself as a leader in operational excellence, leading efforts to optimize business processes. In her role, Brittany focuses on the critical importance of operations management in maintaining smooth business functions. She offers insights into identifying and resolving process bottlenecks, employing strategies that aim for continual improvement rather than merely maintaining the status quo. Brittany shares the practical tools and techniques that have benefited FreeUp. The discussion covers various software and platforms that support project management, communication, and time tracking, emphasizing the importance of leveraging technology to remain competitive in today's dynamic business landscape. Key Points from the Episode: About Brittany Brewer Brittany Brewer is a distinguished professional in the freelancing industry. She currently excels as the Senior Account Executive at FreeUp. With over five years of experience, her career has traversed various roles within freelance coordination and client support. She specializes in developing long-lasting relationships and ensuring client success, which enhances their engagement with FreeUp's services. At FreeUp, a platform known for representing the top 1% of freelancers, Brittany plays a critical role. Her broad understanding of freelancing allows her to provide unmatched client service. She and her team are committed to offering 24-hour support, ensuring that clients can swiftly connect with the right freelancers for their projects, usually within a day. Her extensive experience and client-focused approach make her a key contributor to the company's success. About FreeUp: FreeUp Marketplace is an innovative platform that connects business owners with elite virtual assistants, freelancers, and agencies specializing in eCommerce, digital marketing, and web development. The marketplace rigorously vets thousands of weekly applicants through a detailed interview process, selecting only the top 1% to join their network. This ensures clients can access highly qualified professionals ready to tackle diverse business challenges. The platform offers a unique service model where clients can submit a request and be quickly matched with a freelancer who fits their specific needs, often within just a few hours. FreeUp supports a wide range of pricing, with rates varying from $5 to over $75 per hour, catering to different budget requirements. Additionally, FreeUp guarantees quality and reliability; if a freelancer cannot continue, the platform promises to find a suitable replacement and cover any related costs, thus protecting clients against turnover and ensuring a seamless service experience. Tweetable Moments: 01:22 - "Our model is definitely to push quality over quantity." Links Mentioned in this Episode: Want to learn more? Check out FreeUp at Check out FreeUp on


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1901 – Neuropersonalized Experiences and Content with Michael Becker

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-founder of Neocore and Author of Content Capitalist, Michael Becker. Michael Becker is involved with NeoCore, a pioneering technology company based in Dubai, as part of the Antler pre-launch accelerator program. The company is developing earbuds that can detect brainwaves to tailor content experiences innovatively. Their team, including a physicist and a neuroscientist, aims to make advanced technology accessible to consumers. Michael discussed the evolution of technology through various "epochs of computing," from the invention of the microchip to the advent of the iPhone. He described NeoCore's mission to lead the next technological phase, focusing on integrating AI and brain-computer interfaces. This could transform our interactions with technology by making it more intuitive and attuned to our cognitive states. He also stressed the importance of creating high-quality content in different formats, such as blogs and videos. Michael advocates treating content creators like brand journalists and using multimedia to enhance visibility. He believes adopting a sophisticated content and outreach approach is essential for effective lead generation. Key Points from the Episode: About Michael Becker Michael Becker is a versatile professional whose career spans corporate achievements and personal growth. Initially, he contributed significantly to Teradata, playing a vital role in a $90 million sale in 2016. He then moved to Emarsys, where his efforts in expanding the branded media program were instrumental in SAP's acquisition of $500 million in 2019. His early work also includes being the first content hire at Sharpen, although specific achievements at this company need to be detailed. In parallel to his corporate success, Michael experienced a profound spiritual awakening in 2018, which marked a pivotal shift in his life. Motivated to share his new-found insights, he established a theme page that quickly grew to 60,000 followers. Leveraging this platform, he transitioned into mentoring, coaching over 30 conscious entrepreneurs and launching an eLearning program. His international lifestyle as a digital nomad in Mexico and Costa Rica culminated in the successful sale of his brand in 2023, setting the stage for his next entrepreneurial endeavors. About Neocore: Neocore is a pioneering startup that develops consumer-grade brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, specifically through EEG-detecting earbuds paired with a connected mobile app. Their technology aims to transform how users interact with digital devices by utilizing cognitive data to enhance user experiences. Neocore's innovations are designed to elevate human agency through cognitively guided device interfacing and amplify neural potential with a chat interface that adapts to individual cognitive patterns. The company has...


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1900 – Navigating the World of Publicity with Alice Draper

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and Chief Strategist of Hustling Writers, Alice Draper. Alice Draper, the founder and chief strategist of Hustling Writers, focuses on making publicity more accessible for under-recognized entrepreneurs. Her background as a self-pitching journalist who transitioned into a publicity strategist provides deep insights into media pitching. Alice's professional journey began in journalism, where she developed her skills in writing compelling pitches that secured her features in prominent magazines such as Post and Business Insider. Her experiences underscore the importance of visibility and communication in the entrepreneurial landscape. Alice discussed the concept of rejection. She views rejections as crucial learning opportunities. She has shifted her focus from crafting perfect pitches to increasing the quantity and quality of her submissions. This approach has helped her build resilience and refine her pitching techniques. Alice also emphasizes the importance of feedback, viewing it as essential for improvement. By understanding the perspectives of journalists and producers, entrepreneurs can significantly enhance their chances of pitch acceptance. She advocates for personalizing pitches to establish a connection with recipients, which she believes is more effective than sending generic, self-centered pitches. Key Points from the Episode: About Alice Draper: Alice Draper has dedicated her career to enhancing visibility for women entrepreneurs who often lack recognition. She established her own business with the aim of mastering publicity to elevate her profile as a premium copywriter. As she adeptly pitched to prominent magazines such as VICE, Refinery29, HuffPost, and Business Insider, Alice discovered and honed her pitching skills, which later led her to shift her focus towards providing publicity services. Now, with over two years at the helm of Hustling Writers, she has successfully placed her clients in over 500 podcast features, including many within the top 1% and top 0.5% of podcasts.Alice also focuses on the emotional challenges associated with public relations work, particularly handling rejection. Through her weekly newsletter, The Rejection Chronicles, she addresses topics such as coping with rejection sensitivity, fostering resilient outreach practices, and normalizing the emotional impact of rejection. This aspect of her work supports her clients' publicity efforts and strengthens their overall resilience and adaptability in their entrepreneurial journeys. About Hustling Writers: Hustling Writers is a public relations firm dedicated to amplifying the voices of underrepresented entrepreneurs by securing them authoritative media placements. Established by Alice Draper in 2020, the firm operates on the principle that effective publicity stems from empathetic storytelling. Hustling Writers aims to shift the business landscape towards more significant equity, focusing on...


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1899 – Launch and Grow your Internet Business with AJ Silber

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Owner of Small Business Bonfire, AJ Silber. AJ Silber, a distinguished coach and consultant known for his commitment to empowering CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), shared insights on the challenges and successes of leading an SMB in today's competitive environment. Silver highlighted that the role of a CEO in such settings is complex. They must be strategic thinkers focusing on long-term objectives while being agile enough to tackle immediate challenges and seize opportunities. The discussion also covered the CEO's journey through various stages of business growth. AJ stressed the importance of recognizing when to alter strategies and how to manage organizational change effectively. This is where the role of a coach or consultant becomes critical, as they provide an external perspective and seasoned advice to assist the CEO during these crucial transitions. AJ's expertise as a consultant was evident as he discussed the foundational elements crucial for a successful SMB. The conversation focused on essential factors such as establishing a clear mission and values and implementing solid systems and processes. The role of a consultant is to guide the CEO in setting up these fundamentals, ensuring the business has a robust foundation to support sustainable growth. Key Points from the Episode: About AJ Silber: AJ Silber is a visionary entrepreneur renowned for his expertise in digital marketing and organic lead generation, with a successful track record of launching and scaling ventures. After obtaining a BA in entrepreneurship from The University of St. Thomas, AJ founded The Guerrilla Agency, a Minneapolis-based firm specializing in SEO/SEM and web design services. His strategic leadership rapidly propelled the agency to the forefront of the SEO industry, culminating in a lucrative multi-million dollar acquisition by Kansas City Web Design & SEO after just four years. This accomplishment underscored his ability to create and grow businesses with precision and innovation. Currently, AJ Silber spearheads Small Business Bonfire (SBB), a platform dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs through a wealth of free resources, actionable advice, and cost-effective educational courses. SBB is a testament to AJ's commitment to empowering small business owners and solopreneurs, offering them the tools needed for success in today's competitive landscape. When not immersed in his entrepreneurial endeavors, AJ indulges in his passion for motorcycles, snow sports, and quality time with loved ones, reflecting a well-rounded life that balances professional achievements with personal interests. About Small Business Bonfire: Small Business Bonfire (SBB) serves as an essential online resource for small business owners seeking to amplify their lead generation and sales. The platform offers an extensive collection of free materials, actionable business advice, and affordable courses designed to empower entrepreneurs to scale their operations effectively. By focusing on a wide array of topics, including startup strategies, work-from-home practices, productivity enhancements, social media marketing (SMM), content creation, finance, and overall business management, SBB positions itself as a comprehensive guide for business growth and sustainability. At its core, Small Business Bonfire is...


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1898 – Digital Marketing Coaching with AJ Rivera & Mike Schmidt

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-Founders of Agency Coach, AJ Rivera and Mike Schmidt. Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera, the CMO and CEO of Agency Coach, discussed their evolution from managing a web design and digital marketing company in 2003 to establishing Agency Coach. Their objective is to assist digital marketing agencies in achieving more time and financial freedom, a goal rooted in their personal experiences and the obstacles they overcame during their entrepreneurial journey. Agency Coach provides a variety of programs and coaching services designed to deliver practical strategies for agency owners. Mike and AJ shared success stories from agency owners who have experienced significant growth and financial success by applying their guidance. These success stories highlight the effectiveness of their coaching and the potential for transformation within the agency space. Their discussion also covered typical challenges faced by agency owners, such as the urge to accept a broad range of projects and the difficulty in securing recurring revenue. Mike and AJ provided solutions to these problems, emphasizing the importance of selecting projects that support long-term objectives and focusing on high-ticket services that generate recurring revenue. Key Points from the Episode: About AJ Rivera: AJ Rivera is a distinguished figure in the digital marketing world, renowned for his role as a #FunnelHacker, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Agency Coach. As a multiple 2 Comma Club award winner and a successful digital agency owner, AJ has significantly impacted the #FunnelHacking community by creating the FunnelHub movement. His prior experience with Intuit, managing online communities for products like QuickBooks and TurboTax, has provided him with a robust foundation in digital marketing strategies. This background fuels his passion for assisting small businesses to thrive in a competitive digital landscape. Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, AJ Rivera has co-owned a 7-figure digital agency, showcasing his expertise and dedication to the digital marketing sector. His agency, Anchor Wave, is a pivotal example for many digital agencies worldwide, offering vital frameworks and strategies for achieving time and financial freedom. AJ’s commitment to empowering digital agency owners is evident through his extensive work in online courses, coaching programs, and private consulting. He collaborates with industry giants such as Russell Brunson. He speaks at notable events like Funnel Hacking Live, further cementing his influence and contribution to the digital marketing and funnel hacking communities. About Mike Schmidt: Mike Schmidt launched Anchor Wave in 2003, recognizing the nascent potential of digital marketing long before it became a cornerstone of business strategy. His foresight and leadership have guided the agency to become a significant player in the industry, boasting a team of 20 dedicated...


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1897 – Democratizing Private Markets with Mila Khrapchenko

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ameetee, Mila Khrapchenko. Mila Khrapchenko discussed how Ameetee serves primarily institutional market players such as brokers, wealth managers, banks, and family offices, rather than individual investors. She elaborated on the types of companies and startups featured on Ameetee. According to Mila, Ameetee's investment team carefully vets companies from round B and onwards, up to series E and beyond, ensuring that only well-evaluated investment opportunities are available to investors. Companies like Telegram and other promising startups across various industries and regions exemplify the offerings on Ameetee. Mila also highlighted the extensive resources Ameetee provides, including investor materials and data rooms for each investment opportunity. These resources, which are not readily available under prominent names, are made accessible through Ameetee’s rigorous due diligence process. Ameetee offers alternative asset allocation for underbanked clients and a platform for companies seeking capital. Mila noted that Ameetee facilitates deal syndication, investment trimming, and access to the secondary market for funds. This enables medium-sized banks and small brokers to offer alternative investments, thus reaching new investor demographics and enhancing the capacity for financial institutions to facilitate investment opportunities. Key Points from the Episode: About Mila Khrapchenko: Mila Khrapchenko is a distinguished figure in the investment banking sector, boasting over two decades of expertise, particularly in cross-border transactions. Her tenure as Managing Director of Structured Products at a prominent emerging market private bank underscores her adeptness. She spearheaded a team of 13 experts there, overseeing a substantial $2 billion portfolio. Her endeavors extended to founding a venture business line at BCS Financial Group in 2020 alongside Sergey Shlyuger, achieving remarkable early success and efficiency in operations. Beyond her corporate achievements, Mila is a notable angel investor with over 30 early-stage venture capital investments worldwide. She actively contributes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, offering valuable fundraising, networking, and strategic guidance within various angel investor communities. Mila's latest initiative, Ameetee, embodies her innovative spirit. This B2B fintech platform revolutionizes how financial institutions present investment opportunities in private companies to their clients, making equity in private enterprises accessible to a broader range of economic organizations, thereby democratizing the market. About Ameetee: Ameetee is an innovative B2B fintech platform transforming how financial institutions of all sizes offer investment opportunities in private companies. By providing a white-label solution, Ameetee enables these organizations to present private...


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1896 – Maturepreneurship with Jannette Anderson

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of Matureprenuer World, Jannette Anderson Jannette Anderson, known as the "MaturePreneur Maverick" and the founder of MaturePreneurWorld, discussed the emergence of the mature entrepreneur and the unique opportunities and challenges associated with aging in the entrepreneurial realm. The discussion began with admiration for Jannette's message, which resonates with those at a life stage brimming with new possibilities. Jannette covered the valuable attributes older individuals bring, such as emotional intelligence and accumulated wisdom, which can enhance an organization's culture and create a more grounded work environment. Despite the difficulties in obtaining funding and support, she provided inspiring examples of mature entrepreneurs who have overcome age-related stereotypes to achieve success. Jannette highlighted the significant context and big-picture thinking that mature individuals offer, which are essential for innovation and problem-solving in various roles. Jannette passionately outlined the potential of individuals in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, emphasizing that this demographic, often eager to start new ventures and work on their terms, should be noticed. Key Points from the Episode: About Jannette Anderson: Jannette Anderson is a distinguished figure in business development, with vast experience spanning over 35 years in strategic planning, sales, and marketing. Her career began at the tender age of 7, demonstrating her early dedication and passion for the field. Throughout her career, Anderson has held various significant roles, from being a corporate trainer to teaching marketing and entrepreneurship at universities and colleges. Moreover, she has easily navigated the corporate sector, occupying positions from a print-shop press operator to V.P. Professional Services for a leading Canadian Fortune 500 company. Despite her success in corporate roles, she has found her true calling in aiding entrepreneurs to unveil and articulate their value, enabling them to achieve substantial impact and financial success. Beyond her professional achievements, Jannette harbors a deep passion for facilitating personal transformation. She has been instrumental in certifying coaches and leading transformative personal development workshops for over three decades. Her commitment extends to aiding experts and business owners to optimize their mindset for business success. Jannette adopts a contrarian approach, focusing on practical strategies over theoretical knowledge, ensuring her clients achieve the positive outcomes they seek. This unique blend of professional acumen and personal development expertise makes Jannette a profound influence on those looking to navigate the complexities of business and personal...


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1895 – Creative Marketing with Roger Littlepage

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder and CEO of Maple Tree Marketing, Roger Littlepage. Roger Littlepage shared insights from his career in the marketing industry. He explained how his hospitality and hotel marketing background established a solid foundation in customer service and relationship building. Faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Roger initiated Maple Tree Marketing during significant industry disruption. Roger emphasized the significance of fostering meaningful relationships, stating that cultivating these connections is crucial for long-term success and growth. He emphasized the role of targeted advertising and data-driven decisions in today’s digital landscape, advising business owners to focus on revenue-enhancing activities and seek professional expertise to optimize efforts. Roger also highlighted the dynamic nature of the marketing field, urging leaders to stay informed and adaptable by engaging with peer groups and utilizing educational resources. This approach, he suggested, is vital for maintaining a competitive edge. Key Points from the Episode: Roger Littlepage's journey in the marketing industryChallenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemicImportance of building meaningful relationships for successStrategic approach to marketing, including targeted advertising and data-driven decision-makingAdvice for business owners to focus on money-making activities and seek professional expertiseContinuous learning and adaptation in the marketing landscapePractical advice for engaging the services of a marketing professionalImportance of learning from mistakes and surrounding oneself with knowledgeable individualsInvitation to explore Maple Tree Marketing's website for further assistanceOverall insights into effective marketing strategies and the importance of staying informed and adaptable in the business world About Roger Littlepage: Roger Littlepage is a dynamic entrepreneur with a rich background across multiple industries, including hospitality, automotive, real estate, and retail. His adeptness at nurturing relationships, generating innovative ideas, and crafting long-term strategic plans has propelled significant growth for numerous client companies. Starting his career at as a customer service night shift worker, Roger quickly ascended to senior account management, establishing offices in Orlando and Miami within five years. His pivotal role at Marriott International, especially as a founding eChannels & eCommerce team member, underscores his substantial impact on digital and franchise portfolio marketing across North...