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Short, sharp leadership advice for leaders and managers who care about the performance and job satisfaction of their teams.

Short, sharp leadership advice for leaders and managers who care about the performance and job satisfaction of their teams.




Short, sharp leadership advice for leaders and managers who care about the performance and job satisfaction of their teams.




#116: How Leaders Can Build a More Resilient Team

Do you ever wish your team members were more resilient? You know, putting up with the problems and striving forward with even greater motivation? Well, it’s not enough to wish people were more resilient. And you can’t just blame them for feeling bad in a chaotic and complex work environment. Leaders need to set the right conditions for resilience to happen. In this episode, I talk about some of the key ways that I believe you can create resilience in a team, and have your people feeling...


Workplace Issues? Take These Powerful Leadership Actions

If you’ve ever encountered tricky behaviour or performance issues in your team, it’s not pleasant. Sometimes leaders will wait until the problem “sorts itself out” or goes away, instead of taking action to fix it. The only problem with this approach is that these issues hardly ever go away by themselves. It often takes some powerful and courageous leadership action to make progress. In this episode, I’ll discuss four of the powerful actions you can take to address the issues in your team,...


How Being More Strategic Improves Your Leadership

Many people think that being strategic is just for company CEOs and executives, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In this episode, I’ll introduce some of the top strategic skills that I believe make for better leadership. You might not feel like you have a strategic bone in your body, but it really doesn’t need to be too complicated. In my opinion, strategy can be summed up by knowing where you want to be, developing an approach to getting there and having a framework for deciding what...


Do You Have a Victim Leadership Mindset?

When you’re in a tough leadership role, it can be easy to slip into a victim mindset. Nothing is your fault, you can’t do anything to fix the workplace problems and you end up being passive in your approach. This is obviously damaging for leaders because they slip into complacency and inaction. So what can we do about it? In this episode, I discuss this mindset challenge and some common situations that can bring it on. Book Your Discovery Coaching Session I invite you to a 90-minute...


Why Smart Leaders Seek Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is obviously very popular these days. Why wouldn’t you want your team to keep improving? But there is more to team improvement than just boosting performance to make you look good. In this episode, I look at some less obvious reasons why improving your team is something that all smart leaders should do. It can make the difference between leading an engaged, motivated team and having a team that simply stands still. Book Your Discovery Coaching Session I invite you...


3 Handy Perspectives to Solve Your Next Leadership Challenge

Leadership situations are often complex, because they involve people and competing priorities. Each leadership challenge involves multiple dimensions that need to be considered. Even when you think there is a simple solution, there are often complexities that arise when we analyse the situation from different perspectives. In this episode, I discuss a helpful model for assessing your leadership challenges from 3 perspectives: Rational, Emotional and Political. I’ll walk through these 3...


Managing Your Boss vs. Managing Your Team

Many leaders need to deal with a tricky situation – balancing the needs of their boss with that of their team. In this episode, I take a look at why this can be difficult, and how failing to balance both aspects can be bad for your leadership and the workplace itself. Book Your Discovery Coaching Session I invite you to a 90-minute Discovery Coaching Session, where we will: You will leave the Discovery Coaching Session with a sense of clarity, purpose and practical steps to move you...


Stakeholder Management Tips to Make Your Leadership Life Easier

Ever had an influential stakeholder who blocked what you were trying to do? What about one who supported you and removed the roadblocks along the way? Leadership always involves gaining support from the key people around you, whether it’s your boss, other colleagues or senior executives within the organisation. Leaders who ignore this aspect of leadership can come unstuck as they experience opposition to their ideas and have trouble moving things forward. In this episode, I discuss some...


Are You Being Too Kind to Your Team?

Many leaders (especially the thoughtful ones) struggle to find the right balance between being too kind or lenient with their teams, and making them stand on their own two feet. In this episode, I pose 3 simple questions to help you work out whether you are being too kind to your team members, or whether perhaps you could benefit from taking a bit of a harder position with them. Book Your Discovery Coaching Session I invite you to a 90-minute Discovery Coaching Session, where we...


Leadership vs Management - What's the Difference (and who cares)?

What is the difference between leadership and management? Does it matter? And who cares? Well, in this episode, I answer all of these questions and provide some advice for those people who would rather be more “leader” and less “manager”. I also discuss some of the negative stigma around management and some of the ways that you can add more aspects of leadership to your role, no matter where you sit in your organisation. 👍 If you like this episode, please take a few minutes to leave a...


Not Seeing Enough Teamwork? Try This!

It can be super frustrating when your team members aren’t working well together. Maybe you’re seeing too much conflict, or perhaps people just aren’t helping each other out the way you’d like. Whatever the case, “team work makes the dream work”, so try these simple tips to help you bring out that spirit of togetherness that you’re probably craving in your team. Book Your Discovery Coaching Session I invite you to a 90-minute Discovery Coaching Session, where we will: You will leave the...


Downsides of Delegation

Delegation is often seen as the saviour of leaders who are struggling with their workload. “You just have to delegate more” is common advice for these leaders. While delegation is a useful tool and it can really help leaders control their workload and get more done, it also has its downsides. In this episode, I’ll look at some of these potential downsides and give you some aspects to consider when you think about delegation. Book Your Discovery Coaching Session I invite you to a...


Why Leaders Must Set Boundaries at Work

Workplaces are busy, and different people have their own priorities that they are focused on. That's why to be productive and effective, leaders need to carve out their own space. Setting boundaries is critical because if you're not working towards you or your team's priorities, then you're probably working on someone else's! Boundaries prevent us from being stepped on, run over or controlled by the people around us. Setting boundaries can take courage, because you may need to push back on...


Want MORE Out of Your Leadership?

As part of my coaching, I wanted a simple model I could use as a reference to help leaders target strengths and shortcomings in their leadership. So, I came up with the MORE model of leadership which stands for Myself, Others, Results-Focus and Effectiveness. The model is simple, but I think it covers most (if not all) of the most important aspects of leadership. I included it in this episode because I believe this can also be a good tool for leaders to see whether they have the various...


Leadership Qualities You Need to Succeed

Not all leaders are born equal. Some people will have personal qualities that will help them succeed in leadership positions better than others. However, the good news is that leadership qualities can develop over time, along with our personality. That means we don't need to be born with them, we can take steps to incorporate them into our leadership even if they might not come naturally. In this episode, I look at the top 5 qualities that I believe make for the best leaders in today's...


Is Your Team Feeling Safe ... or Scared?

Some workplaces operate with a culture of "command and control" and toxicity that can have our team members quaking in fear. In this episode, I talk about the concept of Psychological Safety and how creating a safe culture can help to improve performance and the willingness to try new things. What are you going to do to help your people feel safe and enjoy coming to work each day? If you like this episode, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts here, I really appreciate it! 👈👈 Show...


Leaders: Are You Looking After Yourselves?

The sad reality in many workplaces is that leaders keep working harder and for longer, putting the needs of their organisations and bosses ahead of their own. Self-care is critical for leaders, because you will never be able to support or lead anyone effectively if your own mindset is not where it should be. In this episode, I cover some of the problems I see in our workplaces, why leaders don't look after themselves, and of course some good ways to look after your own self-care. This is...


Balancing the 4 Key Leadership Components

Have you ever wondered what the main parts of leadership are? Me too! That's why in this episode, I'm going to take you through what they are. It's important that we keep these components in balance, because when we focus too much on one area, other parts of our leadership tend to suffer. Listen to this episode to find out more about the components and let me know what you think in the comments below! Show Links: Balancing the Four Essential Leadership ComponentsThe Difficult...


Are These Job-Satisfaction Killers a Problem In Your Team?

Job satisfaction is a critical aspect of team member motivation. If people aren't satisfied coming to work and are having to drag themselves into work every day, you're likely to see poor performance. In this episode, I highlight some of the common "Job satisfaction killers" that I see damaging motivation and performance in our workplaces, as well as some simple ways to try to overcome them in your team. Apple Podcast Review: If you like this episode, be sure to leave a review on Apple...


Is Insecurity Damaging Your Leadership? Watch For These Signs

Ever felt insecure during your leadership role? It's not uncommon to feel that way, as leaders are often having to deal with change and uncertainty in their teams and workplaces. But just because we feel insecure sometimes, it doesn't mean we should resort to insecure behaviour. If we are conscious of the signs of insecure leadership, we can stop ourselves from going down that path! In this episode, I look at some of the signs of insecure leadership so you can be aware of them and stop...