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Rubicon’s first and only podcast where we share advice for techies, earth lovers and for penny pinchers!

Rubicon’s first and only podcast where we share advice for techies, earth lovers and for penny pinchers!
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Rubicon’s first and only podcast where we share advice for techies, earth lovers and for penny pinchers!




Scrubbin' Sustainably: Blueland Founder and CEO Sarah Paiji Yoo

After becoming a mother, Blueland founder and CEO Sarah Paiji Yoo began her journey to reduce her personal plastic consumption. After researching all of the harmful plastics and chemicals in our oceans, our homes, and even in our stomachs; Sarah sought to change the way we clean. Our host, Amy Koonin, is joined via Skype by Paiji Yoo to talk about her revolutionary eco-friendly cleaning products and the Blueland mission for a clean home and a clean planet!


Major Moves in the Mountains: AppHarvest founder Jonathan Webb

On a quest to revolutionize the agricultural and social landscape of Eastern Kentucky, Jonathan Webb has his work cut out for him. Working from within Appalachia in Kentucky, AppHarvest is combining conventional agriculture techniques with technology innovation. He's bringing his idea to the region, to the soil, and to the local schools. Host Amy Koonin is joined via Skype by Webb to talk all things education, entrepreneurship, and eating your vegetables!


Fashion, Fabric, and Family: Alternative Apparel CEO Evan Toporek

You've seen their products in iconic department stores like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, but there is so much more to their story than just soft t-shirts and huggable hoodies. With an emphasis on biodegradable packaging, WRAP certified facilities, and clothing made from recycled water bottles, Alternative Apparel's line is a sustainable fashion slam-dunk. Alternative Apparel CEO Evan Toporek joins host Amy Koonin via Skype to break down their commitment to their customers, comfort, and...


Across the Ocean: Round Table with Rubicon, rePurpose Global, and Saahas Zero Waste

From Atlanta to Mumbai, the fight to neutralize our plastic footprint rages on. At the forefront of the movement is rePurpose Global, a social enterprise shedding light on harmful habits and encouraging the public to pass on plastic through their #plasticnetural and partnerships. Our host, Amy Koonin, is joined via Skype by rePurpose and their partner, Saahas Zero Waste to chat about how to close the loop locally and across the ocean.


Sustainability, Surfing, and Shark Tank: RAREFORM's Kara Morin

After landing a deal with Mr. Wonderful on NBC's Shark Tank, RAREFORM saw both a surge in sales and opportunity to tell their sustainability story. The line of bags, cases, and accessories are made from recycled vinyl and boast a unique business model. Upcycling the large billboards we all pass on our highways, the brains behind the bags are able to keep the material out of the landfill, create lightweight, trendy, and durable products, and give a second life to a street staple. Host Amy...


Zero Waste but Lots of Influence: Blogger Kathryn Kellogg of "Going Zero Waste"

Even if you're unfamiliar with her name, chances are you've come across some of her tips and tricks peppered throughout the eco-conscious community. Author and influencer Kathryn Kellogg lives a zero waste lifestyle. What does that mean? Host Amy Koonin is joined via Skype by Kellogg to break down her own waste reduction journey. What products does she keep in her bathroom? How do you not create excess waste in the kitchen? How does this lifestyle impact your ability to go to parties?...


The Big Bag Battle: ChicoBag's Andy Keller

At the forefront of the single-use saga, ChicoBag founder Andy Keller is making some massive strides against big plastic. Keller is an electric personality with a deep-rooted passion for environmental sustainability. Our host, Amy Koonin, is joined via Skype by Keller and his alter-ego "bag monster" to talk about everything from material transparency, helping musician Jack Johnson clean up the ocean, and the lawsuit that propelled his passion for plastic alternatives.


The Pursuit of Hoppiness: ReGrained's Daniel Kurzrock

How did a college hobby become a full-time weapon in the fight against food waste? ReGrained's Daniel Kurzrock joins host Amy Koonin via Skype to chat about how his super idea became a super grain! A certified B Corporation with social and environmental missions, ReGrained bars are the ultimate in edible upcycling. This truly unique business model and bar allow consumers to have their beer and eat it too. Kurzrock's sustainable snack is quickly taking over the game and we're just "hoppy" to...


His Earth Bags Are Out of This World: Hamilton Perkins

Hamilton Perkins is changing the game when it comes to travel style. A young entrepreneur with a social and environmental mission, Perkins has worked tirelessly to curate his totes out of some pretty unique materials. Host Amy Koonin is joined by Perkins via Skype to talk about the early days of the collection and the future of sustainable fashion. With sleek and modern styles of "Earth Bags" made from pineapple leaf fiber, plastic water bottles, and even old museum banners, Perkins'...


The Yardi Boys: Millennials on a Mission

In a belated Earth Day celebration, host Amy Koonin sits down in the Rubicon studio with the affectionately named, "Yardi Boys"; 3 millennial men trying to change the planet one day at a time. With 4 people, 2 microphones, and endless passion for sustainability, the boys cover everything from their own in-office eco-friendly efforts to emojis.


The Godfather of the Circular Economy: A Sit-Down With William McDonough

William McDonough's resume reads like a thick phone book. He's an architect, a designer, an author, a professor, and an established thought leader in the Circular Economy space. He also sat down with host Amy Koonin at Rubicon HQ to walk listeners through his professional timeline, personal passion for sustainability, and how he sees the future for closing the loop and upcycling. Known as "The Godfather" of the Circular Economy, McDonough makes our planet an offer we shouldn't refuse.


Doin' it Rye: Toast Ale's Louisa Ziane

Beer, Bread, and B Corp; what could be better? Host Amy Koonin is joined via Skype by Toast Ale's Louisa Ziane to talk about all things food waste and fermentation. Transcending the time difference, Louisa sheds some light on how a simple idea can inspire real change. Toast Ale is a B Corp out of the UK that is taking craft beer to the next level by using leftover bread from bakery partners to brew both smooth and smart. With over 1 million loaves saved from the landfill, Toast Ale is a...


FroYo, Family, and Food Waste: Author Ocean Robbins

With an ice cream cone shaped swimming pool in his backyard, Author Ocean Robbins' father fled the family business and moved his brood to a remote island to focus on sustainable living. The next generation of the Robbins family (of Baskin Robbins fame) has turned his life's work into educating and inspiring consumers to make healthier choices when it comes to waistlines and waste bins. Host Amy Koonin is joined by Ocean via Skype to discuss his book, his childhood, and his passion for...


What Are You Wasting For? Ends and Stems' Alison Mountford

Ends and Stems is a meal planning service with sustainable values at its core (no pun intended). Our host, Amy Koonin, is joined via Skype by Alison Mountford, CEO and Founder of Ends and Stems and a Rubicon 2018 Waste Fit Champion. With over a decade in the culinary industry, Mountford is successfully fighting food waste without sacrificing flavor!


Buy the Change: Be a Conscious Consumer with Author Jane Mosbacher Morris

How did a background in counterterrorism inspire conscious consumerism? Author Jane Mosbacher Morris joins host Amy Koonin in the studio to celebrate the launch of her new book, "Buy the Change You Want to See: Use Your Purchasing Power to Make the World a Better Place!" Jane explains how small changes in sustainability can lead to big improvements in underserved areas, gives advice for budding female entrepreneurs, and even makes a case for why Dominos pizza is the best in NYC.


Won't You Be Our Neighbor? An Interview with Serenbe Founder, Steve Nygren

A unique community near Atlanta, Serenbe has quickly become a slice of heaven outside of city limits. Serenbe has it all: retail and spa amenities, fresh food straight from the farm, and focus on overall health and wellness. Amy Koonin, our host and proud Serenbe resident, sits down with founder Steve Nygren to break down the Serenbe story, the community's conscious steps towards waste diversion, and how Steve was instrumental in introducing Amy to her fiance!


The Millennial Whisperer: Author Chris Tuff

In what is sure to be a best seller, Author Chris Tuff has created an easily digestible and engaging manual for managing millennials. The waste industry is antiquated and is now being run by new leaders, ideas, and young and hungry employees. How do we respect the old while ushering in the new? CT is the authority on all things millennial culture; he was a digital pioneer at Facebook and even turned his proposal into a viral sensation. Our host, proud millennial Amy Koonin, sits down in the...


Live from Philly: Seventh Generation CEO Joey Bergstein

From branding booze to branding bubbles, Seventh Generation CEO Joey Bergstein has had a hand in several household names. A Keynote speaker for the event, Bergstein joins host Amy live on location in Philadelphia at the Sustainable Brands Conference. Learn more about his unique career trajectory, ingredient transparency in all Seventh Generation products, and his legendary Halloween costumes!


Zero Waste Daniel: How One Man Turned Scraps into Style

Made from 100% pre-consumer cutting room scraps, Brooklyn's Daniel Silverstein and his unique "ReRoll" fabric are taking the fashion world by storm. Zero-waste in and out of the atelier, Daniel's nickname evolved after working in the industry and witnessing first-hand what textile waste is doing to our environment. ZWD joins host Amy Koonin via Skype to talk about his eco-conscious evolution in Brooklyn, his NY Fashion Week stand-up comedy routine, and why he's Amy's favorite person to...


Trash to Treasure: Ken Beckstead's Big Idea

Ken Beckstead is turning a bad habit into something good for our planet! Host Amy Koonin is joined via Skype to learn everything about his Butts to Watts program and how he's turning discarded cigarette butts into a powerful and unique energy source. This west-coast waste warrior is on a unique mission to revolutionize our roadways!