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Rubicon’s first and only podcast where we share advice for techies, earth lovers and for penny pinchers!

Rubicon’s first and only podcast where we share advice for techies, earth lovers and for penny pinchers!
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Rubicon’s first and only podcast where we share advice for techies, earth lovers and for penny pinchers!




Empire State of Mind: An Interview with NYC's Sanitation Commissioner, Kathryn Garcia

Get ready for a jam-packed exciting episode hitting all of the important "M"s: Manhattan, Municipal solid waste, and even matzah ball soup! Host Amy Koonin is joined via Skype by the Commissioner of Sanitation for New York, Kathryn Garcia. Commissioner Garcia is leading the charge in the most ambitious organics recycling program in the most ambitious city in the US. NYC is known as the "big apple", and under Garcia's sustainability-focused leadership, the "big apple" is in for some big...


Our ECOrenaissance: Sustainability Superstar Marci Zaroff

With a resume as long as a CVS receipt, environmental guru Marci Zaroff joins Amy Koonin via Skype to drop some serious knowledge about all things sustainable. Not only did Zaroff coin the term ECO-Fashion, but she is the brains behind several sustainable lifestyle and brands. Marci and Amy cover it all: from fashion to food, to fish free fish. Marci Zaroff's new book, ECOrenaissance: A Lifestyle Guide for Cocreating a Stylish, Sexy, and Sustainable World comes out August 14th!


A Real Do-Goodr: Goodr Founder Jasmine Crowe

Jasmine Crowe built her end-hunger empire by combining her passions for philanthropy and technology. Joining host Amy Koonin in the studio, Crowe shares her belief that hunger is a logistics issue and not a scarcity issue and what she and her team are doing to fix it! With backing from Spanx founder Sara Blakely, Crowe's revolutionary app, Goodr, helps restaurants rid themselves of food waste while feeding families. Do Goodr, Eat Goodr, Feel Goodr!


A STRAW(esome) Idea: Final Straw's Miles Pepper

With a last name like Pepper, he had to spice it up! A cinematographer by trade, Miles Pepper took a leap of faith and co-founded Final Straw after he saw how single-use plastic was polluting our planet. Launched on Kickstarter and raising over a million dollars, Final Straw is a revolutionary reusable straw that will change the way we think and the way we drink!


Smarts in the City: Rubicon's Michael Allegretti

A little taste of NYC in the ATL, Rubicon's Senior VP of Policy and Strategic Initiatives Michael Allegretti joins host Amy Koonin in the studio to break it all down: our RUBICONSmart City technology, the Internet of Things, and where to get the best slice of pizza in Manhattan!


A Slam Dunk: Atlanta Hawks' CEO Steve Koonin

He’s the CEO of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club. He’s a local Atlanta legend who has had a large part in building some iconic brands. He’s an advocate of environmental sustainability in sports as Philips Arena is under a massive renovation. He also happens to share 50% of our host's DNA. Amy's dad, Steve Koonin, is in the studio to talk about sustainability on and off the court, his recipe for brand building, and his favorite Father's Day present!


Winters is Coming: An Interview with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

We're breaking down all of the awesome stuff the LDF is doin’- from compelling documentaries to ground-breaking campaigns. Justin Winters, the Executive Director of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, joins host Amy Koonin via Skype for a World Oceans Day celebration!


Think BIG, Win BIG: Ocean Exchange's Millicent Pitts

What would you do for our planet with $100,000 and an idea to save our oceans? Our host Amy Koonin is joined by Millicent Pitts, the CEO and Executive Director of the Ocean Exchange to talk all things innovation, implementation, and inspiration!


Sea-ing a Cleaner Ocean with Lonely Whale's Emma Riley

When she's not eating pasta or hiking to Pirate's Cove, Lonely Whale's Emma Riley is busy saving our big blue oceans with help from some very influential friends. Riley joins our host Amy Koonin via Skype to talk about the future for our fish, World Ocean's Day, and how we can all do our part to #stopsucking!


People, Planet, and Peanut Butter Pretzels: Wegmans' Jason Wadsworth

Wegmans is so much more than just Dunder Mifflin's favorite regional supermarket! Amy Koonin is joined in studio by Jason Wadsworth, Manager of Sustainability for the northeastern cult-favorite, Wegmans Food Markets. Named #2 on Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For", Wegmans is consistently changing the grocery game. Learn how Wegmans is reducing their carbon emissions, providing eco-friendly packaging options for customers, and churning out the most addictive peanut butter filled...


Keep Calm and Compost

Have you ever wondered how compost works? What is it? How do we do it? What is the impact? How can my business start? Amy Koonin is joined via Skype by Annie Davis from World Centric, a fellow B Corp that specializes in the production of compostable products! Let us take you on the journey from dirt to dishes!


Lettuce Talk about Food Waste!

Apologies in advance for the CHEESY puns: This episode will ap-PEEL to you especially if you're NUTS about food waste! Sarah Sanders, COO, and Co-Founder of Bon Harvest, and our host Amy Koonin break down some scary stats and tech tips in the studio. Sanders does a GRAPE job laying out her vision and how social entrepreneurs can lead to a future without food waste. Time FRIES listening to these two!


The Red Couch: An Interview with Rubicon Co-Founder Marc Spiegel

How did a kid from Kentucky end up co-founding a sustainability and tech start-up right in the middle of the ATL? Our host, Amy Koonin, sits down in the studio with Rubicon Global co-founder Marc Spiegel to hear about his entrepreneurial journey, his thoughts on this year's March Madness tourney, and the famous Rubicon red couch.


Small Biz Whiz: Christophe Choquart from IOU Financial

With tons of tips and tricks of the trade, the Small Biz Whiz stops by The Town Haul! Our host, Amy Koonin, is joined via Skype by IOU Financial's Chistophe Choquart to talk about lightning speed loan approval and what that can mean for your small business!


From Bottle to Body: Upcycling fashion with expert JT Marburger

Who's Murph? Why does Amy owe JT lunch? Our host Amy Koonin chats in-studio with JT Marburger, a veteran of the sustainable apparel movement, to take us through the fascinating process of turning water bottles into clothing, why millennials are the ultimate decision-makers, and much much more!


Don't Be Trashy! Recycle

2018 has been a year of extreme innovation: SpaceX, Snapchat, and even a Zero Waste Super Bowl? Amy Koonin is joined in studio by David Rachelson, Rubicon's VP of Sustainability, and Mitch Hedlund, founder of Recycle Across America via Skype to talk trash (in the literal sense, of course).


Xero to 100 Real Quick

A philosopher in his own right, Drake said it best! Let's go from Xero to 100 real quick. Our host, Amy Koonin, chats with Xero's brand ambassador Ryan Watson about the challenges of getting a small business off the ground and how to prep your brick and mortar for the holidays!