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Stories of journey and how accepting the truth brings freedom, clarity and joy.

Stories of journey and how accepting the truth brings freedom, clarity and joy.
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Stories of journey and how accepting the truth brings freedom, clarity and joy.




Chris Broussard: Truth and Basketball

In this first part of this two-part episode, Seku dives into conversation with sports analyst, Chris Broussard about the personal and professional truths Chris has learned throughout his life. From playing basketball at Oberlin College to commentating for ESPN, Chris has found Christ, found the love of his life, and figured how to balance confidence and humility in the field.


Joanna Bateman: Change, Truths, and Comedy

Joanna Bateman is originally from Loveland, Ohio. She is a comic, she's a SAG actor and activist. She loves to say that she is emotionally available for a living. In this episode, Joanna will talk about the truths she has had to deal with in her own life that have helped her to move past and break through and become more successful.


A Rant About The Truth About Transparency

Showing yourself in your art is a part of being creative. However, it’s not a choice that every artist chooses to make. On today's episode, Dr. Gathers talks about the OTR II concert and the music by Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Beyoncé released Lemonade in 2016 and Jay-Z released 4:44 the following year. Most recently the couple made the joint album, Everything Is Love as The Carters. The trials, tribulations, and truths about themselves and their infamous relationship are displayed throughout their...


Joe Imperatrice - Founder of Blue Lives Matter

For those of you who have been following the Truth Prescription, you may know that one of the hats I wear is a Film Maker, Writer and Director. I wrote a full length feature called, "Code Of Silence," which explores the many facets of what a Blue Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter leader would have to deal with. The point of the story is, that regardless of what we do for a living, our cultural differences and appearances, we all bleed red and we are all human beings. Joe Imperatrice is the...


Truth Around Us: My Feature on Mornings with Mykel with Marc Clarke

On today's episode of The Truth Prescription Podcast, I flip the script and land on the other side of the microphone on with Marc Clarke, who's no stranger to this show. One thing that's been on both our minds is turning on the news or radio and hearing the tragic stories. This episode is a reflection on our thoughts on where we are at as a country in these United States. So sit back and have a listen to this special episode of The Truth prescription.


Where I Discovered Truth: School of Hermetic Philosophy

Good People - We usually talk to one person on this podcast and we get their idea what truth is and how they've come to find this truth through the experiences in their lives. This week, I talk to two guests who discuss an approach, way of life, a science and a philosophy; Carol and David from the School of Hermetic Philosophy which was found in 1970 by Dario Salas Somer. There's over 10 branches from all of the world and David and Carol are two members of the New York Branch and we talk...


Dr David Greuner: Success, Satisfaction and Suffering

This guest is no stranger to media - he's be featured on NBC News, CBS' The Doctors and Dr Oz - Dr David Greuner is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of NYC Surgical Associates. As a new guy coming out of college, he found his niche which he has now been able to turn into a lucrative business. We talk about his truth around suffering and satisfaction and how it's paved the way to his current success.


Michelle Sorro - Some Extra Truth & The Mindset Mashup

Michelle Marie Sorro is a TV host on EXTRA, an author and a lifestyle strategist. Her lively, unfiltered and heart-centered podcast The Mindset Mashup actually launches today. She aims to bring people closer to their best life through her podcast, and she invites inspirational guests who provide tips that can elevate your life, business and relationships. Originally born in Oak Harbor, Washington, Michelle we hear about her story from how she went to UCLA to obtain a Broadcast Journalism...


Dr Kevin Simon - Married to Medicine

He's the first medical Doctor we've had this season and he's from the same college I went to; Morgan State University or Maximum Skills University as I like to call it. Dr Kevin Simon opens up about the truth he learnt that he was in fact good at what he does. As a physician of color, doubt can easily creep in. Currently he's a Psychiatry Resident at Grady Hospital. Yesterday, he just announced on Instagram that he and his wife are expecting a baby. There's a lot of truth to his journey and...


Deborah Goodwin: Truth, Screenwriting & Good Films

Born in Manchester, England, Deborah Goodwin is a New York based writer, director and filmmaker, not to mention an award winner for Best Screenplay at the Urbanworld Festival for her family drama, "Cherrys," with her first feature film "Vampires in Venice" making its sales debut at Cannes Market 2011. Recently, she wrote and directed the modern western film The Pastor starring Franky G, Victoria Cartagena and Ismael Cruz Cardova. We talk about: You can connect with Deborah...


TTP28 - Alex Ferrari

As a filmmaker, actor and fellow creative, I've admired this guy from afar for quite some time now. He's a true hustler and knowledgeable about all things film. The legend himself, Alex Ferrari joins The Truth Prescription Podcast and even though he served me some truth about my geographical location. He's an author, filmmaker and fellow podcaster who lives in Los Angeles (but we won't hold that against him, will we), and I'm so honoured to have him on The Truth Prescription.


TTP27 Dr Chris Zaino

Good People. It's the first Episode of Season 2 of The Truth Prescription Podcast. And we promised you more stories, more truth this time around. Our first guest, Dr. Chris Zaino isn’t your traditional type of medical professional. He works as a chiropractor in Texas but his purpose goes well beyond his practices in the medical field. But it’s what he does outside of his day job. The ins and out--the obstacles and hurdles; the TRUTHS outside of the workplace that led him to come into his...


TTP26 Jimmy Myers - Part 2

We continue to two part special of our Jimmy Myers interview. It's an apt time to interview him as he approaches 50 years in broadcasting which is a milestone for any individual. This episode, we dive into: - His interviews with Ruben "Hurricane," Carter and other notorious individuals - Playing basketball with Barrack Obama - His journey in broadcasting and some of the challenges he faced. I loved this interview and sharing his story of truth with you. Here's the final chapter of the...


TTP25 Jimmy Myers - Part 1

This is one of the most exciting interviews on The Truth Prescription. Our next guest paved the way for other black sportscasters and people of colour. His innate ability to be able to talk truth with his guests, like with Ruben "Hurricane," Carter, is what inspired other greats like Denzel Washington to want to play the role in the movie. In this two-part Truth Prescription special, we chat to the legendary radio and television broadcaster Jimmy Myers. This episode, we dive into his...


TTP24 Eljay Aguillo

Eljay Aguillo's project, "Why I Love New York City," is a photo-documentary on Instagram which is now a published book. What inspired Eljay to put this together was the journey of truth he had to go through to meet his now wife, Maria. We talk about: - How a defining moment of truth came in the form of a Joss Stone song - How moving to New York City to mend his broken heart opened up opportunity - How a twist of fate of mixed up credit cards lead him to meet his current wife, Minette Eljay's...


TTP23 Ginni Saraswati

Born in Dehiwala in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Ginni Saraswati grew up as a shy girl with dreams of being a doctor – (like every good Sri Lankan girl)…but she soon discovered she wasn’t too fond of science. She knew she had to work in an industry where she could have a voice – share stories, and unleash her comedic charms and dance moves on unsuspecting audiences. Studying Creative Arts & Cinema Studies, Ginni moved into radio journalism after many years acting and writing for theatre. We talk...


TTP22 Tennesha Wood

Today’s guest is the creator and host of the Dating Relationships and Love Podcast. A former veteran and a star of the hit show #BlackLove, Tennesha Wood is now a dating coach; combining her experiences and knowledge to help others date and live a happier life. We talk about: · Her experiences after being on #BlackLove · Conquering fear in pursuit of happiness · What it’s like to be in a relationship with someone with kids · Doing what makes you happy is a key truth · Communication is...


TTP21 Ali Muhammad

Good People. I should tell you first that this interview contains explicit language. So if you have little ones around, tell them to come listen when they're 18. This interview with Ali Muhammad was the most relaxed interview I've done - and by relaxed I mean, we ordered some chicken (which he ate), got some other food and drink - it was literally a recording of a conversation over a meal. Ali Muhammad is the Co-Host of In the Conversation Podcast so he's no stranger to the audio platform....


TTP20 Amber Gelinas

She’s not the first Reality TV contestant we’ve had on The Truth Prescription, but Amber Gelina’s story of accepting her truth saw it’s highs and lows. Born to French-Asian parents, the cultural expectations that came with her heritage assumed Amber would take a conventional job in being a doctor, lawyer or an engineer (which her brother followed). From a young age, Amber knew that she was different: “I remember dressing up in my mums silky nightgowns. I always knew I was going to be...


TTP19 Holiday Rant: The Priceless Gift

It’s a Holiday special on The Truth Prescription Podcast. Some of you may feel that this time of year is when you’re really served up a dose of truth along with plenty of the festive cheer. As I try with each episode to give you a gift; a gift of truth and knowledge, I wanted to bring to your awareness a few of the things that you could think about today especially, being Christmas Day. This short audio piece is just a reminder for all of us, especially today and in this day and time...