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My name’s Dr Gary Crotaz and I’m a coach, speaker and author of ‘The IDEA Mindset’, an award-winning book about how to figure out what you want and how to get it. The Unlock Moment is that flash of remarkable clarity when you suddenly know the right path ahead. When I’m in conversation with my coaching clients, these are the breakthroughs that are so profound that they remember vividly where they were, who they were with, what they were thinking when their Unlock Moment happened. In this podcast, I’ll be meeting and learning about people who have accomplished great things or brought about significant change in their life. And you’ll be meeting them with me! We’ll be finding out what inspired them, how they got through the hard times and what they learned along the way that they can share with you. Thank you for joining me on this podcast to hear all about another Unlock Moment! Downloaded in over 70 countries.


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My name’s Dr Gary Crotaz and I’m a coach, speaker and author of ‘The IDEA Mindset’, an award-winning book about how to figure out what you want and how to get it. The Unlock Moment is that flash of remarkable clarity when you suddenly know the right path ahead. When I’m in conversation with my coaching clients, these are the breakthroughs that are so profound that they remember vividly where they were, who they were with, what they were thinking when their Unlock Moment happened. In this podcast, I’ll be meeting and learning about people who have accomplished great things or brought about significant change in their life. And you’ll be meeting them with me! We’ll be finding out what inspired them, how they got through the hard times and what they learned along the way that they can share with you. Thank you for joining me on this podcast to hear all about another Unlock Moment! Downloaded in over 70 countries.




The Unlock Moment Box of Keys 15: The Power of Two, or Three

I’ve recently brought another person on to my team, so now we’re three of us working on The Unlock Moment, the podcast, my coaching and speaking work. I’d put off the cost of an additional team member for as long as possible and then, when I realised that I was dropping the ball on important things, I knew I had to bite the bullet and invest in the additional help I needed. And what a good decision that was. With help, I’ve been able to spend more time where I can have most impact. When I was stuck, I was thinking about the additional cost and how I would absorb it. Instead I should have been thinking about the additional opportunity and how I should unlock it. -- Dr Gary Crotaz, PhD:


Todd Cherches - How Horrible Bosses Inspired A Brilliant Communicator

A master storyteller and inspiring leadership coach, Todd Cherches is the CEO and cofounder of BigBlueGumball, a New York-based consulting firm specializing in leadership development and executive coaching where, in his words, 'training is entertaining'! In this conversation Todd brings to life how his experience of horrible bosses taught him why great communication is such an important leadership skill and sparked a passion to develop brilliant communicators through the power of visual thinking. Todd is a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s “MG 100 Coaches,” a three-time award-winning adjunct professor of leadership at NYU, a lecturer on leadership at Columbia University, a TEDx speaker, and the author of the groundbreaking book, "VisuaLeadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking in Leadership and in Life", published in 2020. A pioneering thought leader in the fields of Visual Leadership and Visual Coaching, Todd was one of eight global finalists for the 2021 Thinkers50 "Distinguished Achievement Award" in Leadership, and is currently ranked by Thinkers360 as one of the "Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers" in the fields of Leadership, Management and Design Thinking, as well as ranked #44 on the Leadership Power List 200. Todd's book, "VisuaLeadership," was named by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as one of the "Best Business Books of 2022." -- Todd Cherches: Todd Cherches on LinkedIn:


Germain St-Denis - Leadership Is Helping People To Be Their Best

This was one of the most enjoyable conversations I've had on The Unlock Moment, really a delight to spend time with such a humble leader. I met Germain St-Denis recently when he was named a fellow Top 10 Thought Leader in Coaching by Thinkers 360. I heard him on another podcast and I knew that you would love to hear his story. He is one of the wisest and most reflective coaches and leaders I've spoken to for a long time. Based in Toronto he is a coach and former senior leader with the Oracle Corporation. In 2015 a serious health episode caused him to re-evaluate his priorities and reshape the balance of his life and focus of his work. He developed a passion for people and culture, advocating for servant leadership and people-first principles. Now he’s writing a book on the subject of empowering your people through caring leadership. -- Germain St-Denis: Germain St-Denis on LinkedIn:


The Unlock Moment Box of Keys 14: Free Yourself, Be Yourself

Our minds are full of oughts and shoulds. And it’s often other people that put those oughts and shoulds in our head. You ought to have done that better. You should have made a different choice. You failed. It’s paralysing, causing us to spin round in circles chasing something in the past that now we can never go back and change. And it makes us doubt our judgement and turn molehills into mountains. It doesn’t mean we don’t pursue personal learning and growth. Quite the opposite. Freeing our mind of the overwhelming feeling of having failed, of being a failure, unlocks and enables your powerful growth mindset, where you learn to grow into your full potential, not learn to fix your faults. Free yourself. Be yourself. -- Dr Gary Crotaz, PhD:


Niraj Kapur - How Vulnerability Changed My Life

In this episode I’m delighted to bring you a very special guest who I met recently and I knew I had to bring on to record. Niraj Kapur is an expert sales coach, trainer, speaker and author of the Amazon bestseller, 'Everybody Works in Sales'. He has delivered Linkedin and Sales Training to over 450 small businesses, startups and solopreneurs. LinkedIn awarded him Top Voice status in 2022 and he has almost 30,000 followers on the platform. Now if you think of your stereotypical salesperson, you might wonder what the fit is with The Unlock Moment. But today we’re not really talking about sales, we’re talking about honesty, authenticity and vulnerability in your personal journey. Niraj's TED talk has just been published on YouTube – it’s called “How Vulnerability Changed My Life”. From personal challenges to building your personal brand to avoiding getting caught out by Get Rich Quick schemes, this conversation covers powerful story and actionable insight to help you on your own personal and professional journey. Enjoy this Unlock Moment episode with Niraj Kapur! -- Niraj Kapur: Niraj Kapur on LinkedIn: Niraj Kapur TED Talk:


Gordon Bateman - Innovation and Entrepreneurship, previewing The Unlock Moment at Climb23

In this special bonus episode of The Unlock Moment, I meet CEO, entrepreneur and investor Gordon Bateman, who is hosting the Climb23 innovation festival for investors, start-ups, scale-ups and industry in Leeds, UK on 23/24 May 2023. We're going to be bringing The Unlock Moment to the Climb23 main stage on 24 May as we delve into the power of purpose-driven leadership, arena style! In this conversation, we talk about the Unlock Moment that sparked Gordon's desire to set up his own business, CRSI, to build and develop teams in high-growth investor-backed businesses, and the Investor Ladder platform to connect investors and entrepreneurs across the UK in science and technology. And of course there's a preview of the Climb23 conference, what you can expect and how to get the best from the experience. Enjoy this bonus episode of The Unlock Moment, with Gordon Bateman. -- Climb23: CRSI: Investor Ladder: Gordon Bateman on LinkedIn:


Steph Lee - Menopause And Me, Waking Up To Workplace Wellbeing

Today we're talking about the topic of workplace wellbeing. Steph Lee is a business transformation coach here in the UK, and founder of People First Workplace as well as the host of the podcast 'Redefining Wellbeing In The Workplace'. Steph's previous career was as a Finance Director and CFO in large organisations such as the global data analytics and brand consulting firm Kantar. Continually under pressure trying to juggle her career, her workload and her deadlines with life at home, ultimately her Unlock Moment came when she suddenly hit severe symptoms of the perimenopause and she broke down. This is an honest and raw description of how she put things back together and refocused her life's purpose on helping others to find wellbeing at work. -- Steph Lee, People First Workplace: 'Redefining Wellbeing In The Workplace' podcast:


Meaghan Martin - Rejecting the Hollywood Power Dynamic and Finding My Self-Worth

In this powerful exclusive interview, Hollywood teen sensation Meaghan Martin, star of Disney Channel's Camp Rock and Mean Girls 2, talks about the challenges she faced as a child in an adult world. She questions why she was told as a seventeen-year-old girl by 50 year-old directors and network executives that she didn't matter and that she was an inconvenience. She asks why they thought that was an acceptable choice and what it says about the power imbalance inherent in an industry where a small group of people wield huge power over your career. Across the acting industry and in sports, people are starting to speak out more and more about this power imbalance, especially with regard to the treatment of children, and what we need to do differently to create nurturing and safe spaces, and to avoid physical and psychological harm. Now she is breaking new ground on the London stage, recently starring in the critically-acclaimed 'Smoke' at Southwark Playhouse, Meaghan's is a powerful message that needs to be heard so we can build a better future for young people. -- Meaghan Martin: Meaghan Martin in The Independent:


The Unlock Moment Box of Keys 13: Finding Your Fit

My wife and I were sitting down with two sleepy dogs tonight and working on completing the jigsaw we’d started a few days ago. A pretty scene of Venetian canals at sunset, we’d decided that in this cost of living crisis, buying a jigsaw of Venice was a better use of our bank balance than a week on the Grand Canal. In the last few months I’ve been working with several clients on figuring out how they fit in a leadership team when they don’t fit the traditional mould. Hovering a jigsaw piece over the puzzle, I’d been staring at that Venetian gondola for a while trying to figure out how it all went together. Then I realised that I didn’t have my jigsaw piece the right way round. A quick 180 degree spin and suddenly the picture slotted into place. --


The Unlock Moment Box of Keys 12: Align Yourself With The People You Want To Grow You

When I interviewed world-leading coach Maika Leibbrandt on The Unlock Moment, she used a phrase that has stayed with me. She said “I chose to align myself with the people I wanted to grow me.” I thought it was a fascinating turn of phrase on intentionally choosing the people you surround yourself with – she didn’t say “align myself with great people so I could grow”, she said “align myself with the people I wanted to grow me.” Where others might find themselves planted in an arid environment, drawing on the scant nutrients from the dry soil the best they can, Maika intentionally chose soil rich in nutrients to place her roots. So seek out the people you want to grow you. Maybe in work, maybe out of work. Personal development and growth can happen on any day at any time. And as you learn and explore and reflect in this rich, nutritious environment, so you may discover for yourself that which defines you and makes you powerfully human. -- Maika Leibbrandt:


Dr Richard Osibanjo - What Is Your Purpose? What Is Your Legacy?

Dr Richard Osibanjo is a world-leading coach whose journey in analytical chemistry developed in him a fascination for the chemistry of people and leadership. Now Chief of Staff and Director of Organisational Transformation at the Intel Corporation he develops and delivers people strategy and is also a member of the prestigious Marshall Goldsmith 100 group of coaches, many of whom have previously graced this stage. He’s a frequent contributor to Forbes and the author of the book ‘Turning Points: Action Today, Change Tomorrow.’ Richard has a powerful message for people to lead with purpose, informed by his own extraordinary life and career journey. I can’t wait to hear more about his path and life lessons, and of course the Unlock Moments of remarkable clarity he experienced along the way. -- Dr Richard Osibanjo: Turning Points: Action Today, Change Tomorrow:


The Unlock Micro-Moment: Cinta Miller - Become Your Own Safety Net

My name’s Dr Gary Crotaz, award-winning author of ‘The IDEA Mindset’. In this Unlock Micro-Moment, you’re hearing a short extract from one of my top guests on The Unlock Moment podcast. Cinta Miller is one of the top hair and makeup designers in the music and fashion industry. In this short extract she talks about how she found a sense of inner confidence and empowerment through challenging times. Losing her mum caused her to reflect deeply on what really formed her 'safety net'. This is a story of resilience and hope for the future. -- Cinta Miller:


The Unlock Moment Box of Keys 11: Three Words To Change Your Life

When I talked with world-leading coach Dr Carol Kauffman on The Unlock Moment, she described the three words that changed her life. Such a simple, yet powerful message – in moments where she was facing a choice, she would come back to those three words and it would guide her as to the right path. When life feels complicated, uncertain and anxiety-inducing, finding a few words that encapsulate your mission can help you to discover remarkable clarity. -- Dr Carol Kauffman:


Chris Males: From the Pitch to the Boardroom, How To Achieve Sustainable High Performance

Today we’re getting into the space of high performance. How can you give more energy to others? How can you increase your mental agility? How can you adapt to disruption? How can you lead with impact? Chris Males is Managing Director and form Head of Performance Coaching at TIGNUM, the world leading Sustainable High Performance development firm. A former athlete, Chris is also himself a sought after speaker and high performance coach, and in the last 5 years alone has presented in over 20 countries and coached over 500 senior leaders from leading organizations such as Novartis, Unilever and the US Special Forces. He’s a member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 group of world-leading coaches. I can’t wait to hear more about his journey and life lessons, and of course the Unlock Moments of remarkable clarity he experienced along the way. -- Chris Males: TIGNUM:


The Unlock Moment Box of Keys 10: Looking Through A Different Lens

I was working with one of my coachees this week who is figuring out a career change. She’s built up her expertise, her credibility and her personal brand in a particular field for many years and she’s in demand for her services as a practitioner and as an expert. But it doesn’t bring her joy any more. It’s a classic example of ‘something needs to change, but I don’t know what’. And though it can feel frustrating to be in the not knowing, sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is to give it time. Time in self-reflection. Time exploring what’s important to you. Time thinking back on when you were at your best. Time spent with the people who know you best and can help you see yourself in a new light. To move to a new path it can feel like you need to give up everything you’ve done before. But often it’s just about applying your talents, skills and experience in a different way. Look through a different lens. -- Dr Gary Crotaz:


The Unlock Micro-Moment: Adwoa Akoto - Achieving The Same Purpose In A Different Way

Adwoa Akoto is a British-Ghanaian actor, writer, model and entrepreneur who appeared in HBO & the BBC's hit series 'I May Destroy You'. She talks about her unusual route from economics and finance into acting and how her experience working with NGOs shaped her desire to create impact in this world. In this short extract she describes how she explored different ways to connect with her purpose and achieve the impact she desired. It's an inspiring story of ownership. Enjoy this Unlock Micromoment with Adwoa Akoto! -- Adwoa Akoto: York Witches Society movie trailer:


Alexandra Wyman: The Suicide Club - What To Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death

If you’ve been listening for a while then you’ll remember psychiatrist and suicide expert Dr Mark Goulston’s powerful episode here on The Unlock Moment called Catching People When They Fall. I heard today’s guest in conversation with Dr Mark on his own podcast and was compelled to invite her to come and tell you all her story. I’m so grateful that she accepted the invitation. Alexandra Wyman is an advocate and public speaker for resources in the aftermath of suicide. After she lost her husband to suicide in August of 2020, Alexandra found a need to change the rhetoric around suicide. She is an Amazon best-selling author of The Suicide Club: What To Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death, a guide to navigate the grief process after loss by suicide. In this powerful and sensitive conversation we talk about her personal experience and what she learned about finding acceptance and peace after losing a loved on in these circumstances. -- Alexandra Wyman:


The Unlock Moment Box of Keys 9: Striving for Perfection

You might have heard the 1% mantra. … Every day become 1% better. Just 1%. It seems so tiny. Multiply that up through the course of the year, 1%, 1%, day by day, and by the end of the year you’ll be almost 40 times the person you were at the start. It’s beautiful maths … but of course hopelessly unrealistic for virtually all of us. As Dr Ruth Gotian said on this podcast, if self-improvement were so easy then why are we still buying so many self-help books? Change takes time. But on the journey of change there will be breakthrough moments. What can you do to open your mind to the next step-change? Figure out your goal, imagine what’s going to need to be true then. What could you do now that puts you in that place? -- Dr Gary Crotaz, PhD:


Whitney Johnson - Regaining Your Balance After You Disrupt Yourself

In this fascinating conversation that flows from music school to investment banking, from balance in your career to balance on the dance floor, this interview with world-leading coach Whitney Johnson is quite the journey. With millions of followers, she's the celebrated CEO of Disruption Advisors, a leadership development company helping you grow your people to grow your organisation. A Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon bestselling author, Whitney was named by Thinkers50 as one of the ten leading business thinkers in the world. She is a world class keynote speaker with a quite extraordinary 1.8 million followers on LinkedIn. Her course on Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship has been viewed more than a million times, and her ‘LinkedIn Live’s have also had more than a million cumulative views. Whitney is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, as well as the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling books ‘Smart Growth’, ‘Build An A Team’, and the critically acclaimed ‘Disrupt Yourself’. Integral to her work is the weekly Disrupt Yourself Podcast which has millions of downloads. Let’s get disruptive – it’s one of my favourite sports! -- Whitney Johnson: Disrupt Yourself podcast on Spotify:


The Unlock Moment Box of Keys 8: Start With Why Not

A bit of motivation as we go into the long weekend! It was Simon Sinek whose iconic TED talk in 2009 brought the idea of Start With Why to the world – one of my favourite business books. Tens of millions of people have viewed that video, where a speaker on a stage, armed only with a pen and a flipchart, changed the way people around the world view how great leaders inspire action. You don’t have to solve everything in order to move yourself forward a bit, you just have to put some things to one side whilst you explore a different response from your usual habit. Empower yourself to make the change. But just as important is actually getting started. I’d like to build on what Simon Sinek said with just one little additional word. If you want to make change happen in your life then Start With Why Not. -- Discover more about Dr Gary Crotaz, PhD at