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The Verdict is In is a public service, free, 25 minute per episode, audio podcast that features some of the most interesting people in the world. Educating listeners of all ages, races and in many different countries about so many fascinating topics that are relevant today to one’s personal growth, health, business or community. There are no commercials. This is a gift for each listener.

The Verdict is In is a public service, free, 25 minute per episode, audio podcast that features some of the most interesting people in the world. Educating listeners of all ages, races and in many different countries about so many fascinating topics that are relevant today to one’s personal growth, health, business or community. There are no commercials. This is a gift for each listener.


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The Verdict is In is a public service, free, 25 minute per episode, audio podcast that features some of the most interesting people in the world. Educating listeners of all ages, races and in many different countries about so many fascinating topics that are relevant today to one’s personal growth, health, business or community. There are no commercials. This is a gift for each listener.






S2. E 12 Lawyer and author - Brett Trembly

If you are starting a business, you must listen to this interesting lawyer and author, Brett Trembly, discuss the 5 mistakes most new businesses make that sabotage or set back their success and he discusses his new best selling book that advises new business owners. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


S2. E 11 AdaPia d’Errico - Top Female Entrepreneur and Thought Leader on Productive Intuition.

Listen to AdaPia d’Errico who will change your life forever. She is a highly successful woman in the business side of life, and presently a Principal and VP of Strategy at Alpha Investing, a real estate private equity firm, which offers multifamily, senior housing and affordable housing, but her story includes a spiritual journey where she discovered a higher consciousness and the tools to grow into the person she was born to become, which was different than the person she constructed based...


S2. E10 Jennie Ma - Inspirational Leader & Connector of Industries and People

Jennie Ma: An Inspirational Leader and Connector of Industries and People: If you want to hear about fashion, art and high end residential real estate and how Jennie Ma fuses art and poetry with residential real estate showings, and her involvement in forming sustainable communities to preserve the planet, toon in, as your life will be empowered. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


S2. E9 Founder of Homeboy Industries - Gregory Boyle

This is a Must Listen To Pod Cast: Gregory Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries, who has lead the World in gang-interventions and rehabilitation and re-entry programs on The Verdict Is In. He will explain the role that compassion plays in being the light that saves a soul. We all are broken and we need more compassion in our lives, not less. Listen up if you care about others and helping those less fortunate. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


S2 E8 - Public Relations Super Star Kathleen McMorrow

Learn how important it is to get the “message” out about your product or service across all platforms in a consistent manner, and how often companies do NOT do this correctly, from a fun and witty super star in the public relations world, Kathleen McMorrow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


S2. E7 Business Coach Joe Rojas

Joe Rojas is the founder and chief visionary of Red Sapiens, based in New York and author of How Entrepreneurs Thrive. He is a business coach, advisor and consultant who helps Managed Services Companies and Entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of business to create profitable growing companies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


S2. E6 Branding & Beyond with Tracy O'Shaughnessy

Strap in and get ready to be super informed about what works in marketing your business and what does not and who to call when you are lost in your marketing campaign. Tracy O’Shaughnessy is the Founder and Lead Brand Strategist at the creative agency Branding & Beyond. This is a five star show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


5. Cracking The Personality Code - Hiring Right The First Time

Are you still finding it hard to find the right employees for the culture you want to set, or at least striking out too much? Then, listen in to Dana Borowka who has decades of experience helping companies test the candidate and prepare for the candidate so you can figure out who is a great match and who is not. If you are being honest with yourself, you or your HR person need to listen to this podcast. It’s a must listen if you want to avoid turnover. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


4. Top Marine Biologist Educates You About the Dying Coral Reefs and Solutions

Anne Cohen is a marvelous soul from South Africa who loves the ocean and has spent her adult life studying the coral reefs around the World. Author of more than 100 scientific papers on climate change and coral reef ecosystems, A 3-D “Science on a Sphere” film dedicated to Dr Cohen’s Super Reefs Initiative has been shown in 145 countries around the world and translated into several languages. Dr Cohen has been nominated for multiple awards including the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation...


3. C-Suite Chairman Jeffery Hayzlett

Listen to Hall of Fame speaker, former Fortune 100 Chief Marketing Officer, master at networking, TV and podcast host, Jeffrey Hayzlett, who is also the Chairman & CEO of the Number One Network Group in the United States, the C-Suite Network. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


2. Frank Lehane from SAFE SAVINGS OPTIONS

Frank Lehane chose to serve people providing a much higher level of financial wisdom. He is aware of how the world can easily misrepresent financial advice. Frank created a company, SAFE SAVINGS OPTIONS, specifically to educate people how to protect and multiply the wealth they have saved and do not want to put at risk. Frank’s company focuses on listening empathetically to a person’s goals as well as on educating them so they now know what they did not know before-- in their best interest....


1. Your health is important, feel better with Jonathan Bailor

If you have had a hard time with diets and you want to feel healthier, happier, and be fitter, but feel confused and lost, this is a must listen to episode. New York Times Bestselling Author, and CEO of SANESolution, Jonathan Bailor, teaches you how our bodies work, why we make toxic eating decisions and what we can do to eat and feel better. Jonathan has a movie coming out in May 2021 called BETTER. The documentary explains why we eat what we do, and how we can treat ourselves better not by...


32. The ESOP Evangelist, Patti Plough

Patti Plough, teaches you how to set up your company so you can be treated as a tax exempt organization and sell the company essentially back to yourself and not recognize full capital gains if you do X and Y. This is an amazing program for any private company and Patti is another super successful woman in business. If you own any company or are thinking of owning any company, please take this free session and learn and grow and be informed. Visit Patti for more information at:...


31. A Special Episode with Liz Capants, a Mentor, Recruiter, and Networking Guru:

Liz Capants is a top leader among women in business. She mentors and leads other women in business; she has formed a recruiting firm that not only finds candidates for your business, but works holistically through the entire search process. Erudites Networking grew organically as an extension of her EBC Associates Search practice, to support business owners and executives in transition. She has a unique formula for structuring networking groups that share referrals, while giving back to the...


30. Audrey Glover-Dichter shows you how to avoid legal action related to your websites, advertisements and blogs.

Audrey Glover-Dichter is a bilingual English and Spanish speaking lawyer who is the leading attorney in the country at reviewing print statements on websites, advertisements and blogs to assure there is no infringement of copyright, that proper clearances are had, and to assure that you are not stating things that could lead to legal action against you or violate a host of Federal and State statutes of which you are not aware. Lately, Plaintiffs’ lawyers have been suing large and small...


29. Vegan Influencer, Jeff Nelson shares his family's life enhancing switch to veganism

Are you suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or an immune disorder? Listen to Jeff Nelson, a famous nutrition guide and vegan influencer. Hear the story of how his wife, Sabrina, recovered from a chronic autoimmune disorder by changing her diet. Jeff and Sabrina have created a website "VegSource,com" which is a hub for top vegan supportive doctors, vegan events, nutritional guidance, and top nutrition and plant based living books. The Nelsons also bring nutritional food into the...


28. Business and Family Estate Management and Advisors: Jim Demyen and Evan Jehle

Families and Business Owners: Do you need an easier life? Listen to this podcast closely. If you have a family business or estate and you are constantly looking for a good lawyer, accountant, someone to do your taxes, and set up or amend or administer a trust and generally need the A team of professionals, Evan Jehle of FFO is the person to call. He will become your one-stop Quarterback to set up with your own personal A team and make your life easier. If you employ nannies, personal...


27. The Doc Rok: Dr. Vivian Roknian, the Super Dentist!

The Doc Rok! This wildly successful business woman is a super hero: she is a general and implant dentist, and is highly trained in advanced dental implant therapies. Vivian explains how she has brought new ideas and procedures to the practice of dentistry as a woman in what was traditionally a “man’s” world. Vivian also shares how she works with convicts to give them a new set of implant teeth and how this miracle of giving transforms their lives. This is a stand up and clap moment when you...


26. Guy Snodgrass: former Top Gun Naval Aircraft Instructor and Pentagon insider.

Did you love the movie, Top Gun? Guy is going to bring you into the cockpit and share stories about what that is like. Guy is also sharing the leadership principles he learned while in the cockpit which are now the subject of his page turning book “Top Gun’s Top 10: Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit.” Guy is advanced in AI technology and talks about where that is going in today’s professional setting and a bit about how working in the Pentagon helped him in advancing his amazing career,...


25. Caprice: Top Super Model and Businesswoman

Do you want to hear from a Super Model from the US who moved to the UK and has blown up as a top businesswoman in the home bedding industry? Listen in to this amazing broadcast with Caprice Bourret. This is a story of female empowerment, and human empowerment. Give 25 minutes to this podcast and grow and learn. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit