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CWP Society is proud to produce "The Wedding Pro Podcast" featuring 2 unique series: 1. Career Support: Laurie Hartwell & Krisy Thomas, award-winning Master Certified Wedding Planners and Industry Educators from the CWP Society, discuss the real lives of wedding planners and professionals, dispense business tips, and share ways you can elevate yourself and your career in the wedding industry. 2. Wedding Industry News Series: Aisha Garnett, Certified Educator and Master Certified Wedding Planner with CWP Society, as well as the owner of Sheree Amour Weddings and Events, hosts this podcast series where she discusses something old, new, borrowed, and some news! The news is designed for all professionals in the wedding industry! Visit the CWP Society website for more information:


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CWP Society is proud to produce "The Wedding Pro Podcast" featuring 2 unique series: 1. Career Support: Laurie Hartwell & Krisy Thomas, award-winning Master Certified Wedding Planners and Industry Educators from the CWP Society, discuss the real lives of wedding planners and professionals, dispense business tips, and share ways you can elevate yourself and your career in the wedding industry. 2. Wedding Industry News Series: Aisha Garnett, Certified Educator and Master Certified Wedding Planner with CWP Society, as well as the owner of Sheree Amour Weddings and Events, hosts this podcast series where she discusses something old, new, borrowed, and some news! The news is designed for all professionals in the wedding industry! Visit the CWP Society website for more information:






Beyond The Trends: Pitfalls of Trends Preventing Pros from Curating Weddings That Reflect Our Couple's Love Story

Are wedding trends pressuring you into creating a celebration for your couples that feels more like a fad than a reflection of their love story? Fear not, for Krisy Thomas and Laurie Hartwell have joined forces to guide you through the maze of wedding industry "do's and don'ts," unleashing the secrets curating a day that's unmistakably designed to reflect your client. Tune in as we unravel the often-overlooked reality that the pursuit of trendiness can eclipse personal touches, leading to carbon-copy ceremonies devoid of individuality. We'll share how we champion the unique narratives of every couple, transforming their most cherished memories into occasions that resonate long after the last dance. Let go of the cookie-cutter, and embrace the authentic as we reveal the magic behind tailoring nuptial celebrations to the couple's essence, regardless of what the trendsetters say. As wedding professionals, we'll reflect on the triumph of realizing our clients' visions over chasing online accolades. Join us, and be part of the CWP Society, where the heart of the wedding industry beats to the rhythm of love and dedication. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Wedding Industry News | Triumph Over Tragedy; Pop Up Weddings; Cake Cutting Considerations

When Brianne Ackerland, a seasoned Master Certified Wedding Planner, faced a sudden cardiac arrest, it changed not only her life, but the way we think about emergency strategies in our bustling industry. Our latest episode is a wakeup call, detailing the harrowing account of Brianne's experience and the critical lessons in preparedness it offers for wedding planners everywhere. We dissect the chaotic spectrum of potential crises, and underscore the indomitable spirit needed to navigate such unpredictable terrain. Embarking on a career in wedding planning is no small feat, and safeguarding our well-being is as paramount as ensuring a flawless event. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of self-care, where we dive into the practicalities of building a robust support system and the innovative planning tools that keep us poised for the unexpected. Join us as we express our deepest gratitude for Brianne's insights and look forward to the strides she's poised to make in the year ahead. The episode takes an unexpected twist as we recount a pop-up wedding that commandeered a local coffee shop, examining the chaos it created with insights from Laurie Hartwell. Transitioning to a sweeter note, we sift through the logistics of wedding desserts. It's a reminder that the devil is in the details, especially when it comes to ending the night on a high (and delicious) note. This episode is rich with stories, strategies, and the encouragement needed to conquer the wild world of weddings. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


The Evolution of the Wedding Industry - An Interview with Laurie Hartwell

Wedding planning isn't just about selecting the perfect centerpiece or the most photogenic venue—it's an art form honed over years of personal growth and industry evolution. Laurie Hartwell, founder & CEO of the CWP Society, brings this to life, sharing her thirty-year voyage through the ebbs and flows of the wedding industry. As she unfolds her story of building self-esteem and the crucial role of intuition in business, you'll find yourself nodding along, thinking of your own evolution—whether in career or character. It’s a conversation that digs into the fabric of success and the colorful challenges faced along the way, all woven together with the unwavering support of Laurie's loving partner. The digital revolution has brought a cascade of changes to every corner of our lives, and the wedding industry is no exception. This episode examines the transformative power of technology in solving business problems and boosting client delight. Ever found yourself wrestling with the paralysis of fear? Laurie Hartwell's breakthroughs and insights into conquering those nagging doubts are the kind of wisdom that'll leave you brimming with confidence to take on the business world. And as we navigate the waters of digital networking, Laurie reminds us of the irreplaceable value of personal connections—a beacon for professionals striving to build lasting success in an ocean of ephemeral online interactions. Education in wedding planning should be as diverse as the weddings themselves, and that's where this episode takes an eye-opening turn. Dive into the responsibility of educators in the wedding industry and the impact of so-called 'pop-up' gurus. Laurie's perspective is a refreshing take on nurturing wedding professionals at every career stage — emphasizing integrity, kindness, and the power of personal engagement over fleeting trends. As you listen, you'll be inspired by the keys to genuine achievement in this enchanting industry, and perhaps you'll even feel compelled to be a part of the nurturing community at the CWP Society. It's an episode that's not just about planning the perfect day—it's about crafting the perfect career in wedding planning. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Wedding Industry News - January 2024: Giving Back; Wedding Budgets; Friends/Family Officiating Weddings

In this episode, we interview the Executive Director of Wish Upon a Wedding, Lacey Wicksall, where we discuss the organization, and celebrate the industry's spirit of giving and highlight the incredible resilience found in the face of adversity. Our conversation is a tribute to the impact of community support, as we delve into the process of creating dream weddings and vow renewals for couples braving serious health challenges. After that, we also navigate the treacherous waters of wedding budgeting. This podcast peels back the curtain on the misconceptions propagated by social media and underscores the value of a certified wedding planner. You'll gain insights into how couples need to prioritize their financial resources to amplify what truly resonates with them on their wedding day. Moreover, this episode offers pearls of wisdom for wedding professionals—to educate and tailor services to fit every couple's unique budgetary needs. It's about crafting a day that celebrates love, with guidance that's attainable for all, emphasizing that expert advice shouldn’t be a luxury, but a staple in planning the most heartfelt moments. Finally, we discuss the pros and cons of having friends or family officiate a wedding. If you would like to learn more about how you can donate your services, time, or money to Wish Upon A Wedding, visit their website: | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


A Couple's Journey in the Business of Bliss: Tips To Succeed

Navigating the wedding industry can be a dance of love and logistics, even more so when you're stepping to the rhythm alongside your soulmate. Philip and Laurie pull from thier own experiences to offer a candid look at the synergies and complexities of running a wedding planning business as a married couple. They explore the essential role of communication, the art of compromise, and the profound impact of trust in both thier personal and professional lives. Their journey hasn't just been about creating dream weddings; it's been about weaving the fabric of thier relationship into a stronger, more resilient partnership. When two people with distinct decision-making styles collaborate, sparks can fly, but so can innovation. We take you behind the scenes of their day-to-day operations, where Laurie's eye for detail complements Philip's drive for efficiency. Through anecdotes and insights, they share the nuances of tailoring communication to foster understanding and align their business strategies. It's not just about working together; it's about growing together, learning to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship without losing sight of the lighthouse that is their relationship. As they round up their heart-to-heart, they don't shy away from the challenges of keeping the flames of romance burning brightly amidst the demands of their business. They get personal, sharing how they balance the books and their marriage, from integrating vacations with business trips, to switching off work mode and cherishing their time as empty nesters. What's more, they extend a heartfelt invitation to join the CWP Society, a community where support and collaboration aren't just buzzwords—they're the cornerstone of how they operate. Whether you're a fellow couple in business or a solo wedding planner, this episode is a celebration of love, entrepreneurship, and the magic that ensues when they intersect. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Wedding Pros: The Symphony of Trust, Collaboration, and Understanding

What happens when wedding professionals fail to communicate effectively and misunderstand each other's roles? Listen to our heart-to-heart chat as we unpack this. We'll guide you through the challenging journey of collaboration and understanding among wedding professionals, highlighting the importance of having a professional's perspective and working with approved vendors. In the final lap, we discuss the new FREE membership that the CWP Society now offers wedding professionals and how important it is that we explore the pivotal role of trust, collaboration, and understanding in creating a successful dream team on wedding days. Learn how professionals can work well together with more understanding, and collaboration. Don't miss the chance to learn about this loving family you can find with the CWP Society! Remember, it's not just about planning weddings, it's about creating unforgettable experiences and making every moment count, both for the couples and the professionals involved. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Wedding Industry News: Elevating The Wedding Industry; Combatting Wedding Crashers; and Creative Guestbook Ideas

Ever been to a wedding and thought, "I could do this better?" I, Aisha Garnett, used to think the same, until she found her path from TV production to becoming a Certified Wedding Planner. Her journey was shaped by the Certified Wedding Planner Society (CWP Society). Together with its founder and CEO, Laurie Hartwell, they explore the mission of the CWP Society - to provide affordable, comprehensive education and certification for aspiring wedding planners and now... to ALL wedding professionals. They shed light on the society's revolutionary impact on the wedding industry and its commitment to raising the standard. Imagine your perfect wedding being crashed by a complete stranger! Shocking, right? We bring this issue into focus as we talk about a strange case about a woman who has been making the rounds in three Southern states, crashing weddings and stealing gifts. Tennessee wedding planner, Krisy Thomas, weighs in on this bizarre issue, providing insights on the impact and prevention of wedding crashing. We round off this discussion with advice on securing your wedding against such incidents. A wedding is an occasion of joy and cheer, and what better way to remember it than through a guestbook filled with messages of love from those who shared your special day. But who says your guestbook has to be a book? We explore intriguing ideas like photo booths and polaroid cameras that capture fun memories from your guests. We emphasize the importance of introducing unique ideas to your clients. Finally, as we wrap up this thrilling episode, we invite you to join us again next month as we uncover more about the fascinating world of wedding planning. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


The Value and Impact of Formal Education in the Wedding Planning Industry: A Critical Exploration

Ever wondered about the risks couples are taking when entrusting their big day to a wedding planner with no formal education? This episode grapples with this substantial issue, spotlighting the potential pitfalls of relying too heavily on experience alone, and the discomfort it could breed in couples investing their hard-earned thousands into their celebrations. We challenge the trend of stepping into this industry without comprehensive training, and ponder whether the lack of an educational investment is worth the potential damage to one's reputation and career, not to mention a couple's once-in-a-lifetime event. We extend this discussion to talk more about the significance of formal education in the wedding planning industry and the potential repercussions of leaning on on the job. We shed light on the legal implications of training independent contractors, as well as the criticality of honesty and openness. Delve into the rampant phenomenon of misguided advice in an online context, and how it could tarnish a planner's reputation even before the inception of their career. Moreover, we stress the importance of affiliating with supportive organizations that can guide a planner on their professional journey. Closing on an optimistic note, we discuss the virtues of joining the Certified Wedding Planner Society, and the advantages of owning an official certification in the industry. We reiterate the importance of a legit certification to assure couples that they are in good hands. Plus, we reflect on the value of a supportive network akin to a family, and the benefits of networking with a wider community of wedding planners. Tune in for this enlightening and thought-provoking conversation that just might change your perspective on the wedding planning industry. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Wedding Industry News: Wedding Planner Gone Wrong; The Engagement Gap; and a New Trend

Listen in as the host of the Wedding Industry News Series, Aisha Garnett, unravels the shocking tale of a bride swindled out of a whopping $12,000 by her seemingly trustworthy wedding planner. Laurie Hartwell, founder and CEO of the Certified Wedding Planner Society, shares invaluable insights, highlighting the critical need for couples and wedding professionals alike to thoroughly vet vendors before shelling out any cash. Discover the essence of contracts and direct payment transactions in safeguarding couple's hard-earned money. On a brighter note, are you geared up to handle the imminent wave of engagements? Krisy Thomas, Vice President of the Certified Wedding Planner Society, joins us to discuss how the industry can capitalize on the engagement season. Learn why the speed of your response to inquiries is a game-changer and why an updated website showcasing your qualifications and certifications is vital in attracting potential customers. Brace yourself for an insightful session to help you stand out in the cutthroat wedding industry. Tune in now! | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Setting Up Events With Your Soulmate - Unpacking the Challenges and Victories

Over this 3-part series, we are going to tackle how personal relationship can evolve into a successful professional partnership? My husband, Philip and I embarked on this journey in the wedding planning industry and let me tell you, it was no easy ride. We braved the storm of transitioning from soulmates to professional partners with a fair share of hurdles and triumphs. But through it all, we discovered the power of communication, and the importance of understanding what goes into the process. We will be sharing our personal experiences, tips, and tricks that helped us make this journey smoother. We dive into the intricate dynamics of working with your soulmate on the actual wedding day. Whether it's with your regular assistant or a one-off helper, having clear expectations, roles, and responsibilities are key. We'll unpack the potential power plays that can occur, and most importantly, how to prevent them. We'll also shed light on how this challenging, yet rewarding, experience can be a unique way to bond with your loved one. So, join us as we navigate through the often overlooked aspects of the wedding planning industry, one story at a time. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Authenticity Over Comparison: A New Approach To Being A Wedding Planner

Ever felt like you're falling behind as you constantly compare your wedding planning business to those perfectly crafted posts on social media? Say no more! We're here to unmask the misleading perception built by these highlight reels. Trust us, it's time to focus on your journey, set your own goals, and embrace authenticity! Let's not ignore the elephant in the room - don't let the idea of others' successes fool you; success is not measured by the number of times you've been published in popular blogs or magazines. Our advice? Compare yourself to the previous version of you, celebrate your achievements, and don't forget to share the credit. It's only when you do that, you'll experience the true joy of running a business that screams 'you'! | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Wedding Industry News: Wedding Shaming & Fostering Vendor Relationships: A Deep Dive into the Evolving Wedding Industry

Picture this: you're scrolling through your social media, and you stumble upon a stunning wedding cake made by the bride herself. This is what happened to Lily Mendoza, who skyrocketed to viral fame, navigating a deluge of both cheers and jeers from netizens worldwide. Caught in the crosshairs of 'wedding shaming', she turned this into an opportunity to showcase her passion and talent, proving that every cloud indeed has a silver lining. Join us as we delve into Lily's inspiring story and discuss the darker side of the wedding industry. But it's not all doom and gloom! We pivot to the importance of vendor relationships in ensuring a successful wedding and offering invaluable insights into the significance of these relationships, alongside the detrimental effects of 'ghosting' within the industry. The discussion further extends to the growing trend of wedding content creators and their revolutionary influence on this age-old industry. So, buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and prepare for a fascinating exploration of the wedding industry's multifaceted world. You might just learn something that'll help you plan your own big day or navigate your career in this ever-evolving industry. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


The Reality of Balancing Wedding Planning with Personal Life: A Candid Look at the Industry and Parenting Challenges

Strap in as we pull back the curtain on the wedding and event industry, offering a raw and honest look at the personal impact and challenges that come with this demanding career. Ever wondered why we're often absent from social gatherings and family milestones? It all boils down to our commitment to our clients and the events we've been tasked to organize. But, fret not, we're here to share some insights on how to maintain a balance between work and personal life, and also, how to explain our absence to our loved ones. Parenting and planning - two roles that can be incredibly demanding. Add to that the guilt of missing out on quality time with your kids due to work commitments, it's a tough balancing act. But, we believe it can be done. We delve into our own experiences and offer advice on leaning on your support system, setting boundaries, and giving yourself a well-deserved break when things get overwhelming. Remember, it's all about the harmony between work and family, and we're here to help you strike that balance. We wrap up our discussion with an exploration of the importance of flexibility. The event industry may be unforgiving, but it's crucial that we're running the show and not the other way around - a lesson we've learned the hard way. We also touch upon the Certified Wedding Planner Society, shedding light on the opportunities it offers to both industry veterans and newcomers. So join us, as we navigate this challenging yet rewarding career, one event at a time. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Mastering Wedding Budget Conversations and How Instagram Has Impacted The Way Wedding Planners Approach Their Clients

Ever felt awkward broaching the subject of budgets with your clients? Rest easy; we're here to guide you through it with empathy and professionalism. This episode removes the same of the budget conversation, and we discuss the pros and cons of asking about it upfront. We also delve into how to educate couples about the realities of wedding planning costs while ensuring they don't feel judged or uncomfortable. Finally, we address the elephant in the room - Instagram. Its influence on wedding planning is undeniable, but beware of pitfalls. Don't let your desire to have the perfect Instagram Feed or to get published influence your decision to take on a client due to budget restrictions. Serving our clients with authenticity and being present with them is paramount. As we wrap up this enlightening discussion, we zoom out to a broader perspective of the wedding planning industry and how it can be more inclusive and kinder. Buckle up for a deep-dive into wedding budget convos, Instagram's impact, and a more compassionate industry! | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Wedding Industry News: Classifying Workers, Inviting Children To Weddings, and Innovating Wedding Traditions

Navigating the evolving world of the wedding industry just got a whole lot easier. Join Aisha Garnett, Certified Educator and Master Certified Wedding Planner, as she teams up with Laurie Hartwell, CEO and founder of the Certified Wedding Planner Society, to bring you a timely and in-depth conversation. Ever wondered about the impact of the US Department of Labor’s proposed rulemaking on the wedding industry? Look no further. Learn how this could influence the classification of workers as employees or independent contractors, and the ramifications it may have on your business. Dive deeper into this subject with a closer look at the IRS classification for independent contractors. Listen to Laurie Hartwell as she unpacks the importance of understanding how to pay workers, and the implications of incorrect classification. What does this mean for you in the wedding industry? This episode promises to leave you well-informed and better equipped to handle these potential changes. But that's not all. Aisha switches gears to tackle the potentially contentious issue of adult-only weddings with Krisy Thomas, Vice President of the Certified Wedding Planner Society. Learn how to manage expectations without causing conflict, and the importance of having open communication. Plus, get your creative juices flowing with innovative ideas for wedding bouquet and garter toss alternatives. Whether you're a seasoned wedding planner, or new to the industry, this episode is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. Tune in, listen up, and stay ahead of the curve in the wedding industry. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Supporting Your Soulmate on their Journey as a Wedding Planner

Planning weddings, managing a family, all while balancing a business can be a tough journey. Well, you're in for a treat listening to our latest episode as we delve deep into the world of wedding planning, revealing the strains and stresses of this high-pressure job, and the impact it can have on their soulmates. We shed light on the importance of a balanced partnership and clear communication, which can significantly buoy the success and well-being of a wedding planner. As we take this journey, we discuss the hurdles of running a wedding planning business while navigating the needs of our friends and families. We explore the intricate dance of working with your soulmate - the challenges, the distractions, but also the deep rewards it can offer. We also highlight the importance of seeking help when needed and embracing the support offered by the Certified Wedding Planner Society, a community where camaraderie is as vital as the air we breathe. Listen in, as we uncover the world of wedding planning, the valuable role of supportive soulmates, and the significance of seeking and giving support within this high-pressure industry. Become a VIP of The Wedding Planner Podcast: | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Streamlining Wedding Planning with Technology: A Conversation with Nora Sheils of Rock Paper Coin

Ever wondered how to navigate the realm of wedding planning with professionalism and ample technological support? We bring you deep insights from Nora Sheils, founder of Bridal Bliss and co-founder of Rock Paper Coin, a multifaceted platform that streamlines sending contracts and invoices. We delve into how this software fortifies the booking process, simplifies invoicing and contracts, and creates a positive first impression with clients, facilitating their journey towards the perfect wedding. This episode is jam-packed with a detailed exploration of how Rock Paper Coin benefits wedding professionals specifically. We explore how RPC features help planners stay ahead in a tech-savvy world. Nora explains the art of striking a balance between automation and personal touch, ensuring a wholly tailored experience for each client. Finally, we touch upon how Rock Paper Coin aids personalized communication and professional invoicing. As we unbox the importance of prompt responses and the potential pitfalls of excessive automation, we also discuss how the platform offers a secure, digitized experience that modern couples now expect. Tune in to grasp the professional edge gained by using software like Rock Paper Coin for contracts and invoicing, and the significant advantages it offers both clients and wedding pros. Become a VIP of The Wedding Planner Podcast: | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Wedding Industry News - August 2023: Supreme Court Ruling; David's Bridal; and Evolving Trends

Wedding Industry News - August 2023: Have you ever thought about how a Supreme Court ruling could rock the entire wedding industry? Our esteemed guest, Matt Mitchell, an LGBTQ+ community member and Master Certified Wedding Planner, helps us dissect a recent ruling that tilted in favor of a Colorado website designer who wanted to refuse service to LGBTQ+ couples. Join us as we delve into the ripple effects of this ruling on the LGBTQ+ community. Further into this robust discussion, we unpack the urgent need for inclusivity in the wedding industry. With the help of Matt's expert insights, we tackle the importance of gender-neutral language and representation in marketing materials, policies, and contracts. Hear our views on the pressing need for wedding professionals to reevaluate their materials, educate their crew, and the critical role of networking within the LGBTQ+ community in fostering inclusivity. Plus, discover the unique use of the Mindfulness Card to honor the couple's roles and pronouns on their wedding day. As we round off, we touch on old and new trends in the wedding industry, from the rise of secondhand wedding gowns to the shift in wedding party sizes. We share our thoughts on the growing consciousness among couples about their environmental footprint, and how wedding planners need to adapt to these changing dynamics. We end with a powerful reminder that the spotlight of a wedding should always remain on the couple, irrespective of the size of their wedding party. Tune in and join us in making the wedding industry more welcoming and inclusive. The Wedding Planner Podcast brought to you by the Certified Wedding Planner Society Host: Aisha Garnett: Certified Educator & Master CWP with the CWP Society, and owner of Sheree Amour Weddings & Event Planning. Guests: Matt Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Event Planning; Laurie Hartwell, CEO of the CWP Society, and Krisy Thomas, VP of the CWP Society and owner of Southern Sparkle Weddings and Events Become a VIP of The Wedding Planner Podcast: | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


Creating a Lasting Legacy in the Wedding Industry

What does it mean to create a lasting legacy in the wedding industry? Today, we find ourselves in the company of Eddie Babbage, CEO of Timeline Genius, as we dissect the nuances of this very question. Eddie's philosophy is simple yet profound: live each moment right, fueled by selflessness, integrity, and service. His belief is that these ingredients, coupled with the right motivations and self-awareness, can manifest good and create an impactful legacy in the wedding industry. Learn ways to stand firm in your values and convictions, even when resistance looms. This episode prompts us to reflect on our legacy and the responsibility we bear to the wedding industry as business owners. And as we do that, we're also invited to examine how our perspectives on work have shifted over time, and how best we can utilize the hours we have. In our quest to create a legacy, we must also make time for self-reflection and self-discovery. Listen as we highlight how adversities can be turned into advantages. The hosts of this podcast underline the power of a clear vision and the steps to create it. We also discuss the values of books like, "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer, to aid personal growth. And as we delve into the notion of safeguarding one's legacy, we're reminded that while we can't control what others think of us, we can control our minds, hearts, and actions. So join us as we navigate this journey of creating a legacy rooted in goodness that will be rewarded in due course. Become a VIP of The Wedding Planner Podcast: | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety


The Realities of Having a Soulmate as a Wedding Planner: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Are you a Wedding Planner who has ever wondered how your career affects your soulmate?? Join us, your hosts and married couple, as we reveal the behind-the-scenes reality of living with and loving a wedding planner. My husband Phil and I open up about the challenges we've faced in balancing our personal relationship with the demands of a high-stakes job that requires so much passion and commitment. Throughout the episode, we discuss a range of topics, from managing clients' expectations and dealing with the perception of being 'control freaks', to the importance of creating a welcoming environment for guests in our home. Phil shares his insights and surprises at the level of involvement wedding planners have with their clients, and how this can sometimes cause friction in our own relationship. Finally, we dive into the personal side of being a wedding planner, including the dynamics of co-parenting, preventing hurt feeling, and recognizing the signs of burnout. In future episodes, we will even share our experiences of vacationing as and with a wedding planner. Don't miss this heartfelt exploration of the unique challenges and joys that come with having a soulmate who is a wedding planner. Become a VIP of The Wedding Planner Podcast: | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety