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The Weekly Trend is a conversation on various publicly-traded markets, seen through the eyes of technical analysis.

The Weekly Trend is a conversation on various publicly-traded markets, seen through the eyes of technical analysis.


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The Weekly Trend is a conversation on various publicly-traded markets, seen through the eyes of technical analysis.








Episode 122: Plumbing

In this week’s episode, Ian, Dave, and Dan discuss the big picture when it comes to trend identification, some high-level perspectives as well as behind the surface items such as credit spreads, treasuries, commodities, seasonality, and currencies. They also touch on areas of the market that seem to be working in the short term as well as characteristics they would like to see to change their minds on the overall structure of this market.


Episode 121: Red, White, and Gloom

In this week’s episode, Ian, Dan, and Kevin discuss the market action over the previous week. Including the poor performance of energy, metals, grains, and semiconductors. They also discuss Bitcoin, the US Dollar, credit spreads, and the historical significance of the first half of 2022.


Episode 120: Wonkavator



Episode 119: Dirt Nap

In this week’s episode, Dave and Ian discuss the “final” sectors finally seeing selling pressure, the Russell giving up all of its post-Covid gains, retail drawdowns, and the VIX. Energy stocks and crude get hit. Cryptocurrencies are also seeing continued weakness. David covers failed breakouts in Pharma names. Ian gives some updates on where we stand with AVWAPs.


Episode 118: Island of Reversal

In this week’s episode, David and Ian cover the dramatic sell-off we saw to end the week in stocks, the differences between the March and June rallies, and what areas showed relative strength/weakness over the last few weeks. David gives his thoughts on the fixed income space. Ian shares some insight into breadth and the surprising weakness from Europe.


Episode 117: Beach Ball

In this weeks episode, David and Ian discuss the falling US Dollar and whether it could be a tailwind for stocks here domestically and around the world. They also dive into the potential for a countertrend rally, what role politics plays in portfolio management, and the lack of movement from cryptos. Dave covers the data behind the most recent downtrend. Ian gives his thoughts on social media's role in this current bear market versus previous years.


Episode 116: Run the Race

In this week’s episode, David and Dan dissect many of the market nuances we have seen over the past couple weeks, as well as further implications for the broad market if we do not see stabilization soon. 20% drop in the S&P 500 and does it matter? Mega cap stocks continue to slide and some larger retail names like Walmart, Costco, and Target join in on the downside. Is the healthcare sector next? They also discuss failed breakouts that continue to show up around the marketplace.


Episode 115: The Best Days

In this weeks episode, David and Ian discuss the wild intraday swings we have seen over the last week, the VIX, failures amongst defensive areas, and the fallout in crypto. Will be see a bounce in the coming days/weeks? David covers the differences between cyclical and secular bear markets, as well as Dow Theory. Ian gives his insights on where we stand in regards to long-term trends.


Episode 114: On The Cusp

In this week's episode, Ian and Kevin discuss the recent daily swings within the market and how Energy and Commodities continue to be the only areas holding up. They also discuss the US Dollar, market breadth readings, sentiment, what makes bear market tops so difficult, and the long upper shadows on weekly charts.


Episode 113: Joy and Pain

In this week's episode, David, Ian and Dan review some of the broader topics from their presentation to clients this week, the persistent relative strength from defensives, and the negative breadth thrusts we saw to end the week. Dan covers key inflection points for Commodities. Ian gives his thoughts on the weakness from leaders like Metals and Energy. David gives insight into the island continuation pattern in Netflix.


Episode 112: Needle In A Haystack

In this week's episode, David and Ian discuss how commodities and energy stocks are turning up again after some consolidation. They also discuss metals and mining, consumer staples, if there is a forced liquidation in bonds, and if we are entering a "bond pickers market"?


Episode 111: Opening Day

In this week's episode, Dave, Pratty, and Kevin discuss the continued strength in energy, mining, and materials, as well as the continued weakness in growth sectors like software. They also discuss the emergence of "safety trade" areas like food and beverage, discount and large retailers, and other consumer staples. The relationship between commodities and the dollar was also discussed, along with individual commodities like grains, softs, energy, and metals.


Episode 110: March Madness

On this week's episode, Ian and Dan discuss the wild month of March and a rollercoaster Q1 in general. While breadth has improved, lack of strength from areas like Semiconductors and Banks are somewhat concerning. Bitcoin is holding above 43,000. Dan gives his thoughts on the strong performance we saw from Commodities over the last few months, and Ian dives into Utilities. We also saw lots of strong monthly candles, but will it be enough to push these areas through their February highs? What...


Episode 109: And One

In this week's episode, Pratty joins Dave and they discuss SPX vs TLT, the concept of relative strength during a correction, taking long and short positions in this market, mega cap growth vs small cap growth (MGK/IWO), semiconductors (NVDA/AMD), and software (PSJ/SPX).


Episode 108: Data Mining

In this week's episode, the team covers the continued breakdown in treasuries, along with a potential breakdown between Junk Bond and Short Term Treasuries (JNK/IEF). They also discussed recent Counter trend moves, bounces, and breadth expansion. Along with growth versus value, institutional cash levels, retail stock allocation levels, and if we just witnessed capitulation.


Episode 107: Chop Suey

In this week's episode, the team covers the lackluster performance that continues to be seen from stocks, comparisons to 2000 for Tech, and the massive China headwind for EM indices. Dave gives some thoughts on compression around major levels on indices, Dan dives in on the Dollar, and Ian answers the question: Does the current VIX environment resemble anything from history?


Episode 106: Whole Cogan

In this week’s episode, Dave, Ian, and Dan discuss important levels on the major indices that continue to show resistance, the continued sure in Commodities and metals, and whether or not investor surveys are a true indicator of sentiment. Ian gives his thoughts on the Copper/Gold ratio. Dan shares some insight on the Industrials space. And David helps shine some light on monthly candles from February.


Episode 105: Wild Thing

In this week’s episode, Dave, Ian, and Dan discuss the large volatility we saw on Wednesday and Thursday, a look at the “Death Cross”, and an update on what seasonality says may be in store. Ian covers the areas that did not make new lows. Dan gives his thoughts on foreign stocks. And Dave dives into Weekly candles.


Episode 104: Orderly

In this week's episode, Dave and Ian discuss how the COVID leaders are the laggards, the methodical nature of selling, liquidity, commodities and industrials, and some of the more interesting weekly candles, like EEM and TLT.


Episode 103: No Cigars

In this week’s episode, Dave and Ian discuss fundamental data versus price data, inflation "protection" gold and silver, how not all bonds are the same, seasonality, current areas that have shown strength, and whether the weaker areas of the past twelve months are bottoming or just consolidating.