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Attention Biz Owners: Learn to Consistently Transform Your Biz!

Hi Boss! In this unique interview, I talk to Michael Gale, with his new Wall Street BEST Seller Book: The Digital Helix. Biz owners if you don’t step up and move FASTER, the disrupters of the digital age are going to beat you! Business Owners: we live in a digital world you must move faster and transform consistently. Amazon TV - Parachuted into the Media Business. Uber / Lyft - Parachuted into the Transportation Business Amazon - Parachuted into the Food Delivery Business You...


BOSS BABES! You want TRUE LOVE! Stop Changing MEN! Learn How Men Think with Paula Grooms

Hi Boss LADIES!!! THIS interview is a MUST MUST listen! Ever want to find TRUE LOVE?? Do you consider yourself a feminist? Or pro-women? Are you a strong and independent woman? AWESOME! But you can’t EXPECT to ATTRACT a MAN with new rules when men HAVE NOT CHANGED! Use the OLD FASHIONED ’THE RULES’ In this episode, Paula and I have a bit of a match off... It is a fun interview! Like A Boss! Insights With Influencers! Helping You Rise To the Top! Heather...


Hiring the Ultimate Virtual Assistant with Shannon Miles

Hi Boss! We are all busy and could use a little help. In this interview, I ask Shannon Miles the owner of a Virtual Assistant Placement Service: - every question one could think of. What is the cost? What type of tasks does a Virtual Assistant do? Are the assistants US based? And what type of tasks do VA’s do? As business owners, entrepreneurs, and career professionals we all could use a little help. Listen in and SHARE with a Friend! Be You! Be Real! Be the...


How to Train Sales People to be GREAT Sales Managers with Jamie Newman and Heather Havenwood

Hi, Boss. It is time to talk SALES! Sales are the engine behind every business, small business, online businesses, large corporate sales teams... BUT have you ever seen that the TOP Sales Associate gets promoted to Sales Manager, and then never get training on leadership and management. How do business develop good sales mangers? Enjoy this special interview with Jamie Newman of Heather Havenwood Be You! Be Real! Be the BOSS of Your BUSINESS...


Tipping the Old Agency Model On its HEAD with Derek Champagne!

Hi Boss, In this very cool interview with Derek Champagne, we talk Agency shop talk! The Marketing Agency Business is DEAD! We discuss how he has flipped the old model on to it’s head, first losing a 6 figure business client, then recovered with a NEW Strategy Model. If you are in the Agency Business, you will be able to relate. This is a Keeper! Be You! Be Real! Be the BOSS of Your BUSINESS BABE! Heather...


How does an Entrepreneur REALLY get ahead? Join this Unique Mastermind with Ronan Leonard

Hey, Boss! Entrepreneurship is really a team sport. So is life. You can’t really successfully do it alone. No matter how smart you are, you need a group, accountability, people to help you! I have a few masterminds! I had the honor of interviewing Ronan about his mastermind, and I now I am an ambassador of his mastermind! You can go here to check it out #LIKEABOSS Heather Havenwood Chief Sexy Boss ™


How does an Entrepreneur REALLY get ahead? Join this Unique Mastermind with Ronan Leonard

Hi Winners Entrepreneurship is really a team sport. So is life. You can’t really successfully do it alone. No matter how smart you are, you need a group, accountability, people to help you! I have a few masterminds! I had the honor of interviewing Ronan about his mastermind, and I now I am an ambassador of his mastermind! You can go here to check it out here Heather Havenwood BIO: Ronan Leonard is a Mastermind facilitator,...


Smart Women Investing in Blockchain. It is Time! with Nicole Jolie

Hi Winners, If you have been under a rock, then you MIGHT not heard of BlockChain. But just in case you are active and aware of the trends, you have heard of Blockchain. But, that does not mean you understand it. Nicole and I discuss what it is, and why women should be looking and investing in blockchain. NOW is the time! Don't be scared, OWN your future! Heather Havenwood


Helping ADD Kids to Become Leaders with Arthur Camizzi

Children with ADD clearly struggle with focus. Today's guest is Arthur Camizzi and he helps ADD kids to become leaders through some unique programs he offers.


Unique Financial Strategies in Your Business with Jordan Goodman

Today you have the privilege of learning some financial strategies from America's Money Answer Man, Jordan Goodman. He provides some unique strategies for use in your own business. Lots to learn here!


Success in 5 Minutes a Day - Karen Briscoe

Hi Winners, Can you REALLY get success in 5 min a day? YEP! Karen has proved it! Karen has taken a time test principle and has now applied to Real Estate and many other Industries. Karen Briscoe Karen Briscoe is the creator and host of the transformative "5 Minute Success" books and podcast. Her books Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed and Commit to Get Leads: 66 Day Challenge® offer a combination of information and inspiration delivered through...


The HARD Truth: from the mouth of a REAL Female Comedian - Elaine Williams

Hi Winners, As many of you know I have been taking a 6 week class on learning Stand Up-Comedy. WHY? Well, Because is SCARES ME! So, I reached out to my network to see if I could interview a female comedian. I wanted to learn how they got started, WHY did they get started, and what were some of the SECRETS of Comedy! Elaine Williams was amazing in this interview, she opened up her heart and just SHARED her personal story and how she now uses comedy to talk about dark and sometimes...


Winning as a Local Service Based Business that SELLS to Parents and to their KIDS - Jason Silverman

Hi Winners, Do you or someone you know owns a local business that sells to kids? Tutor Services. Dance Studio. Martial Arts Studio..etc Then this interview is going to be for you! How do you have your local CLIENTS (not customers - Jason explains) to CONSUME your services? How do you consistently grow your CLIENTS when the kids are growing up and aging out? How do you sell to the parents? When the kids are the one using the service? This is my second interview with Jason Silverman....


The Win - Heather Havenwood - Staying Alive and Getting TRULY Healthy in a Toxic World w Wade Lightheart

Hi Winners, What is the difference between cosmetic fitness and being healthy? True health. What is it? I have had to learn how to be healthy from the inside out, not just from the outside. As a body builder myself, I have seen that there is a line between ‘looking good’ and ‘cosmetic fitness’. In this EXCLUSIVE and in-depth interview with Wade Lightheart, CEO of BioOptimizers, he shares a very personal behind the scenes of how body building and ‘outside’ fitness does not...


From Fitness Powerhouse to Bed ridden to Mighty Advocate to Find the Cure of Crohns Disease - Meryl Carey

Hi Winners, Let me introduce to you Meryl Carey, she is not an author or speaker, and has never done an interview like this before, but I wanted to bring her on the show to share her personal story. You see Meryl at one point was my personal trainer, and I saw her as invincible, her nickname around the gym was ‘Mighty Mouse’. She is beautiful, strong and an overall power house. When I got an email from her recently on how she has been bed ridden for over a year overcoming Crohns...


The Sexy Couple: 25 Years of Tantric Sexual Marriage - Now Teaches Others at Hedonism II in Jamica - Brad and Kim Walker

Hi Winners, In this interview, I get the opportunity to interview a POWER HOUSE SEXY Couple! Married for 25 years and now teach sexuality to outer singles in Couples. As the Founder of and trainers at Hedonism II in Jamica for over 10 years, they have mastered the art of tantra education. Kim adds her business hypnotist background and Brad brings in his wisdom and massage therapist experience to help men have fun, relax and be spontaneous with their Goddess. Be...


Understanding the Emerging Special Sexual Sovereignty That is inside all of us with Dr. Saida Désilets

Hi Winners! Learn to Dare to Desire a life you want! Is it possible? Is it truly possible actually have a life you really want in all areas of your life? This is my second interview with Dr. Saida Desilets, and she really shares her perspective on how life would alter around the planet and in our lives if we just connected our sensuality with life. This is a really special interview, I very much enjoyed it. I hope you do to. Heather Havenwood


Brining Dignity Back Into Media One Conversation at a Time with Esther Weinberg

Hi Winners, Have you ever left a job after not feeling valued, or feeling like your boss or peers did not support you or mentor you into the success you know you are capable of? Meet Esther Weinberg, the Powerhouse Game Changer. The Executive Coach, who is brought into large and BIG name Media companies, Neflix, Warner and others, to work with teams, leaders, and executives. The Goal is to bring Dignity back into mentorship, leadership and personal power. In this interview, Esther lays...


WHH69 - MONEY Epic Strategies. From Book to Business to Profit with Trevor Crane

Hi Winners, I LOVE this interview. Get ready for a WILD ride! Trevor Crane and I sour together in a fun and unique conversation about leveraging a book into a FULL Marketing and Sales PROFITABLE Business! Look, I will be honest, I feel EVERYONE needs a book, to share their personal story in life. But, the REAL power of a book is in the book to business to PROFIT model. As a Author myself, and already looking to write my next book and my next book after that, Trevor LAYS out his...


WHH68-Discover a true passion of helping others, through sharing what a Paleo Lifestyle Really is with Michelle Norr

In this special interview, I had the honor to talk to the CEO of the largest palo event in the world. Michelle, is a female entrepreneur badass and is transforming how Paleo is seen throughout North America and Internationally inspired by the tragic death of her 22 year old daughter, Britney, through the grief she and her husband chose to bring light to other peoples lives through the event. It is held here in Austin, TX and has become a source and launching pad to many new...