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The Women Talking About Learning Podcast is, well, women talking about learning and development. Underrepresented in senior roles in the learning function, this podcast amplifies women's voices talking about all things learning and development related. You can find more on our website

The Women Talking About Learning Podcast is, well, women talking about learning and development. Underrepresented in senior roles in the learning function, this podcast amplifies women's voices talking about all things learning and development related. You can find more on our website


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The Women Talking About Learning Podcast is, well, women talking about learning and development. Underrepresented in senior roles in the learning function, this podcast amplifies women's voices talking about all things learning and development related. You can find more on our website




The Passion One

Jayne Harrison is a qualified executive coach and has over 25 years’ experience in the people development field in mainly leadership and career development. She is interested in what makes people tick, why they choose the work they do and general wellbeing. She has just launched the #WellbeingWednesdays series which examines how to stay well (particularly during a pandemic) paying attention to mind, body, soul and work. She has recently qualified in vegan nutrition and in her spare time...


The Neuroscience One

Stella Collins MSc FITOL is co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Stellar Labs, one of the Brain Ladies and the author of ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’. She has a clear understanding of the challenges faced by organisations in upskilling and reskilling their people, especially with digital change being so high on the agenda. She and her team pragmatically apply principles from neuroscience and psychology to consult, design and build practical performance focused solutions...


The Mansplaining One

This week's guests are Anja Hartleb-Parson and Lydia Charilaou. Anja is a multi-talented professional with over 15 years of experience in diverse business areas and industries. She’s currently applying her passion for data to create and grow people development programs that positively impact the bottom line. You can find Anja on LinkedIn. Lydia is a people experience professional and Agile HR coach. She has been part of multiple People and Culture teams over a decade. Her passions include...


The Inclusive Learning Culture One

This week’s first guest is a Virtual Classroom expert & the Director of SyncSkills Ltd, Gaëlle Delmas-Watson. Gaëlle works with both British and European organisations to design and implement unique, innovative learning strategies for commercial training organisations and membership bodies. As well as being an award winning certified online facilitator and coach, Gaelle founded her organisation to provide hosting and production services for virtual classrooms and webinars. You can connect...


The Lifelong Learning One

This week's guests are Sharon Green and Mirjam Neelen. Sharon is a consultant with her own company Chiara Consultancy. You can find Sharon on Twitter and on Instagram as SharonGChiara too. Mirjam is Head of Global Learning Design and Learning Sciences at a large pharmaceutical company. She is also on Twitter and her collaborative blog, discussing evidence-informed approaches to learning design, is at


The Marketing One

This week, Manja Horner and Natalie Ann Holborow talk about marketing. Our first guest is Manja Horner. Based in Ontario in Canada, Manja is an ex-corporate learning and experience designer. As well as having a degree in Marketing, Manja has her own LnD company - BoostLD You can find Manja across the web: Our second guest is Natalie Ann Holborow....


The Video One

This week's guests are two experts in video in learning. Our first guest is Niki Hobson a Learning Designer who is passionate about Video Learning. You can find Niki via Twitter and her website Our second guest is Jayne Davids. Jayne has her own video learning consutancy and can also be found on Twitter and her website is In the podcast, there are tons of links that Niki and...


The Mentoring One

This week's episode about mentoring is brought to us by Taruna Goel and Andrea Watts. Taruna is Learning & Performance Consultant, and Competence Development & Assessment Specialist at North Pacific Training & Performance in Vancouver. The blog we mentioned is at: Her LinkedIn profile is at: Andréa is a creative coach and...


The Imposter Syndrome One

This is special because it’s not your usual version of the podcast. A typical episode of Women Talking About Learning has two women speaking and sharing. For this episode it is 25 women’s voices sharing their thoughts, feelings, approaches and tactics to Imposter Syndrome. The star contributors for this episode are: If you want to donate to Women Talking About Learning, go to the donate page. If you want to be involved, please contact us.


The Supplier One

This is the Supplier One episode with our guests Ashley Sinclair and Karen Bailey. Ashley is Managing Director of MAAS Marketing, the only digital marketing agency servicing the world of learning and you can find Ashley on LinkedIn and Twitter Karen is Head of Competence Development for a Large Transportation Organisation and you can find Karen on LinkedIn and on Twitter @ktebailey


The Delivering Online One

Our two guests this week are experts in the area of online delivery. Our first guest is Jo Cook and you can find more about Jo and her work on her website: and follow @LightbulbJo on Twitter. Our second guest is Michelle Kaye and Michelle's musings can now be found on her blog: and Michelle is also on Twitter @MitshK. If you want to contribute to the Impostor Syndrome episode, send your mp3 files to The KPMG study referred...


The Evidence Base One

This week’s guests for The Evidence Base One are Carrie Anne Walton and Joan Keevill. The topic of evidence is often talked about in respect of evaluation but in this chat Carrie and Joan look at it from the needs side and where to collect evidence from before you start. Carrie can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter: Joan is also on LinkedIn and Twitter:...


The Misogyny One

This episode is The Misogyny One with our guests Dr Hannah Gore and Lori-Niles-Hoffman. This episode was requested, recorded and edited in 3 days in early November 2020. Misogyny is the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. We expected that we'd have to do this episode - we didn't realise it would be so early in the schedule. It's a topic that women in learning face at a level that many men won't know about or understand. In this episode we hear about how Hannah...


The Consultant One

This week's episode of Women Talking About Learning is the Consultant One with Dawn Sillett and Krystyna Gadd. Dawn has over 20 years' experience of designing and delivering training. Clients range from start-ups to global corporate organisations, mostly in the creative and media sector. For the past 12 years she has specialised in building programs around a mix of bite-sized workshops and coaching, delivered on-site at clients. That all changed in March of this year and like many other...


The Lockdown One

This week's guests were Jacky Clarke and Christine Lior Locher. Jacky Clarke can be found on LinkedIn, Instagram or on her website. Christine Lior Locher can be found here: LinkedIn Twitter NIIT: Coaching and writing: and on Medium...


The Boss One

The 2 guests on the Boss One episode are Helen Blunden and Laura Overton. Helen Blunden believes that it’s time to bring our true selves back to work. She founded ActivateLearning Solutions so that she could help individuals and teams in organisations show and share the wealth of their untapped knowledge, insights and experiences to achieve business outcomes. Helen can be found on Twitter @ActivateLearn. Laura Overton is an award winning learning analyst and the original CEO and...


The Pilot One

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Women Talking About Learning podcast! OK, this isn't what the WTAL podcast is usually going to sound like. In this episode, Andrew Jacobs explains how WTAL came about, why he's doing it, why it matters and how you can help. You can get in touch with us by email - - or via Twitter @WTAL_Podcast.