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Mark Worrall and Sam Hunter take you through all the strategy, advice, tips and tricks that can take you from a great agent to world class. Featuring interviews with some of the leading agents in the UK and beyond, we hope the content delivered brings a positive change to your mindset and a positive change to your business.


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Mark Worrall and Sam Hunter take you through all the strategy, advice, tips and tricks that can take you from a great agent to world class. Featuring interviews with some of the leading agents in the UK and beyond, we hope the content delivered brings a positive change to your mindset and a positive change to your business.




#230 Estate agency fundamentals in the super prime market with Ryan Stokes

Todays guest has worked in some of the best performing sales offices in the UK and has experience dealing with some of the most expensive properties in the country. He started his career at Foxtons, before making the move to Knight Frank where he spent 10 years consulting high net worth clients on their letting requirements. A move to help setup the Sports Desk followed dealing with the rich and famous including high profile premier league footballers. The success of the sports desk in a relative short space of time gave him the confidence to go out alone and now Director at Sothebys he joins us today to discuss his journey and all things real estate.


#229 With surprise co-host

With Sam unavailable for a couple of weeks this episode we introduce our new co-host for the next few episodes. This gentleman offers plenty of key takeaways as he discusses how he utilises his time to run 5 separate businesses and dominate the self employed estate agency model in his area.


#228 With Adam Day of EXP

Making his debut on the world class agency podcast, today's guest comes armed with near on 30 years of estate agency experience. corporate high street, independent agency, online agency, self-employed, he's seen, and more importantly - he's done, it all. he's the Leader of the fastest organically grown estate agency business the UK has ever seen and he's promised us today won't just be a sales pitch to our more experienced listeners...


#227 Most important buyer management tasks

To finish off the January series on important tasks to focus on and build consistency for in 2024 Sam and Mark discuss the most important buyer management tasks and how sometimes doing the basics consistently is enough to stand from the crowd.


#226 3 most important vendor management tasks

Are you wanting 2024 to be the year you retain more clients and stop losing them for the next agent to sell them? Mark and Sam discuss the top 3 vendor management tasks that you can focus on to improve your performance this year and achieve your own and your clients goals.


#225 3 Most important prospecting tasks

Today Sam and Mark are not reinventing the wheel, but providing value around your prospecting activity. If you do these 3 things consistently in 2024 you will have a good year!


#224 New Year, New You?

Have you started the new year with ground-breaking resolutions and a desire to create a new year new you? Do you need to? Sam and Mark discuss starting the New Year and how we can simplify life as a real estate agent by establishing what the 3 most important prospecting and vendor management activities are and how we can concentrate on these through 2024 to have a fantastic year. Taking action is the biggest thing you can do to ensure a successful year and the text Sam discussed during the episode was from Tom Toole:


#223 Merry ChristMatt Baldock. 2023 in review

When we thought about who we should have on for the last episode of 2023 we couldn’t look past the man with the most popular and most listened to episode of 2023, back for his third appearance on the show, and to accept his WCA MVP for 2023 trophy...


#222 Part 2 with Jason Cannon on Negotiation

For the first time on the world class agency podcast we welcome back the same guest in back to back weeks. Jason Cannon, here to do the double, if we didn’t have a guest booked for next week you’ve might’ve been on for the treble.


#221 with Jason Cannon

Today's guest is a longtime friend of the show and joins us with over 5 decades of property & business experience. He has moved 1000's of clients, managed 1000's of landlords properties, and now helps multiple million pound + businesses to thrive. Coach, mentor, trainer and consultant, he does it all.


#220 Improving conversion from sale agreed to exchange of contracts

To conclude the recent mini series on how agents can improve their conversion rates Sam and Mark discuss the tactics agents can employ to get more sales agreed converted into exchanges. With preparation and communication two key factors discussed this episode is full of simple and practical advice you can implement immediately.


#219 Improving conversion from instruction to sale agreed

During this episode Sam & Mark continue the conversation on improving conversion rates with this week focussing on instruction to sales agreed within 6 weeks. If you are looking to improve your performance next year, but worried that the amount of leads will be steady or even less this series is one you dont want to miss.


#218 Improving Conversion Rates

Today Mark and Sam answer a listener question about ways to improve your conversion rate and go deep on the before, during and after of a valuation appointment and how you can improve your performance to improve that conversion rate.


#217 3 Calls to make before Christmas

Following on from the conversation last week about options on how you approach the end of the year this week Sam and Mark discuss what 3 calls you need to make between now and Christmas to setup a successful 2024. A short, sharp episode that provides practical advice that costs you nothing to implement and will make Christmas dinner taste a little bit sweeter.


#216 You don't have to be extreme

As we turn into the final stretch of the year are you putting off making changes until the New Year? Mark and Sam discuss the importance of taking immediate, but more importantly consistent action and how those actions don't have to be extreme to compound and generate results.


#215 with guest host James Kendall

Joining this show this week is the main man the Beds, Bucks and Herts counties. He’s 12 years into the journey of building a real estate business that continually gets better with age. He’s the kind of agent who practises everything he preaches and is proof that immediate, then consistent, action is the only way to generate incredible results. James Kendall, welcome back to the world class agency podcast.


#214 with Royston Guest

Today's guest is an entrepreneur, a twice best selling author and a business growth expert with over twenty years experience in that exact space. His passion is helping business owners grow to unlock their potential and build a life that they deserve. He’s helped over 500,000 business owners from all different sectors and now has a passion for helping estate agency businesses build to grow. For more details on the bootcamp Royston is hosting along with Perry Power see below: What if you could consolidate your learning and business planning in 2 days? Well, you can if you attend the Built to Grow Bootcamp 2.0 on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd November. To book on and for more information, click here


#213 Withdrawn, overpriced and undermarketed stock the opportunities

Sam and Mark today look at the opportunities that exist in the market place today as an answer to a concerned listener who has contacted them with a question about the current market. How are you making the most of these opportunities both internally and externally?


#212 Dog whistle marketing

Sam and Mark today discuss how you make a property stand out to potential buyers as the available stock on the market For Sale is increasing. A increased amount of competition means you have to really appeal to the potential buyer pool and today is the day you learn why you want your properties to be like a dog whistle!


#211 How to create evergreen social content a lesson from a new agent in Australia

Sam and Mark discuss how agents can leverage the conversations they are having every day to produce easy, relatable content for social media and Sam shares a story of exceptional customer service from an agent he recently spoke to in Australia.