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Episode 4.5 lessons learned

In this episode i talk to you about some of the lessons i have learned from interviewing people on the podcast and using them in real life situations to a great effect, the lessons implemented were in leadership and goal setting. ENJOY


Episode 003 with the trainer or trainers Martyn Robbinson

In this episode we get to know how a pt. trainer motivates newbies, experienced fitness athletes and even the pt. trainers themselves. Through his years of being in the fitness industry Martyn has lived, breathed and taught fitness to all abilities of different people and in this episode we get all that knowledge and experience as a short blast in our ears for free, enjoy all the take aways and tips you will get from this. Lets carry on the conversation in the missing link show private...


Episode 2.5 My top recomendation for a leadership book



Episode 002 my results for the become a polar explorer challenge

Hey everyone he are my results of me implementing what Jim McNeill told us to do last week to become mini versions of himself and become polar explorers. I learned this week that by being outside in mother nature and being true to myself, that I have become a bit complacent in whats needed to become a polar explorer and in life. so after a night out in the snow under the stars I quickly realised my mistakes and put them right with huge beneficial effects almost straight away. Getting to...


The Ice Warrior

I have known Jim McNeill for the past 4-5 years and in that time he has taught me so many things to do with polar travel and firefighting to keep me safe and be an effective team member but, one thing that stands out for me is his ability to stay humble and always speak the truth. On first impressions you can tell this but its not until you find out about his back story that you realise its amazing that someone with this much life experience ranging from being a naughty school kid to...



“The missing link” is a in depth view in to the life of a successful person and the team that surrounds them, which they will need to succeed at their endeavour. We will get the answers straight from the horses mouth through interviewing these iconic people , but just to make sure that their paths to success are followable I will be your “limiting beliefs destroyer” and attempt to replicate some of the tips and systems we get from the experts and report back to you with my findings. This...