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Here's the question: How do every day people like us, who didn't grow up wealthy and were not taught how to be wealthy in school... how are we supposed to learn to think, invest and grow wealth like the top 1% without compromising our ethics and our values? This podcast will give you the answers.


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Here's the question: How do every day people like us, who didn't grow up wealthy and were not taught how to be wealthy in school... how are we supposed to learn to think, invest and grow wealth like the top 1% without compromising our ethics and our values? This podcast will give you the answers.






2023-Ep2. Paralyzed Wealth

If you want to succeed you have to get in motion. Yet many people who truly wish to rise above and truly want to run after their destiny, they find themselves struggling to get any momentum. Some can't seem to even get in motion towards their goals at all. We call this PARALYSIS. In this episode we talk about what causes paralysis as well as a process (the cycle of progress) to get into motion and create momentum towards your goals! Be sure to check out our sponsor Trade Maestro: visit


2023-Ep4. The #1 Characteristic of the Wealthy

Everyone is born with the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people use that time to earn a fortune, and some people continue to struggle day after day. What is the difference? What characteristic (if there is one) is unique among all wealthy individuals that the poor and middle class do not seem to deploy as well? Thanks to our sponsor: TRADE MAESTRO Signup for the 3-day "Trade For a Living Challenge" Be sure to visit our website at:


2023-Ep. 03: Is Debt Good or is Debt Bad?

Join us for this episode of Think Rich Radio, where we dive into the true nature of debt and explore its impact on cashflow. We'll discuss when it's best to pay off your debts and be debt free vs when you may choose to increase debt for extra leverage. Tune in now to find out more! Be sure to check out our sponsor of this episode TRADE MAESTRO: If you've been watching the market tank over the past year and you want to make sure you are protected against a bear market, TRADE MAESTRO can help. Learn more at Our Website:


2023-Ep2. The Past is Passed

Happy New Year! The past is passed. It's time to move towards the future. 2023 can be the BEST YEAR EVER! It is my wish for you that this is your greatest year. In this episode we discuss why we as humans often relive the past, and how that can be disempowering and keep us stuck. Decide to let the past go and move towards the future for this new year. Learn more at: Support our Sponsor: Trade Maestro


2023-Ep1. Re-boot

Think Rich Radio is back! With a fresh re-boot. Much like many people are needing today. Join us for this episode as we relaunch the podcast and consider the value of a re-boot or a re-set to various aspects of our lives. Learn more at: Support our Sponsor: Trade Maestro


Ep. 045 - Your Financial Freedom Blueprint

If you are like most people you are keenly aware of your need to create Financial Freedom and to do so in a relatively short period of time. The statistics tell the story: • 47% of Americans can not sustain a $400 emergency • 38% of individuals reaching retirement age can not afford to quit working and retire. So where do you start? What is the pathway to success? In this episode we will look at 3 models for how to build your Financial Fortress starting with where you are right now on your journey. Regardless if you are totally broke, or if you are starting with $500,000 or more, there is a model that you can start building now. Resources Mentioned: Designing Your Financial Fortress Course Online Business Launcher Course


Ep. 044 - 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Their Retirement

Retirement - it's that thing old people do right? Wrong. It's the point at which you could choose to stop working if you want to. In other words, retirement = financial freedom and financial freedom should = retirement. But the statistics are not good. Most Americans are not only behind, but many will never be able to retire. In this episode you will discover the 5 Biggest Mistakes people make with their retirement, so you can avoid them. In other words - do what you learn in this episode and you're going to be a lot futher down the road to retiring young and retiring rich! Resources Mentioned: Check out Designing Your Financial Fortress Here


Ep. 043 - 5 Steps to Getting Focused

I'm back after a little hiatus, and in this episode I'm going to share 5 Steps for Getting Focused (on the things that really matter!). You will feel inspired, and most importantly FOCUSED at the end of this episode, which is exactly why you need to listen! Inside you will discover: • Where I've been for 4 months • The last of the human freedoms • The 3 Things you can do to get certainty in chaos • How to avoid a Bear Trap • 5 Steps to Getting Focused on the things that really matter Listen, enjoy, and share with those you love (as well as those you hate because they need to hear a positive message too!) Resources mentioned in this episode: Online Business Launcher - Training Course:


Ep. 042 - Why Crisis Is The Best Time to Launch a Business

Times of crisis are - scary. It's the time when social order is low and society is demanding new order and new solutions. It's the time when most people are trying desperately to eliminate risk and reduce fear - and it's the perfect opportunity to launch a new business. In this episode we discuss how new business owners have a competitive advantage during times of crisis. They are more nimble, can pivot quicker, and most importantly they are uniquely positioned to recognize and solve needs in the marketplace. This current time may in fact be the best time in history for you to launch a business.


Ep. 041 - 8 Online Business Models You Can Start in 4 Weeks or Less!

No more theory - in this episode we get down to the nitty gritty covering 8 online business models you can launch in the next 4-6 weeks. If you're like most people you have been putting off launching your new business for months or even years. Maybe you don't know how to do it, or maybe you just don't believe there's a way to really make money... No more - we cover 8 of the most lucrative online business models you can own - all ideas you can launch in 4-6 weeks. Why wait? Listen to this episode and then enroll in my new Online Business Launcher training program!


Ep. 040 - Old Institutions Falling Away

As we move through this present economic and global crisis many things are becoming apparent. In this episode we are going to talk about Old Institutions that are ready to fall away and will most likely not survive this current evolution of society. This is both a sobering and hopeful episode because even though uncertainty is high, the opportunity for serious societal change is upon us. The next 15-20 years will usher in a new generation that is unlike anything we have ever known or seen before, complete with an amazing economic boost.


Ep. 039 - Calm In The Storm

Recently the world has been thrust into a storm that is threatening every aspect of our economic life as well as health and wellness. How should we respond? In this episode I talk about staying calm during the storm and how the toughest times often bring the greatest opportunities. Over the next weeks and months the opportunities that emerge will be greater than any opportunities of the last 80-100 years, but you can only position yourself to take advantage of them if you stay calm during the storm.


Ep. 038 - Overcoming Fear

FEAR! One of the worst words in the English language. But most people admit to struggling with fear at some points in their life. Right now the world is on edge as we are facing the Corona Virus scare. But terminal disease is not the only thing people fear. People are afraid of failed relationships, failure at work, becoming financially destitute and a host of other fears. In this episode we are going to work through a 5 step protocol that will help you overcome fear and send it packin' where it belongs!


Ep. 037 - Biggest Energy Crisis In The World

We hear a lot about global warming and the global impact on the demand for energy. But there is an energy crisis that few people are talking about - that is, the energy of our lives. In this episode we talk about how you can impact this energy in a positive or negative way. And how this energy will have a substantial impact on whether good things or bad things are happening to you .


Ep. 036 - Things That Matter

In the wee hours of the morning on March 3. 2020, my lovely city, Nashville TN, was hit by a devastating tornado. In this episode I share some lessons from the storm, some key take aways, and talk about things that matter. It's a much different episode, but one I know you are going to love.


Ep. 035 - How Will You Spend Your Money?

In this episode we discuss how our personal model of the world impacts how we view others and what our rules are regarding money. If you have been struggling to create the kind of wealth and success in your life that you want, there is a very good chance you have some internal conflicts governed by your model of the world. This episode will be an eye opener. At the end is an exercise intended to help you expand your model and learn how to THINK RICH!


Ep. 034 - How Much Makes You Greedy?

Many people struggle with inner conflicts - things such as "I want to have more money" and "If I have a lot of money I must be greedy". The truth is the world around us reveals abundance in everything we do. Why shouldn't we expect the same for our lives? In this episode we talk about some issues that have haunted many for their entire life. Listen in and find some freedom to Live an extra ordinary life, full of abundance!


Ep. 033 - You Can't Serve 2 Masters

We've all heard it said "you can't serve to masters". But what does that have to do with Success and winning in life and business? EVERYTHING. In this episode we talk about how you must decide which way you're going to go. You can't play it safe and then complain that things aren't working out. This is a powerful episode and you are going to want to listen (and share it with your friends!)


Ep. 032 - Quit Your Job in 3 Steps

The number one question of unemployed people seems to be "how can I get a job", and the number one question of employed people seems to be "how can I quit my job". In this episode I answer the question by providing a 3 step process to build up alternate income and transition OUT of your job into a life of complete and total financial independence. This is THE EPISODE you have been waiting for!


Ep. 031 - It's NOT Lonely At The Top

Are you a leader in your business, church, community or other environment? Often times the leaders will say "it's lonely at the top". However it doesn't have to be lonely. In this episode we talk about what causes leaders to feel lonely and how move beyond that feeling. If you are a leader or want to be a leader, this episode will give you some incredible insights learned from real world leadership.