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Hi there, We're the brightest, most entertaining weekly money podcast in the UK. We are the money section of Mail Online, the world's biggest newspaper website. The podcast has been going for three years and has around 65,000 monthly listens and growing. Be great if you can add us to the TuneIn family. Many thanks in advance, Rich.

Hi there, We're the brightest, most entertaining weekly money podcast in the UK. We are the money section of Mail Online, the world's biggest newspaper website. The podcast has been going for three years and has around 65,000 monthly listens and growing. Be great if you can add us to the TuneIn family. Many thanks in advance, Rich.
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Hi there, We're the brightest, most entertaining weekly money podcast in the UK. We are the money section of Mail Online, the world's biggest newspaper website. The podcast has been going for three years and has around 65,000 monthly listens and growing. Be great if you can add us to the TuneIn family. Many thanks in advance, Rich.






How to buy a home with less than £10,000 - but is a small deposit mortgage wise?

High house prices mean that the biggest barrier to buying a home in Britain is raising a deposit. With mortgage interest rates at near record low levels, many would-be homeowners could afford monthly payments - but saving the average £30,000 deposit would take years. For a lot of first-time buyers that means a trip to the Bank of Mum and Dad, but what if that's not an option? It is possible to buy a home without raising tens of thousands of pounds, if you take a 95% mortgage. With one of...


Have you got a pension sorted and are you saving enough?

You don’t need to spend long reading the news to find a warning that Britain isn’t saving enough for retirement. But with a little bit of effort it is possible to get saving so that you can enjoy a richer retirement. On this week’s podcast Simon Lambert, Tanya Jefferies and Georgie Frost discuss how to start a pension, how to improve on the one you’ve got and how to work out if you are investing enough for retirement. They also take a look at how, if you are approaching retirement, you can...


What are 'money mules' and how can we halt this scam in its tracks?

A top bank has formed a 'money mule hunting squad' and is planning to share its secrets with rivals. How does this scam work and what is being done to fight it? Should banks, universities and schools take more action to prevent young people getting sucked into helping hardened criminals hide their cash? And as Nationwide starts turning away grandparents trying to deposit cash for their grandkids, what is behind this new curb on everyday cash transactions? The interest-only mortgage...


Should people cash in on their homes to enjoy life or help their kids?

Should you cash in on your home to help yourself or your kids? As a generation retires with more money in their houses than the bank, this question will only become more pressing. And it’s been a topic of much debate on This is Money this week, as we revealed how a new wave of retirement interest-only mortgages could be about to emerge. Homeowners could use one to have a more comfortable retirement, clear some debt, or hand the kids or grandkids an early inheritance – perhaps to buy a home...


As inflation falls will the base rate now finally rise?

What has Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, got to do with long-forgotten television soap Eldorado? Find out in the latest This is Money podcast, in which editor Simon Lambert and consumer affairs editor Lee Boyce discuss the inflation figures out this week and whether they have increased the likelihood of a base rate rise. Discover why Simon believes raising interest rates wouldn't be a bad idea but raising rates because the country finally got a pay rise would be....


Will house prices rise or fall in 2018? (Podcast cut)

House prices are coming off the boil, but it is London and the South East that are suffering, while some regional cities do well. But what happens next? Simon Lambert takes a look at the house price forecasts for 2018 and whether property will rise, fall or flatline in the year ahead.


When facts cause friction: Tim Harford joins us for a special This is Money podcast on fake news and why statistics can be emotive

Facts are either right or wrong, right? ...wrong? In this special episode of the This is Money podcast Tim Harford, presenter of the BBC series More or Less and all-round Undercover Economist makes a second guest appearance. We talk about facts and stats - checking them, debunking them, reporting them, baffling with them, battling over them. But that's just the start. Tim argues that we think of facts as being either the truth or lies, but that actually factual claims can form part of our...


Tim Harford special - the things that created our economy

Have you ever really thought about what it is that creates the modern economy? These are the things that surround us and we interact with, or depend on, everyday but rarely think about. From credit cards, to shipping containers, batteries and double-entry book-keeping, there are a lot of things that are more interesting than you may think. And for this special Christmas edition of the This is Money podcast we have a treat for you. Tim Harford, author of Fifty Things that Made the Modern...


The supermarket Christmas taste and value test (plus inflation, rates and house prices)

It’s time for the annual This is Money Christmas taste test – and our look at how the supermarket business is faring. This year, the contenders are Sainsbury’s for the mass market, Waitrose for the upmarket, and Lidl for the discount challenger. But which will come out on top across a range of Christmas food and who delivered the cheapest bill? Simon Lambert and Lee Boyce take on Georgie Frost’s festive feast to find out in this week’s podcast and discuss whether the big supermarkets are...


How to get an investing Plan B in case of a crash (Podcast cut)

It's been a decent year for investors and major stock markets around the world are trading near record highs. Things may continue to go up, but it always pays to have a Plan B just in case they don't and stock markets take a tumble. Simon Lambert, of This is Money, explains how you can build a disaster plan into your portfolio.


Can training your brain make you richer?

Could you train your brain to get richer? Behavioural economics tells us that we regularly behave irrationally – and nudge theory has been used by governments and organisations around the world to try to make us better people. But could you take matters into your own hands, tackle your own temptations and make yourself wealthier, or just happier? On this week’s podcast, Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost look at some tricks you can deploy – and whether you can actually turn that...


Is Bitcoin in a bubble? (Podcast cut)

Bitcoin has risen more than tenfold this year and doubled in just seven weeks. But can it keep rising as adoption gets more widespread, does blockchain's promise justify the price, and does any of this matter as to whether it is in a bubble or not? In this excerpt from the This is Money podcast, Simon Lambert and Georgie Frost discuss Bitcoin's astonishing rise.


Are diesel cars and bitcoin being demonised?

Britain’s car industry is crying foul, as not a single new diesel car avoids the Budget tax hike because the test they have to pass hasn’t come in yet. Car makers claim that new diesels are fine, but can we believe them? Meanwhile, campaigners want extra taxes and a serious crackdown on diesel drivers, but it’s ended up with councils leading the way with a piece-meal approach. Who should we believe, has the drive to get rid of diesel gone too far, and is it employing bad science? This...


What will be in the Budget (and what should be)?

Yes, it’s another Budget. On Wednesday, November 22, Philip Hammond will stand up and deliver his second Budget of the year and this is his chance to ride to the Conservatives’ rescue. After the last Budget mess, the snap election that went wrong, the unexpected rise of Corbynism, and the Brexit arguments that just won’t go away, the Chancellor will be hoping that he’s the one to get everything back on track. So what could he deliver – and what should he? From help for younger people, to...


Could you achieve financial independence and retire early?

Have you ever dreamed of retiring early, or at least choosing to work on your own terms? There is a niche but growing movement that’s all about financial independence - it’s not necessarily about stopping work completely, but it is about having the choice to do so. So, could you achieve financial independence, how hard would it be and how long would it take? And why would you even want to retire early? On this week’s This is Money podcast, Simon Lambert, Laura Whitcombe and Georgie Frost...


What the interest rate rise means for you

It finally happened. The Bank of England raised interest rates for the first time in more than a decade this week. But what was the point of that rate rise? It was certainly a curiosity, coming alongside a decidedly downbeat Inflation Report. Was it to dampen inflation, to send a warning sign to borrowers, or just to put a tiny smile on beleaguered savers’ faces? On this week’s podcast, Simon Lambert, Rachel Rickard Straus and Georgie Frost look at why the Bank raised rates and what it...


What you need to know about your will

Do you have a will? If not you should probably get one. But if you do have one, do you understand what’s in it? According to Will Aid, MORE THAN HALF (54%) of parents with children under the age of 18 don’t have a will. That’s 54 per cent minus one person now, however, after This is Money editor Simon Lambert finally got his act together and sorted his out. So what do you need to know about getting a will, what’s easy, what’s complicated and what are the things you don’t want to think...


How to beat inheritance tax

Inheritance tax is one of the most hated around. Despite the fact that most people will never leave enough wealth to have it charged on their estates, we really don't like the idea of 40% above a certain amount going to the taxman. But IHT is also a tax that can be avoided. How? Listen to this week's podcast to find out, as Simon Lambert, Georgie Frost and Sarah Davidson discuss all things inheritance. They look at how it works, ways to avoid it and the traps you could fall into. They also...


Can a nudge make you richer?

Behavioural economists believe a gentle nudge in the right direction can make you richer and over recent years they have managed to win the ears of governments around the world – including the UK’s. This week one of the thinkers who helped spread the word on behavioural economics, Professor Richard Thaler, won a Nobel Prize for economics. In the old world of economics textbooks, people behaved perfectly rationally and made the right choices. In the real world, of course, we don’t. We make...


The problem with smart meters (Podcast cut)

Households are being pushed into having smart meters fitted by energy giants trying to meet their own targets. But despite delivering accurate billing many are unhappy at having the meters fitted. So what's the problem with them? Lee Boyce, Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert, discuss smart meters on this excerpt from the This is Money podcast.


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