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Hi there, We're the brightest, most entertaining weekly money podcast in the UK. We are the money section of Mail Online, the world's biggest newspaper website. The podcast has been going for three years and has around 65,000 monthly listens and growing. Be great if you can add us to the TuneIn family. Many thanks in advance, Rich.

Hi there, We're the brightest, most entertaining weekly money podcast in the UK. We are the money section of Mail Online, the world's biggest newspaper website. The podcast has been going for three years and has around 65,000 monthly listens and growing. Be great if you can add us to the TuneIn family. Many thanks in advance, Rich.
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Hi there, We're the brightest, most entertaining weekly money podcast in the UK. We are the money section of Mail Online, the world's biggest newspaper website. The podcast has been going for three years and has around 65,000 monthly listens and growing. Be great if you can add us to the TuneIn family. Many thanks in advance, Rich.






Why it’s time to fight back against parking madness (and how to beat a ticket)

From pubs to hotels and shops to petrol stations, Britain has gone parking mad. Private land owners have been signed up across the country by operators, who stick in automatic numberplate recognition cameras and then dish out tickets to motorists who stop there. We’ve had countless stories of over-zealous fines and this week Lee Boyce revealed how he fought back after he was sent a ticket for stopping briefly at a BP petrol station. What allows all this to happen is the DVLA selling...


Was the interest rate rise a wise move or mistake?

Interest rates have finally risen above 0.5 per cent for the first time in almost a decade. The Bank of England has decided that the UK's economy is healthy enough to finally get above the financial crisis emergency level, but was the hike a wise move or a mistake. Of those in favour, some have been calling for a rate rise for a long time, others believe we must try to get back to normal before recession hits. But those opposed believe even this tiny shift up to a very low base rate level...


The summer holiday podcast special: Everything you need to know about maxing your money

We’re all going on a summer holiday! Don’t worry, podcast fans, we aren’t really, but we are dedicating this week’s show to the lucky among you who are. We cover all things money from planning your holiday to arriving back home again. We talk through what you need to know to make sure you have the best travel insurance while you’re away, to how to pay for things and withdraw cash while abroad to make your money go the furthest, to car hire tricks and getting compensation if something goes...


What would you do with a life-changing sum of money?

Working out what to do with a life-changing sum of money is a nice problem to have but that doesn’t mean it’s not tricky. We’ve all read the stories of inheritances, lottery wins and other windfalls squandered - and even if you have spent a lifetime building your wealth, whether through investing or business, it would still be all too easy to rattle through the cash. On this week’s podcast, we look at a question from This is Money’s new Wealth Check section on what to do with £1.2million...


What I learnt when I wrote my will (Podcast cut)

In this five minute guide to what you need to think about when writing your will, This is Money editor Simon Lambert explains what he discovered when he wrote his - and the things you need to consider.


How soon will you be driving an electric car?

How soon will you be driving an electric car? The Government laid out its Road to Zero plan this week, adding some detail to previous announcements on how it wants to drum petrol and diesel cars off our streets. But is there enough in there to show how we will get from electric and hybrid cars currently making up a 2.2 per cent market share to 50 per cent by 2030? From 2040, new cars running only on petrol and diesel won’t be able to be sold and a decade after that we’re all meant to go...


Are we seeing a shake-up in the savings world?

The world of savings could be set for a shake-up when a new player comes to town – Marcus. Marcus is an online challenger bank and an offshoot of investment banking giant Goldman Sachs, and may just put a bit of welcome pressure on rates in the savings market. But that’s not the only change afoot in savings. Virgin Money is launching an account where interest is earned in air miles, best-buy fixed rate deals are at a two-year high and Monzo has seen losses quadruple. There’s a lot going...


Tips to make your home look good and get it sold (Podcast cut)

If you are selling your home you need to make it look as good as possible. And that starts before you welcome any potential buyers through the door, as to even get them to consider visiting it needs to look great in estate agent's photos. In a world where people go online to hunt for properties, how can you do that? In this excerpt from the This is Money podcast we give sellers some tips to make their home shine.


Would you pay more tax to save the NHS?

The National Health Service is 70 years old this year and most of us are proud of the British institution, leaning on it in our times of need. However, we’re living longer with more complex problems and the service keeps crying out that it needs more money. Where does it come from? Do we make cost-cuttings or plough lots of money in, do we increase income tax, make the rich pay, or introduce a new special ring-fenced tax? Theresa May announced plans for £20.5billion-a-year cash boost – but...


Has the housing market stalled? And the truth about that unreleased Paddington Bear 50p coin on eBay

Another month and another set of mixed messages about the state of the housing market is revealed. First-time buyers who have a deposit and home movers in the North are doing fine. But London is on the ropes and second and third movers are staying put, bringing the market to a standstill. According the Halifax, prices nevertheless managed to rise £3,000 last month in this ‘subdued’ market. In this week’s This is Money podcast, editor Simon Lambert, assistant editor Rachel Rickard Straus...


Whatever happened to bitcoin?

Whatever happened to bitcoin? After the mania at the end of last year when the price spiked to almost $20,000, the cryptocurrency took a tumble but more noticeably attention has drained away. You need no greater sign of that than figures showing bitcoin Google searches are down 90 per cent. That adds weight to the argument that much of the late 2017 big leg-up was driven by mainstream punters jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. So with bitcoin largely out of the headlines, is that it...


What on earth has been going on in Italy and what does it mean for your money?

Global financial markets have been flying up and down and all over the place this week and it’s all got to do with one boot-shaped country in the Mediterranean. Italy has found itself embroiled in a power struggle between Eurosceptic populists – winners of the March general election – and the pro-EU establishment. The ramifications have spread across the globe and will affect Britons from big-time investors to anyone building up a pension pot. As we write this a coalition deal has been...


What did Charles Ponzi do - and is money flipping the dumbest scheme yet?

Ever heard of money flipping? It’s a new scheme doing the rounds on Facebook and social media that promises to turn your £50 into potentially thousands. So how do you do that? Simple really, you pay others to get onto the bottom rung of a pyramid and then recruit more people to move you up a level and get paid yourself. What makes it so dumb is that it doesn’t even try to have the legitimate veneer of famous pyramid schemes of the past. It’s a Ponzi scheme, plain and simple, but what is...


How to buy a home with less than £10,000 - but is a small deposit mortgage wise?

High house prices mean that the biggest barrier to buying a home in Britain is raising a deposit. With mortgage interest rates at near record low levels, many would-be homeowners could afford monthly payments - but saving the average £30,000 deposit would take years. For a lot of first-time buyers that means a trip to the Bank of Mum and Dad, but what if that's not an option? It is possible to buy a home without raising tens of thousands of pounds, if you take a 95% mortgage. With one of...


Have you got a pension sorted and are you saving enough?

You don’t need to spend long reading the news to find a warning that Britain isn’t saving enough for retirement. But with a little bit of effort it is possible to get saving so that you can enjoy a richer retirement. On this week’s podcast Simon Lambert, Tanya Jefferies and Georgie Frost discuss how to start a pension, how to improve on the one you’ve got and how to work out if you are investing enough for retirement. They also take a look at how, if you are approaching retirement, you can...


What are 'money mules' and how can we halt this scam in its tracks?

A top bank has formed a 'money mule hunting squad' and is planning to share its secrets with rivals. How does this scam work and what is being done to fight it? Should banks, universities and schools take more action to prevent young people getting sucked into helping hardened criminals hide their cash? And as Nationwide starts turning away grandparents trying to deposit cash for their grandkids, what is behind this new curb on everyday cash transactions? The interest-only mortgage...


Should people cash in on their homes to enjoy life or help their kids?

Should you cash in on your home to help yourself or your kids? As a generation retires with more money in their houses than the bank, this question will only become more pressing. And it’s been a topic of much debate on This is Money this week, as we revealed how a new wave of retirement interest-only mortgages could be about to emerge. Homeowners could use one to have a more comfortable retirement, clear some debt, or hand the kids or grandkids an early inheritance – perhaps to buy a home...


Could house prices really crash from here?

Mumblings of potential big house price falls have emerged again recently to delight the crashists. The 40% number was even mentioned - and that's not happened in a while. The property market is clearly slowing down - and prices are falling in London - but is all this talk of a crash overdone? After a report emerged from an LSE professor a fortnight ago, This is Money readers have been reliving the old house price crash article dream - and the debate in the comments has been as heated as...


Elvis has left the building, robots are taking over our investments, bozos are running our savings

If you pop into the bookies and bung a quid on Elvis Presley still being alive – he died in 1977 - and he shows up as the support act to his heir apparent Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium next year, you’ll win £2,000. Put that pound into a top paying savings account over the same period and you’ll earn just over 1p. This is why stupid savings gimmicks are becoming a thing. It works like this. The provider, bank, building society or app, pays a derisory interest rate but offers a 300% boost to...


The State we’re in: could higher pay for nurses and scrapping university fees boost the economy?

Nurses have had their pay cut every year for the last five years. Students are coming out of our universities with the highest level of debt in the West – higher on average than the USA. Rents are totally out of control. What then are the prospects for our youngsters and for our public sector workers? Is austerity really going to end? It’s complicated and there’s only one person who can explain this in simple, understandable English - Simon Lambert, who, with Georgie Frost and Lee Boyce,...