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#ThisIsMyEra Interviewing highly successful people in various professions who share tips, methods, and philosophies for how they achieve their goals.

#ThisIsMyEra Interviewing highly successful people in various professions who share tips, methods, and philosophies for how they achieve their goals.
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#ThisIsMyEra Interviewing highly successful people in various professions who share tips, methods, and philosophies for how they achieve their goals.






Ep. 14 - "Forging A Lifestyle" with Jonny Caiani & Jeremiah Lee Klingman (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

Lots of guests on the #ThisIsMyEra podcast started making it their era at a young age, but Jonny and Jeremiah – also known as the Richest Kids in Maine – are truly remarkable for having built a million dollar eCommerce business at the ages of just 21 and 22. They taught themselves the ropes of using Amazon as a platform to sell their products and, through trial and error, navigated the learning curve and massively scaled their brand within a single year. In this episode, the Richest Kids in...


Ep. 13 - "Seeing Opportunity in Disguise" with serial entrepreneur Adam House (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

Ready to meet someone who’s not only made this his era, but whose career seems to already span multiple eras? Adam House is a successful serial entrepreneur who’s been running successful companies since age 19. In addition, he’s a dedicated father (listen to the podcast to hear about his son’s entrepreneurial spirit!), a pro basketball player, and on the board of a major philanthropic foundation. In this episode, Alexander Star chats with Adam about how success can follow an unexpected...


Ep. 12 - "How Our Thoughts Shape Reality" with Life Coach Michelle Reeves (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

What do you do when a major life experience shatters your sense of self? When this happened to Michelle Reeves, she faced the difficult task of rebuilding her life from the ground up – and realized that she wasn’t alone in tackling this life challenge. Today, Michelle has found her passion as a certified life and mindset coach, working with women to achieve the best version of their true selves. In this episode, Michelle chats with Kuda Biza and Alexander Star all the way from her home in...


Ep. 11 - “Success through Clarity, Control, and Community” with Entrepreneur Geoff Woods (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

Entrepreneur Geoff Woods thinks that you’ve been working towards success all wrong. And there’s a pretty good chance he’s right. But don’t worry, because in this episode of #ThisIsMyEra the Podcast, Geoff walks us through the “surprisingly simple truths” that will completely transform the way you approach success and taking action towards your goals. Geoff is uniquely qualified to bring us this advice because he lives it out and proves its effectiveness every day. Just over two years ago he...


Ep. 10 - "Embracing Authenticity" with Classical Hip-Hop Duo Black Violin (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

Black Violin is a trailblazing duo of classically trained musicians, Kev Marcus and Wil B, who blend hip-hop with classical music. As a duo, they’ve toured with musicians like Alicia Keys, Lupe Fiasco, Black Thought, 2 Chainz, and The Eagles ⭐️😮⭐️ (If you aren’t familiar with their music, you’ll hear some of it in this episode!) Despite a nearly non-stop tour schedule (see if they’re making a stop near you!) they took the time to sit down with Alexander Star and Kuda Biza to talk about...


Ep. 9 - "Reverse Engineering Success" w/ NBA Champ James Jones (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

Welcome back to the #ThisIsMyEra podcast! In this episode, Alexander Star and Kuda Biza chat with James Jones, 3 time NBA champion with the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers. Jones’s dominance on the court and insatiable drive for success eventually led to him to work on the business side of the NBA, which is a rare feat for former players to achieve. Listen now to learn how James Jones cultivated not one, but two incredible chapters of his career with the NBA, and how reverse engineering...


Ep. 8 - "Letting Your Passion Lead You" with Thespian & Activist Kurtis Dennison (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

Can art, music, and theater change the world? Kurtis Dennison believes they can – and he’s put that belief into action. By harnessing his passion for theatre, Kurtis has turned the arts into a tool for community building and education. He started out by serving as an Americorps volunteer in his native West Virginia and then moved to Rwanda through the Peace Corps. Today, he’s made Rwanda his home and continues to use theatre to make this his era. While in Rwanda for the Ubumuntu Arts...


Ep. 7 - "Creating A Vivid Vision" with Jenna & Travis Zigler (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

Jenna and Travis Zigler are all about vision, in more ways than one. They’re both optometrists who are living life on a mission to end preventable blindness. In order to do so, they’ve created a massively ambitious and creative vision for how to change the world, one pair of glasses at a time. As the founders of Eye Love, a company that sells high-quality, affordable products supporting eye health, Jenna and Travis are able to provide value to their customers while using their business to...


Ep. 6 - "Coffee and Community" with Women’s Empowerment Entrepreneur Maruxa Murphy (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

What happens when you mix a passion for empowering women with a love for coffee? If you’re entrepreneur Maruxa Murphy, you get Perky Perky Coffee, a company that fuses roasting small-batch coffee beans with helping women achieve their fullest potential. In this episode of #ThisIsMyEra the Podcast, Kuda Biza and Alexander Star chat with Maruxa about building a business based on core values, how community can be the foundation of an entrepreneurial venture, and how it’s possible to navigate...


Ep. 5 - "Own Your Journey" with Pro Soccer Star Melissa Ortiz (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

This week we're sitting down with a true change maker who is making this her era. Melissa Ortiz is a world-class athlete and social entrepreneur. Throughout her career as a professional soccer player, she's broken boundaries, becoming the first Colombian woman to play on a professional soccer team in the US. She's played for the Colombian Women's National Football Team, as well as professionally in Boston and Iceland. She's creating real-world change by blazing trails for the next generation...


Ep. 4 - "Passion as a Foundation for Success" with Asoka Veeravagu (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

In this episode of the #ThisIsMyEra Podcast, Kuda Biza and Alexander Star bring you a massively packed conversation with visionary entrepreneur Asoka Veeravagu. Asoka is the co-founder and CEO of Revolve Automotive, a subscription service that lets users drive the latest luxury cars, switching them up as easily as updating a Netflix queue!! Asoka reveals the keys to staying motivated as an entrepreneur in the face of setbacks, and how to relentlessly pursue an idea that will disrupt the way...


Ep. 3 - "Starting Conversations" with Sam Vaghar (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

What’s the key to making big things happen? Sam Vaghar, the executive director of the Millennium Campus Network, was once told to never be afraid of starting a conversation with someone, no matter who that person is. This one piece of advice led to him to build an organization that’s creating massive world change. Today, the Millennium Campus Network is an organization that encourages college students to come together to realize their visions. The MCN works with 300 universities and has...


Ep. 2 - "Taking Massive Action" with Kuda Biza (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

In this second episode of the brand-new #ThisIsMyEra podcast, co-host Kuda Biza sits down with Alexander Star to discuss the power of taking massive action [If you missed it, you’ll definitely want to listen to the first episode, which tells Alexander’s story]. As Kuda tells us in this episode, he first became an entrepreneur at age nine – that’s right, nine – and tirelessly worked to overcome obstacles in order to come to the United States from Zimbabwe as a college student. This episode is...


Ep. 1 - "Seeking Your Core Purpose" with Alexander Star (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)

Welcome to the #ThisIsMyEra podcast! This podcast will inspire you to create huge world change and take massive action. In this very first episode, you’ll get to know Alexander Star, an Emmy-nominated recording musician and good vibes ambassador who lives out the mission of #ThisIsMyEra in all that he does. Alexander Star discusses what it means to find your core purpose, which becomes the starting point for the impact you will make on the world and the actions you will take to accomplish...