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Kano co-founder Alex Klein on fostering curiosity and creation through technology

What have Harry Potter, Steve Wozniak, Los Angeles County School Board and the Indian Prime Minister got in common? They’ve all been part of the story of Kano, a London based computer company intertwining technology, education and entertainment. Today on Tickets I’m joined by Kano’s co-founder Alex Klein. We talk about the future of collective experiences, overcoming the dark times as an entrepreneur, the key ingredients of a compelling Kickstarter campaign, and how a 6 year old’s question...


Tickets Season 2 - Trailer

We're back! Tickets returns for its second season this November. Here's a brief introduction to this season and a bit of back story on how we got to now.


Scaling human connection through music with James Beshara (Head of Music, Airbnb)

On the guest list today is James Beshara, global head of concerts at Airbnb. James leads Airbnb’s growing presence in the world of music experiences, providing guests, hosts and artists with new opportunities to share and enjoy live music. Inevitably it was at our season finale that we finally encountered a ton of of technical problems. Luckily James was more than accommodating - letting us overrun so we got a decent amount of time to chat and rescuing the episode by setting up the recording...


Building a global electronic music brand with Elrow’s Victor de la Serna

What do you get if you combine circus performance, immersive theatre, and electronic music? The answer is Elrow, a global events brand based in Barcelona. The party started at a venue in the city in 2010, but this business goes back to the mid 19th century, staying in the same family for nearly 150 years. On the guest list today is Victor de la Serna, Elrow’s global talent director, overseeing programming for events around the world. In this highly entertaining conversation, we talk about...


What’s next in travel and tourism ticketing with Leith Stevens of Redeam

Think about the last trip you booked. You may have done it all from your mobile phone. Flights - Kayak or SkyScanner. Hotels? Expedia, Tablet, or maybe Hotel Tonight Transfers - well, Uber and Lift make it easy But what about a tour, an exhibition or an attraction at your destination? Even if the booking is online you may still need a paper ticket to gain entry. It’s a headache for both consumers and businesses alike. On the guest list today is Leith Stevens of Redeem, a Colorado based...


The evolution of spaces to places with Bart Higgins, Partner at WhatIf Innovation

As the retail apocalypse looms large, the hospitality and entertainment industries are sitting up to take note, and the world of commercial office real estate is coming under threat like never before. The big question is what happens next. On the guest list today is Bart Higgins, a partner at the international innovation consultancy WhatIf. Bart runs the firm’s 4D Experience practice, helping companies across retail, workspace, hospitality and entertainment identify new business models,...


Fusing music and technology with Sonar Festival’s Ventura Barba

Make a list of the most respected international festivals and Sonar is bound to feature. Starting in 1994 as a 3,000 capacity event in Barcelona, Sonar has grown to host over 120,000 attendees in the city each year and now has a presence in locations as diverse as Istanbul, Buenos Aires and Hong Kong. On the guest list today is Ventura Barba, CEO of Sonar’s parent company Advanced Music. Having known the Sonar founders since that very first edition, he spent time at BMG and Yahoo Music...


Storytelling in VR with Time's Mia Tramz

On the guest list today is Mia Tramz, Editorial Director of Enterprise and Immersive Experiences at Time Magazine. Following a degree in Visuals Arts at Columbia University, Mia began her career as a photo editor before branching out into VR through her role running Time’s Life VR initiative. In this conversation Mia talks about how she tackles telling compelling VR stories across over 30 brands, what’s it like to run a startup within a large organisation, the 4 levels of VR immersion, and...


Blending digital technology and physical space design with Parc Office

On the guest list today are Will Prince and Charlie Marshall, principals at Parc Office, a New York based experience design practice. Blending digital technology with physical environments, Parc’s projects include Google’s Cultural Institute, flagship store design for Adidas, reimagining Le Meridien hotel in Istanbul, and creating a modern day fashion Museum for Gucci in Florence. Listen on for the duo’s insights into the impact of Instagram, how they assess new technologies, customising...


Building, financing, and operating arts and music spaces with Dhruv Chopra

The numerous challenges facing venues of all shapes and sizes have been well documented over the past few years. So how do you go about creating a new place for arts and music in one of the world’s most competitive real estate markets? Dhruv Chopra is one of the three co-founders of Elsewhere, a 24,000 sq ft space in New York that opened at the end of 2017. After a childhood playing in a wide range of bands, Dhruv spent 5 years as an investment manager at Capricorn, before making the move to...


Talent programming from nightclubs to auditoriums with Dave Gamble (Royal Albert Hall)

On the guest list today is Dave Gamble, programming manager at London’s Royal Albert Hall. After starting out at the Roundhouse venue in Camden, he spent 5 years as a promotions manager at the legendary Fabric nightclub before moving to the Royal Albert Hall in 2015. Recorded on the day of the venue’s 147th birthday, in this conversation Dave explains what makes the Royal Albert Hall such a unique performance space, the day to day of being a promoter in a venue holding over 1000 events each...


Next generation guestlists and Nordic innovation with Johan Ekelund

On the guest list today is Johan Ekelund, CEO at Keyflow, a Stockholm based startup helping event producers and venues connect with their guests in more meaningful ways. Johan’s background spans advertising and technology, working as a marketer both agency and client side and also as a product manager for leading video on demand platform. During this conversation Johan shared his thoughts on how brands will be investing into live entertainment in the future, the opportunity for dynamic...


Curation and community with Michelle Grey-Campion

Following stints at leading members club Soho House and Neuehouse, for last 2 years Michelle has been the creative director of the New York Times’ highly respected Times Talk series, featuring a veritable who’s who from across the world of arts and culture. Michelle’s a highly respected curator and programmer, but has a background you may not expect - with a master’s degree in molecular genetics she’s also been a magazine editor and a TV presenter. Recorded just as she’s about to set off on...


The future of the built environment with Ross Guttler

Sustainability is a topic that’s got a lot of attention over the past few years. We know it’s important to create sustainable experiences but what’s the next step we can take? How could we make the built environment better for our health? And how does wellness really inform the quality of experiences we have? New York based research firm Delos have been exploring this theme for nearly a decade, working across sectors including air travel, sports and hospitality to help companies create...


Taking the magic of Broadway around the world with Vincent Marini

Over his career Vincent has produced and directed high profile shows across the globe. He's been the artistic director of one of Ameria's premier state theatres, worked as a special consultant to Cirque du Soleil, and served on the board at a number of cultural trusts and institutions. In his role at Base, he's responsible for bringing all the company's key projects to life - from theatrical plays and musicals, to concerts, magic shows and cutting edge hologram technology experiences. It's...


International boxing and brand partnerships with Adam Morallee

Adam was just about to fly to Las Vegas and was on the move when we recorded this episode, so the audio quality is a little lower than usual. However, the insights are well worth it. Over the course of our 50 minute conversation Adam explains where lawyers, managers and agents can work together more productively; how an international boxing matchup gets made; where the money flows in the modern sports industry; what brands are looking for when partnering with talent; and who he's tipping for...