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The latest trends, technology and insights in the world of international trade, supply chain and receivables finance from Trade Finance Global. Tune in for updates on

The latest trends, technology and insights in the world of international trade, supply chain and receivables finance from Trade Finance Global. Tune in for updates on


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The latest trends, technology and insights in the world of international trade, supply chain and receivables finance from Trade Finance Global. Tune in for updates on






Float or sink: BIMCO discusses eBL adoption, standards, interoperability

Maritime transport is the backbone of international trade and the global economy, with over 80% of the volume of international trade and goods being carried by sea. The shipping industry has seen varying conditions over the course of the last two years, having been greatly impacted by COVID-19 and subsequent supply chain issues. This has been compounded by other events, such as the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. Given the complexity of the topic, Annie Kovacevic sat down with Grant...


The future of BaaS and innovation in the cross-border payments space

To find out more about BaaS and innovations within the sector, Trade Finance Global (TFG) spoke with Valli Ardalan, global head of revenue and sales at Visa Direct, and Barry Rodrigues, EVP Payments Business Unit at Finastra.


SWIFT thinking: how the global payments system can help digitalise trade finance

Businesses and industries that were unprepared for a quick transition to a digital economy were hit hard during the early months and subsequent years. Trade finance was one of these industries. Trade Finance Global (TFG) spoke with Rishikesh Tinaikar, global head of corporates and Trade Go to Market at SWIFT, to further explore the pandemic recovery and how lockdowns are accelerating trade finance’s push toward...


Trade4MSMEs on breaking down international barriers to trade

At the WTO’s Public Forum in September 2022, helping MSMEs access trade and trade finance, especially during the current economic times, has been one of the top agenda items. To learn more about how the WTO is putting its weight behind the cause, Trade Finance Global (TFG) spoke with Uruguay's Ministry of Foreign Relations, Mauro Bruno.


Part 2: Enablers that empower and support women-owned or women-led MSMEs

To learn more about how the WTO is championing women-led MSMEs, Trade Finance Global (TFG) moderated a panel discussion at the WTO Public Forum in September 2022 with leaders in the field. Participants in the WTO panel included Jennifer Buckley, founder and managing director of women-led independent impact investment firm, Sweef Capital; Jessica Espinoza, CEO of gender-focused global investment body, 2X Collaborative; and Susan Barton, team leader, trade strategy and outreach, UK Foreign,...


Part 1: Increasing access to financing and empowering women-owned or women-led MSMEs

Women-led MSMEs are playing a critical role by creating income, generating opportunities, and supplying goods and services used daily in rural and urban areas. Anabel González, WTO deputy director-general, hosted a roundtable discussion at the WTO Public Forum in September 2022. Trade Finance Global (TFG) moderated the event which discussed technology’s role in bridging the financing gap that women-owned MSMEs...


Hipotekarna Banka on trade finance, multilateral support, digital transition in Montenegro

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Trade Facilitation Program forum in Istanbul heavily featured discourse around Southeastern European countries, namely promoting trade into the region. To learn more about the trade ecosystem in the Balkan peninsula, TFG joined Ana Golubovic, a management board member at Hipotekarna Banka in Montenegro,...


Faces of trade: the people behind the policies

Changing this mindset and highlighting the human lives behind international trade policy is what Clara Weinhardt, assistant professor in international relations at Maastricht University, hopes to do with the Faces of Trade Diplomacy project. Find out more:

Correspondent banking in the Caribbean: the impact of ‘derisking’ on the real economy

Following on from the BAFT Annual Annual Meeting in Washington, Trade Finance Global (TFG) sat down with Dalton Lee, chairman of the Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB), to discuss the status of the correspondent banking world, and what cutting such relationships means to Caribbean economies. Find out more:


The lifeblood of global trade: improving financial inclusion for SMEs

TFG spoke to two leading policymakers at the G20 on how to improve financial inclusion for SMEs. Check out the article here:


UKEF, DIT, and TFG release trade and export finance guide

Trade Finance Global (TFG) are delighted to announce the official release of a new trade and export finance guide in partnership with the Department of International Trade (DIT) and UK Export Finance (UKEF). In order to gain more information on the guide, TFG sat down with Mark Abrams, global head of trade and receivables finance, at TFG. Find out more:


Change is in the air: company leaders and hybrid models hailed as lighthouses holding the key

TFG spoke to two leaders in the fields of finance and technology about the changing role of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and hybrid models for streamlining and future-proofing corporate operational processes. Check out the article here:


ITFA’s Sean Edwards on emerging markets and digitisation

Trade Finance Global (TFG) are proud to once again partner with International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA) at their 48th annual conference in Porto. In preparation for the conference, TFG caught up with ITFA’s Chairman, Sean Edwards, to discuss some of the key themes. Edwards outlined two major themes to be expected at the conference this year: digitisation and emerging markets. Find out more:...


The evolution of the UCP 600 and supplementing rules for documentary credits

International trade has faced many challenges in recent years. In addition to COVID-19 taking a toll on the global economy, the conflict in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions against Russia have compounded the effects. In our latest episode, Trade Finance Global (TFG) spoke to UCP 600 expert David Meynell, senior technical advisor for the ICC Banking Commission and digital rules advisor to the Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation, to get more information. Find out more:...


FCI - why the factoring industry is experiencing a boom

The world of factoring has undergone a major boom in the last two years. TFG spoke to one of the world’s largest factoring associations to find out how trade receivables can help solve the liquidity crunch caused by supply chain disruption. Check out this post to find out more:


Fraudbusters – MonetaGo’s CEO on tackling duplicate financing fraud in trade finance via the Trade Finance Registry

With the trade finance gap at an all-time high, some tech companies are creating novel solutions to help combat the wide-scale fraud that has challenged the sector for many years, making it a more attractive space for lenders once again. TFG spoke to Jesse Chenard, CEO of MonetaGo to find out more. Check out this post to find out more:...


Future-proofing trade finance and insurance through technology

Managing risk within lending and underwriting is essential during uncertain times. Given the critical role credit insurance and surety plays within trade and export finance, TFG spoke with Tinubu about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in future-proofing the industry. Find out more:


Technology can reduce risk and save costs if used effectively

With the current macroeconomic and geopolitical landscape looking fairly bleak, financial risk management and the ability for businesses to adapt quickly to changing conditions has never been more important. Technology has a role to play in both. TFG spoke to two leading trade credit risk management experts, Marian Berden and Robert Meters of Schumann on how technology has the potential to help business avoid some of the costs and stresses associated with current economic...


Why the Queen’s speech is about to accelerate the acceptance of digital trade documents into English law

If a new trade bill is passed during the current UK parliamentary term, digital paperwork could be legalised under English Law, which could be a landmark moment for the trade and export industry. On Tuesday, 10 May 2022, Prince Charles stood in for Queen Elizabeth to deliver the Queen's Speech to Parliament... Read more:


Contour on fighting the trade finance gap with digital assets

Trade digitalisation has come a long way in the past half-decade, but there is still much more to do. TFG’s Deepesh Patel sat down with Contour’s CEO Carl Wegner and Chief Product Officer Joshua Kroeker to discuss trade assets, trade receivables, and the distribution of trade finance. Read more: