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Tools to improve your exhibit results

Tools to improve your exhibit results


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Tools to improve your exhibit results




Crafting Memorable Moments at Expos & Events

We all want our trade shows and events to be memorable. Instead they often wind up mostly forgotten by the audience. But Phil Mershon doesn’t believe it has to be that way. Listen in as he shares strategies for how to: Lean into your audience’s interests to create “magical moments” Pay attention to the audience journey (especially for first-timers) Create a culture for serendipity Craft ways to avoid overwhelm Here are links to resources related to our interview: Social Media Marketing World...


Exhibit Strategies for the Sharing Economy

Our economy – and climate – is changing and trade shows need to adapt along with it. In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, Rhiannon Andersen joins us to discuss the Sharing Economy: What is it and how does it fit in with exhibit marketing? What are the benefits for exhibitors and the environment? How can you get buy-in from executives at your company? How can virtual experiences be better integrated into events? Here are the links to resources related to our interview: Why the Sharing...


Improv Skills for Booth Staff

Working a trade show booth requires you to think on your feet and adapt with each visitor who enters your booth. You’ve got to be prepared for almost anything – kind of like taking a turn on an improv stage. So in this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, edutainer Rebecca P. Murray provides expert tips for how to: Develop a hook that will engage attendees Use three key transition phrases Get beyond “stage fright” in the booth Plus … a sprinkle of advice from Mary Poppins and Mr. Rogers Here are...


Discover a New Exhibitor Advocacy Resource

There has never been a more important time for exhibitors to have a voice in the trade show industry. In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, Jessica Sibila introduces us to a brand new group that’s been formed to help address exhibitor challenges and ensure the success of our industry. You’ll discover: What The Exhibitor Advocate is and how it came to be Who it’s created for and what it provides Who had the vision and passion to create it How you can get involved Here are the links to...


Putting Event Tech Trends in Perspective

These days, it’s a full-time job to keep up with what’s happening in event tech. Ideas and tools are changing fast and it’s hard to know which ones you should be incorporating into your trade shows and events. So in this episode, we’re getting some straight-up perspective on what you should be paying attention to, including: How you’re serving those who aren’t showing up for your in-person events How AI (artificial intelligence) can help bring people together What role digital tools play...


Smart Strategies for Video Marketing

The results are in … video is the champion of online content, and you better get in the game. But how do you create videos that get watched, shared, and remembered? Get advice from an expert! Now I don’t profess to be an expert when it comes to video. So I invited my friend, Lou Bortone, to be our guest on Virtual Lunch. Lou is a former executive at E! Entertainment Television as well as an online video guru. In this rebroadcast he shares helpful tips you can put to use before, during and...


Welcome to the New Era of Trade Shows Welcome to the New Era of Trade Shows - TSI17.5

No doubt we all wish we had a crystal ball to see what the future of trade shows might look like. Or do we really need one? If there’s one thing that’s become painfully obvious after the past two years, it’s how unlikely our industry is willing to readily accept change. Anyone who believed that massive innovations would come out of such a seismic shift (like I did) is beginning to realize that far too many event organizers and exhibitors are slipping right back into the same-old, same-old....


Create a Buzz at Your Booth

Do you take your exhibit too seriously? Are you forgetting to have fun in your booth? In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, bestselling author Dr. Bob Nelson (1501 Ways to Reward Employees, Work Made Fun Gets Done!) shares creative ideas and strategies for: Boosting your booth attraction Motivating and rewarding your staff Tapping a hidden resource to connect with attendees on their level Here are the links mentioned in the interview: Low-Cost Ideas (Dr. Bob’s article) Dr. Bob Nelson’s...


Smart Ways to Exhibit Green

The trade show industry isn’t necessarily known for being environmentally responsible – but a few trailblazers are working hard to change that. Al Mercuro is one of them, and in this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch he shares some often overlooked ways to be more sustainable at trade shows and events. You’ll discover how to: Creatively repurpose everything from graphics to print materials Take advantage of EDPA’s new sustainability partnership Tap into solutions you may never have considered...


Why Do You Love Trade Shows?

In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, we’ve got a crowdsourced episode celebrating Build a Better Trade Show Image Week. We’re featuring why YOU love trade shows! Our guest panelists include: Kenji Haroutunian – The Big Gear Show Don Jalbert – Exhibit Associates Victoria Petersen – E3 Events, Experiences, Environments Al Mercuro – Genesis Exhibits Silvana Cheyney – SLC Events Services Marco Barozzi – Expo Consulting Rich Vallaster – Personify Here’s where you can watch the entire Virtual...


Make Your Marketing Message POP! Make Your Marketing Message POP! - TSI17.1

How intriguing is your marketing? Does it make people eager to know more? In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, communications expert Sam Horn shares tips to transform your marketing message from forgettable to memorable. Discover how to: Create repeatable, retweetable titles or taglines Design a visual message Find a meaningful metaphor Capture attention with her “Did You Know?” opening Here are the links mentioned in the interview: Want to Be More Intriguing? Tips for Creating the Perfect...


Proven Secrets for Persuasive Marketing

Have you ever stopped to think about how you’re influenced by marketing – and how your marketing influences others? In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, Nancy Harhut shares ideas that tap the science of human behavior to improve your marketing results. You’ll discover how to: Give buyers choices so the decision is theirs Use pricing strategies that impact audience perception Create a bundle that’s more appealing Name products or offers that appeal to audience interests Create a sense of...


Create a Virtual Event Your Audience Will Love Create a Virtual Event Your Audience Will Love - TSI16.16

In spite of what some may think, virtual events are not a fad that’s run their course. While they may not continue to look like they have over the past two years (or be as ubiquitous), they are a tool that’s worth learning how to master. In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, HeySummit CEO Rob Gelb shares tips to design virtual events that inspire more interest and impact, including how to: Incorporate creative event formats and tools Understand the definition of events (it may not be what...


No Attendee Left Behind No Attendee Left Behind – TSI16.15

Lately the same topic keeps coming up in conversations with exhibitors, show organizers, and other industry professionals. Everyone’s talking about how show floor traffic may be down by 40–50 percent, yet the quality of attendees is much higher. Even small exhibitors are getting more serious leads, which makes them feel their investment is worthwhile. Yet I’m also hearing from those who can’t attend in person. There are many reasons, whether health concerns, budget restrictions, or travel...


Strategies to Increase Your Productivity Strategies to Increase Your Productivity - TSI16.14

Ever feel like your to-do list is managing you, instead of the other way around? In the world of trade shows and events, it definitely can seem like there’s no end to the tasks that are demanding our attention. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, Sandra Martini shares tips for maximizing productivity, including how to: Reframe the idea of a to-do list Gamify the elements of a project Reverse-engineer the process to complete major projects Build in time...


Lessons from an Online Networking Experiment Lessons from an Online Networking Experiment - TSI16.13

Let’s be honest: Networking isn’t always productive, no matter whether it’s in-person or online. In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, Amanda Kaiser shares lessons from a three-month experiment to discover ideas that make networking more fun and engaging. Go behind the scenes to learn: How the Virtual Networking Incubator was born What kinds of technology and exercises work for groups of various sizes Why it helps to have structured networking activities How to encourage participation even...


The Big Gear Show’s Big Success The Big Gear Show's Big Success - TSI16.12

Launching a brand-new trade show in the middle of a pandemic is not a task for average show organizers. But then The Big Gear Show never set out to be average. In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, go behind the scenes to discover how the team: Created an “experiential wonderland” in a non-traditional venue Designed a more affordable trade show option for both exhibitors and attendees Made a lasting impression in their industry Gained valuable lessons for next year and beyond Here are the...


Strategic Social Media Marketing for Events Strategic Social Media Marketing for Events - TSI16.11

Social media has been around a long time, but are we tapping into its full potential when it comes to our events? Monica Vila provides valuable insights, not only from her expertise in social media marketing, but also many years spent working in trade shows and events. In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, you’ll discover how to enhance your social media marketing by: Tapping influencer marketing within your audience Learning from what consumer brands are doing Building community in the...


To Boldly Go … To Boldly Go - TSI16.10

Okay, I admit it – I’m a big Star Trek fan. No, not to the point where I dress up as a Klingon and stroll the aisles of Comic-Con – although I did thoroughly enjoy roaming around with them back when the Star Trek Experience was a Vegas attraction. But I digress … One of the things I love most about Star Trek is the way it shows us the potential of how much life can change for the better in the next 200 or so years. I mean, traveling at warp speed, scanning devices that heal wounds … So


Meet the New Alliance Uniting Our Industry Meet the New Alliance Uniting Our Industry - TSI16.9

As the trade show industry begins to breathe life again, there’s a new place to turn for resources and support to get back in the groove again. In this rebroadcast of Virtual Lunch, Laura Palker tells us about the National Trade Show Alliance: Why the NTSA was formed Who the NTSA is for What resources are available How you can get involved Here are links mentioned during the interview: National Trade Show Alliance Together Again Job Fair & Expo Here’s where you can watch the entire Virtual...