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Incorporating Wellness Into Expos & Events

Inspiration for this episode came from a recent ExpoChat, the weekly Twitter chat sponsored by TSNN. (You’ll find a transcript of that chat here.) The discussion revolved around how trade shows and events can help attendees continue their wellness routines (or discover new ones) while at events. Lots of great ideas surfaced, and so I […]


How to Create Connections at Trade Shows

One of the primary reasons that people continue to attend trade shows in the digital age is because as humans, we crave the feeling of community and connection. We enjoy sharing experiences and solutions with other like-minded individuals. Whether you’re an exhibitor or show organizer, if you can faciliate a way for attendees to connect […]


What to Ask Before Buying Your Next Giveaway Items

If you’ve been in the trade show world for very long, you’ve likely seen examples of giveaways gone horribly wrong. On today’s podcast with guest expert Rama Beerfas, we share stories of low-tech items that went straight to the nearest trash can (or to the hotel maid) and high-tech items that created big safety hazards. […]


6 Keys to Becoming More Attractive (Your Booth, That Is)

Exhibitors often believe it’s the trade show organizer’s job to generate traffic, but that’s not true. The show organizer’s focus is on bringing attendees to the event, but it’s up to you to draw them into your own booth space. One great way to do that is by designing an engaging booth attraction. Today’s attendees […]


How Distinct Are You on the Trade Show Floor?

There’s no doubt we live in a noisy world with thousands of messages constantly flying at us from all directions, both online and off. That assault of information definitely holds true for a trade show floor as well – perhaps even more so because of the concentration of messages in a limited space and timeframe. […]


Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Staffing Your Booth

If you’ve ever been in charge of a booth staff team, you may have discovered that not everyone is cut out for booth duty. Granted, there may be times when you’re told who will be working the booth and you don’t have any say in the decision. But whenever you do have the opportunity to […]


Reflect & Refresh

For this final post of 2018, I want to share some behind-the-scenes insights with you. But first, a huge thank-you for being a reader/listener/fan of Trade Show Insights! You are the reason I do what I do, and I don’t ever want to take you for granted. If you’ve followed me for a while, you […]


Creating a Memorable Experience in a Small Booth

I love helping exhibitors discover the amazing power of trade show marketing! It’s fun to be a part of the brainstorming and strategizing for all aspects of their exhibits. It’s even more fun when I hear reports back from them about how they smashed all goals they had going into the show, and how response […]


Lessons for Exhibitors from a Small Town

I grew up on a farm outside a small-ish town (less than 20,000), and I can remember thinking my dad knew everyone. But that’s how it is in small towns – people take the time to get to know their neighbors and pay attention to what happens in their community and how they can support […]


6 Keys to Managing & Nurturing Leads

It’s an ongoing problem among exhibitors: too many carefully-gathered leads end up leading nowhere! But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple steps you can implement to set your leads on the path to a long-term relationship with your company – and several of them can take place earlier than you may […]


Taking Steps to Keep Events Safe

If you pay attention to the news, you can't miss what should be warning signs: hurricanes, wildfires, mass shootings such as the one in Las Vegas, and other tragedies like the recent Branson Duck Boat incident. But when was the last time you paid attention to the news to discern what lessons you can learn and apply at your events? Today's guest expert is Joan Eisenstodt, who guides us through the "what-if's" of risk planning. Disclaimer: Neither Joan or I are attorneys, nor are we providing...


How to Score More Trade Show Leads Using Gamification Strategies

Gamification. It’s a word you’ve probably been hearing a lot in the business world lately. But have you taken steps to implement it into your exhibit marketing? Today’s guest expert is Samuel J. Smith from Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC. Scroll down to listen as he not only explains what gamification is, but also gives you […]


Small Tweaks, Big Results

Successful exhibit marketing isn’t the result of one “magic wand” thing you do. It happens because you take the time to think through the entire process and make adjustments as needed. So along those lines, here are six tweaks you can make that probably won’t cost all that much (some are entirely free), but will […]


Lead Management in a Post-GDPR World

Chances are you’re still recovering from all the mad rush to comply with the GDPR deadline last month. But just because that date has passed doesn’t mean you can relax just yet. Today’s guest expert is Jay Tokosch, CEO of Core-apps. Scroll down to listen as he offers some post-GDPR tips and a bit of […]


Direct Mail Strategies for Trade Shows

If you think direct mail is an “old-school tool,” you don’t understand the power of today’s technology. Today’s guest expert is Gina Danner, CEO of NextPage in Kansas City. Scroll down to listen as she shares how direct mail has evolved with options such as: Blended online/offline marketing campaigns Personalized mailings that go far beyond […]


Do You Care What Happens After the Show?

How focused are you on what happens to the leads you gathered once the trade show is over? Perhaps you answered that “It’s not my problem – I simply hand them off to the sales department (or someone else).” But you know what? Even if that’s the case, you want to take steps to ensure […]


Success Strategies for Small Exhibits

It’s a challenge I hear from exhibitors all the time: How can we possibly stand out with only a 10-by-10-foot booth in a sea of (much larger) exhibits? And while that scenario may feel impossible to overcome, it really isn’t. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, how well known you […]


11 Secrets of Successful Trade Show Attendees

No matter whether you’re an exhibitor or a show organizer, there are often times when you may also be walking the show floor as an attendee. Do you know how to make the most of that role? Here are a few strategic tips for before, during, and after the show that will make you more […]


How Five Print Guys Took Over a Trade Show

Making a huge splash at a trade show isn’t limited to the biggest exhibits or the biggest budgets. International Paper (IP) proved that when they became the talk of the Adobe MAX show by creating a family of Print Guys who came to life with the help of augmented reality. Today’s guest expert is Emilee […]


Why Having Fun Matters

If you’re a follower of Trade Show Insights – or you’ve attended any of my workshops – you’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of rewarding your team. Celebrating your wins not only results in happier teammates and reduced stress, but it also helps to build a feeling of community and camaraderie among your […]