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T@W Episode 9 - Modernizing Legacy Tech in Manufacturing: Should You Fix It Even if It Ain’t Broke?

The last few years have put all the systems we rely on to the test, especially in manufacturing, which has had to deal with massive supply chain disruptions and sudden changes in cost. In many cases, these issues collided with technology that, while not necessarily broken, had gone several years without investment and was closing in on obsolete even before the pandemic hit. The reality is, manufacturers need to start modernizing their infrastructure to meet the needs of the current market —...


T@W Episode 8 - Meeting The Customer Where They Are - The Whys & Hows Of Digital Contact Centers

The ways customers interact with businesses have changed, and financial services organizations need to adapt to that if they want to stay competitive. But with so many channels for customer interaction (and seemingly more every day), how can businesses keep up? For many organizations, the answer lies in digital contact centers. These innovative, comprehensive platforms allow employees to capably manage customer requests, regulatory issues, and ongoing cases… wherever they come from. In this...


T@W Episode 7 - A New Diagnosis - How Providers Are Using Salesforce To Address Major Market Shifts

Patients and providers alike are living through a historic moment in the healthcare industry. COVID-19 and the resulting shifts in telemedicine (as well as the resulting issues with practitioner burnout) have significantly changed consumer expectations around 24/7 care and, in many cases, impacted patient trust in healthcare institutions. Providers and payers need better tools for providing personalized, on-demand healthcare experiences if they hope to overcome these seismic shifts. In this...


T@W Episode 6 - Relationship Building in Distribution: Can Automation Improve Sales Rep Performance?

In the eyes of many team leaders, especially in manufacturing and distribution, automating sales and account management runs the risk of losing those real, genuine relationships that deliver value back to the business year after year. But the reality is, by giving your sales reps and account managers the tools to automate daily processes, you might be able to make them even more effective at building those exact same relationships. In this episode of Transformation @ Work, we look at the...


T@W Episode 5 - Customer Mapping in Admissions: How Educators Can Help Students Grow From Day One

Can you define your educational institution’s ideal student customer? Targeting the wrong students in your recruitment efforts can lead to lower admissions numbers, greater student churn, and a general lack of trust in the institution’s ability to help students succeed. But for administrators looking for a clearer picture of their ideal customer, digitalization can provide an invaluable starting point. In this episode of Transformation @ Work, we look at customer mapping in education: how...


T@W Episode 4 - Humanizing Healthcare: How Providers Can Move the Needle on Customer Experience

If you’ve sought medical care, tried to fill a prescription, or just read a hospital bill lately, you probably already know the hard truth: healthcare has become dehumanized. There are valid reasons for the shift; after all, providers have long struggled with interoperability, personnel workloads, and the ever-growing problem of confidentiality. But the end result is the same: a sub-par customer experience that strains the trust between patient and provider. Thankfully, digitalization can...


T@W Episode 3 - When Business Culture Blocks Change: How Leaders Can Make Digitalization Happen

One of the biggest challenges team leaders face when advocating for digital transformation isn’t the technology itself, or even regulatory issues — it’s making digitalization seem like a viable option. This is especially true in Financial Services, where regulation, legacy hardware, and interwoven processes create cultures that are resistant, or even outright hostile, to change. On this episode of Transformation @ Work, we discuss what happens when business culture blocks digital...


T@W Episode 2 - Keep Students On-Track for Success: How Digitalization Can Deepen Relationships

An institution's job is to keep students on-track to academic success. But the reality is, there are plenty of factors — from mental health degradations, to overworking, poor program fit, and more — that can cause learners to stumble along the way. How can administrators proactively address these pitfalls, and keep students moving forward? Digitalized journey mapping might just provide an answer. In this episode of Transformation @ Work, we look at how having a detailed journey map and easy...


T@W Episode 1 - Back Office Hyperautomation: Eliminate Unnecessary Workflows With Salesforce

Hyperautomation is one of the biggest talking points in manufacturing — but often when we talk about it, we have a fairly limited scope of what it can mean. We might consider how to bring hyperautomation to the shop floor through robotics and machine learning, or discuss new ways to automate assembly. However, we all too often overlook more immediately pragmatic opportunities to streamline processes and workflows in the back office. In this episode of Transformation @ Work, we explore how to...


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