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053: Unleash Your Creative Power of Love

Today we discuss unleashing the creative power of love and what happens when you do. Our guest, Lea Bayles, suffered an extreme immune system crash and needed to find a new way to live. She shares her story of learning to listen more fully to her heart, body, soul, and the deep inner power of healing and transformation that we each have inside ourselves. We Discuss: Learn More About Hosts Paula Shaw and Ken D Foster Visit:


052: Navigating Life Transitions Through the Art of Visionary Yoga

Today we discuss what it takes to be a visionary and how to transform your life through the power of yoga. Our guest, Mariko Hirakawa, is dedicated to positioning yoga as something far beyond fitness and shares how it’s the ultimate tool for the evolution of human consciousness and tapping into a space of unlimited possibilities. We Discuss: Learn More About Hosts Paula Shaw and Ken D Foster Visit:


051: The Power of The Heart

Today we discuss the power of the heart and how coming from a heart-centered place can impact our lives in an extremely powerful way. Our first guest, Shirlene Reeves, shares her powerful secrets about selling through the heart. We are all responsible for selling on some level, and with Shirlene’s 3-Step Sales Waltz you’ll never need to feel pushy or inauthentic again! Our second guest, Brenda Adelman, shares the utterly tragic experience in her life that led to her journey of finding...


050: The Power of Personal Passion

Today we discuss the power of personal passion and how it can be used as fuel to push past limitations and overcome tragic obstacles in life. Our first guest, Marie White, has lived through what many parents feel would be their worst nightmare, and that is the abduction of her child. She has taken her family's pain and turned it into a guidebook for others which includes the coping mechanisms that allowed her family to survive and thrive. Our second guest, Altovise Pelzer, took her...


049: Talk That Gets Results

Today we discuss talk that gets results so that we can all learn to communicate more effectively. Our guest, Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer, shares her insight on effective communication, leading with power, and becoming a self-aware, intentional leader. We Discuss: Learn More About Hosts Paula Shaw and Ken D Foster Visit:


048: Wings of Success

Today we discuss accomplishing dreams one step at a time by finding our wings and flying straight towards success. Our first guest, award-winning journalist Melinda Wittstock, shares how she overcame obstacles in her life and leads other women to entrepreneurial success by helping them achieve the right mindset to manifest the money and mojo they need to land their moonshot. Our second guest, Denise Korenek, and her coach and three-time Olympian, John Howard, share the journey of getting...


047: The Naked Truth About Self-Love

Today we discuss moving past our negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and conditioning to living a life full of acceptance, fulfillment, and self-love. Our first guest, Caley Versfelt, along with her mother, Shail Versfelt, shares her mission to spread acceptance and inclusion for all people, as well as her powerful message that "kindness is contagious." Our second guest, Joie Cheng, shares the naked truth behind her journey from depression to self-love and her passion for helping...


046: The Age of Anti-Aging

We all want to be young forever, and the fountain of youth is something that many of us are in search of. Today we are going to find out where it is and how to access it. Our guest, David Schmidt of LifeWave Technology, shares some amazing secrets about anti-aging, being healthy, and staying pain-free. We Discuss: Learn More About Hosts Paula Shaw and Ken D Foster Visit:


045: Health and Love That Lasts

Today we discuss two hot topics - health and love. Our first guest, Emunah Malinovitz, is an expert on conscious relationships, sex, and masculine and feminine energy. This goddess of love shares amazing information that she's learned throughout her journey about how to have better relationships, stronger communication, and a deeper connection with your partner (just in time for Valentine's Day!). Our second guest, Megan Fenyoe, is a Health and Mindset Coach with Mission Strength who...


044: From Stardom to Service

Today we discuss amazing people who have made the transition from stardom to service by making an impactful difference in the world. With the Super Bowl just around the corner it seems pretty fitting that our guests, Lynell Hamilton, 2010 Super Bowl Champion with the New Orleans Saints, and Brock Watson, the commissioner of NFL Leagues United, are joining us to share how they’re applying their knowledge, experience, and love of football towards making a big difference in the lives of...


043: Love and Money Made Easy

Today we discuss love and money – two of the most difficult areas in so many people’s lives. Our guest, Glenda Shenkal, also known as the “True Love Guru,” shares helpful insight on finding true love and transitioning from the single life to a happily partnered life. Our sponsor, Cheri Blair with MJL & Associates, talks with us about how women can take control of their finances instead of making a man their financial plan. We Discuss: Learn More About Hosts Paula Shaw and Ken D...


042: Transitions to Save Our Seas

Today we discuss transitions to save our seas and making the right choices to change the way that we treat our environment. Our guest, Don Kent, shares practical solutions to the most critical conservation challenges facing the marine ecosystem and species. We Discuss: What’s happening in our oceans and how we can help Learn More About Hosts Paula Shaw and Ken D Foster Visit:


041: The Courage to Change Everything in the New Year

Today we discuss the courage it takes to change, along with five secrets to peak performance in the new year! We Discuss: Why people tend to build up a resistance to changeWhat to say when you don’t know what to sayHelping others heal in a time of griefThe 5 secrets to peak performance in the new yearHow to transition from where you are to where you want to beCutting ties with anything that didn’t work for you last yearHow to handle conflict and emotional outbursts with othersWays that...


040: Maximizing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Today we discuss harnessing your entrepreneurial ADD to kick your business off to an amazing start this year! Our guest, Dr. Elisa Magill, talks about empowering entrepreneurs to manage workplace relationships, everyday distractions, and build the mindset for optimal growth and productivity. Elisa has spent decades studying the brain and individual differences, looking for ways to help people reach their true potential and energize their brain, body, and business… living life by design...


039: A New You in the New Year

Today we discuss the pros and cons of resolutions and why they don't usually work, along with how you can have more vitality and greater enthusiasm in the new year! Our guest, Yvonne Larson, shares how to break the vicious cycle of failure and invites you to give yourself the gift of living your optimal life by never making a New Year's Resolution again. If you are a Solopreneur seeking to successfully navigate the critical conversations of exhaustion, overwhelm, and isolation, you need...


038: The Art of Holiday Happiness

Today we discuss reducing stress during the holidays and tips and strategies for bringing more joy into your life. Our first guest, Sandra Millers Younger, shares her story of surviving through the 2002 San Diego wildfires and her ComeBACK Formula for transforming crisis into possibility. Our second guest, Gary Sinclair, is a leader in energy medicine and shares his outlook on love and healing, as well as his latest work, Soul Link, which produces 100% successful results for neutralizing...


037: Fun, Food, and Fitness

Today we discuss food, fun, and fitness. Our first guests, Tien Nguyen and Khang Nguyen of Fittech Software, join us to talk about an amazing app for fitness. Our next guest, Cherimarie Poulos of Carlsbad Food Tours, shares her knowledge about starting a food tour business and what the tours entail. We Discuss: Learn More About Hosts Paula Shaw and Ken D Foster Visit:


036: Living a life of Purpose – Examples of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Today we have three amazing guests join us to discuss living a life of purpose and solutions for women in transitions. Our first guest, Christine Garde, shares some inspirational stories about her prior work with gang members in South San Diego and also some of her current work in Mozambique, Africa where she focuses on two primary needs: education and feminine hygiene. Our second guest, Natasha Todorovic-Cowan, discusses how too much has been made of a thin generation gap but not enough...


035: Finding Pleasure in the Holidays

Today we talk about how to increase your pleasure during the holidays and every day. Our guest, Caroline Andrews, is a Relationship Coach and expert on the Power of Pleasure. She shares helpful advice for fueling your energy and relationships with the joy of finding pleasure. We Discuss: Learn More About Hosts Paula Shaw and Ken D Foster Visit:


034: Breaking Rules to Succeed

Today we discuss going past the rules and rule makers to create your own success. Our guest, Valorie Hubbard, is one of the original rule breakers and is out encouraging the masses to break rules, too. She joins us to talk about the possibilities that can come from breaking the mold of how things are “supposed” to be done. We Discuss: Learn More About Hosts Paula Shaw and Ken D Foster Visit: