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Weekly podcast relating to educating the public on finance and true wealth. Podcast will be released weekly on Wednesdays.

Weekly podcast relating to educating the public on finance and true wealth. Podcast will be released weekly on Wednesdays.


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Weekly podcast relating to educating the public on finance and true wealth. Podcast will be released weekly on Wednesdays.






Investment Analysis With a Side Order of Emotion

David and Matt have a conversation on unintentional bias in our financial decisions. We can be deceived by our preconceived notions. Learn how to improve your investment decisions by tuning in.

How To Maximize the Dollars You Earn

Should I open a retirement account or invest in real estate? How can I make the best possible use of the money I earn? This week David and Matt discuss the Federal Reserve and inflation while also breaking down how to examine your own financial status.

Why Did the Stock Price Go Down?

If a company is growing, sales are improving, and margins are healthy, yet the stock price took a tumble, where is the disconnect? David talks about his favorite store, and we get a lesson as to why valuations can fluctuate.

The Economic Roller-Coaster

Are we already in a recession? We look at 10 indicators and wonder how much lower we can go? How long it will persist if it does as the economy experiences waves of expansion, peak, contraction, and trough before repeating the cycle. David offers some illuminating data that can make you rethink your assumptions. This is a nerdy episode that you must watch!

Catapulting Towards Capitulation?

Is the market expected to rise or fall from here? Although we can't be certain, David starts a heated argument to demonstrate how each side can support their position. Is capitulation on the horizon? Where are we and where do we go from here? You definitely won't want to miss this episode.

The Cost of Fear

How much lower can the market go? David and Matt discuss how retail investors fleeing the market can provide opportunities for institutional investors to drive prices higher and make a profit. Today we learn about ways you can avoid making costly mistakes.

Go-Go, Slow-Go, No-Go

Matt and Justin talk about the different stages of retirement. Even if you are years away from retirement, this is a show you won't want to miss. Find out ways you can better optimize your spending and have more fun in the later stages of life.

What Does Inflation Mean for Investors?

Inflation is the talk of the town. With all the buzz around rising costs, the question becomes, "How is inflation really measured?" Tune in as David and Matt break it down.

Plan, Calculate, Invest, Have Fun

With purposeful planning, we may use our vision to develop long-term goals that are more likely to be met. Listen in as David and Matt discuss how to develop SMART goals that can enhance your financial future.

How Algorithms Influence Confirmation Bias

As you explore the internet and the computer system learns more about you, it may be possible for you to receive biased information. Today, David and Matt discuss how we should exercise caution when clinging to strong ideals.

Despite Expansion, the Stock Price has Declined

How is it possible for a company's revenue and earnings to climb quarter after quarter and year after year while its stock price plummets? Listen in as David and Matt discuss how the market is sneezing and corporations are getting a cold.

When is Good News Bad and Bad News Good?

With a title this mysterious, it would be a total spoiler alert to give you a description. You're just going to have to join in and listen to find out how good news can potentially have a negative impact on the market. Oh wait, I've already said too much.

Bear Market History

2022 market corrections leave us scratching our heads as to what's next and where do we go from here. We take a trip down memory lane to look at three major market meltdowns and to analyze how long they lasted vs. how quickly they recovered. You might be surprised at the results. This is an episode you won't want to miss.

The Purple, Glittery, Unicorn Engraved Yardstick: How to Measure Your Investments

Successful investors avoid using their emotions, set good rules and have realistic expectations. They grade themselves, learn and improve. Listen in as David and Matt talk about the importance of using consistent measurements for downside and upside movements in the market.

Market Shellacking

A blood bath in the markets calls David and Matt to look at the Price to Earnings ratio and breakdown what is happening in the major indices. We look at the NASDAQ vs. the Dow and talk about how the difference in holdings and performance is an indicator of areas in which the market might be 'propped up.'


Correlating Mortgage Rates and the Bond Market

As mortgage rates skyrocket and the cost of capital rises, how long before bonds enter the conversation? Are we about to start seeing a structural shift in the market?

Inflation, Deflation and Stagflation

We all know the basics behind inflation and deflation, but what is stagflation and are we experiencing it right now? Let’s look at stagflation and what it might mean for the markets. Multiple decades ago, we saw stagflation. What happened then and what might happen now?

Growing Technology and Personal Relationship

As technology blossoms and the metaverse adopts virtual reality, how does the face of business change? Do we start to see virtual conference rooms? One thing we know for sure is personal connection is more important than ever. Tune in to hear our different theories on how technology is rapidly changing and what is might mean for our future.

401K, 401K, 401K

What are we talking about today? You guessed it, 401K's! Our super smart, super awesome guest Kent Smoothers steals the stage and details some of the dirty little secrets about 401k's that you need to know as investor.

Bias and How It Affects Your Investing

Justin and Matt talk about multiple different ways we are biased in our investment strategies. By becoming aware of your weaknesses, you can make more rational decisions as an investor.