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Always lead with integrity. Never lead alone. This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It's a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.

Always lead with integrity. Never lead alone. This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It's a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.


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Always lead with integrity. Never lead alone. This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It's a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.






TAG 127 - When Your Day Needs A Miracle

There are those challenging times as an entrepreneur when you wake up knowing there is only one way you're going to get through your day without it ending up a total disaster. It's going to take a miracle. Yet, as crazy as it may seem, there is strategy, technique and experience involved when it comes to pulling off a miracle. These are skills which the most effective and battle tested leaders know well. Join Michael and Jim as they explore this topic and provide some...miraculous...


TAG 126 - Stepping Through The Doors Of Opportunity

So often, you hear entrepreneurs saying they are waiting for their "big break" or they are hoping for their "ship to come in". Sadly. That could be a very long wait. In fact, there is a good chance that ship might never make it to shore to pick you up. Being a business owner is more about learning how to row a boat than waiting for a luxury liner to arrive. Still, there are doors of opportunity that are opening and closing all around you. Which ones should you choose to walk...


TAG 125 - The Impact Of Just Showing Up

Leaders and entrepreneurs are among the busiest, most stressed out and exhausted people there are. So should we excuse you when you decide not to show up to an event you were expected to attend? Not if we're going to hold you up to the highest standards of excellence! The impact of "just showing up" cannot be overvalued when it comes to being successful. Even during those times when it's the last thing you feel like doing. Join Michael and Jim in their 125th episode of the Two Are...


TAG 124 - Jumping Into The Deep End Of The Pool

Entrepreneurs often start off their journeys with unrealistic expectations. They want to leave their job, launch a new business and start their new life...without any risk of failure. Many new business owners are oftentimes hoping for the impossible. They want to be able to jump into the pool, without getting wet. Yet, instead of making a splash, many of them quickly discover they aren't any good at swimming. There is good news, however. You can jump into the deep end of the pool, and...


TAG 123 - Should We Fake It Until We Make It?

Many leaders and business owners as they are getting started...or even midway through their company's development...experience what's known as Imposter Syndrome. Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs will admit they still suffer from bouts of Imposter Syndrome where they feel completely over their heads, underqualified and totally overwhelmed. What are you supposed to do when you encounter this common affliction of entrepreneurs? Many will say, "Fake it until you make it." What do Michael...


TAG 122 - Its All About Relationships

If your business is struggling...99% of the time it will come down to've got a people problem. DISCONNECTED. OUT OF TOUCH. You started a business to fill your needs...rather than the needs of the people you're supposed to be serving. Relationships are the single most important aspect of launching, growing and sustaining a business. Don't believe this? Then you really need to listen to this episode. Join Michael and Jim for this extensive exploration of the role relationships...


TAG 121 - Plausible Denialability

Plausible denialability? What's that?'s a who new entrepreneurial term created and explained here in the Two Are Gathered Leadership Podcast. What does it mean? be a successful entrepreneur you need to be able to function while often firmly being in a state of "denial". Because, there are too many times when things seem impossible, and you're the only one to carry the vision forward. Yet, there also needs to be a level of "plausibility" to these dreams, or you'll take...


TAG 120 - Dealing With Frustration

The experience of being an entrepreneur who created something out of nothing and then ultimately climbed the highest mountain of their's such a great feeling.'s also...SO FRUSTRATING. And, having to manage all of this frustration? It just makes you all the more frustrated. It's just something they don't teach you in business school. It's even left out of the fine print of those franchise agreements. Owning a business is so frustrating! But, here's the good news....


TAG 119 - Perfect Timing In Leadership

Whether you're a jazz musician, a ballet dancer or even a've got to have to perfect timing. The same is true with leadership. The most skilled leaders have perfect timing. This is not a topic you hear discussed in too many business circles, but it may be one of the most important leadership skills to master. Everyday...without fail, you should be asking, "Is this the right time to have THAT discussion with my employee?" or "Is this the right moment to ask for the order?" or...


TAG 118 - Telling The Truth

Most leaders lie on occasion. Some tell little lies. Some tell medium lies. And, then there are those who frequently tell Big Whoppers. Those are usually who you would refer to as failing leaders...maybe even former leaders...because in leadership, your lying always catches up with you. For some, there is a belief you should have lying as one of your advanced leadership skill sets. Let’s call it Strategic Deception. However; there is a vastly superior skill in the leadership toolkit. It's...


TAG 117 - Beating The Clock

There is one principle in business that always rings true...and it rings like a gong. That is, you're always going to have competition. And, in business there is a competitor we all share in common...and it's a fierce opponent. In just about all cases it's our most challenging foe. It never sleeps, it's unrelenting, it's unforgiving. It's time. Time is our greatest opponent. As a leader, you either beat the clock or the clock will beat you. Join Michael and Jim as they share keen...


TAG 116 - The Attitude Of Leadership Gratitude

One of the most important traits required to being a successful and transformational leader is often the least discussed. And, that's having an attitude of gratitude. In exploring the key characteristics of a skilled leader, there are many strengths that come easily to mind...ones like vision, fortitude, perseverance and communication. Yet, employee survey after employee survey affirm that having a culture of gratitude is what is most important to our teams. Join Michael and Jim in this...


TAG 115 - Entrepreneurial Detoxing

Everybody knew being an entrepreneur wasn't going to be easy...but who knew it would be this tough? Just when you think you're out of the stressful elements of your operation...they pull you back in again! Yet, we're doing this crazy business owning thing because somewhere deep down...really deep down on some days...we love what we do. Why is it that we can so enjoy chasing the dream...but this pursuit can also create such high levels of stress that it's literally unhealthy? Join Michael...


TAG 114 - Earning The Trust Of Your People

Here is the truth when it comes to being an entrepreneur or an organizational founder. Capital matters. But there is something that matters even more. Yes...if you've got the money to invest in your'll have a shorter path and easier ride to where you're heading. But, there is something that your money can't buy you as a leader. And, that's the trust of your people. In fact, no matter how well funded you won't be able to function as a leader in your business if you...


TAG 113 - Finding Freedom As An Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs are NOT free. Many of them have constructed an elaborate prison of their own making. Sadly, in many cases, this prison of their business is not only for them, but for their family as well. You can see this written on the faces of so many entrepreneurs. The lines in their faces...the concerns in their eyes....the fidgeting of their hands. And, even some of those you would consider among the most successful business people...they've never really tasted freedom as an...


TAG 112 - The Power Of Belief

As business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors and wild-eyed dreamers...we are part of the creative energy of change. Hopefully, this is positive change...sometimes incremental and occasionally revolutionary. But throughout it all, for us to have leadership the fundamental level...we must be BELIEF PEDDLERS. If you don't believe in anything...ain't nobody following you. It's really the only reason why leadership is worth all of the trouble in the end. You have something you...


TAG 111 - Painfully And Powerfully Self-Aware

As leaders, it's important we spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Not to improve our good looks, but rather to make us stronger leaders. It's about being self-aware. Sadly...there are too few leaders who are self-aware of who they are in their roles and how they are perceived by those who follow them. Many are literally drowning in pools of self-delusion, and the worst part is they have no idea they are even wet. The hidden truth about being self-aware, and humble in your...


TAG 110 - The Managed Reactions Of A Skilled Leader

As leaders...we are not in control. It's sad. It can be difficult to deal with this truth. leaders we are not in control. This is one of the areas where leaders fall prey to delusion more than just about anything else. We want to be in control. We want absolute control...because we're control freaks. But, we're not in control. And this creates great frustration and disappointment. We can influence the circumstances around us. We can plan well, to minimize disruption. We can train...


TAG 109 - Working With Difficult People

In the pursuit of a grand vision, a noble dream, leaders will always have to face obstacles along the trail to success. Perhaps none greater is having to work with difficult people. You can't be a leader if you're alone on an island. To get where you need to go, you're going to have work with other people. This means you're going to be dealing with teams, with partners, with business associates, with superiors, with employees, with vendors and with clients. One thing is absolutely for...


TAG 108 - The Precision Filters Of Leadership Success

Leaders are wild horses by nature. We want to roam the open ranges. Any talk about rules or exercising restraint are conversations we don't really enjoy having. But, we're going to have that important conversation today anyway. In photography, you use polarizing filters to cut down the glare. Much in the same way, professional leaders must also master the process of using filters. It's because not everyone around us has the same level of passion and vision. Not everyone around us has as...