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Always lead with integrity. Never lead alone. This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It's a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.

Always lead with integrity. Never lead alone. This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It's a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.


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Always lead with integrity. Never lead alone. This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It's a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.






TAG 083 - Leadership During A Crisis

There is no more significant need of great leaders in the world, than when there is a crisis. When everything around you has shifted, when all of the rules have suddenly changed, when the right decisions, the right actions are needed...and needed quickly...excellence in leadership is required. And when it comes to your business...that leader is you. Join Michael and Jim as they share the wisdom earned through hard lessons in order to help you maximize your leadership skills during a...


TAG 082 - Do You Have What It Takes To Start A Business?

"Do I have what it takes to start a business?" Let's be honest. If you're working for someone else...and you're a leader, someone who enjoys designing a vision, building a team, and pursuing a goal, then you've already asked yourself this question. You've wondered, "Why am I grinding away so hard at building something for someone else? For making someone else more wealthy?" Yes...friends, at some point in your've probably asked yourself..."Do I have what it takes to start a...


TAG 081 - Getting Customers To Love You

Today's markets are so competitive, that for you to succeed in business, you can't swim in the waters of mediocrity. You've got to be exceptional. And even being exceptional will only get you so far. It will help you launch a company, and to have a good run at selling products or services. But, if you want to build something to last, something with long-term impact, it needs to rise to an even higher level. Join Michael and Jim as they provide key insights into getting your customers to...


TAG 080 - The Art And Heart Of Breaking Bad News

Being an entrepreneur is a wonderfully wild journey...full of winding roads, deep shadowy valleys and glorious peaks. It really is a Dickensian that it's "the best of times...and it's the worst of times." When it comes to worst of times..pretty high on that list are those moments when you have to share some bad news. Yet, doing it correctly, can make all of the difference in your role as a leader. Join Michael and Jim as they discuss the art and heart of breaking bad news.


TAG 079 - The Language Of Leadership

Successful leaders need to be effective communicators. This requires specific skill at using the language of leadership. Not all entrepreneurs launch their businesses with sharp communication skills. In fact, few ever do. The good news is the ability to communicate with power and precision is an acquired skill set. It can be learned. It can be developed day by day if you make it a priority, as you should. Join Michael and Jim as they explore important facets of the language of leadership.


TAG 078 - What To Do AFTER The Big Victory

Every leader knows the role of perseverance in running a business. They understand the importance of overcoming obstacles on the pathway to success. Yet, few leaders every really consider what they'll do when success finally arrives. Surprisingly, this is one of the greatest causes of depression for entrepreneurs and goal setters. They finally reach their destination and they are overcome with one single, overwhelming sentiment: "Is this it?" Join Michael and Jim as they discuss a topic...


TAG 077 - Rekindling The Leadership Fire

Sometimes an entrepreneur can experience seasons of defeat. These are moments when you're too deep in the valleys to even catch a glimpse of the peaks. Depression runs rampant among business owners and much of it is caused by the fatigue of stress and disappointment. It's understandable in these times to find yourself in a place where your emotional embers are down to a dull glow. But, don't despair! Oftentimes, it just takes some fresh winds to get the fires raging again. Join Michael...


TAG 076 - The Do's And Don'ts Of Outsourcing

Getting overwhelmed. Getting over our heads. This is a very common issue with entrepreneurs and one that needs to be avoided. It's one thing to be swimming in deep waters. It's another thing to be drowning. Fortunately, in business, when you're in those deep waters, there are different types of lifesavers and life rafts that can assist you when you're too short on time and too long on responsibilities. And, one of the most powerful flotation devices is something called outsourcing. Yet,...


TAG 075 - The Mountaintop Experiences Of Leadership

The heartbreak. The seemingly insurmountable challenges. Even failure. These are all part of the entrepreneurial journey. Yet, there are those times. Those sweet, sweet moments when a plan comes together. When your team beats all odds. You overcome. And, above the clouds, with an unbelievable view below of all you've accomplished, it is all suddenly and powerfully worth the struggle. Join Michael and Jim in this special 75th episode of the Two Are Gathered Leadership podcast where...


TAG 074 - Trusting Your Problems On The Shoulders Of Others

Most entrepreneurs struggle from the "Lone Ranger Syndrome" in that they try to carry all of their company's challenges on their own shoulders. Yet, it doesn't take too long for most business owners to realize this is a recipe for burnout and poor leadership performance. Still, you can get yourself in big trouble if you share your troubles with the wrong people. So what do you do? listen to Michael and Jim in this important episode detailing key strategies around lifting your...


TAG 073 - Knowing When To Make A Change

One of the most important leadership capabilities an entrepreneur can have is knowing the right times to make changes in their organizations. Too often, we act too quickly or too slowly. Skilled, experienced leaders are instinctively strong when it comes knowing exactly when to pull the trigger on decisions large and small. Join Michael and Jim as they share insights into developing this critical skillset for the benefit of your organization.


TAG 072 - The Leadership Survival Skill Of Sense Of Humor

There is so much that can go wrong in owning a business, and too often it all goes wrong at the same time. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh. And, this is not a bad thing. That is, if you are using the strategic leadership skill of having a sense of humor. So often, the entrepreneurial stress can get overwhelming and if you don't face your challenges with some humility and levity, then they will consume you. Join Michael and Jim as they share the infrequently discussed, yet highly...


TAG 071 - The Power Of Perseverance

One of the single most important traits of a successful entrepreneur is perseverance. You can't reach the prize, if you're too quick to quit when times get tough. But, actually the pathway to success is much more complicated than just having perseverance. You need to know how to use it properly. This is because there is a thin line between perseverance and delusion. Get this wrong, and you're going to end up leaving a path of destruction. Join Michael and Jim as they discuss the finer,...


TAG 070 - Cleaning Up After Your Leadership Messes

All leaders make mistakes. And, because we are so stubborn and persistent, oftentimes these mistakes turn into huge messes. Just like mistakes, messes can turn into learning opportunities with the chance to ultimately move our organizations forward in a multitude of positive ways. Yet, there is still the initial the problem of cleaning up these messes. And, it's easily one of the least enjoyable and most costly exercises an entrepreneur has to face. Join Michael and Jim as they pass out...


TAG 069 - The Impossible Leadership Task Of Taking Vacations

To most normal human beings, taking vacations is pure pleasure. Not so for us entrepreneurs. It can be expensive in terms of lost productivity, missed opportunities and a slowdown of our business momentum. And, that's all before we pay for the airline tickets. Still, vacations are important for spending time with family, clearing our heads and being refreshed for the next stage of the journey. Join Michael and Jim as they share ideas for accomplishing the impossible leadership task of...


TAG 068 - How Good Leaders Handle Bad News

If you've been a leader for any length of time, then one thing is for certain: you've had to deal with your fair share of bad news. Bad news comes in many forms and from all directions as you're responsible for people, money and performance. Obviously, it's the goal of every entrepreneur to minimize the amount of bad news occurring in the business on a daily basis, but much of it is difficult to avoid. Join Michael and Jim as they reveal valuable strategies in how good leaders can best...


TAG 067 - Leadership And Confrontation

Confrontation is inevitable if you're a leader. In fact, it's an important part of your job description. If there is a critical issue in your organization you can't just ignore it and hope it will go away. You will be expected by your team and clients to take it on with skill and professionalism. Good leaders shouldn't seek out confrontation, but they shouldn't back down from it either. Join Michael and Jim as they discuss the best ways to handle confrontation and how to use it to grow...


TAG 066 - Little Things That Make A Big Difference In Leadership

Being a leader is a big deal. It comes with big responsibilities and big risks and rewards. Yet, most experienced entrepreneurs and leaders will share with you that it's the little things that make a big difference when it comes to success or failure. This attention to detail is often what sets leaders apart. Join Michael and Jim as they discuss the keys to winning big with the little things of business.


TAG 065 - The Art Of Negotiation

Negotiation is one of the most significant skills required for successful leadership. If you're an entrepreneur, your ability to negotiate with expertise and integrity will make or break your business. Many people mistakenly believe that negotiation skills are something you're born with and you either "have it" or "you don't". The truth is, any leader can develop themselves into a fine negotiator with some strong foundations and practice. Join Michael and Jim as they share the art of...


TAG 064 - Leadership And Self-Discipline

It's always a challenge when you are the boss of yourself. Who is going to hold you accountable? Who is going to make sure you perform your duties with excellence? So many entrepreneurs launch a business without really working this dilemma out properly. And, that can lead to disaster for the business. Self-discipline is an extraordinarily important skill for entrepreneurs and one that needs to constantly be developed. Join Michael and Jim as they discuss strategies for self-discipline and...