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Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.

Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.
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Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.




#17: No vs. Yes - the Power of Saying Both With Matt and Steph

“If you don’t know how to say no, your yes is meaningless.” In this week’s episode of #Uncorked, we’re talking all about our favourite word - no. What events do you say no to? What meetings do you say no to? If you’re saying no, what’s your yes instead? Tune in to hear Matt and Steph share where they find power in saying no and yes.


#16: Juice, Babies, and Bikes with The Juice Truck Co-Founder, Zach Berman

A new papa. Advocate for a plant-based lifestyle. An aspiring cyclist(!). And Co-Founder of one of our favourites, The Juice Truck. Zach Berman’s in the Corker house and is sharing how his life has completely transformed over the past decade. Links: https://www.thejuicetruck.ca/ https://www.instagram.com/juicetruck/ https://bit.ly/2qdPrfM


#15: Doing It for the First Time

Not that. Maybe that. When was the last time you did something for the first time? When you experienced beginner’s joy, knew that failure was a possibility, and went for something anyways? Podcasts, poeming, triathlons – we’re going over all the recent firsts with Matt + Steph on this episode of Uncorked.


#14: Devon Brooks, Co Founder of Sphere + Blo Blow Dry Bar

cw: sexual and physical assault She Co-Founded her first business at 20 that became the largest franchise chain of its kind. (Blo Blow Dry Bar sound familiar?) She’s a survivor of rape and assault and uses her experiences to empower women to lead bold lives. She’s started her second business, Sphere, to easily pair people with guidance coaches that make a difference in their lives. She’s Devon Brooks and she’s getting Uncorked today to share her advice for all Momma-preneurs out there and...


#13: Joanna Griffiths, CEO and Founder of Knix: Redefining How Women Feel Naked

She’s out to break the stereotypes surrounding the female body and is reinventing the women’s intimate apparel industry. Joanna Griffiths is getting uncorked today to share her story about building a brand and product that truly allows women to be who they are, feel confident in their bodies, and find the beauty in the female form, in all its complexities.


#12: Running 4 Businesses and the Power of Community With Entrepreneur and Yoga Teacher, Nancy Perry

Nancy Perry’s a name we can’t get enough of. She does a lot of things. Like running four different businesses, teaching yoga classes, leading workshops, being newly pregnant, and helping others find and go after what they love. Matt asks Nancy about the fears that’ve held her back, how she’s gotten over them with the lessons she’s learned (and is still learning!), the power of community in growing her businesses, and who’s on her personal board of directors when it comes to making big life...


#11: International Women’s Day - an Interview with Steph + Matt

It’s the week, month, and, how we like to see it, lifetime, of International Women’s Day and we’re dedicating this episode to all women around the world. Tune in to hear Steph ask Matt questions about what feminism means to him, how society has placed social constructs around masculinity and femininity, and who’s a women in his life that’s fully self expressed as a female leader. #thefutureisfemale


#10: The World of Coaching feat. Tracy Hutton, VP Coaching at The Marcus Buckingham Company

She spends her days helping people overcome their roadblocks and obstacles to discover their purpose and mastery in life. In this episode of Uncorked, we have Tracy Hutton on the mic sharing what the life of a coach entails, how it’s her duty to always get to the heart of the matter, and why our quirks and little moments of uniqueness is where we really discover who we are.


#9: Culture + Connection Feat. Entrepreneur + Author, Eric Termuende

Speaking on stages around the world, consulting about organizational cultures, half ironman-ing during his downtime – we’d like you to meet Eric Termuende. He’s a bestselling author, co-founder of NoW Innovations, and passionate about changing the way we talk about work. Tune in to hear more about Eric’s mission to remove the negative connotation of ‘working’ and help businesses build connectivity and belonging within their cultures.


#8: The 5 Date Rule with the Corkers

Dating is a muscle that constantly needs flexing. If we’re not working it out, how can we create remarkable results and find that unicorn love? Practice makes perfect and if you’re in search for that special someone, go back to the dating basics or what we call, ‘The 5 Date Rule’. Tune in to hear why you should leave your list of requirements at home and remember what it really means to date.


#6: This is Sali Christeson

Sali Christeson is in the house and we’re talking all about obsessions, inspirations, AI, and the power of women. She’s the Co-Founder of Argent, a clothing company creating stylish and functional workwear for women who are shattering the glass ceiling. She’s building a game-changing business for women and we’re picking her brain all about it.


#5: Knowing When to Quit a Goal

With the third Monday of every January comes Blue Monday. It’s supposed to be the saddest day of the year, but instead we want to spend this Blue Monday checking in on our goals, reflecting on what’s going great and what isn’t, and knowing how and when to quit the goals we keep neglecting. So, sit back during your commute to work or put in your headphones for your morning workout and tune in to episode five of Uncorked.


#4: Why Tuesdays Matter

#4: Why Tuesdays Matter by The Corker Company


#2: Have You Met Paulina Cameron?

She recently self-published a book, works a full-time job, is in a loving marriage...oh, and she has a two-year-old at home. Can you say #girlpower? She is the powerful, creative, and resilient feminist + author, Paulina Cameron. We couldn’t be more excited to have her as our first Uncorked guest. We’re talking all about her book, Canada 150 Women: Conversations with Leaders, Champions, and Luminaries, busy life, goals, and how gratitude shows up in the face of it all.


#1: Meet the Corkers

Meet the fierce duo, proud siblings, and first two heartbeats behind the human capital consulting business known as The Corker Co: Matt + Steph Corker. They’re known to be positive goal chasers and energetic generators who are normally found sweating it out with their favourite workouts. When they’re not teaching on the yoga mat or living life as a professional triathlete, they’re running a business together and spending time with their awesome husbands #peoplemattermost. And now, they’re...


#3: Managing the Diva, the Delinquent, and the Dumper

In Team Corker’s experience working with managers, there are three different types of difficult people to manage: The Diva, The Delinquent, and The Dumper. In this episode of Uncorked, with his work in creating The Manager Start Line training program for new managers, Matt gives his suggestions on how to manage these three people successfully. Spoiler alert: nobody needs to get fired because telling the truth always wins.


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