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Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.

Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.
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Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.




#43: Renovating Our Relationship with Our Selfish Spirit with Dr. Carla Cupido

On today’s episode of Uncorked, we have Dr Carla Cupido on the mic with Steph! Tune in to hear about her work with One Girl Can, her work with the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour that celebrates the power of the female mind and body, how it feels to be a woman in the world raising two vibrant daughters in 2018, and how being selfish can lead to selfless contributions to our community. Resource: Learn about Gutsy Girl Adventure Film Tour here (and get your tickets!) →...


#42: Life Lessons as a Woman Leader in Tech with Emily Key, Strategy & Operations Lead at Shopify.

From the 604 to the 416, we have the powerhouse that is Emily Key on the mic with Steph today! After 10 years in Vancouver, she’s packed her bags with her kids and husband to move to Toronto to start her new gig as a Strategy & Operations Lead at Shopify. Tune in to listen to her views and experiences on being a woman leader in tech (PS. did you know that VCs are investing $1.5 billion into female-founded startups and $60 billion into male-led startups?!), her two most important nuggets on...


#41: Gratitude for Our Failures with Matt + Steph

It’s easy to show gratitude for the good things in life, and things aren’t always good! What about the times we’re challenged, struggling, and failing? On this episode of #Uncorked, tune in to hear Matt and Steph dive into finding gratitude when Ironmans don’t go the way we planned, when you can’t change what happens yet can change your attitude, and how we find the joy in the tough times life throws at us. Resources: Sign up for the Kickstarter for Bryan Pudney’s new book, Avocado Toast and...


#40: Why Your Business Needs Inclusion Consulting w/ Jessie Nelson, Founder of KITH+Common

Getting Uncorked today is Jessie Nelson, Founder of KITH+Common, providing inclusion consulting to businesses to bring inclusive practices to life. Steph has dubbed them the Vancouver Mayor of Connection and they’re on the mic sharing their experiences of a misaligned ad campaign with the real life experience at Equinox, working at lululemon and starting a conversation about the difference between gender identity and gender expression, and their work impacting businesses in the world of...


#39: Failing Goals and Changing Goals with Chip Wilson, Founder of Lululemon

Here are 3 things we love about Chip: 1. He always ends a conversation with the words, “love and kisses”. 2. He competed in Ironman Hawaii in 1981! 3. He views goals as not being a prison, but something that gives us fun and freedom in our lives. Tune in to hear Chip on the mic with Steph to share his views on how an exponentially changing world may cause goals to change while keeping his values and vision constant. Chip tip: Instead of setting goals from an experience in the past or from...


#38: Leaving Jobs + Starting New Chapters with #TeamCorker’s Recruiter + Content Manager, Sim Tatla.

Just like a great race review, here’s Sim’s work review with #TeamCorker! She’s leaving us at the end of the month and we got her on the mic with Steph to share her highlights, lowlights, and everything she’s learned during her year with us. And now...we’re hiring a full-time Content and Community Manager! Tune in to hear Sim share about what it takes to thrive at #TeamCorker. Resources: Sim speaking at Disrupt - http://bit.ly/disrupt-talk-sim TeamCorker’s looking for a Content + Community...


#37: Life Inside + Outside Google: Meet Google Canada’s Head of Marketing, Fab Dolan.

Here are 3 things you need to know about Fab Dolan: 1. He has a goal to understand goals. It’s not about goal setting, it’s about goal process and how habits fit into it all. 2. He fasts every Friday. 3. In his words, he wants to, “die young at a very old age”. This is an extra long episode for an extra special guest - tune in to hear about Fab’s life inside and outside the walls of Google, what’s kept him around for 6 years, and what’s making his heart beat faster these days. Resources:...


#36: The Words of a Racial Justice Advocate, Healer, and Coach: Meet Rachel Ricketts.

Rachel’s life mission is to heal the collective divide by addressing and eradicating racist patriarchy. Through her work, Rachel creates space for people to voice their pain so they feel seen, heard, and supported. She’s on the mic with Matt today to share how losing her mother was a driving factor in her becoming a grief coach and how her work is helping women of colour through the grief of navigating racist patriarchy. Learn more about... 1. Rachel → https://www.rachelricketts.com/ 2....


Becoming the World’s Most Environmentally Progressive Brand with Derrick Emsley, CEO of tentree

We want to tell you about tentree - they’re a socially conscious organization with a mission to be the world’s most environmentally progressive brand. With having planted over 21 million plants to date, they’re well on their way to making their mission a big reality! The brain behind the business is Derrick Emsley and he’s on the mic with Steph today to share how it all started, where the business is growing, the pledges they encourage, and how they’re making a massive environmental impact...


#34: Making Kindness Cool with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, Founder of Long Distance Love Bombs

Tune in to this week's episode to hear the story of Dr. Jeremy Goldberg. From doing marine conservation around the world to studying human behaviour for his PhD to founding Long Distance Love Bombs, his mission is to make kindness cool. Hear what he's learned about the state of the world and how he's turning his mission into a reality. Links: + Ted Talk: What if kindness was cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mklMPHGLjo + IG: @longdistancelovebombs + Jocko says "Good"...


#33: Summer Holidaze - Managing Vacay and Work with Matt and Steph

Oh summer holidaze! Out-of-office emails are more frequent than not, but what about the people still in the office? Work still exists yet the shining sun is calling out for that patio life. In this episode of Uncorked, Matt and Steph are diving into working while teammates are out for the summer, how to manage work and vacay, and what it all means for Team Corker. Resources: Vancouver Queer Film Festival - https://queerfilmfestival.ca/ Susanne Conrad -...


#32: Making Friends Over Salad with Trout + Taylor

Some say you can’t make friends over salad, and that couldn’t be more wrong for Caitlin Wharton and Aislinn Grant, the two female founders of Trout + Taylor. Design is the name of their game and they’re getting Uncorked with Matt today to share how they started their business talks over some salad, the growth of Trout + Taylor over the past three years, the power of a remote team, and what it means to be a women-led business in the design world. Resources: Trout + Taylor -...


#31: Pursuits of a CEO and Athlete with Mandy Farmer, CEO + President at Accent Inns + Hotel Zed

Meet Mandy Farmer. She’s the CEO and President of Accents Inn and Hotel Zed in Victoria and Kelowna. She’s also an athlete with the sweatiest of pursuits while running multiple businesses like a hero. She’s getting Uncorked today to share how she manages being a competitive cyclist, CEO, and mother, how she’s developed a connected culture with her teams, how she hires, where she gets her inspo, her top 3 daily habits, and her story of being a powerful woman leader. Resources: BC Bike Race -...


#30: Corkers Do the Hustle: A Hustle Con Recap

Uber rides. Entrepreneur stories. Women leaders. Donuts. Dogs. Whether they’re travelling together, learning together, or both, Matt and Steph learn something new about each other every time. After jet-setting off to a quick trip to San Francisco for the Hustle Con conference, they’ve come back with their highlights and lowlights of all the great talks and their experiences travelling together. Resources: The Hustle Daily - https://thehustle.co/daily Ellevest - https://www.ellevest.com/ MVMT...


#29: How to Hire and Fire to Build a Great Team with Matt and Steph

We often get asked about ‘The Corker Way’ of building a great team. How do we hire the unicorn? How do we know who the unicorn is? What conversations do we have to let go of what’s not working? What approaches do we take when we recruit for our own team? Matt and Steph are sharing their tips and not-so-secret secrets on how Team Corker has become, well, Team Corker! PS. Check out all of our Disrupt speakers' talks! -> http://bit.ly/disrupthryvr-speaker-videos


#28: Failing at Goals with 11-Year-Old Swimmer, Logan Roberts.

What does an 11-year-old have to say about failing at goals? Well, we have young swimmer, Logan Roberts, on the mic with Steph and she’s sharing about her most recent swimming endeavour, where she missed her provincial standard by 0.41 seconds! She’s resilient, driven, motivated by goals and has a thing or two to teach us about how to just keep swimming. Resources: Logan’s parents are also remarkable human beings + athletes! http://bit.ly/allan-mcgavin-physio...


#27: Taking a Billion Dollar Industry by Storm with Vitruvi Co-Founder, Sara Panton

From starting med school to co-founding a business with her brother, we have Vitruvi’s CEO and Co-Founder, Sara Panton on the mic with Steph today! She shares her experience of starting a company, working with her brother, and learning about different cultures to build the first digitally-oriented consumer brand for essential oils. She’s taking this billion dollar industry by storm and we’re excited to share her story. Resources: Find Sara here: https://www.instagram.com/saralpanton/ Find...


#26: What Does It Mean to Be a Man? feat. Jake Stika, Co-Founder of Next Gen Men

What does it mean to be a man when you’re not defined by genitalia and sexual organs? What’s the difference between gender identity and gender expression? What common conversation comes up with school-aged boys when it comes to what it means to be a man? Jake is the Co-Founder of Next Gen Men, a nonprofit organization focused on building better men through youth and peer engagement, education, and empowerment. Tune in to hear about his story starting Next Gen Men and his perspectives on the...


#25: DisruptHR YVR: A Recap

Over 400 attendees from remarkable organizations across Vancouver. 9 speakers who took the stage and sparked disruptive conversations. A team of volunteers who helped run a smooth and energized event. The venue of our dreams with the most helpful team support. And an unforgettable night of bringing a community together. Last week’s #disrupthryvr was one for the books. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of the hearts that took part in creating a great show. If you missed out or just...


#24: Corporate Gigs to Something New - When Do You Take the Jump?

How do you know if you're ready to kiss your corporate job goodbye and set out for a small, mission-driven organization or start your own bizz? Tune in to hear Matt's 3 litmus tests to know when you're ready for a change (including a memorable chat with a now Riverdale star...) and Steph's advice on knowing if being an entrepreneur or working for one is really for you. Resources: DisruptHR YVR is happening this week! It's sold out, but there's a waitlist...http://bit.ly/disrupthryvr2018...