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Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.

Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.
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Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.




#61 — Being a female executive + professional mama w/ Ashley Dalziel

“My M.O. in life right now, is being fully present and fully engaged and doing everything with my whole heart and all of my energy, until I’m not doing that particular thing anymore, and then I move on”. Ashley is the Chief People Officer at Freshii, a Canadian food empire now in 18 countries, with a mission to make healthy food affordable and convenient. Ashley has a Masters in Counselling Psychology, and uses her knowledge and understanding of people to inspire individuals and...


#60 — Living and working freely w/ Nancy Richardson

#60 — Living and working freely w/ Nancy Richardson by The Corker Company


#59 — Self-love, Valentine’s day, and filling your own cup w/ Matt + Steph

Is Valentine’s day worth celebrating, or is it truly just a Hallmark holiday? Regardless of the time of year, how do you fill your own cup, without relying on a partner? Matt and Steph chat this week about cultivating connection with yourself and with your partner with intention and without succumbing to expectations or socialized pressures. Resources: Feelosophy Yoga: https://thefeelosophy.com What’s your love language? https://www.5lovelanguages.com The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and...


#58 — Zero Waste at 17 with Irie Smith

Irie Smith is a rad 17-year old student in Whistler BC, who took on a 1-year zero waste challenge for her 12th grade project. Irie is committed to reducing her waste to the confines of a 500ml mason jar for the full 12 months. Irie and Steph discuss the challenges of going zero waste, strategies to reduce your waste, and how her commitment has changed the way she eats and shops. Resources: Nada Grocery — https://www.nadagrocery.com The Soap Dispensary — https://thesoapdispensary.com Mason...


#57 — Mindset, mental health and identity in and out of sport w/ Caro Burckle

Caro Burckle is a 2008 Olympian, a curious creator, and co-founder of Rise Athletes — a platform for Olympians to mentor and empower the next generation of youth athletes. Rise focuses on offering an avenue for Olympians to remain purposeful after the games, while providing youth athletes with the tools they need to succeed in sports and beyond, while maintaining a positive mindset and overall mental wellbeing. Steph talks with Caro about her own battle with mental health after retirement,...


#56 — To quit or not to quit? w/ Matt + Steph

Join Matt and Steph on this week’s episode as they discuss quitting. When is quitting hard, and when is it necessary? When things get hard, will you stick with it or will you quit? Why is it so difficult to quit old habits? “Creating new habits for ourselves tends to be easier than giving up old habits” People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Facilitated Manager Start Line helps your people managers manage themselves, manage their teams, and drive organizational results.🥇 Join Matt as...


# 55 — Living an exceptional life w/ Steve Rio

“There are a lot of people working in this model looking for companies that are not just hiring them as straight up contractors, as cogs in a wheel — they are looking for something more than that” Steve Rio is founder and CEO of Briteweb, a social impact agency delivering strategy, branding and digital, and more recently the CEO and founder of Nature of Work, helping people achieve more productivity, creativity and wellness in their lives. Steve lives a unique life for a tech entrepreneur,...


#54 — Training for the Olympics as brothers w/ Max + Aaron Lattimer

“The most important part is that you are sharing in the struggle, and you are able to help someone out of their bad day and into a better spot, into a better light” While Max Lattimer is a 2015 Pan Am gold medalist and 2016 Olympian, younger brother Aaron is incredible in his own right, and currently holds the 10,000 m erg world record. On this week’s podcast, these remarkable brothers reflect on what it’s like to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics together, with an insatiable drive and...


#53 — What do Vegetables, Skate Skiing + Purple Cows all have in common? Seth Godin!

How do remarkable leaders structure their lives to generate remarkable results? “Management and leadership are really different things. Leadership is what we call it when we do something that may not work, and when we are not worried about compliance, but we are worried about change instead. And so I have tried very hard to organize my life where I can’t spend much time managing, because if you can spend your day managing your email and telling people what to do, it is safer than leading”...


# 52 — The Life of a Travelling Ironman Champion w/ Laura Siddall

This week on Uncorked, Laura Siddall gives us a sneak peak into the life of a full-time Ironman athlete. She has created a lifestyle that is less than ordinary in order to chase her dreams (which includes Soda Streams across several continents). As we wrap up 2018 and look forward to the New Year, it feels so inspiring to hear Laura's honest take on what life on the road, while training like a champion, is really like. May you never feel stuck — in a rut, in a goal, or in a zip code May you...


#51 — Surviving and the Holi-daze w/ Matt + Steph

Don’t wait until 2019 to start manifesting your best, most conscious, thriving self. This week on #Uncorked, Matt + Steph break down the behaviours, actions and habits that one can cultivate to #finishstrong, and to enter the new year feeling refreshed, prepared and excited to tackle those juicy 2019 goals. Matt + Steph’s tips to stay on top of your game this Holiday Season: 1. Stick to your movement routine, stay consistent, and take advantage of any extra opportunities to get up and move....


# 50: How to use comparison to make yourself and your life better w/ Liam + Angus Todd

“There is nothing either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so” — William Shakespeare Brené Brown says; “stay in your lane. Comparison kills joy and creativity”, but this week on #Uncorked, twins, Liam and Angus Todd challenge this notion, and describe how a life of comparison has allowed them to challenge their perceived limitations and to ultimately become better versions of themselves. The duo recognize the inevitability of comparison, and choose to use it as a means of improvement,...


# 49 - The Team Corker (Re)Treat Wrap Up

"What do you want in your life, and what do you want to create with your life?" Team Corker is no stranger to intentionally looking back and planning ahead. In this episode of Uncorked, Matt and Steph share the questions they ask themselves as the year comes to a close — giving tips on how they reflect to keep improving and growing, and what they do in order to plan for the future of The Corker Co. Re(Treat) Questions: 1. Where did I thrive? 2. Where did I struggle? 3. Who was important in...


# 48 — Using Choice to Turn Noes into Yeses with Cynthia Vuchev, General Manager of SoulCycle Canada

"I believe if you pressure people to do what they don't want to do, if you make them feel guilty and tell them that they should do things, then they don't do them, and they actually do the opposite. If you respect their decisions and give them time to settle with what you have requested, or asked, or what you have put on the table, they often become more open and can make the choice for themselves" For Cynthia Vuchev, it took one yoga class, one early morning run, and one documentary to...


# 47 - A 17-Year Vision with George Tsogas, CEO of Kit and Ace

"If you fail at a goal, and you are still passionate about it, that means the goal hasn't changed, you just have to reset your priorities and figure out how you can get there at a different speed" He’d set a 10-year goal to own a company focused on workplace attire. Now, 17 years later, George Tsogas is the CEO of Kit and Ace. It may have taken a little longer than expected, but when priorities shift and timing changes, that doesn’t mean that working towards your vision stops. Tune in to...


#46 - How to Get Over SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder with Matt and Steph

It may be dark and stormy with the seasonal changes, but that doesn’t mean your mood needs to be darker! In this episode of Uncorked, Matt and Steph are sharing their top tips for how they deal with the weather affecting their moods. Here’s a snippet: distinguish what your body needs vs what it’s craving, manage your energy vs your time, and discover how to do your regular day-to-day activities differently. Tune in to hear more!


#45: Do Scary Things to Create a Life You Love w/ Jayme Smithers, VP of Revenue at Thoughtexchange

"If you aren't nervous, it's not worth doing." - Jayme Smithers We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! On the mic today with Steph, we have Jayme Smithers – The VP of Revenue at Thoughtexchange, a previous competitive skier, and a proud dad and husband. He lives his life by constantly taking on new exciting challenges, one of the most recent ones being moving to Fernie, BC, a small town with a population of 5,000. Tune in to hear about the career leaps he’s taken, the type of father he’s...


#44: WTF – What the Feedback with Matt + Steph

On today’s episode of #Uncorked, Matt + Steph are riffing about our favourite ‘F’ word - feedback. Tune in to hear Matt share a story about owning your feedback to avoid generalizing and, instead, being committed to leaving someone inspired to put feedback into action. Whether you’re giving it, receiving it, or afraid of both, this episode’s for you to get over the fears you have associated with feedback. Resources: Check out the Sacred Fig yoga teacher training →...


#43: Renovating Our Relationship with Our Selfish Spirit with Dr. Carla Cupido

On today’s episode of Uncorked, we have Dr Carla Cupido on the mic with Steph! Tune in to hear about her work with One Girl Can, her work with the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour that celebrates the power of the female mind and body, how it feels to be a woman in the world raising two vibrant daughters in 2018, and how being selfish can lead to selfless contributions to our community. Resource: Learn about Gutsy Girl Adventure Film Tour here (and get your tickets!) →...


#42: Life Lessons as a Woman Leader in Tech with Emily Key, Strategy & Operations Lead at Shopify.

From the 604 to the 416, we have the powerhouse that is Emily Key on the mic with Steph today! After 10 years in Vancouver, she’s packed her bags with her kids and husband to move to Toronto to start her new gig as a Strategy & Operations Lead at Shopify. Tune in to listen to her views and experiences on being a woman leader in tech (PS. did you know that VCs are investing $1.5 billion into female-founded startups and $60 billion into male-led startups?!), her two most important nuggets on...