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CEO Brian Marsh shares the services and opportunities within Goodwill Industries

CEO Brian Marsh sits down with Kerry McCoy to share the services and opportunities within Goodwill Industries while giving us the history of Goodwill and how it grew in Arkansas.


Janet Carson; Master Gardener, Radio Personality, and Writer of Planit Janet

Master Gardener Janet Carson sat down with Kerry McCoy to talk about the changes in horticulture education and industry, the different types of gardens and how you can become a Master Gardener.


Ned Perme: Beloved Weatherman, Musician and Visual Artist

Ned Perme sits down with Kerry McCoy to talk about how the television industry has changed over the past four decades, the lure of Little Rock, and his dip into abstract art.


Steve Landers, CEO of Steve Landers Auto Group, On Being Your Own Boss | Reprise

Ep 105 | September 14, 2018 Steve Landers of the Steve Landers Auto Group stopped by to sit down with Kerry to discuss how he worked to make his business an enterprise.


First Lady of Arkansas Susan Hutchinson: Music Education and Her Work to End Child Abuse

Kerry sat down with the First Lady of Arkansas Susan Hutchinson to talk about Susan's early life, the importance of music for growing minds, and some tips on how to


Ann McCoy comes back to give us more tales of living in the White House

The ever humble Ann McCoy joined us for a second time to tell us more stories of living in the White House and her extensive job details. She also regaled us with stories of he human side of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the evolution of Chelsea Clinton from precocious child to poised adult, and the nuances and importance of seating assignments at a White House State Dinner.


Samuel Ellis shares how you can create a business out of your passion

Kerry McCoy sits down with Rock Town River Outfitters Samuel Ellis to discuss how tour guides train for white water rafting, how you can create a business out of your passion and a niche in the market, and when it is safe and dangerous to kayak in the Arkansas River. He also plays a song from his band The Cons of Formant


Steve Dean and Don Goodman share how Operation Song is helping veterans

Steve Dean and Don Goodman sat down with Kerry McCoy to share how a dream can launch a career, how music facilitates healing, and how Operation Song reaches veterans with a creative way to conquer PTSD.


Dr Kris Shewmake tells us how plastic surgery changes lives

Dr. Kris Shewmake is one of the country's top plastic surgeons. Dr. Shewmake sat down with Kerry to discuss how plastic surgery can be a life changing experience and how to choose between liposuction, cool sculpting or a tummy tuck.


Reprise | Judge Vic Fleming: Author, Musician, and Cruciverbalist

If you’re a crossword puzzle worker or have ever contested a Little Rock traffic ticket, then you’ve probably met or know the man I interviewed back in April 2018, Judge Vic Fleming and crossword puzzle-solver extraordinaire. In college, young Vic was asked at the end of class to jot down what he thought an ideal legal career would look like. He wrote, “1/3 trial practice, 1/3 judge and 1/3 professor.” And he did exactly that. For 15 years he was a trial lawyer. In 1996, he was elected...


Reprise | Ryk St Vincent, "Renaissance Man" | Entertainer, Woodworker, and More

Episode #0008 | Aired 11/4/2016 Ryk St. Vincent, Rychy to some, has been in entertainment since the age of 10 with puppets he made and took to school to give shows in the fifth grade. Since then Rychy has broadcast on 17 radio stations in 11 different cities across the United States. You can find his name on at least 12 movies, like "A Time to Kill", "Top Cop", "God's Not Dead 2" and "Faith" as well as TV commercials, theatre programs, and in the cast of several documentaries. Ryk is also a...


Reprise | Trey Reid of Arkansas Wildlife TV and AGFC: His Favorite Outdoor Destinations in Arkansas

Born and raised in Pine Bluff, Trey Reid is the Assistant Chief of Communications for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. His primary role is executive producer and host of Arkansas Wildlife TV, the AGFC’s weekly television show that documents The Natural State’s many outdoor recreational opportunities and AGFC’s myriad conservation work. Trey makes more than 250 radio and TV appearances per year representing the Commission and educating Arkansans on our natural states outdoor offerings....


Laura Stanley of Stanley Jewelers On Finding Success After A Business Closure

Ep 0028 | 3-24-2017 On this episode of Best of Up In Your Business, Kerry interviews personal jeweler Laura Stanley. Laura reinvented herself professionally after her family's business, Stanley Jewelers Gemologists, closed.


Publisher of the AR Democrat Gazette, Walter Hussman

On this episode of Up In Your Business, Kerry sits down with acclaimed newspaper publisher Walter Hussman. We learn about Mr. Hussman's background in publishing, how he won the infamous newspaper war in Arkansas and what it takes to run a newspaper "in the black".


Wilson Kanaday Interviews Kerry McCoy About Growing Pains in Business | Reprise

Ep 0078 | 3/9/2018 On this episode of Best Of Up In Your Business, the tables are turned on Kerry. Longtime FlagandBanner.com friend, Wilson Kannady took the interviewer chair. We find out what prompted Kerry McCoy to start her business over 40 years ago, how she deals with the challenges business owners face and the growing pains of a small business.


Theology, Science, & leadership: Rev. Dr. Chris Keller of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

On this episode of Best Of Up In Your Business, Kerry sits down with Rev. Dr. Chris Keller. He discusses his views on science and evolution co-exisiting with religion, the Episcopal Churchs view on gay marriage, and what it takes to run a church.


Madonna Badger, Creator of #WomenNotObjects, On Coping With Life After Tragedy | Reprise

Ep 0085 | 4/27/18 On this episode of Best Of Up In Your Business, Madonna Badger tells us how she coped with life after tragedy, about treatment at UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute, and how #womennotobjects is helping modern advertising.


Georgia Mjartan of Our House Discusses Revitalizing a Non-Profit | Reprise

Ep 0021 | 02/03/2017 On this episode of Best Of Up In Your Business, Kerry sits down with Georgia Mjartan of Our House. Mrs. Mjartan discusses her service work with domestic abuse survivors at Our House, the homeless prevention program called the Central Arkansas Family Stability Institute, and juggling raising her children with her career.


Reprise | Rev. Dr. Stuart Hoke: Surviving September 11 Attacks in St. Paul's Chapel at Ground Zero

On this emotional Best Of Up In Your Business, Rev. Dr. Stuart Hoke tells us what the Irish Ghetto taught him, the differing reactions of those that sought shelter in the church during the attacks on the World Trade Center, about a historical naval evacuation, how a 240 mph dust ball couldn't stop him and how the EPA finally came clean.


Gio and Vince On How Bruno's Little Italy Became One of Little Rock's Best Restaurants | Reprise

Ep 0041 | June 23, 2017 Geo and Vinny indulge us into the Legacy of Bruno's Little Italy, passed down from generation to generation, and how they became one of the best Italian restaurants in Little Rock. We take a journey into the making of one of Americas favorite eats. From Ellis Island to Chicago and eventually settling in Arkansas, The Bruno Brothers paint a picture of a lifetime of Neapolitan cuisine. Vinny explains how perseverance and passion can create a lasting impression on a...