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Vancouver's premier real estate podcast. Your source for buying, selling, or investing in the Vancouver Real Estate Market with two of Vancouver's top realtors, Adam and Matt Scalena.

Vancouver's premier real estate podcast. Your source for buying, selling, or investing in the Vancouver Real Estate Market with two of Vancouver's top realtors, Adam and Matt Scalena.
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Vancouver's premier real estate podcast. Your source for buying, selling, or investing in the Vancouver Real Estate Market with two of Vancouver's top realtors, Adam and Matt Scalena.




VREP #153 | Impactful Investing, Getting the Details Right & Cutting Out the Noise with Developer Richard Wittstock

Are you anxious about the real estate market in 2019? Co-founder & Principal of Domus Homes Richard Wittstock isn’t and chances are he knows more than you. Richard joins Adam & Matt to discuss his fascinating 30-odd-year trajectory through the Vancouver real estate market, cutting his teeth during the deep recession of the 1990s and riding out the bear and the bull markets ever since. And he is excited to buy this year! Get Richard’s take on the current state of market and where it’s...


VREP #152 | Will Interest Rates Go Up in Canada in 2019 with Kyle Green

With the Canadian Real Estate Market softening and a recent decline in bond yields, will interest rates continue to increase in 2019? Top Investment Mortgage Broker and Owner of the Green Mortgage Team, Kyle Green, joins Adam & Matt to highlight drastic changes to lending policies, what it means for borrowers and the market at large, and how all of this will unfold in coming months. Spoiler alert: Kyle is not timid about sharing his predictions! As an avid real estate investor with a large...


VREP #151 | From ZERO to 10,000 Properties in Under 5 Years with Janet LePage

New Year, New You? Well, we've got your motivation covered! Meet Janet LePage, Co-Founder & CEO of Western Wealth Capital (WWC), who started out at 25 years old with a real estate coach and now oversees a soon-to-be billion dollar company with 10,000 rental units and counting. Among her many achievements, Janet was recently highlighted as one of BIV's Forty Under 40, was awarded the Veuve Clicquot Canadian New Generation Award, and secured a finalist spot for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur...


VREP #150 | Five Reasons You Should Reconsider Your Real Estate Portfolio with J.A. and Mark Pankiw-Petty

Are you blind to some of the biggest rental property liabilities impacting your bottom line and your tenant’s well-being? The answer unfortunately is almost certainly yes. J.A. and Mark Pankiw-Petty from PPL Accident Recovery Group, a leading personal injury law firm in Vancouver, sit down with Adam & Matt this week to set the record straight through a series of case studies worthy of a Perry Mason reboot. The devil is in the details in these cases - rickety balconies, loose paving stones,...


VREP #149 | Vancouver Price Tags with Gordon Price

Has 2018 been a good year for Vancouver? The time to take stock is now. Former City Councillor & Founder of the influential “Price Tags” website Gordon Price sits down with Adam & Matt to discuss the present, the past, and the future of Vancouver in one of the most wide-reaching conversations to date. Tune in to hear Gordon’s take on all things Vancouver, including his unique insider account of local politics, why building permits ought to take as long as they do, and his surprising...


VREP #148 | Selling Tax Free, Flipping Homes & Strategic Investing with Tim Cestnick

It's not what you earn but what you keep, and the best way to keep is through careful and often obsessive tax planning. Top accountant Tim Cestnick (The Globe and Mail columnist and CEO of Our Family Office Inc.) joins Adam & Matt this week to discuss all things tax planning - from how to structure your investment portfolio to exploring complications with principal residence exemptions. Learn what makes a great real estate investment, the most misunderstood tax rules, and some rules that...


VREP #147 | From One Presale Condo to Full Time Real Estate Investing with Cole Skelly and Elizabeth Milder

Have you ever fantasized about quitting your day job to pursue real estate investing full time? So did Cole Skelly and Elizabeth Milder – except they have actually done it! Cole and Elizabeth sit down with Adam and Matt to discuss how they went from a single presale condo to managing an enviable real estate portfolio full time. This episode is chock full of useful information, including how to create cash-flowing properties in a red hot real estate market, how to manage finances, tenants,...


VREP #146 | Hey Bryan with HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler

Don't be a DIY Disaster! This week, HGTV's Star Contractor, Bryan Beaumler, joins Adam & Matt to chart his explosive trajectory from 'on-the-tools' to 'on-the-TV' with several hit shows and counting. We brought in the beloved seasoned veteran to offer renovation pro-tips, what Bryan looks for in an investment, and what pitfalls to avoid along the way. Also learn about Bryan's new app that matches trusted home-service experts with potential customers and why his latest TV project might have...


VREP #145 | Do Vancouver Presale Condos Still Make Sense? with Urban Analytics' Michael Ferreira

The days of camping out overnight for that presale one bedroom are over! In fact, many developers are now offering buyer incentives just to get people through the door. What's changed and how does this impact your investment strategy? Managing Principal of Urban Analytics, Michael Ferreira, sits down with Adam & Matt to highlight key factors for the recent slowdown in new construction sales as well as his recent advice to Vancouver's largest development community. What does all this mean for...


VREP #144 | Has the Vancouver Real Estate Bubble Burst? with Moody's Economist Brendan LaCerda

Moody's Analytics is known for its deep risk expertise when analyzing global markets. What does Moody's Canadian expert economist think of our country's housing markets and Vancouver more specifically? Brendan LaCerda joins Adam & Matt to discuss present risks and future outlooks for Canadian real estate as well as larger global trends that will impact your portfolio. Listen up!


VREP #143 | Habits for Successful Real Estate Investing with Justin Smith

Developing commercial and multi-family real estate is easier than you think! Founder and President of Hawkeye Wealth, Justin Smith, joins Adam and Matt to discuss huge private equity investing opportunities with top-tier developers in Vancouver and North America. Learn how you can get in on the ground-level in emerging markets with limited risk and maximum returns. Justin also covers the Vancouver real estate market, his strategies for picking winning investments, and pro-tips for aspiring...


VREP #142 | Detached Home Prices in Vancouver Will Double After Three Year Slump: Analyst Dane Eitel

Will the average home price in Greater Vancouver double over the next decade? Dane Eitel thinks so. And if it does, this will not be the first time Dane has successfully forecasted Vancouver’s real estate market. Dane joins Adam & Matt to discuss his methodology and confidently charts not only his prediction of a short-term market collapse but also a market resurgence that will take Vancouver into the stratosphere with major urban centres like New York & Hong Kong.


VREP #141 | Right Sizing with Todd Talbot

Celebrity real estate expert and Host of Love It or List It Vancouver Todd Talbot thought he had created his dream home - panoramic ocean views, massive outdoor space with jacuzzi tub, a renovation right out of a magazine. But something was not quite right. Todd sits down with Adam & Matt to detail why he and his family gave it all up for a tiny fixer upper in East Van as well as his broader journey to “right size” his life. Todd is leading the charge to reimagine the dream home and it...


VREP #140 | BC's Next Big Market with Cynthia Aasen

With big infrastructure comes big investment! Real Estate Mogul and Broker/Owner of Investment Revenue Realty Inc., Cynthia Aasen, joins Adam and Matt to discuss two major markets that need to be on every investor's radar. With over 20 years of real estate experience, Cynthia has built a massive portfolio personally, while designing a proven investor-friendly development company with properties throughout North America. Learn her best investment tips, the metrics she uses to evaluate deals,...


VREP #139 | Strategic Investing with Mark Ting

What does it take to truly find financial independence? Wealth Manager, CBC Financial Columnist, and serial real estate investor, Mark Ting, sits down with Adam & Matt to chart his success and failures in real estate investing throughout the Lower Mainland and abroad. Learn pro tips for knowing your numbers, seeking out gaps in the market, forming lasting joint ventures, and where Mark sees upcoming opportunities. Not to be missed!


VREP #138 | Running the Province with BC’s Former Finance Minister Mike de Jong

Talk about the hot seat! Former Finance Minister Mike de Jong oversaw BC’s economy through an historic time: the incredible run-up on real estate prices, duffel bags of money passing through casinos, a booming economy that was the envy of every province, and the implementation of the Foreign Buyer’s Tax. He now sits down with Adam & Matt to talk about his big wins, his big regrets, and his views on the problems facing the province today. Join us behind the curtain with one of BC’s most...


VREP #137 | A Tale of Two Markets with Andrew La Fleur

A lot can change in less than a year. Top Producing Pre-Construction Specialist, Realtor, Investor, and Podcast Host Andrew La Fleur checks in with Adam and Matt to discuss the current state of the Toronto market and offers an on-the-ground perspective that’s in contrast to many of today’s headlines. Andrew covers what’s hot and what’s not in Toronto, the best investments, and his tried and true investment strategies. So glad Andrew made our hotline bling (just kidding – we don’t know what...


VREP #136 | The Ultimate Guide to REITs with Martin Karcz

So you think you are only interested in tangible real estate investing? You may want to think again! Martin Karcz, Senior Vice President of Karcz Wealth Management - Canaccord Genuity, joins Adam & Matt to discuss Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and outlines the benefits of the ultimate 'hands-off' real estate investment vehicle. Martin also reveals the trust that has outperformed one of the fastest appreciating real estate markets in the country... we'll give you a hint, we can't...


VREP #135 | The Key to Making Great Deals Using Time-Tested Techniques with Dave Steele

Western Canadian Properties Group has developed over 12,000 properties, primarily focused on appealing to investors with strict cash-flow goals throughout B.C., Alberta & the western United States. That’s a lot of doors and not always an easy offering! CEO Dave Steele joins Adam and Matt to dissect his deal process, his rise to developer status, and to offer his foolproof investing strategy for wannabes and seasoned investors. Trust us - Dave knows what he is doing and you will learn a lot!


VREP | Upcoming Opportunity in Greater Victoria

Upcoming Opportunity in Greater Victoria.