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030: The Courage to Change Your Mind

Today we are honoring our Veterans in appreciation for all that they've done for us, and we'll also be discussing some of the detrimental challenges that they are faced with. Today is Veterans Day, the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which brought World War I to an end in 1918. We are dedicating this show to all of our Veterans for their gracious service to us all. Not only will we be reflecting on the incredible strength of our active duty military members and veterans, but...


029: The Courage to Make Your Business and Life Shine

Today we discuss stepping into your greatness, increasing personal power, and making your business and life shine! We are all faced with various obstacles and roadblocks that stand in our way, stopping us from moving forward and shining in different areas of our lives. By tapping into our personal power we can show up how we want in life, instead of claiming defeat and accepting a life of mediocracy when things seem too hard. Personal power is something that we all have, but many of us...


028: The Courage to Connect with Your Higher Self

Today we discuss the courage to connect with your higher self, increase consciousness, and expand inner wisdom. In order for us to grow, we have to think outside of the box and take a step back from our small thinking. If you think about it, our “greatest” thinking has got us right where we are today, and it will keep us stuck unless we blow past our limitations. Part of this journey includes connecting with our higher self, which represents unlimited possibilities and helps us see...


027: The Courage to Fail Forward and Become Unstoppable

Today we discuss facing fears and embracing failure to create the life that you want. Every wealthy entrepreneur that I’ve interviewed over the last 20 years has told me that to be successful you must fail, time and time again. They also made it a point to let me know that if you don’t make courage your partner, you’re probably not going to succeed. It’s not about being brave and taking uncalculated risks. Instead, it’s about being thoughtful, understanding, and taking risks that are...


026: The Courage to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power

Today we discuss unlocking the hidden power and true potential of the brain. I’ve been working in the field of personal development for over 22 years now, and I’ve seen a lot of success gurus come and go. There have been many fads and countless sure-fire methods of growth. Most of these short-lived methods have one thing in common - they’re offering a "quick fix" solution to a much deeper problem. If anyone is telling you that they have the solution to your business or life and it’s...


025: The Courage to Overcome Abuse in our Homes and in our Country

Today we discuss the courage to overcome abuse. In October 1981 the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence launched a "Day of Unity" for those combatting and advocating against violence against women and children. Soon after, the Day of Unity became a full week also devoted to mourning victims that had died at the hands of domestic violence as well as celebrating those that have survived. In 1989, October was designated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is...


024: The Courage to Untether Your Soul

Today we discuss the courage to untether our souls and explore a more conscious and powerful way of living. How many of us have forgotten who we really are? A lot of us live in a place where we have forgotten what we can actually accomplish in this world and how powerful we truly are. If there's anything that defines the 21st century, it's uncertainty. We're uncertain about who we are, what we can do, and how we can tap into the right mindset to achieve success and growth. Are you...


023: The Courage to Expand What is Possible

Today we discuss how to reprogram our thinking, adjust our point of view, and generate a compelling future that's bigger and brighter than we've ever dreamed possible. When it comes to expanding what's possible in our lives, the first and most important step in the right direction is changing our point of view. But, how do we actually do that? In my own life, I've learned that being of service to others will significantly shift our focus. Our lives become less about ourselves and more...


022: The Courage to Speak Out

Today we discuss the courage it takes to overcome our greatest fears and speak out. Statistically speaking, the number-one fear amongst American people is the fear of public speaking. What's especially unfortunate about this widespread fear is that we all have a message and story to share with the world, but many of us are too fearful to use our own voice. My guest, Tiamo De Vettori, has spoken to over 100,000 people on 250+ stages at conferences and seminars, and combines speaking...


021: The Courage to Revolutionize Leadership

Today we discuss the courage to revolutionize leadership, lead change successfully in any organization, and take your business image to a completely new level. My first guest, Jennifer Campbell, is a Senior Change & Transformation Manager, Leadership & Organization Development Professional, and Executive & Relationship Systems Coach. She shares the rules that every leader should follow to make change a success, and provides insight into how to develop managers and leaders for the next...


020: Exploring the Courageous Mindsets of Successful Wealth Builders

Today we discuss the principles of creating success, wealth, and the best version of ourselves. It seems like we're always chasing after something in our lives, whether it's money, fame, success, or happiness. But, what's the essence behind that and what is this search really all about? What's actually going on inside of us? We're going 90 miles per hour when what we really need to do is slow down and tune into a deeper part of ourselves so that we can understand who we truly are at our...


019: The Courage to Live Your Life to the Max

Today we discuss connecting deeply with our inner fire and living our lives to the max. It's important to know that if you're stuck in any area of your life, whether it's in your personal life or your business, there are solutions to everything. In fact, there are actually infinite solutions to our truly limited problems. My two guests today share how we can all start living our lives to the fullest. My first guest, Eduardo Flores, spent over 20 years as a monk and is now helping...


018: The Courage to Forgive

Today we discuss the life-changing awareness, purpose, and power that come from forgiveness. The ability to forgive deeply allows us to live more balanced lives and become liberated from energetic blocks and wounds from the past. We have the power within us to change everything, but first, we have to change our minds and how we see things. My guest, Azim Khamisa, shares his inspirational journey and message of forgiveness, peace, and hope. Following the loss of his only son, Tariq, due...


017: The Courage to Ignite Your Power

Today we discuss how to ignite our power, purpose, and passion so that we can reach our highest potential in life. How do we get "unstuck" in all areas of our lives? The simple answer is, we have to do the work! My two guests today share exactly what that work is and how doing it can change everything! Seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Coach, and Author, Kristine Grant, shares her powerful expertise in writing inspired letters from the heart that will transition your...


016: The Courage to Meet Life’s Challenges

Today we discuss facing challenges head-on and learning how to overcome them, whether they are in business, relationships, health, or our overall introspection. I have two great guests today that share their journeys along with the time, effort, and energy that led them to bring their ideas, dreams, and visions to fruition and share them with the world. Don Meredith, who among many things is an author, artist, actor, and financial advisor, has been faced with many challenges in his life....


015: The Courage to Expand What is Possible

Today we discuss consciousness and how to increase your success, prosperity, and happiness by exploring the powerful possibilities of your mind. Entrepreneur, Radio Show Host, and former TV Producer and Editor, Ryan McCormick, joins us to share some life-changing strategies and principles that can be used to accelerate self-discovery and help determine what we should embrace and discard in our lives. Neil Mintz also joins us to talk about consciousness, the importance of meditation,...


014: The Courage to Breakthrough Your Limits

Today we discuss why our limitations create mediocracy in our lives and how to transcend them and step into our greatness. One of the world’s most requested motivational speakers, Lisa Nichols, joins us to talk about becoming mindful of what we subject ourselves to and the major impact that this can have on our lives. She also shares the importance of taking a chance on yourself and the amazing possibilities that can be found outside of our comfort zones if we’re just willing to take a...


013: Increase Your Wealth and Happiness by Updating Your Brain

Today we discuss changing the mind through transformative thinking to increase your wealth, happiness, and create a stress-free life. Special guest Brenda J. Flowers is an expert in helping people understand the mental, emotional, and physical blocks that keep us stuck and unable to accomplish what we want in life. She shares how to remove the blocks from our path to success, and how to get back to our true nature where all the doors open themselves. Guests Denise Mueller-Korenek and...


012: The Courage to Live Deliberately

Today we discuss being purposeful and creating the life that you desire. Special guest Lori Brenckman talks about becoming an Avatar – a person that understands how to use their mind, personal power, and passion to generate a life that is uncommon to most. She shares insight on how to tap into our courage, wake up to greatness, and take control of our lives by living deliberately. Guests Denise Korenek and her coach and three-time Olympian, John Howard, also join us today to share...


011: The Courage to Change the Conversation

Today I want to talk about the importance of changing the conversations in your life. Why do we listen to various opinions on endless subjects, and why are we willing to fill our minds with information that doesn't really apply to our lives? We don't need more information, we need more wisdom. It seems like it's so difficult for us to really be ourselves and transform our lives in ways we've only imagined. Wouldn't you like the keys to understanding how to do just that? Today I...