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095: Rejuvenate Your Life's Blueprint with Courage with Julie Renee and Andrea Ivanka

In today's episode, we discuss rejuvenating our lives and achieving anything that we set our minds to. We explore: - Taking life's challenges and changing them into miracles, magic, and synchronicity - Tuning into power and passion and connecting with something greater than ourselves - Using our original blueprint to restore and renew health, vitality, momentum, clarity, and joy - How to activate the energetic blueprint of your perfect self and leverage the quantum field - Why...


094: The Courage to Die for Your Dreams with Teresa de Grobois

In today's episode, we discuss living out our dreams and influencing positive change in the world. We explore: - How a lack of courage, passion, and purpose stops people from accomplishing their dreams - Forming powerful success habits that help manifest dreams and finding our success stoppers - Using mediation to tune into our inner selves and tap into the insights and intuition we need - The habits required to become influential and the common mistakes people make along the way -...


093: The Courage to Find Your Freedom

In today's episode, we discuss attracting and retaining customers, clients, and employees, boosting our business and profits, and achieving our dreams. We explore: - How doing business with kindness gets us more publicity and creates win-win situations for all - What Public Relations is and how to create messages that will capture the media's attention - The problem in today's world with publicity and how to get a return on investment from PR - The secret sauce formula for creating a...


092: The Courage to Increase Your Wealth While Avoiding Burnout

In today's episode, we discuss reducing stress and anxiety, shifting from burnout to burning brightly, and improving our relationship with money. We explore: - Insight and actionable advice that we can use to avoid and combat stress and burnout - Warning signs of burnout and the difference between normal stress and a serious problem - Tips for improving mental, physical, and emotional health and holistic solutions for stress - How habitual thoughts, beliefs, and emotions affect our...


091: The Courage to Awaken Wealth

In today's episode, we discuss transcending how we think about and define wealth in order to create an abundance of it in all aspects of our lives. We explore: - Taking a deep dive into wealth, what we think about it, and how we define it - The stories that we tell ourselves that come from events in our own lives - Practical ways that we can change the stories we have that hold us back - How the power of the spoken word can completely shape our lives - Why remaining a victim to the...


090: The Courage to Change Everything

In today's episode, we discuss the courage to change everything and create a life filled with happiness. We explore: - Daily strategies and essential wisdom to awaken our inner genius and change our lives - How our beliefs, choices, misinformation, and baggage can cloud who we really are - Why we need astute wisdom and the practice of introspection in our lives every day - The importance of taking the time to acknowledge what is and isn't working in our lives Visit:...


089: The Courage to Live in Peace

In today's episode, we discuss creating a new vision for peace in our country and how we can create peace in our own lives. We explore: - Opening up our mind and heart and tuning into higher realms of consciousness within our - Centering our lives around peace and serving humanity in simple, down to earth ways - What relevance St. Francis has in today's world and how we can relate him to simplifying our lives - Why the U.S. seems to be completely marginalized and what St. Francis...


088: The Courage to Thrive

In today's episode, we discuss how we can use our minds to thrive, create intentionality in our lives, and transform from the inside out. We explore: - What separates people that thrive from those that don't - Tuning in to our inner selves and becoming more fulfilled - The number one determinant of living a longer, happier life - Three major factors promoting isolation in our world today - The relationship between adverse childhood experiences and addiction - How emotional dyslexia...


087: The Courage to See the Unseeable

In today's episode, we discuss how we can change our perceptions and become the master of our own minds in order to get the results we want in life. We explore: - Working through disempowering beliefs and connecting deeply with our wisdom selves - Reprogramming our mind and releasing the negative things going on beneath the surface - Accepting our role as the creator of our experiences and taking responsibility for our lives - How we can learn to change our current perceptions so...


086: The Courage to Have it All

In today's episode, we discuss having all that we want in life by shifting our mindset, setting new intentions, and overcoming our limitations. We explore: - Overcoming our limitations and the challenges in our lives in order to become who we are meant to be - Setting new intentions, focusing on purpose, and shifting our mindset to have the things we want in life - Getting in touch with what we want in our relationships, career, family, home life, and personal growth - Why...


085: The Courage to Innovate, Lead, & Succeed

In today's episode, we discuss strategies for leading from the heart and the myths and realities of heart health. We explore: - What success skills leaders will need to possess in 2020 and beyond to lead effectively - How to use the power of innovation, stay ahead of the curve, and make change work for us - Why being risky is the new safe in business and the importance of taking more risks - How different generations communicate at work and how we can learn to bridge the gap - Which...


084: The Courage to Express Gratitude

In today's episode, we discuss stepping into the power of positivity, compassion, connection, and gratitude. We explore: - Releasing the chapters of our lives that have been filled with anger, resentment, and regrets - Diving deep into a place of gratitude and compassion to live a happier and more fulfilling life - The power of the mind and how affirmations work to help us reach our greatest potential - Clearing stress and life's greatest challenges through meditation, gratitude, and...


083: The Courage to Adapt and Evolve

In today's episode, we discuss the epic journey from adolescence to adulthood in humans and other animals, and how small acts of kindness and being fully present can change the world. We explore: - The epic journey from adolescence to adulthood in humans and other animals - Why adolescents with the lowest social status sometimes take desperate measures - Why adolescents engage in rebellious behavior and put themselves in risky situations - How anxiety has become widespread among...


082: The Courage to Connect

In today's episode, we discuss connecting with ourselves and with others to impact our lives in a greater way. We explore: - Specific skillsets for how to connect in the world, with ourselves and others in our lives - The 4 connections, how we are all connected, and why every voice matters and has an impact - Focusing on what connects us, what separates us, and opening ourselves to new perspectives - The correct question everyone should ask themselves before they choose to start a...


081: The Courage to Become More Courageous, Resilient, and Compassionate

In today's episode, we discuss achieving exponential growth, creating financial abundance, and summoning newfound courage in every season of life. We explore: - Raising our consciousness and wisdom in order to overcome the obstacles in our lives - Creating a personal mission and determining the impact we want to make in the world - Quieting our minds to become fully aware of the limiting beliefs that are holding us back - Why anything can be made possible with the right 'game plan'...


080: The Courage to Embrace the Energetic Codes of Wellness

In today's episode, we discuss health and wellness from an alternative point of view, including healing on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. We explore: - Tapping into the healer within ourselves and awakening to a greater version of who we are - What the Energy Codes are and how they can help us to awaken our spirit and heal our body - How we can incorporate the principles and practices of The Energy Codes in our lives - The role we play in creating our own lives...


079: The Courage to Rejuvenate Your Brain & Transform Your Consciousness

In today's episode, we discuss the courage to rejuvenate our brains and transform our consciousness. We explore: - Becoming aware of our own thoughts and how they're actually impacting our lives - Quantum physics and some of the techniques being used in the quantum field - Cellular Neo-Genesis and creating an environment for the brain to regenerate cells in - Regenerating brain cells to enhance memory, mental outlook, sleep, energy, and more - Rapid, non-surgical improvement and...


078: The Courage to Create Positive Environments

In today's episode, we discuss creating positive environments in all areas of our lives so that we can thrive in ways we may have never thought possible. We explore: - The two primary factors that hold us back from feeling good and being happy in life - Why millennials are leaving companies and how to retain millennial employees - How to secure growth with millennial employees, customers, and members of society - Giving millennials a voice to increase retention rates and establish a...


077: The Courage to Be a Hero

In today's episode, we discuss the courage to become a hero. We explore: - Letting go of what holds us back in life and changing how we show up in the world - The importance of being open and receptive to change in order to evolve and grow - Five common (and essential) qualities of someone that's a changemaker or 'hero' - What Happy Science is, what it's major teachings are, and why it's growing rapidly - Master Okawa's near-death experience in the Happy Science movie, "Immortal...


076: The Courage to Rethink Your Business and Life

In today's episode, we discuss doing business with purpose and changing our habits from the inside out. We explore: - Acknowledging our fears and what could possibly stop us from living our lives to the fullest - Rethinking how and why we do business the way we do and thriving from a place of purpose - How we can come to understand and live out our true purpose that God created for us - Some of the common characteristics that people need in order to transform their lives - Changing...