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Every week co-hosts Garrett J White and Sam Falsafi share in a weekly discussion known as “Parables from the Pit” insights from Wake Up Warrior in what is known as Warrior Week exclusively for men. Join them as they teach tools that have taken men down to the pits of hell within themselves in order to learn how to let go and grow by liberating themselves.

Every week co-hosts Garrett J White and Sam Falsafi share in a weekly discussion known as “Parables from the Pit” insights from Wake Up Warrior in what is known as Warrior Week exclusively for men. Join them as they teach tools that have taken men down to the pits of hell within themselves in order to learn how to let go and grow by liberating themselves.
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Every week co-hosts Garrett J White and Sam Falsafi share in a weekly discussion known as “Parables from the Pit” insights from Wake Up Warrior in what is known as Warrior Week exclusively for men. Join them as they teach tools that have taken men down to the pits of hell within themselves in order to learn how to let go and grow by liberating themselves.




I AM | Warrior Week | Ep 049

Master Stephen Co is Coach Sam's special guest in this week's edition of Warrior Week: Parables from the Pit. Master Co is an expert in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga and is the co-author of the books, “The Power of Prana” and “Your Hands Can Heal You." Since 1988, he has been traveling the world teaching and sharing energetic techniques based on ancient spiritual principles that can be applied immediately to transform one's life. Parable #1: An Inspired Encounter QUESTION Where in...


I Did Not QUIT, Daddy | Warrior Week | Ep 048

It’s father and son time in this week’s special edition of the Warrior Week podcast where Coach Sam and his nine-year-old son, Nickon, engage in a conversation about life and the life lessons they have been learning together. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parable #1: The Hike QUESTION Where in your world have you wanted to quit but persevered instead? What was the outcome of that decision? Parable #2: Learning Through...


The PYRAMID of SEX | Warrior Week | Ep 047

Coach Sam welcomes Coach Kevin to the studio this week where they discuss the major pains inside the lives of women as well as the top issues women face and are not sharing with their men. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parable #1: Picking Up the Pieces QUESTION What is your experience with this? Parable #2: Mum’s the Word QUESTION What can you do to open up a conversation about the role of feedback inside your...


THE SHIFT | Warrior Week | Ep 046

It’s back to the basics and fundamentals in this week’s podcast with Coach Sam and Coach Jesse taking on the topic of Habits and Patterns, and the idea that any habit, good or bad, is breakable. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parable #1: The Sixty Second Rule QUESTION What are some of your default habits that tend to suck away your time? Parable #2: Cues QUESTION What distracts you from the things you want to do? Parable #3:...


DRAMA is a LUXURY | Warrior Week | Ep 045

This week’s podcast is a candid and eye-opening conversation around the topic of Trauma and Drama. Coach Sam and Coach Kevin uncover some important truths as they delve deep into this topic and share how a Warrior tool, Release the Rage, gives men and women the possibility to shift the drama, connect with the heart, and create a new perspective and path. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parable #1: Drama Fuels the Ego QUESTION Where in...


CHILD OF WAR | Warrior Week | Ep 044

This week’s episode is one you do not want to miss: The story of the soldier known as Isaiah Melendez. In the midst of Warrior Week 53, Coach Sam welcomes Isaiah aka Coach Mercenary to the show where they have a conversation about war, about honoring the innocent children who have fought and died in war, and how within each one of us is an innocent child. They launch their new project, CHILD OF WAR and describe its inception and...


The Sh*t We Don't Talk About | Warrior Week | Ep 043

Coach Sam and Coach Kevin have a discussion about the shit that no one talks about. The societal taboo around topics such as miscarriage, sex, masturbation, death, and porn are stripped away in this week's important and candid conversation. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parable #1: Pain, Shame, and Guilt QUESTION What stops you from talking about certain things? Parable #2: Miscarriage QUESTION Where did you turn for...


My Family is My Business | Warrior Week | Ep 042

Coach Sam welcomes Smiljan Mori to the podcast this week. When Smiljan knocked on the doors of Warrior Week, he was seeking tools and systems that would enable him to serve his family in the best possible way. What he found instead was the man he had always desired to be: himself. He has since moved forward with various challenges within Warrior and is on the path to becoming a Certified Trainer as of the date of this...


God, The Greatest Blue Collar of All | Warrior Week | Ep 041

Coach Sam is joined by Coach Shahn, one of the main coaches of the KingsKit experience inside of Wake Up Warrior. He is essentially a blue collar guy who had gotten himself in a pretty sticky spot, which led him to search for something that would get his life to work. He ended up at the gates of Wake Up Warrior. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parable #1: I Am Elite to becomeI am QUESTION What is a download you have received from the...


I NEED Money | Warrior Week | Ep 040

Coach Sam and Coach Jesse engage in a conversation around a Pit that many men experience, the Pit of the need for money and how that need paralyzes and prevents them from moving forward. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parable #1: Patterns of Behavior QUESTION Where in your life are you expecting results without putting in the required work? Parable #2: Moving or Not Moving? QUESTION Across all areas of your life, where do you find...


EAST Meets WEST | Warrior Week | Ep 039

Coach Sam and Coach Sabastian have a conversation about the cultures they were raised in, how they helped shape who they are today, and how they learned to take the best of their cultures and incorporate them into the raising of their own families. ________________________________________________________ Parable #1: Multi-Cultural Coach Sam QUESTION What cultures have influenced you? Parable #2: Individualistic vs Collective QUESTION Do you practice the mindsets of your youth? Why...


What You Are Seeking Is Seeking You | Warrior Week | Ep 038

Coach Sam and COO of Wake Up Warrior, Cullen Talley, have an impromptu conversation in this week’s episode where they uncover beautiful truths and insights as they discuss this concept of seeking. ________________________________________________________ Parable #1: Déjà Vu QUESTION How do you respond to Déjà Vu moments? Parable #2: Brotherhood of Seekers Cullen: QUESTION What are you seeking in your life? Parable #3: SeekerS of Understanding QUESTION What have been some of your...


Warrior Woman | Warrior Week | Ep 037

Coach Sam and Coach Kevin have a conversation about how the recent addition of Warrior Woman has become a powerful part of the Wake Up Warrior empire and is empowering women to find their voices and own their worthiness. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parable #1: Warrior Woman Movement QUESTION What is your experience with Warrior Woman? Parable #2: Sex and Collisions Coach Kevin: QUESTION How has the increase in collisions in your...


The Pleasing Puzzle | Warrior Week | Ep 036

In this week’s episode of Parables from the Pit, Coach Sam and Coach Jesse have an open conversation about sex, orgasms, expectations, and connection. Jesse shares a recent experience with his wife which sends him to the pit, where he questions his worth and the state of their marriage. He shares the gift he received through Stacking this experience, which is a total game-changer for himself and the brotherhood. ________________________________________________________ Parable #1:...


Dark Magic | Warrior Week | Ep 035

King Lerrod Smalls joins Coach Sam for an epic conversation in this week’s episode of Parables from The Pit: The story of a black man from the pit. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parable #1: Dancing to the Same Beat Coach Sam: QUESTION Where do you find yourself inside this conversation? Parable #2: It’s Not the Color, It’s the Man Lerrod: Coach Sam: QUESTION What learned prejudices do you hold against other men due to their race,...


The Pain of Fear |Warrior Week |Ep 034

Each week, Coach Sam and Coach Jesse delve into the pain of the modern man taken from the stories of the men who enter the gates of the crucible, Warrior Week. In today’s episode, they have a conversation around this principle: Truth is something that evolves – what is true today for you, may not necessarily be true for you tomorrow. It’s constantly changing. Fear between truth and ourselves causes men to lie. ________________________________________________________ Parable #1: The Man...


Betrayal is a Bitch | Warrior Week | Ep 033

Coach Sam and Coach Jesse are hours away from leading men in the crucible of Warrior Week 50 as they continue this conversation around pain, and inside of that, the pain of betrayal. ________________________________________________________ Parable #1: It Begins in the Mind Coach Sam: Coach Jesse: QUESTION What stories have you been creating in your mind about your spouse? Parable #2: Not Created Equal Coach Sam: byCoach Jesse: QUESTION How has betrayal entered your...


Pain of the Modern Man | Warrior Week | Ep 032

Welcome to the 32nd episode of Warrior Week, Parables from the Pit. The show has a new format where every week the conversations will be driven by three lead trainers inside the Warrior Movement: Sam Falsafi, Jesse Ewell, and Kevin Voisin, who combined have led and trained thousands of men inside the experience known as the Warrior’s Way. Each week they will have a real and raw conversation about a specific aspect of the pain of the modern man. Today is a powerful conversation about the...


Dad, Are You Coming Back to Basecamp? | Warrior Week | Ep 031

Welcome to a very special edition of Parables from the Pit as the amazing story of Kahea and his boys is shared with Coach Sam Falsafi. It’s a story of courage, darkness, heartbreak, and turning points, where Kahea and his sons, seemingly against all odds, come out victorious. Kahea also shares his involvement with Operation Underground Railroad as a special operative traveling throughout the world rescuing children and taking out...


Next to My King, I Am His Queen | Warrior Week | Ep 030

Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes two powerful leaders to the show today, Dr. Ed and Karen Osburn. They share stories of the unexpected twists and turns in their life, and demonstrate how they have chosen to rise and lead through their challenges. ______________________________________________ Parable #1: Intro to Warrior Ed: Karen: QUESTION What was your introduction to Warrior? Parable #2: Wanting Power and Confidence Karen: QUESTION How are you showing up for your wife? Parable...