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Episode 10- Paddy Pigskin

Paddy Pigskin is a hugely entertaining podcast hosted by Dr. Gary Sommerville, an Irishman living in the USA who played Wide Receiver for the Dublin Rebels.


Episode 9- Greg Berry from Hustle Island

Greg Berry is a serial entrepreneur and the man behind The Hustle Shirt, a t-shirt aimed at uniting a community of entrepreneurs under a common banner. In the podcast Greg talks candidly about his ventures and his highs and lows, as well as his plans for Hustle Island.


Episode 8- Jack Chambers

Jack Chambers is a musician and the host of the highly successful podcast "The Sequelisers", a podcast where the team take your favourite movies and fix their not so good sequels. Jack is an expert on podcasting and has great advice here for aspiring bands from his experience in his heavy metal band.


Episode 6- John Hendrick, owner, Big Bang Comics

John Hendrick is the owner of Big Bang Comics, a comic store in Dundrum,Ireland that has managed to attain a worldwide following through clever and honest use of social media. John also ran the Dublin International Comics Expo(D.I.C.E.) which put the Irish comics scene on the map and resulted in top local creators gaining work in the major U.S publishers.


Episode 5: Mark O'Connor

Mark O'Connor is a movie director and writer from Dublin, Ireland. His most recent movie, Cardboard Gangsters, is currently receiving critical acclaim for it's gritty and realistic portrayal of urban Dublin. Mark talks breaking into movies, marketing independent cinema and much more in this great talk with Darrin O'Toole of We Sell Want.


We Sell Want Episode 4: Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas is an award winning music artist from Dublin, Ireland. Luke was on the verge of r&b stardom in the early 2000's, with fame, chart success and awards quickly coming, but long term financial stability wasn't forthcoming and Luke had to re-invent himself. Luke has since shot to fame with his Sinatra-esque band The Swing Cats, who have sold out every venue they've played and are one of the world's most sought after swing bands.


We Sell Want Episode 3: Tommie Kelly

Tommie Kelly is a modern renaissance man. An aspiring musician who moved on to become an innovator on the Irish comics scene, Tommie moved on to becoming a leading occultist and the developer of the hugely successful Forty Servants system, the adventures in Woo Woo blog as well as his own podcast, the Tommie Kelly podcast.


We Sell Want Episode 2: Gordon Rochford from Those Conspiracy Guys

Gordon Rochford is a comedian, journalist and presenter. He is the brains and personality behind Those Conspiracy Guys, a hugely successful podcast that takes a humorous yet in depth look at conspiracies, ranging from aliens to missing persons and murders. On the back of the podcast, Gordon has amassed a cultural tribe that is hugely supportive of his projects and he is currently focused on making a series of documentaries in the U.S.


Episode One: DJ Flip

DJ Flip is a world champion turntablist from Dublin, Ireland. He tours the world showcasing his amazing talents at some of the world's top clubs and festivals. He hosts the hugely popular "Flip Will Mix It" show on his social media channels, where he will take any song and turn it into a club banger of a hip hop song. Here we discuss how he built his brand out of his bedroom and he offers advice to those looking to make it in the music world.