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Spiritual, emotional and financial abundance for the entrepreneur led by her heart. Host Patty Lennon, intuitive business coach and speaker is breaking the mold for business podcasts. She’s sharing a blend of heart-centered strategies talking to like-minded entrepreneurs who share their journey to a successful business on their terms.

Spiritual, emotional and financial abundance for the entrepreneur led by her heart. Host Patty Lennon, intuitive business coach and speaker is breaking the mold for business podcasts. She’s sharing a blend of heart-centered strategies talking to like-minded entrepreneurs who share their journey to a successful business on their terms.
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Spiritual, emotional and financial abundance for the entrepreneur led by her heart. Host Patty Lennon, intuitive business coach and speaker is breaking the mold for business podcasts. She’s sharing a blend of heart-centered strategies talking to like-minded entrepreneurs who share their journey to a successful business on their terms.






3 Energetic Shifts to Increase Sales EP: 37

Patty takes a unique approach to understanding and learning how to have good sales conversations. This episode will change how you look and feel about selling. Shift One – Help your customer connect to the vision of what they want. Patty shares how you can help with this shift for yourself and for your clients. Shift Two – When you begin to “fix it” during your conversation (out of your sincere desire to help) it can prevent the desired success for you and your client. Patty explains how...


How to Deal with Critics and Haters EP:36

Patty addresses this challenging topic with wisdom from her own personal life experience. If you are showing up and putting yourself in a place to make an impact, it’s possible, maybe even likely, that critics or haters are going to show up as well. This year has already been filled with intense energy around this so if it’s been a struggle, know that it’s not you. There is an energetic component that’s making some experiences more intense for all of us. Patty shares from her heart how to...


Title: What to do When You Want to Quit EP:35

Today Patty shares what to do when you feel like quitting. When everything feels like it’s taking more than you can give. The spring energy comes with the spirit of renewal and new beginnings and fresh starts. But some of you may be coming out of the winter feeling tired and exhausted. The idea of starting a new thing can feel like complete overwhelm. If you’re feeling that way, it’s a message for you. Patty shares how to understand and get to the root cause. Feeling zapped and wanting to...


What to do When the Unexpected Happens EP:34

Today’s podcast is especially important. Life is going to surprise you with a curve ball now and then. What you do today will shape how that experience will impact you in the future. Patty shares how she has been able to deal with the unexpected loss of her father. It’s a powerful reminder to remember what is most important in life. Creating a life intentionally is possible. It starts when you get clear about what matters most. To you. The best part; as much as this foundation will make...


Showing up and Truth-Telling to Attract Your Perfect Clients Ep. 33

Today’s episode is a bit different. Patty is sharing from her heart like she always does, but she’s also sharing how something that didn’t go as expected ended up being just what she needed. When we aren’t getting the results we want, we often assume that it’s because we’re missing some piece of the puzzle. We think there’s a course or a book or a certification out there that’s going to change everything. What if you know everything you need to know? What if the only thing missing is a bit...


Title: Learning How to Have Sales Conversations

Patty shares her personal story about sales and selling. You may not know it, but she wasn’t always good at having sales conversations. She explains how hard it was for her and what she did to get better. This podcast is for anyone who wants to be better at those sales conversations. If you know Patty (and if you don’t this is an important distinction) she realized that some of the tactics that work for others weren’t a good fit for her. She had to find the best way to have these...


Patty Talks About Race and Wealth and Purpose with Dr. Sam Kline

This podcast may challenge how you’ve looked at race and other issues around diversity and inclusion and spirituality and love. Today Patty talks with Dr. Sam Kline who writes and speaks about race and love and what it means to be a human who wants all the good things life has to offer. Sam has a voice that has the power to change the conversations we have around these issues. She writes from her heart about her own experience, but she also holds a space for other who see things differently...


Patty Provides a New Perspective on Time Management

This episode is a powerful new perspective on managing your time. It’s a skill that Patty has learned because it wasn’t something that came naturally to her. She also talks about time and productivity as part of your value system. It’s about so much more than scheduling every minute. It’s about owning what’s important to you and ensuring that there is time to honor that part of your life. If you feel like there’s never enough time to do the things you love, or if it feels like you are...


The Difference Between Your Purpose and What You Do

You can be living your purpose every moment of every day. It may be related to your work, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s about perspective and understanding how you embody your purpose in all parts of your life. This podcast explains the difference between what you do and even why you do it and your purpose in life. For many it’s a slight shift in how they few their work, and for others it’s a new way of aligning your work to your purpose. If this type of concept sounds great in theory...


Patty Interviews Feng Shui Expert Patricia Lohan

Patty and Patricia talk Feng Shui and the impact is has on your life. There are so many great tips you’ll want to take notes. I promise you’ll hear something that’s going to inspire you. The upcoming Chinese New Year aligns with the lunar new year. If 2019 isn’t starting as you’d hoped (or if it has there’s more coming) February 5th (2019) gives you the perfect time to focus on what you want in life. Make sure you hear how to take advantage of the energy around this sacred time. Patricia...


Patty Celebrates Her Business 10 Year Anniversary

Patty shares her insights about her decision to leave her corporate banking job 10 years ago! She shares how she has gained resiliency and the lessons learned with the benefit of perspective. You’ll be encouraged and inspired. In today’s podcast Patty explains how to create and support that bigger-than-you-dared goal. More than anything, Patty wants you to realize that it’s all possible. Staying small because you’re fearful or unsure won’t make it easier but it could mean less fun and joy...


How to Have Financial Confidence with Pam Prior and Patty Lennon

n a world of people who say they will help you make money, manage your money, and keep your money, Pam is legit. She has this fundamental understanding of how the balance sheet connects to the spirit of your business. She will change your perspective about things like cash flow, revenue and profit margin. What if you could have financial confidence? It’s not just knowing that your bills are paid, and you can take care of your family which is the first priority for most of us. This brings...


Karen Yankovich and Patty Discuss the Owner Mind-Set and Bonus: LinkedIn Tips

Karen Yankovich is a business owner, podcaster and LinkedIn expert. She shares her mind-set tips for creating an entrepreneur's mindset for business success. Bonus: LinkedIn tips for establishing meaningful business relationships.


Happy New Year From Patty

Honoring the energy for 2019. What is your vision for this year? What action will you take to make this happen?


A Christmas Message From Patty

Patty shares her practice to help her get ready for the New Year.


Scarlett Lewis Shares Her Healing Journey with Patty

Scarlett Lewis founded the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement after her son was murdered during the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012. Shortly after his death, Scarlett decided to be part of the solution to the issues that we're seeing in our society—and that also caused the tragedy. She created the Movement and became an advocate for social and emotional learning (SEL) that teaches children how to manage their emotions, feel connected, and have healthy relationships.


Patty Shares a Special 40th Anniversary Tribute

This is a special episode about marriage, which is a little different from what I normally talk about. I’m doing this to honor my cousins who are celebrating their 40th Anniversary. Today I’m sharing how as a couple they are a force. They support each other and their family and community together, as part of who they are within their marriage.


Feeling Wealthy at Christmas

Patty shares from her personal experience about how to set yourself up for a joyful, fulfilling season. The winter solstice takes us from the darkest day and from there the days get brighter. It’s a natural time of inspiration.


Patty Talks With her Podcast Producer Phyllis Nichols About Podcast Guest Pitches

Patty and Phyllis talk about being a guest on podcasts and the benefits for both host and guest. They share how to pitch successfully and how to maximize your podcast interviews.


Patty Interviews Katherine Siemionko, Founder of the Woman's March Alliance

Hear how the Women's March Alliance was formed and why it's mission is about including everyone in the work for equality for all. Today, Katherine is combining her professional skills and passion for human rights to help break the cycle of suppression, inequality and injustice that has held women captive for centuries.