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Welcome to the “Wealth-Is-In-The-Details” Podcast. In this podcast, financial planner Peter Raskin helps families and business owners understand and prepare for their wealth journey. Along the way, thoughtful and detailed planning can provide clarity and confidence as clients confront a multitude of financial decisions. Listen in as Peter shares stories and insight into people’s wealth journeys.


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Welcome to the “Wealth-Is-In-The-Details” Podcast. In this podcast, financial planner Peter Raskin helps families and business owners understand and prepare for their wealth journey. Along the way, thoughtful and detailed planning can provide clarity and confidence as clients confront a multitude of financial decisions. Listen in as Peter shares stories and insight into people’s wealth journeys.






Breaking Stigmas and Improving Mental Health with Ariana Mufson (Ep. 114)

Many people trivialize mental health because they forget it can affect all areas of their lives, including their physical and financial well-being. Others hesitate to seek help because of the associated stigmas. Join Peter Raskin and guest Ariana Mufson, LICSW, CST, Psychotherapist, in their efforts to normalize, and even prioritize, mental well-being. Today’s episode explores … Read More Read More


Nine Financial Resolutions: An Essential Checklist from a Financial Planner (Ep. 113)

Are you always thinking about reviewing your finances but never seem to get it done? Join us in taking nine New Year’s Resolutions that will help you evaluate and organize your current financial situation. As a financial planner, Peter Raskin shares nine financial resolutions that he will be working on in 2024, along with his … Read More Read More


Year-End Reflections & Personal Stories From the Raskin Planning Group Team (Ep. 112)

One of the goals of this podcast is to help listeners get to know our team better. As days grow shorter and holiday lights fill the darkness, it’s the perfect time to hear from the Raskin Planning Group team and reflect on the past 12 months! Join Peter Raskin as he interviews his colleagues Alex … Read More Read More


Mastering Year-Round Tax Planning: Strategies for a Financially Savvy Year-End (Ep. 111)

The clock is ticking, days are getting shorter and cooler, and it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. But from a financial perspective, we have less than two months to do tax planning, so what should you be thinking about? In this episode, Peter Raskin discusses the importance … Read More Read More


The Similarities Between Traveling and Financial Planning (Ep. 110)

One of the most important aspects of achieving our financial goals is having a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. And just like a travel journey, without a clear goal, it is easy to get distracted, lose motivation, and make poor decisions. However, setting a goal is not enough. You also need to … Read More Read More


The Rise And Fall Of Inflation (Ep. 109)

Feel like you’re always paying more? In this insightful episode, Peter Raskin explains inflation, examining its recent rise and breaking down its impacts on society. He challenges the common belief that inflation affects everyone the same way, shedding light on its distinct impacts across various income levels. In this episode, Peter dives into: Strategies for … Read More Read More


How to Save Taxes and Achieve Your Financial Objectives with James Spoto, CPA (Ep. 108)

Your wealth is in the details – and we’re diving deep. Join host Peter Raskin and James Spoto, Partner at Spoto CPA, for an eye-opening conversation that unpacks the A to Z of financial planning. Curious about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? Need help navigating home sale exclusions or itemized deductions? This episode has … Read More Read More


How to Choose the Right Retirement Plan for Your Business (Ep. 107)

Think a retirement plan is just another checkbox? Think again. In this episode, Peter Raskin gives us a deep dive into retirement plan options that fit businesses of all sizes. From 401(k) plans with profit-sharing to traditional 401(k)s and SIMPLE IRAs, Peter explains how flexibility and customization are key to achieving both business and employee … Read More Read More


From Working Boots to Business Suits with Larry DiCara (Ep. 106)

How has Boston’s transformation from a hub of blue-collar workers to a hotspot for white-collar specialists impacted its people, identity, and economic dynamics? In this episode, Peter Raskin chats with Larry DiCara, a seasoned real estate lawyer and former Boston city councilor, about the profound shifts Boston has experienced over the years. During their discussion, … Read More Read More


Boys Town: A History of Hope and Healing for Troubled Youth with Aric Johnson (Ep. 105)

Family plays a pivotal role in shaping young lives, extending a guiding hand that leads troubled youth towards a brighter future. Not every child has access to a supportive family and unconditional love, but every child deserves it. Boys Town’s mission is to give troubled youth the opportunity to get the right kind of care, … Read More Read More


How The Opportunity Zone Legislation Can Help Maximize Tax Benefits with Nino Balduzzi (Ep. 104)

How can the opportunity zone legislation help you maximize your tax benefits? Investors can defer capital gains with opportunity zones. In this episode, Peter Raskin speaks with Nino Balduzzi of Griffin Capital about the Opportunity Zone legislation, an investment strategy that incentivizes real estate development in specific census tracks across the country by allowing investors … Read More Read More


A 7-Step Checklist for Your Journey Into Retirement (Ep. 103)

Planning for retirement is a lot like planning for travel. You need a moldable checklist of decisions that need to be made from a big-picture perspective. In this episode, Peter Raskin shares a 7-step checklist for retirees. He covers important aspects such as expenses, income sources, protection, taxes, portfolio risk, distribution flexibility, and legacy planning, … Read More Read More


Exploring Your Potential In Real Estate Investing With Michael Price (Ep. 102)

Are you looking for a way to invest your money and secure your financial future? In this episode, financial planner Peter Raskin interviews commercial real estate investor Michael Price on the benefits of investing in real estate. Michael aims to provide valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in the industry, such as knowing … Read More Read More


Annuities 101 (Ep. 101)

Let’s have a little refresher on what annuities are, and if you’ve never heard of them before, don’t worry! Peter breaks them down from the beginning. In this episode, Peter Raskin takes us back to the classroom and covers some of the basics about annuities, starting with a recap of what an annuity is. He … Read More Read More


Building a Strong Foundation: Considerations in Supporting Your Independent Young Adult (Ep. 100)

As parents, it’s crucial to have open conversations with our children about their future, especially when it comes to financial independence. In this episode, Peter Raskin delves into the essential conversations parents should have with their children regarding their future. He explores legal considerations like access to important records to financial aspects such as health … Read More Read More


Navigating Market Uncertainty: How to Stay Calm and Invest Smart (Ep. 99)

After multiple conversations, Peter has noticed that while his clients are not panicking and selling their stocks and bonds, they are holding onto their assets and feeling uneasy about the current state of the markets. When everyone around you is talking about a potential recession, it is normal to feel anxious. However, it is important … Read More Read More


The Life and Legacy of Charlie Raskin (Ep. 98)

“A father’s love is forever imprinted on his child’s heart.” In this special episode, we delve into the life and legacy of Charlie Raskin, a man who lived a simple yet profound life. Peter Raskin shares his memories and insights into his father’s life, also known as Chuck and Papa. Through Peter’s recollections, we discover … Read More Read More


Bonds are Back: A Comprehensive Guide on Bonds with Stan Sattler (Ep. 97)

As an advisor, it’s important to be able to construct a portfolio that can perform well in different market environments. In this episode, Stan Sattler, Director of Investment Solutions at Belle Haven Investments, delves into the risks and rewards associated with different types of bonds. He also shares Belle Haven’s laddered portfolio strategy and provides … Read More Read More


401(k) 101: Getting To Know The Basics (Ep. 96)

Enrolling in a 401(k) plan seems intimidating because the restrictions can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! In this episode, Peter Raskin takes us back to the basics of retirement planning with 401(k) plans. He explains what a 401(k) plan is, gives 6 enticing reasons why everyone should participate in a 401(k) plan … Read More Read More


The Raskin Planning Group Team (Ep. 95)

By now, we all know about Peter Raskin and the phenomenal guests we’ve had on the show so far, but who is on the rest of the team at Raskin Planning Group? In this episode, Peter Raskin introduces several of his colleagues at the Raskin Planning Group. Alex LaCroce, Kathryn Broy, Nathanael Lukens, and Ellen … Read More Read More