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33: Kim and Penn Holderness on Tips for a Healthy Marriage and How to be a Great Guest at a Wedding

Kim and Penn Holderness are known for their viral videos on YouTube where they sing and dance, sometimes in their Christmas Jammies. But Kim and Penn are much more than what you see in the videos. They are a dynamic, hilarious, and down-to-earth couple who came on the show today to talk about how they met, their engagement, their wedding, tips for a healthy marriage, and how to be a great guest at a wedding. We find out, what advice would Kim and Penn give themselves, about marriage, on...


Weekend Wine Down 6: Advice to our 20-year-old selves, plus a preview of the Holderness episode

Megan and Jason give advice to their 20-year-old selves, Megan on kissing frogs and Jason on traveling more. Coming up on Wednesday's episode, Megan talks to the hilarious and wide-open Kim and Penn Holderness on what marriage advice they would give themselves on their wedding day, plus how to be a great guest at a wedding. Don't forget, we have a seminar coming up at The Umstead Hotel in Cary NC on Monday, October 22nd, for a Brunch and Learn from 9:30AM-12PM. Here are some of the...


32: Day-Of Wedding Coordination with Erin McCauley with Chestnut and Vine

Day-Of Wedding Coordination, sometimes called month-of wedding coordination, can actually be more difficult than full-service planning - or at least it can be more confusing. Wedding planners, and really anyone in the events industry, tend to be people pleasers. So when couples ask for more than what's in the contract, it's a wedding planners natural inclination to say yes. But when you're only contracted for the logistics of the day, how do you eliminate that scope creep? Erin McCauley...


Weekend Wine Down 5: Purple Feet, Throwing Lettuce, and It's Epsom with an M

In this weekend wine down, Megan just got back from a wedding, so she talked about that - why she has purple feet, and did the best man really throw a head of lettuce at the groom during his speech? Plus unpacking the amazing experience that was interviewing Van Eure and Kelly Joslin from the Angus Barn. Next week, we have Erin McCauley from Chestnut and Vine Day-Of Wedding Coordination on the show, so be sure to check that out! And here's the information you need on our seminars! The...


31B: Angus Barn Events Coordinator Kelly Joslin on Weddings at Both Bay 7 and the Pavilion

Angus Barn events coordinator Kelly Joslin came on the show to talk about what happened when the Angus Barn took over ownership of Bay 7 in Durham in 2013, some fun hilarious stories of both tours and weddings, and what makes the Angus Barn so special. Kelly started at the Barn 18 years ago as a waitress and has grown into an amazing lead wedding coordinator at the Pavilion, which the Angus Barn built in 2008. If you haven't already, be sure to check out part 1 of the Angus Barn podcast...


31A: Van Eure on the Angus Barn History, Commitment to Service, and Opening the Wedding Pavilion

The Angus Barn Way, their commitment to unparalleled service, is legendary in the local hospitality industry. The owner of the Angus Barn, Van Eure, sat down with Megan to talk about the history of the Barn (her father opened it in the middle of nowhere in 1960), empowering employees to make sure the customer experience is second to none, why she vowed never to do weddings again (never say never), and building the Pavilion for weddings back in 2008. Such an amazing institution and presence...


Weekend Wine Down 4: Not Sharing the "Dead Cat as a Groomsman" Story Yet

In this weekend wine down, we talk about the new intro where Megan mentions a dead cat as a groomsman. It's true, and we'll share it...when we get to 60 reviews on Apple Podcasts. We also talk about our seminars on October 22nd, and the guests coming up in the next several weeks. Be sure to check out the podcast this week where we release 2 episodes with the Angus Barn Restaurant in Raleigh NC! And here's the information you need on our seminars! The first one is an online marketing...


30: Alan Berg, Wedding Education Guru, on His New Book, "Why Don't They Call Me?"

Alan Berg, Certified Public Speaker, Global Speaking Fellow (one of 31 people in the world to have that distinction), Wedding Industry Sales and Education Guru, Wedding Wire Consultant, and 4-time Book Writer, comes on the show today to talk about his new book, "Why Don't They Call Me? 8 Tips for Converting Wedding & Event Inquiries into Sales"! Alan gives his 8 tips and tells YOU the wedding vendor why you're not booking as many weddings as you could. Alan's Websites and Social...


Weekend Wine Down 3: Stoned Speed, The Big Fake Wedding, and Alan Berg The Speakingest Speaker

Thanks for listening! On this Weekend Wine Down, Megan and Jason talked about 2 seminars coming up on October 22nd, what happens when you play a podcast on half speed, attending The Big Fake Wedding in Raleigh, last week's episode with Becca Atchison, and next week with Alan Berg. We hope you enjoy! Below are the seminar images with...


29: Becca Atchison on Percentage Based Pricing and Bringing on a Business Partner

Full Service Wedding Planning Company Rebecca Rose Events founder, owner, and creative director Becca Atchison comes on the show to talk about how and why her pricing model is different than almost everyone else in the wedding planning industry, why she decided to bring a partner into her company, what she's most proud of (not being named top planner by Southern Living Magazine or a Planner to Follow by Martha Stewart Weddings, which she was), and that time her company was sued by a...


Weekend Wine Down 2: Hurricane Florence and the Instagram No-No List

Megan and Jason talk about what a weird week that was because of the Hurricane, and the new seminar Brunch and Learn: Instagram, Millennials, and How to Market Your Wedding Business, coming October 22nd at The Umstead. Listen to the episode for a discount code! As part of that seminar, Megan will share her Instagram No-No list, and she gives a preview of it in this Weekend Wine Down today. If you want to sign up for the seminar, it's 9:30AM 10/22, and you can see more information here!


28: Inside the Bridal Suite with Makeup Artist Michelle Clark

Makeup Artist and all-around hilarious and amazing person Michelle Clark came on the show today, not so much to talk about makeup - although we get to that in the lightning round - but more so about what goes on in the bridal suite before the wedding. The makeup artist and the hair stylist are usually the first vendors in the room, so they see the dynamic between the bride and her tribe first-hand. Usually it's a fun festive atmosphere, but sometimes, it can get a little tense. Michelle...


Weekend Wine Down: Cookie Dough, Beer, and What Happened This Week

Happy Weekend! It was a big week here, and Megan and Jason talked about it. We had our "Instagram, Millennials, and How to Market Your Wedding Business" seminar, and we're already planning another one for next month! Give us feedback if you get a chance - what do you think of this format? In addition to the regular episodes of course!


27: Moms and Daughters Planning a Wedding Together in Peace, with Megan's Mom

I brought my mom onto my podcast, and you'll hear all about our arguments from my wedding, which included cake, videography, photography, and invitations. And believe it or not, we both admit that the other one was right! Today’s show is all about how moms and daughters can plan a wedding together in peace. As you probably know, the wedding tradition still is that the bride’s parents pay for the wedding, and with so much money invested, there’s going to be some tension – and even some...


26: Felicia and Max Trujillo on Changing Careers, Entrepreneurship, and the NC Food Scene

Max Trujillo and Felicia Perry Trujillo are a power couple in the North Carolina Food Scene, even though they've only been in Raleigh for less than five years. When they moved from Los Angeles, Max became the general manager of Midtown Grille in North Hills, and Felicia had a 10-year wedding photography business. But Max was working 70-hour weeks that weren't great for family life, and Felicia was starting to get burnout from weddings, so they both decided to make a change. Felicia started...


25: Pre-Marital Counseling and Marriage Tips with Therapist Terry Michael Newell

Terry-Michael Newell, Officiant and Marriage Therapist, comes on the show today to talk about why all couples should go to pre-marital counseling, some of the common reasons he sees couples after the marriage, tips for a healthy marriage, adults giggling like middle schoolers when talking about sex, and the one time he told a couple to fire him and hire a maid. Terry-Michael Newell, Therapist and Pastor For more information on pre-marital counseling or any other type of couples' therapy...


24: Under the Tent with Mary Larick from CE Rental

Mary Larick, Director of Sales at CE Rental in Raleigh NC comes on the show today to talk about linens, tents, and all things wedding rentals! Mary is bubbly, fun, and hilarious, and I was so excited to have her on the show! We went into how much you should realistically budget, styles and trends, what happens when clients disagree, my “tell you twice" rule, and when weather doesn’t cooperate with your wedding. Mary Larick, Director of Sales at CE Rental (image by F8 Studios) CE Rental...


23: Faking It with The Big Fake Wedding CEO Jennifer Ammons

Jennifer Ammons, CEO of The Big Fake Wedding, came on to talk about her company which puts on weddings throughout the country, which are Big and Fake. There are flowers and food and cake and music and dancing. The couple getting fake married is usually someone renewing their vows, while the guests are engaged couples so they can see wedding vendors in action. So it's like a wedding show, but you get to actually see the vendors in action. I love the concept! Because at most wedding shows...


22: "One Foot in Front of the Other": Jill Donovan on Overcoming Tragedy and Growing Donovan's Dish

Jill Donovan came on the show today to talk about the growth of catering company Donovan's Dish, and her positive perspective in the face of overwhelming tragedy. In March of 2016, Jill's husband, business partner, and the chef of the company, TJ Donovan, tragically passed away. Jill was left with businesses to run and 3 young girls to raise. With the help of her amazing village surrounding her, Jill has not only survived but has continued to grow both personally and...


21: Venue Tour Tips with Mollyann Russell of Stockroom at 230, The Glass Box, and All Saints Chapel

Mollyann Russell, Event Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Empire Properties (Stockroom at 230, The Glass Box, and All Saints Chapel), comes on the show today to talk about Venue Tours and Venue Marketing. Mollyann has booked over 1,200 events at the 3 properties combined, so she has given her fair share of venue tours and has the insight into what clients should be asking both before and during the tour. Plus, she offers marketing tips to venues. Marketing isn't easy, but if done the right...