95. Carving Out Your Own Niche, with Venue Consultant Lindsay Lucas

Lindsay Lucas is THE wedding venue consultant. She's a former wedding planner who now helps venue owners (and those aspiring to be) to create profitable and sustainable wedding venue businesses. Lindsay had the idea for a complete shift in her business, but it wasn’t easy convincing herself that this was the best way to go. Today, we talk about if YOUR idea is really something to go after, that feeling of imposter syndrome you are sure to have when you’re doing something new, and how vendors...


94. What Engaged Couples Want 2.0, Interviews from the Merrimon Wynne House Bridal Showcase

Weddings for Real had the opportunity to interview engaged couples at The Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh NC Bridal Showcase, so that vendors could have a better understanding of what couples are looking for. We asked couples: What's the first place you looked to find your wedding vendors? Where do you get wedding inspiration? What's your splurge for the wedding? And what do you not care so much about? Do you need to see pricing on a vendor's website before contacting them? What's...


93: Working Together, Living Together, and Liking Each Other (Most Days), with Steve and Jenn Van Elk

Do you work with your wife or husband? Or do you spend so much time with your work wife or work husband that it basically feels like you’re married? Well, working together for so many hours – and possibly living together too – those people probably get on your nerves quite a bit. Well my guests are Steven and Jenn Van Elk from Jennifer Van Elk Photography, the Wedded Podcast, and the Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast. They have (at least) two businesses together, two podcasts together, and two...


92: You Down with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)? With Morgan Montgomery!

If you’re a solopreneur or you run a small team, and you’re thinking about growing, but you haven’t quite figured out how to clone yourself yet, then I want you to listen to this episode closely, because it’s all about putting your experience and knowledge in writing and making it easy for others to get in your head. On episode 92, Morgan Montgomery with Paisley and Jade talks all about SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures! As you heard on the show, we have a BIG announcement coming...


91: 2019 Year in Review: Wins, Fails, and Goals for 2020

How was 2019 for you? What were your wins and losses? Did you hit your goals? What are your plans for 2020? On today's episode, Megan and Jason Gillikin talk all about chaos, transitions, wins, fails, goals, and more in the last episode of 2019! As you heard on the show, we have a BIG announcement coming soon, and the best way to hear about it first is to join our mailing list at weddingsforreal.com or text "wfr" to 33777. Weddings for Real on Social Media: Instagram:...


90: Impactful Gifting Strategies for 2020, with Margaux Fraise

Today's guest is Margaux Fraise from Harmony Creative Studio in Los Angeles. Margaux has been planning weddings and events for 8 years. She's also a cancer survivor, which in 2014 knocked her out of running her business for about two years. Through that experience, she learned to appreciate life, the little things, and the gestures that go a long way. So today we talk about gifting for both clients and vendors – why that’s the right thing to do but can also be used as a strategy to get more...


89: Shared Values and Different Personalities: Building an A-Team with Aneesa Glines

Aneesa Glines can best be described as a force of nature with a huge smile and even bigger laugh, whose kind nature is matched by her business drive and desire to grow professionally. She's the owner and lead consultant of Harmony Weddings and Events, the owner of Forest Hall at Chatham Mills, AND the owner of the upcoming venue The Graham Mill. And she only got into weddings - while still in college - in 2015! So with the growth, she has become a master at building her team - all very...


88: A Kick in the Pants from Cindy Novotny, The Radical Mentor

Cindy Novotny has been called "The Radical Mentor" for good reason. She is a no-nonsense, call-it-like-it-is, whether-you-want-to-hear-it-or-not speaker and hospitality consultant. Today she comes on the show to talk about her upcoming book, The Secret to My Stamina, and her previous work, Living with No Balance and Loving It. Cindy has run her consulting business Master Connection Associates with her husband for over 30 years and tours internationally 50 weeks out of the year. She is a...


87: The Power of Enneagram: How to Grow Professionally and Personally by Knowing Your Number, with Joanna Kenney

If you're anything like Megan, 2019 has been all about personal and professional growth - how to be a better boss, friend, partner, and mom. And one of the most fascinating ways that she has found to analyze how she can improve overall is the Enneagram personality assessment. So on today's show, Megan talks to Joanna Kenney (also of Jo's Paper Kitchen in Montgomery TX) about what makes the Enneagram different from other personality tests, the nine numbers, their strengths and weaknesses, and...


86: Does Working With a Wedding Planner Make Your Job More Difficult? Danielle Pasternak from the Put A Ring On It Podcast Has Opinions

If you’re a member of the Rising Tide Society Facebook Group, you might have seen a post (since deleted) a few months ago from a photographer who said that when a wedding planner is involved, it makes other wedding vendors’ jobs more difficult and it messes up the flow of a wedding day. From his perspective, it’s better to have a wedding WITHOUT a planner. Well as you either saw or can imagine, this sparked a lot of debate, and shockingly, many people agreed with his perspective. Danielle...


85: What My Children Have Taught ME About Business, with Single Dad Jose Rolon

Jose Rolon is the lead wedding planner at Jose Rolon Events in New York City. Jose is a single father of 3 children, a 6 year-old and 5 year-old twins, and today he shares such incredible insight into how his children have helped him grow his business in this touching, funny, and emotional episode. Jose Rolon Events on Social Media: Instagram: @JoseRolonEvents Facebook: @JoseRolonEvents Pinterest: @JoseRolonEvents Weddings for Real on Social Media: Instagram:...


84: Brand Building Through Mentorship, with 42 North's Francie Dorman and Britt Cole

Among other incredible accolades, Francie Dorman and Britt Cole of 42 North Weddings in New England have been named one of the top planning companies by Brides Magazine in 2019. With their success, they wanted to mentor up-and-coming wedding planners in the New England area. And so they founded a completely separate brand to do just that - Mavinhouse Events. 42 North on Social Media: Facebook: @42NorthWeddings Instagram: @42_North Pinterest: @42NorthWeddings Mavinhouse on Social...


83: On the Couples' Therapy Couch with Christian Charette, Part 2: Tips for Better Communication

Megan and Jason went onto the couples' therapy couch and got some amazing advice from their own therapist, Christian Charette from Couple Forward in Raleigh NC. This episode is part two of a two-parter. Last week, Christian shared what roadblocks in a relationship can lead to tension. This week, it's all about tips for better communication. About Christian Charette: Christian specializes in helping couples navigate their relationships. Christian has 15+ years of experience guiding others...


82: On the Couples' Therapy Couch with Christian Charette, Part 1: Roadblocks in Relationships

Megan and Jason went onto the couples' therapy couch and got some amazing advice from their own therapist, Christian Charette from Couple Forward in Raleigh NC. This episode is a two-parter, and today Christian shares what roadblocks in a relationship can lead to tension. So let's get uncomfortable and learn how we can be better partners. And next week, he'll share tips for better communication. About Christian Charette: Christian specializes in helping couples navigate their...


81: Creating a Cozy Courtship with Your Clients, with Alisha Chadee

Alisha Chadee is the co-owner of Events by Whim Event Planning in Toronto Ontario, and she comes on the show today to talk about how to make your clients feel like they're the only ones you're working with. It takes strategic time management and boundaries, and Alisha gives some amazing tips! At the top of the show, you heard host Megan Gillikin mention that she will be speaking at WIPA Toronto on October 22nd! Get your tickets at Eventbrite now. This session will remind and enlighten...


80: Time to Stop Neglecting Pinterest, with The Bridal Theory's Amanda Writesman

Amanda Writesman is screaming from the rooftop that - if you're a wedding vendor - you need to get your Pinterest game back on point! Will you listen to her? If you want an easy way to put content out there that you already have, with the purpose of driving couples to your website, in a place where your competitors are slacking, you'll want to tune in! Also, at the end of the episode, Amanda mentions a place for Weddings for Real listeners to go for Pinterest resources, and that at...


79: Going the Extra Mile for Your Clients, with Entertainer Artem Lomaz

Artem Lomaz is DJ Times' Entertainer of the Year two years in a row, in 2018 and 2019! Today he talks about what he does to go the extra mile for his clients, from sentimental cards, to trying (and still trying!) to get Lil Jon to send a message to one of his clients. Artem gives some great advice and tips in this episode so that we don't just do the bare minimum - and instead, we truly make it memorable! On the show, Artem mentions Lil Jon schools in Ghana, which you can see at...


78: Check Yo' Site: 3 Easy Audit Tips Before Engagement Season

Engagement season is right around the corner, and you don't want a website that repels your ideal client right? On this episode, Megan and Jason Gillikin give 3 easy tips to audit your website so you can book more clients! Weddings for Real on Social Media: Instagram: @weddingsforreal Facebook: @weddingsforreal twitter: @weddingsforreal Music for this episode by https://www.bensound.com. The host of the show is Megan Gillikin, owner and lead consultant at A Southern Soiree Wedding...


77: Diversifying Your Business to Reach Different Clientele, with Sapphire Events' Valerie Gernhauser

Valerie Gernhauser runs two wedding planning companies - Sapphire Events and Ruby and Pearl Events - in the same market (New Orleans). Why did she decide to do that? She wanted to diversify her business to reach different clientele at different price points. But why not just offer different packages? Valerie explains her strategy behind separating the brands and how it's worked for her so far! About Valerie Gernhauser: Valerie is a recovering attorney, Yale grad, pug lover, Springsteen...


76: The 100% Definitive Guide to Mastering Motherhood (JK!), with Rachel May

Wedding photographer Rachel May talks to Megan about motherhood, and they come up with the definitive guide to how to be an amazing mother, be ever-present with your kids, run your business well, be always put-together, give your kids the right amount of screen time and social media, and never feel guilt about anything. With a combined six kids, Megan and Rachel know exactly what needs to be done! (Hopefully you read this in extreme sarcasm mode.) About Rachel May: Rachel fell in love with...