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29: Becca Atchison on Percentage Based Pricing and Bringing on a Business Partner

Full Service Wedding Planning Company Rebecca Rose Events founder, owner, and creative director Becca Atchison comes on the show to talk about how and why her pricing model is different than almost everyone else in the wedding planning industry, why she decided to bring a partner into her company, what she's most proud of (not being named top planner by Southern Living Magazine or a Planner to Follow by Martha Stewart Weddings, which she was), and that time her company was sued by a...


Weekend Wine Down 2: Hurricane Florence and the Instagram No-No List

Megan and Jason talk about what a weird week that was because of the Hurricane, and the new seminar Brunch and Learn: Instagram, Millennials, and How to Market Your Wedding Business, coming October 22nd at The Umstead. Listen to the episode for a discount code! As part of that seminar, Megan will share her Instagram No-No list, and she gives a preview of it in this Weekend Wine Down today. If you want to sign up for the seminar, it's 9:30AM 10/22, and you can see more information here!


28: Inside the Bridal Suite with Makeup Artist Michelle Clark

Makeup Artist and all-around hilarious and amazing person Michelle Clark came on the show today, not so much to talk about makeup - although we get to that in the lightning round - but more so about what goes on in the bridal suite before the wedding. The makeup artist and the hair stylist are usually the first vendors in the room, so they see the dynamic between the bride and her tribe first-hand. Usually it's a fun festive atmosphere, but sometimes, it can get a little tense. Michelle...


Weekend Wine Down: Cookie Dough, Beer, and What Happened This Week

Happy Weekend! It was a big week here, and Megan and Jason talked about it. We had our "Instagram, Millennials, and How to Market Your Wedding Business" seminar, and we're already planning another one for next month! Give us feedback if you get a chance - what do you think of this format? In addition to the regular episodes of course!


27: Moms and Daughters Planning a Wedding Together in Peace, with Megan's Mom

I brought my mom onto my podcast, and you'll hear all about our arguments from my wedding, which included cake, videography, photography, and invitations. And believe it or not, we both admit that the other one was right! Today’s show is all about how moms and daughters can plan a wedding together in peace. As you probably know, the wedding tradition still is that the bride’s parents pay for the wedding, and with so much money invested, there’s going to be some tension – and even some...


26: Felicia and Max Trujillo on Changing Careers, Entrepreneurship, and the NC Food Scene

Max Trujillo and Felicia Perry Trujillo are a power couple in the North Carolina Food Scene, even though they've only been in Raleigh for less than five years. When they moved from Los Angeles, Max became the general manager of Midtown Grille in North Hills, and Felicia had a 10-year wedding photography business. But Max was working 70-hour weeks that weren't great for family life, and Felicia was starting to get burnout from weddings, so they both decided to make a change. Felicia started...


25: Pre-Marital Counseling and Marriage Tips with Therapist Terry Michael Newell

Terry-Michael Newell, Officiant and Marriage Therapist, comes on the show today to talk about why all couples should go to pre-marital counseling, some of the common reasons he sees couples after the marriage, tips for a healthy marriage, adults giggling like middle schoolers when talking about sex, and the one time he told a couple to fire him and hire a maid. Terry-Michael Newell, Therapist and Pastor For more information on pre-marital counseling or any other type of couples' therapy...


24: Under the Tent with Mary Larick from CE Rental

Mary Larick, Director of Sales at CE Rental in Raleigh NC comes on the show today to talk about linens, tents, and all things wedding rentals! Mary is bubbly, fun, and hilarious, and I was so excited to have her on the show! We went into how much you should realistically budget, styles and trends, what happens when clients disagree, my “tell you twice" rule, and when weather doesn’t cooperate with your wedding. Mary Larick, Director of Sales at CE Rental (image by F8 Studios) CE Rental...


23: Faking It with The Big Fake Wedding CEO Jennifer Ammons

Jennifer Ammons, CEO of The Big Fake Wedding, came on to talk about her company which puts on weddings throughout the country, which are Big and Fake. There are flowers and food and cake and music and dancing. The couple getting fake married is usually someone renewing their vows, while the guests are engaged couples so they can see wedding vendors in action. So it's like a wedding show, but you get to actually see the vendors in action. I love the concept! Because at most wedding shows...


22: "One Foot in Front of the Other": Jill Donovan on Overcoming Tragedy and Growing Donovan's Dish

Jill Donovan came on the show today to talk about the growth of catering company Donovan's Dish, and her positive perspective in the face of overwhelming tragedy. In March of 2016, Jill's husband, business partner, and the chef of the company, TJ Donovan, tragically passed away. Jill was left with businesses to run and 3 young girls to raise. With the help of her amazing village surrounding her, Jill has not only survived but has continued to grow both personally and...


21: Venue Tour Tips with Mollyann Russell of Stockroom at 230, The Glass Box, and All Saints Chapel

Mollyann Russell, Event Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Empire Properties (Stockroom at 230, The Glass Box, and All Saints Chapel), comes on the show today to talk about Venue Tours and Venue Marketing. Mollyann has booked over 1,200 events at the 3 properties combined, so she has given her fair share of venue tours and has the insight into what clients should be asking both before and during the tour. Plus, she offers marketing tips to venues. Marketing isn't easy, but if done the right...


20: How to Give a Great Wedding Speech, with Comedian Freddy Valoy

Comedian Freddy Valoy came on the show to talk about how to give a great and memorable wedding speech. Together, he and Megan came up with the following tips: 1. Don't Drink (Too Much). 2. Remember, Everyone is Rooting for You. 3. Don't Bring Up Your Phone 4. Keep it Short. Under 4 minutes. 5. Tease, but Don't Embarrass 6. Own The Moment, even if you mess up. 7. Be Honest, and Come from the Heart. 8. You're giving a speech about the couple, not just one person. 9. Practice! 10. If...


19: Celebrity Weddings, Reality TV, and an Amazing Marriage Streak: Filmmakers Chris and Toni Wheaton from Heart Stone Films

Filmmakers Chris and Toni Wheaton from Heart Stone Films and Portico Pictures are on the show today! They talked about how they became business owners (and married) at 22 and 23 years old, their incredible marriage "streak", learning to fight, filming Dale Earnhardt Jr and Emily Maynard's weddings, being starstruck by Danica Patrick (they're available for whatever date you choose Danica!), seeing Backstreet Boy AJ McLean sing at a recent wedding, some of the craziest wedding stories you'll...


18: Craziest Wedding Stories - Best of the Podcast So Far

Happy 4th of July! In today's episode, we replay some of the best and craziest stories from the first three months of the podcast so far! You'll hear stories from: Photographer Ginny Corbett (Episode 7, Instagram Stories and Wedding Photography Style) Videographer Phil McInnis (Episode 5, Why You Need a Wedding Video) Photographer Katherine Miles Jones (Episode 9, Moving Her Business from NYC and Putting Clients at Ease) Author and photographer James Walters (Episode 12, Writing the...


17: Top 5 Wedding Movies, and How They Relate to Real Weddings

This week, Megan brings on her husband Jason Gillikin, and they discuss the Top 5 Wedding Movies of All Time, and how they relate to real weddings that Megan has worked. Top movie candidates include: Wedding Crashers My Big Fat Greek Wedding (fun fact, produced by Tom Hanks!) Meet the Parents 27 Dresses Bridesmaids (with the dreamy Jon Hamm) The Princess Bride Father of the Bride The Wedding Planner (with its 15% Rotten Tomatoes score!) My Best Friend's...


16: Wedding Planners and Venues Working Together in Harmony, with Nicole Smith of Vision Events

Nicole Smith, owner of wedding planning company Vision Events and former venue coordinator at The Sanderling Resort in the Outer Banks and the Marriott in Chapel Hill, comes on Weddings for Real to talk about how wedding planners and venues can work together in harmony. Megan worked as a venue coordinator as well, so the two of them talked about several issues that come up that sometimes make the process much more difficult. What makes a good wedding planner for a venue? What makes a venue...


15: Wedding Expectations vs Reality, with Floral Designer Heather Miller of Eclectic Sage

Eclectic Sage's Heather Miller comes on Weddings for Real today to talk about style, her wedding last year, The Royal Wedding, and the time a couple sued her over a color of a rose. Our guest Heather Miller, owner of Eclectic Sage (photo by Tulle and Grace) Heather's description of "Coral", as given to the judge. The couple argued that the flowers should not have been orange. Heather and Steven at their wedding (Photo by Amanda Dumouchelle Photography) Eclectic...


14: How to Work Best with a Wedding Planner, with Elana Walker

Elana Walker has built up her empire in the Raleigh NC market. It started with her wedding planning company Elana Walker Events back in 2009, and has expanded to her inspiration blog Southern Noir Weddings, her Masterclass for wedding industry vendors, her month-of coordination company Carolina Fete, and she even co-authored a book...she really does it all. It seems like she never stops and always has ideas on how to improve and expand that empire. Elana came on the show today to talk about...


13: Sister Entrepreneurs Courtney and Dana on Building a Wedding Venue

Courtney Hopper and Dana Kadwell are sisters and serial entrepreneurs in the Raleigh wedding industry. In this show, you'll get a sense of what that means to really be an entrepreneur. Courtney and Dana were willing to sell everything and go for it, knowing that their visions for their businesses would work. Courtney and Dana own both C and D Events Wedding Planning and The Bradford Wedding Venue in New Hill NC, just outside of Raleigh. Their partnership, loyalty, and love for each other...


12: Writing the Book of Wedding Stories with Wedding Photographer James Walters

James Walters of Walters and Walters Photography has been in the wedding industry for 16 years, and he has some crazy stories to tell. So he did! In 2013 he came out with the book, Accessory to Marriage: A Chronicle of Outrageousness from My Life as a Wedding Photographer. In today's episode, James talks about some of his favorite stories from the book and his code language when it comes to weddings, like who "Fluffy" and "Triple D" are. Above images from Eden Holt...