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Wellness for Entrepreneurs is a space for founders and their teams to share how they make sense of the the world in identifying new ideas and opportunities. It is also about how they manage their overall wellness while creating new ventures.Mmathebe Zvobwo is the founder and host of Wellness for Entrepreneurs.


South Africa


Wellness for Entrepreneurs is a space for founders and their teams to share how they make sense of the the world in identifying new ideas and opportunities. It is also about how they manage their overall wellness while creating new ventures.Mmathebe Zvobwo is the founder and host of Wellness for Entrepreneurs.






Episode 37: Closing Season 2 with Mindfulness

It's the end of the year and it's time for some reflection. This episode closes Season 2 of the Wellness for Entrepreneurs Podcast and also helps you to practice mindfulness techniques that are useful for you as an entrepreneur. Please take some time out for yourself to nourish your mind as it is your most important asset. Thank you again for your continued support. May you have a blessed holiday season!


Episode 36: How to make sense of a changing world in business

We are living in a world that is constantly changing which makes planning for business strategy very difficult. In this episode, we speak about how you can sharpen your sensemaking ability that will help you find direction in a chaotic environment. Sensemaking is useful for entrepreneurs as a strategy because it provides a framework that can be used for decision-making.


Episode 35: Marketing as a strategy for innovative entrepreneurs, with Fiona Kigen

Marketing is often the last thing entrepreneurs think about when making their product/service and starting their business. But, marketing is a powerful strategy for entrepreneurs and must be part of the product development process right at the beginning. Fiona Kigen - a marketing expert, Ph.D., and Vice President - shares how entrepreneurs can do this in this episode. This episode is part of our strategy for entrepreneurs series.


Episode 34: How to develop Strategy as an Entrepreneur

Strategy for entrepreneurs is more critical than the product/service that they offer. Strategy is about creating a plan to win right at the beginning of starting your business. In this episode, I talk about how Entrepreneurial Orientation is useful for entrepreneurs as a strategy. Stay tuned as this is a series. I also suggest tools that entrepreneurs can use to help develop their strategies in their businesses.


Episode 33: How to deal with burnout as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs face a high risk of burnout due to their passion, uncertain environments, and conflicting demands. But the "hustle-culture" has promoted an inability to recognize burnout in entrepreneurs. This episode helps entrepreneurs to recognize burnout and recommends strategies for coping.


Episode 32: Dealing with the fear of failure in business, with Didier Mbayo

Failure is such a natural part of business and entrepreneurship. Yet, there are so many people who do not start businesses because they have fear. In this episode, I am joined by personal and leadership coach, Didier Mbayo. Didier is a certified coach from the John Maxwell Academy. Our conversation focuses on the mindset required to overcome the different types of failure entrepreneurs face including the fear of shame and embarrassment.


Episode 31: Finding opportunity in the tourism sector, with Robyn Christie

The travel and tourism industry has been one of the hardest hit and disrupted by recent changes that happened over the last year and a half. For entrepreneurs in the travel and tourism industry, it is time to take stock of these changes and find opportunities to grow your business! Robyn Christie shares how you can do this, and the mindset required to make the necessary shifts! Robyn is a thought leader in the industry and the Founder and CEO of RobynChristie.com. She is a former CEO of many industry-leading organizations. This episode is brought to you in collaboration with Eagle Wings Consultancy, a Pan-African partnerships agency.


Episode 30: How to build the mindset to disrupt yourself, with Nicky Verd

Nicky Verd is the author of "Disrupt yourself or be Disrupted" - a book about how disruption is not only happening to businesses, but also to individuals. In this episode, we chat about the mindset required for you to assess your skills, your business, and to be proactive in responding to the disruption brought about by technology, and our new world. Nicky is a digital strategist and thought leader. This episode is certainly a treat!


Episode 29: Balancing family and identity as an entrepreneur, with Edzai Zvobwo

In this episode, Edzai Zvobwo and I speak about how to navigate family as an entrepreneur and how to design synergies and boundaries that help you thrive in your entrepreneurship journey. We talk about the importance of maintaining balance such that you stay centered while navigating the challenges of growing and starting a business. Edzai is the founder and Chief Genius of MathsGee.com.


Episode 28: Your identity as an entrepreneur – “Who am I?”

Entrepreneurs push boundaries and colour outside the lines. They are often misunderstood. In this episode, I speak about how you can maintain your distinct identity as an entrepreneur while designing a life for yourself that provides you with both comfort and strength to continue colouring outside the lines. You will hear about how human beings define their identities and the psychological needs that accompany those identities and how entrepreneurs can optimise these contrasting needs to maintain their uniqueness.


Episode 27: Nuts and Bolts Book Review - innovating in Africa, with Dr. McLean Sibanda

Nuts and Bolts is an inspirational book that ignites entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, and mentors to build an environment that supports innovation and enables entrepreneurs to thrive. In this episode, I spoke to the author of Nuts and Bolts, Dr. McLean Sibanda about the book and how he repositioned Africa’s first internationally accredited technology and science park in Pretoria, South Africa. We start our conversation with his personal story, his professional journey, and ultimately the impact The Innovation Hub had on entrepreneurs. We are also joined by two avid listeners of the podcast: Terrie Molepo and Benny Maneli. We rate the book 4-stars out of 5! Please tell us if you agree with us.


Episode 26: How to build self-belief in business, with Aaron Munetsi

Self-belief in entrepreneurship is not just about being a confident person. It is about believing in your abilities to start and run a business successfully even when faced with failure. In this episode, I speak to Aaron Munetsi, a pioneer in aviation on the African continent. Starting from the Wrights Brothers who pioneered the aviation industry to people like Aaron, I believe there is a lot we can learn about how to be confident in your entrepreneurial abilities and to stay resilient and open-minded when the going gets tough. We talk about how society and parents are so critical to helping entrepreneurs develop self-belief and we use some principles from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers book.


Episode 25, How social innovators create lasting change, with Daisy Kopolo

Social innovation has become part of our normal world. According to the World Economic Forum, social issues such as Climate Change and Pandemics are problems that need urgent solutions. A volatile and complex world provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to tackle some of the social issues. In this episode, I speak to Daisy Kopolo, who is an executive coach and has worked with many executive teams in solving complex problems. We talk about all the different elements that need to be in place for entrepreneurs to start and run successful social enterprises that have an innovative and long-lasting impact on society.


Episode 24: How to be a great thinker in business - metacognition

Have you ever admired how classical great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, or Bill Gates are able to think about various issues in a way that is above average? Metacognition – or thinking about thinking – is a higher way of thinking that allows you to be conscious, self-aware and see issues from different angles. In this episode, I speak about how you too can become a great thinker and give practical tools to help you get started. I also challenge you to an activity that will help the quality of your thinking and awareness over time.


Episode 23: How to lead, manage strategy, and execute, with Dr. Alex Granger

Entrepreneurs must plan and execute their strategies all at the same time. How do they become excellent at leading themselves and their teams without losing sight of their vision? In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Alex Granger – a global speaker and leadership coach. Dr. Alex has been coaching leadership teams of companies for over 19 years and has worked with companies like Tsogo Sun, Standard Bank, governments, and other institutions. Our conversation is centered around how entrepreneurs can become conscious, dynamic, and visionary leaders while executing their plans. We also talk about practical tools that can help them do this.


Episode 22: How to spot new opportunities, with Kwame Bekoe

Entrepreneurs discover or create opportunities that ultimately lead to some of our favourite products and solutions to real pressing problems. But how exactly do they spot these opportunities in the first place? What is the mental alertness and type of thinking that allows entrepreneurs to continuously move the world forward? In this episode, I spoke to Kwame Bekoe who is an aviation professional, engineer, and the founder of a popular restaurant in Accra, Ghana – N8tive Food & Beverage Bar. Having been a former sales director at Airbus and traveled all over the world, Kwame decided to pursue multiple businesses in agriculture on the African continent. Kwame has been recently recognized by the United Nations as one of Africa’s Most Influential People of African Descent in entrepreneurship and business. He was also named Ghana’s Top 40 under 40 most influential leaders in 2018.


Episode 21: How high growth entrepreneurs think, with Jito Kayumba

Have you ever wondered why one business can stay the same for 10 years while one gets listed on the stock exchange in 10 years? High-growth entrepreneurs grow their businesses rapidly and they have a different mindset. I spoke to Jito, partner at Kukula Capital – a Private Equity firm based in Zambia - on the mindset of creating high growth enterprises. Jito sits on the boards of both listed and privately owned firms in Zambia, Kenya, and South Africa. He has led multiple investments in high growth enterprises across the continent. Jito is a leader is a thought leader in his field and is one of our guests from our collaboration with Eagle Wings Consultancy


Episode 20: How to deal with rejection in business

There is an old saying that goes champions eat "no" for breakfast. It is definitely true for entrepreneurs. I recently spoke at an incubator celebrating the entrepreneurs who had graduated from that incubator. I was encouraged by these entrepreneurs that despite having so much on their plate, they had put in 3 months to work on their businesses. And yet, after all their hard work, they will still encounter much rejection in business. So, this episode is about 3 things to do when you hear "no". I hope you feel motivated.


Episode 19: How to become an entrepreneurial leader, with Charles Washoma

Entrepreneurial leadership is about infusing innovation into your business while managing risk. It is a type of leadership that motivates people to spot new opportunities in achieving the business's purpose. I spoke to Charles Washoma, a seasoned board director and CEO on how entrepreneurs can lead their businesses and how large organizations should be thinking about culture and entrepreneurial leadership.


Episode 18: Staying motivated as a change agent with, Zukiswa Mqolomba

Many entrepreneurs are change agents whether it is they are creating new markets or working on a social issue. But, how do they manage to keep themselves motivated when their path is not always a straightforward one? In this episode, I spoke to Zukiswa Mqolomba who is a socio-economic change activist and pioneer. Zukiswa has worked for the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and held many directorships in government departments. She is also an entrepreneur. Listen to this episode to hear more about how to stay motivated and keep yourself grounded when working in a space filled with so much complexity.