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We’re Only Human 39: Ohio Living Serves 70,000 Clients Annually with Core Values

Do you know the core values of your business? Do your employees? More importantly, do they live them? In today’s episode, Ben interviews Dana Ullom-Vucelich, Chief Human Resources Officer and Ethics Officer at Ohio Living. Ohio Living provides services to a range of individuals, reaching more than 70,000 clients per year. The company’s 3200 employees are guided not just by policy and procedure, but by a strong sense of ethics and core values that permeate the culture and atmosphere of the...


We’re Only Human 38: How to Take Advantage of the Human Qualities of Work

What does it mean to be human? With all the discussion of robots, AI, and machines at work, is there a clear delineation between what humans can do that software can’t? In today’s discussion with the inimitable Dani Johnson of Red Thread Research, Ben and Dani discuss some practical ways employers can look at weaving more human components into the work they’re doing. Dani’s research shows that things like collaboration, storytelling, and creating a vision for the future all tie in with...


We’re Only Human 37: Taking a Different Approach to Safety Training

Safety training is boring. It’s blah. It’s a waste of time and resources. Right? Or is it the foundation for creating a workplace where employees can thrive? As you’ll hear during the show, the cost of safety training can top $200,000 per year for many firms when you factor in all of the associated costs. Yet we don’t do a good job of making sure that investment pays off. In today’s discussion, Ben talks with Rick Tobin, CEO of SafetyNow, about various aspects of learning and development....


36: How to Run an HR Department of One

If you’ve ever worked for a company where you were on the solo HR practitioner, you know the realities of trying to get it all done with limited resources. In today’s episode Ben shares insights from half a dozen HR leaders about how to succeed as a small HR team or even as a “team of one.” From finding the right resources to support your learning needs to creating relationships that enable you to scale up your expertise, there are a wide variety of hacks, strategies, and tips that can...


35: Can Storytelling Improve Your Credibility and Influence?

Think about the last time you had to present some data. It could have been an employee survey. It could have been a standard metrics meeting. Whatever the case, did you do the thing that virtually everyone does and throw a couple dozen charts into a couple dozen slides, bombard everyone with that, and move on? If so, how much do you think stuck with your audience? How much could they remember? Do they understand the context and why those things you shared are important in the bigger...


34: How to Benchmark Your Use of HR Tech with Other Firms

How does your company use HR Technology? Does it? To what extent? In today’s interview, Ben speaks with Erin Spencer of Sierra Cedar. Erin is a data whiz and statistics nut who loves digging into data to find insights and connections that others might miss. Every year Sierra Cedar puts out an amazing research study highlighting how employers large and small around the globe are using HR technology to solve their problems. The questions is, how does your firm stack up? In this short...


33: How to Measure Your Success in an HR Career

If you know anyone who is considering a career transition or has recently moved to a new role, this is the episode for them! How do you measure success as an HR leader? Is it in the company’s retention and hiring rates, or is it something more personal? Maybe you think about how you’ve helped others succeed in spite of challenges. Today’s discussion explores how to measure your success, how to make a career transition successfully, and more. Speaking with Renee Robson, Performance and...


32: 3 Stories that Highlight the Impact of AI on Human Resources

If you and I have had a conversation in the last six months, there’s a good chance we talked about AI in some form or fashion. Artificial intelligence, algorithms, bots, and other tools are making inroads within the HR, talent, and learning professions. And for good reason–they bring automation, insight, and tireless effort to a wide variety of tasks and processes. In today’s solo episode, I talk about three stories that really exemplify the value of AI for human resources. The first...


31: CIO Shares How HR Can Build Better Relationships with IT

One of the things that IT has in common with HR? They’re often one of the last considerations when making changes to strategy. Despite quite a few commonalities, IT and HR teams don’t always get along. In some cases, HR executives even seek out cloud technologies to support their HR initiatives specifically so they can avoid having to involve their IT teams in selection, implementation, and more. Can’t we all just get along? In today’s conversation recorded live from Ultimate Software...


We’re Only Human 30: Should HR Ditch the Annual Engagement Survey?

Are your current HR practices engaging or disengaging your workforce? How do you know? In a recent webinar most of the attendees admitted that their practices were disengaging workers, a painful testimony to the kind of talent practices many companies employ. But how do we fix it and give employees a better experience? When you ask most HR leaders about how they tap into what their employees are thinking, they instantly turn to a survey. We often think surveys are the best tools for...


We’re Only Human 29: Go Old School to Improve Your Technical Recruiting

In virtually every research study you see on talent acquisition trends and challenges, hiring technical talent shows up at the top of the list. It’s not only a trend, because almost every company has a digital component today, but it’s also a challenge: these candidates are hard to find, hard to source, and hard to convert into candidates. In today’s conversation, Ben interviews Kathleen Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at ClearedJobs, about what separates those employers that get results...


We’re Only Human 28-4 Millennial Myths and a Very Hard Truth

Millennials are entitled–they think they need a trophy. Millennials need constant praise and feedback. Millennials can’t survive without technology. These kinds of conversations happen every day at employers globally. But are they true? Do they reflect reality? In this episode, Ben talks with Kristina Minyard (a fellow Millennial) about some of these and other comments that are directed at Millennials around the world It’s hard to get through a day today without hearing something about...


We’re Only Human 25: How to Forecast Hiring Needs and Lead a Recruiting Team

How do you forecast hiring needs before you need to start recruiting? What’s the difference between working as a recruit and leading a team of recruiters? In today’s episode of We’re Only Human, Ben speaks with Kristi Jones, a sharp talent acquisition leader at H&R Block to learn the answers to these and other questions, such as how to build high-quality relationships between hiring managers and recruiters (hint: show them your data, don’t hide it). Additionally, we discuss how to create...


We’re Only Human 24: Learn How The Best Team Wins

What does it take to win as a team? How do we encourage each of our people to deliver the best performance without taking a bland “peanut butter spread” approach to management? Is there a secret to what high-performing teams do differently from the rest? In this episode of We’re Only Human, Ben speaks with authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton about their new book The Best Team Wins. Gostick and Elton have authored numerous books on team performance, motivation, and culture, and they...


We’re Only Human 23: New Research on Addressing the Skills Gap in the Workplace

The skills gap is a challenge for many organizations, but how do we address it? Read any news article and it seems as if the United States has a looming crisis on its hands around critical skills areas that we simply don’t have enough qualified workers to fill, and new research shows this is actually a global phenomenon affecting firms worldwide. For instance, 98% of workers in Brazil agree there is a skills gap, and two-thirds of them felt like it affects them personally! In today’s...


We’re Only Human 22: Using Referrals and Purpose: How AlliedUniversal Hires 90,000 Workers a Year

How does something as seemingly simple as purpose fit into a company’s hiring plans, especially when those plans involve hiring more than 90,000 people a year? That’s a core part of the conversation when Ben recently connected with Catherine King, VP of Talent Acquisition and Staffing at AlliedUniversal. The company is an impressive security services firm with 150,000 employees spanning the United States and serving in a variety of industries. The company also uses some interesting...


We’re Only Human 21: HR Tech Vendor Demo Makeovers with George LaRocque

Demos! Within the sales process, HR technology vendors often put more effort on prospecting and phone conversations than on the demos themselves. That’s why more than a dozen people recently weighed in on how vendors could improve their demo skills and delivery in one online forum dedicated to HR and talent technology. From demoing without context to discussing ROI and value, there was no shortage of issues and complaints about how technology demos are often run with HR software...


We’re Only Human 19 - Lessons on Culture & Engagement from the Trucking Industry

Host: Ben Eubanks Guest: Randy Swart, COO, A. Duie Pyle What would you do if you found out that you were facing a drastic shortage in the primary candidates you hire? How would you work to retain the workers you have while simultaneously marketing your business to potential applicants? In today’s conversation, Ben interviews Randy Swart to answer these very real questions that he deals with every day. As COO of A. Duie Pyle, Swart helps to run the transportation and logistics company...


We’re Only Human 17 - How to Build a Performance Management Approach That Works

Performance management is one of the most hated HR systems in existence. Yet virtually every employer has a need to measure performance, set goals, and give feedback. So, what’s the right balance between a system that meets the needs of business leaders and one that meets the needs of the employees? In today’s discussion with Autumn Spehar of Stout Advisory, Ben delves deep into this question by asking Autumn to describe her company’s transition from annual, paper-based performance...


We’re Only Human 16 - The Neuroscience of Learning Content

Ask any business leader, and they’ll tell you they invest in the development of their workforce with the goal of improving performance. Yet the training and content delivery methods of the past aren’t keeping pace with the needs of the modern learner. No longer can you throw an hour of eLearning at a problem or slap a speaker in front of an audience and hope that knowledge will transfer and behaviors will change. What gives? In today’s episode of We’re Only Human, I explore three...