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We're Only Human 45: How to Pursue a Culture of Learning Innovation

Ask almost any business leader, and they'll tell you that they want their organization to have a culture of learning. However, in today's discussion, Mark Onisk points out that firms often fail at that "squishy" dream because it's not well-defined. Simply setting up a learning portal won't lead to improved results, says Onisk. In this episode, Ben talks with Mark about the development of learning as a discipline and how it has changed over time. Mark is the Chief Content Officer at...


We're Only Human 44: 3 Ways to Incorporate Agility into Talent Management

Companies are putting more focus on helping people grow and develop not just for engagement purposes, but to field a workforce with greater potential and possibilities. -John Taylor, RiseSmart Talent management is a process that many companies struggle with. Why? Because it's often burdened with legacy approaches, opinions, and concepts. Taking a more agile approach can help companies to not only survive, but thrive, in today's fast-paced business environment. In today's discussion,...


We're Only Human 43: IBM Leaders Share How Algorithms and Bias Affect Us

Recently Amazon announced it had shut down a talent-finding algorithm built by its internal team. Why? Because it was perpetuating bias against women at the tech giant, which is unacceptable in today's work environment. With so many bots, algorithms and other tools being used to automate our work and personal lives, it's important to think about how this affects each of us. Is there bias in the algorithms that drive our decisions? If so, how do we mitigate that? In today's episode, Ben...


We're Only Human 42: How to Prioritize Learning in the Business

Is learning a priority for your business? It better be. Research shows that learning, development, and growth opportunities are some of the most highly prized components of the employment relationship, and this is even more important when you have an influx of younger workers as the workplace has seen in recent years. In today's conversation, Ben interviews Corey Marcel of Docebo to discuss how to tell when learning is a priority for the business as well as what happens if learning takes a...


We're Only Human 41: HR Leaders, Stop Treating the Symptom

"HR should see themselves as the sole source of people exertise in any organization... You don't go to IT to get ideas on how to formulate product. You go to them for [technical] expertise." How many times do you solve a problem only to have it come back around again? Are you treating the symptom instead of treating the root issue? In today's conversation with Cheree Aspelin, Ben asks about how HR leaders can get beyond this common issue. In Cheree's words, HR needs to "buck up" and make...


We're Only Human 40: How Southwest Airlines Lives and Breathes Corporate Culture

Does corporate culture matter? Does it really? In today's interview, Ben talks with Collette Williamson of Southwest Airlines about the company's approach to culture, hiring, and training. It's quickly apparent that culture is about more than just a fluffy set of core values on the wall at corporate headquarters--it's about a way of life that makes the company fundamentally different than the competition. In the interview you'll hear from Collette how the company takes that 2% of applicants...


We're Only Human 39: Ohio Living Serves 70,000 Clients Annually with Core Values

Do you know the core values of your business? Do your employees? More importantly, do they live them? In today's episode, Ben interviews Dana Ullom-Vucelich, Chief Human Resources Officer and Ethics Officer at Ohio Living. Ohio Living provides services to a range of individuals, reaching more than 70,000 clients per year. The company's 3200 employees are guided not just by policy and procedure, but by a strong sense of ethics and core values that permeate the culture and atmosphere of the...


We're Only Human 38: How to Take Advantage of the Human Qualities of Work

What does it mean to be human? With all the discussion of robots, AI, and machines at work, is there a clear delineation between what humans can do that software can't? In today's discussion with the inimitable Dani Johnson of Red Thread Research, Ben and Dani discuss some practical ways employers can look at weaving more human components into the work they're doing. Dani's research shows that things like collaboration, storytelling, and creating a vision for the future all tie in with...


We're Only Human 37: Taking a Different Approach to Safety Training

Safety training is boring. It's blah. It's a waste of time and resources. Right? Or is it the foundation for creating a workplace where employees can thrive? As you'll hear during the show, the cost of safety training can top $200,000 per year for many firms when you factor in all of the associated costs. Yet we don't do a good job of making sure that investment pays off. In today's discussion, Ben talks with Rick Tobin, CEO of SafetyNow, about various aspects of learning and development....


36: How to Run an HR Department of One

If you've ever worked for a company where you were on the solo HR practitioner, you know the realities of trying to get it all done with limited resources. In today's episode Ben shares insights from half a dozen HR leaders about how to succeed as a small HR team or even as a "team of one." From finding the right resources to support your learning needs to creating relationships that enable you to scale up your expertise, there are a wide variety of hacks, strategies, and tips that can help...


35: Can Storytelling Improve Your Credibility and Influence?

Think about the last time you had to present some data. It could have been an employee survey. It could have been a standard metrics meeting. Whatever the case, did you do the thing that virtually everyone does and throw a couple dozen charts into a couple dozen slides, bombard everyone with that, and move on? If so, how much do you think stuck with your audience? How much could they remember? Do they understand the context and why those things you shared are important in the bigger...


34: How to Benchmark Your Use of HR Tech with Other Firms

How does your company use HR Technology? Does it? To what extent? In today's interview, Ben speaks with Erin Spencer of Sierra Cedar. Erin is a data whiz and statistics nut who loves digging into data to find insights and connections that others might miss. Every year Sierra Cedar puts out an amazing research study highlighting how employers large and small around the globe are using HR technology to solve their problems. The questions is, how does your firm stack up? In this short...


33: How to Measure Your Success in an HR Career

If you know anyone who is considering a career transition or has recently moved to a new role, this is the episode for them! How do you measure success as an HR leader? Is it in the company's retention and hiring rates, or is it something more personal? Maybe you think about how you've helped others succeed in spite of challenges. Today's discussion explores how to measure your success, how to make a career transition successfully, and more. Speaking with Renee Robson, Performance and...


32: 3 Stories that Highlight the Impact of AI on Human Resources

If you and I have had a conversation in the last six months, there's a good chance we talked about AI in some form or fashion. Artificial intelligence, algorithms, bots, and other tools are making inroads within the HR, talent, and learning professions. And for good reason--they bring automation, insight, and tireless effort to a wide variety of tasks and processes. In today's solo episode, I talk about three stories that really exemplify the value of AI for human resources. The first...


31: CIO Shares How HR Can Build Better Relationships with IT

One of the things that IT has in common with HR? They're often one of the last considerations when making changes to strategy. Despite quite a few commonalities, IT and HR teams don't always get along. In some cases, HR executives even seek out cloud technologies to support their HR initiatives specifically so they can avoid having to involve their IT teams in selection, implementation, and more. Can't we all just get along? In today's conversation recorded live from Ultimate Software...


We're Only Human 30: Should HR Ditch the Annual Engagement Survey?

Are your current HR practices engaging or disengaging your workforce? How do you know? In a recent webinar most of the attendees admitted that their practices were disengaging workers, a painful testimony to the kind of talent practices many companies employ. But how do we fix it and give employees a better experience? When you ask most HR leaders about how they tap into what their employees are thinking, they instantly turn to a survey. We often think surveys are the best tools for...


We're Only Human 29: Go Old School to Improve Your Technical Recruiting

In virtually every research study you see on talent acquisition trends and challenges, hiring technical talent shows up at the top of the list. It's not only a trend, because almost every company has a digital component today, but it's also a challenge: these candidates are hard to find, hard to source, and hard to convert into candidates. In today's conversation, Ben interviews Kathleen Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at ClearedJobs.net, about what separates those employers that get results...


We're Only Human 28-4 Millennial Myths and a Very Hard Truth

Millennials are entitled--they think they need a trophy. Millennials need constant praise and feedback. Millennials can't survive without technology. These kinds of conversations happen every day at employers globally. But are they true? Do they reflect reality? In this episode, Ben talks with Kristina Minyard (a fellow Millennial) about some of these and other comments that are directed at Millennials around the world It's hard to get through a day today without hearing something about...


We're Only Human 27: Learning Measurement and Business Impact with Kevin M Yates of McDonald's

Episode 27: Learning Measurement and Business Impact One of the hard things for HR leaders to do is understand if the work they are doing actually has an impact on the business. What's the ROI, if any, of the investments and effort you're putting into your work? That's an question we're going to discuss today with Kevin M. Yates, a brilliant L&D leader and a self-described data detective, who recently joined the learning team at McDonald's. In the conversation, Kevin makes it really clear...


We're Only Human 26: How to Make the Most of Your Next HR Conference

Think about the last conference you attended. What did you learn? No, specifically, what did you learn? Research tells us that within a few days we forget most of what we hear in a single training session, much less a whole conference with a wide range of topics. I think we can change that with a more strategic focus and an intentional mindset. That's why today's episode is focused on how to get the most out of the HR conferences you attend. Over the course of my ten-year career I have...