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This is a local podcast of Greenville NC, A small wonderful town that is fully supported by local businesses and local art. This podcast is to promote and to inform others of what Greenville NC has to offer.

This is a local podcast of Greenville NC, A small wonderful town that is fully supported by local businesses and local art. This podcast is to promote and to inform others of what Greenville NC has to offer.
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This is a local podcast of Greenville NC, A small wonderful town that is fully supported by local businesses and local art. This podcast is to promote and to inform others of what Greenville NC has to offer.






S2E4 - Jerry and Katie from Dream Factory

In this episode, we have a great conversation with Jerry and Katie from the Dream Factory. an organization that helps chronically and terminally Ill kids fulfill their dreams of whatever they want to do. Jerry talks about the history of the organization and Katie talks about the process of applying and the stipulations of getting a child's dream fulfilled. Please donate to a good cause that Is re-Invested Into our community. Follow Dream Factory on Facebook and all other social...


S2E3 - Melinda Sampson

In this week's episode, we have a wonderful guest Melinda Sampson who works with the NC Stop Human Trafficking non-profit organization to help raise awareness In the world of sex and labor trafficking. We talk about the benefits of fair trade products and ways we can recognize Human Trafficking. This is an amazing organization to stand behind so If you happen to have any extra funds just lying around please feel free to donate to a better cause and stop human trafficking. Follow Melinda on...


S2E2 - Jay From Villa Verde

HELLLOOO to all Greenville citizens and all of the other listeners around the world. We have a great episode for you with a guest we have been waiting to talk to. This week our guest is Jay owner and operator of Villa Verde, a local Dominican restaurant and a staple to the Greenville area! We talk about the benefits of owning a small business and the sacrifices that business owners make to be successful. We have great conversations on being involved with the commUNITY and the success of...


S2E1-Harry Frank

GOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON/EVENING all of you Greenville Citizens, we have another wonderful episode for your listening pleasure!!! On this episode, we speak with a wonderful guest Harry Frank owner of Blue Ox Games, based right here in Greenville NC. he gives great insight into the gaming industry and talks a little about the hurdles of being a small business owner in such a niche market. It is Time to nerd out with Bill, Frank, and Harry. ****There were some audio issues with this episode...


Season 2 Teaser

WELCOME BACK all of you Greenville citizens, We are back!!! finally after a long summer, we have some new episodes coming out through the internet airwaves, to your brand new Air Pods, and finally delivered to your eardrums. For this teaser, we have the wonderful Makayla Thruman on as she tells us about her summer and her fun times at the parks around town. Now that she is in the 1st grade, she gives us a lot of insight on her favorite subjects and her favorite places around town. Thank you...


Episode 11 Ashley-Nicole Russell

This week the guys talk with Ashley-Nicole Russell, Lawyer, Author, and Small Business Owner. We talk about her style of handling Divorce and the Collaborative Divorce Process, We talk about the processes of writing and publishing a book that she has written, and the Hardships of Becoming a small Business owner. Ashley is a true Leader in the Greenville Community and has worked with amazing people which allows her to have amazing stories. Thank you for listening and give us a like, subscribe...


Episode 10 Jason Lineberger

This week on What's up Greenville Podcast we speak with a very prominent Preacher here In in Greenville, Co-founder and pastor of Ignite church, Jason Lineberger. We talked about the process of starting a new church and the history of Ignite Church. Jason gives good insight on what Greenville Needs as a community and where we are flourishing. Take an hour out of your day and listen to Jason's story. Thank you for listening. Follow Ignite Church on...


Episode 9 Shelby from the Humane Society

This week the guys talk with Shelby from the Humane Society. We talk about how the Humane Society works, different events, and cool things they do with the sheltered animals. Shelby and her dog were a pleasure to talk to. go adopt a dog and enjoy the fun of companionship. Thank you for Listening and please rate, review, and Subscribe! thank you!!! Humane Society Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HSECarolina/?ref=br_rs Humane Society Website: https://www.hsecarolina.org/ WUG...


Episode 8 Jeff Blinder

This week on the WUG Podcast, the boys have a chance to talk to Spazz Fest organizer and founder Jeff Blinder. We talk a little about the weird music scene here in Greenville and a little on the history of Spazz fest and Spazz Fest presents. We talk about underground music Venues here in Greenville and awesome house parties. Remember to Follow Spazz fest on facebook for all of your updates and dates that it is coming to Greenville (3/20/19- 3/24/2019) check out Jeff Blinder and his keen eye...


Episode 7 Matt Amante

On this episode of Whats Up Greenville, we speak with a local Artist and Sculptor Matt Amante to talk about the local art scene and how Sculpting, teaching, and being a father has changed his life. coming from Michigan he has settled here in Eastern NC with welcoming arms. falling in love with the metal working program at ECU. Thank you for listening and please rate and review. Matt Amante's Links: https://mattamante.com/home.html Instagram: @mgasculptor Follow us on...


Episode 6 Robin Ashley

This week on What's Up Greenville, Bill and "Friendzone" Frank speak with Robin Ashley. Robin is a very involved person in our community and wears many hats! She is an Instructor at Pitt CC, Co-chair of Dickinson Avenue After Dark, Markegtin Manager of The Umbrella Market and Is involved with many performance arts programs around town. She is a staple for the Greenville Community and we here on WUG appreciate her Involvement. Thank you for Listening, Please rate and review on Itunes and...


Episode 5 Lisette Fee

On this Episode of WHATS UP GREENVILLE PODCAST, we converse with Lisette Fee, owner and operator of Eilisain Jewelry. we talk about her inspirations and how she got in to the business of jewelry design. she gives really good insight on the art scene here in Greenville and things we can do to improve the art culture. we also talk about different events going on around town and different ways you can buy her products and see what she has to sell! Thank you for listening, please rate and review...


Episode 4 William Seymour

On this episode of WUG the boys interview a very influential musician in Greenville William Seymour. We talk about the local music scene and the ways we can improve the support of local musicians. We talk about recording process and the logistics of touring. Thank you for listening, Please rate and review us on ITtunes and Spotify. William Seymour's profiles: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WilliamSeymourOfficial/?ref=br_rs Kickstarter: PRE-ORDER: http://kck.st/2BeTSNY WUG...


Episode 3 Scott Allenspach

On this episode Bill and Frank Interview a very prominent realtor in the Greenville community, Scott Allenspach. We talk about The Young Professional's scene, the benefits of becoming a member of The Chamber of Commerce and YP of Greenville and pretty much what ever township that has those options. As former Chairman of Young Professionals he gives great insight of the cool events and community outreach that they support and host. Follow Scott Allenspach: Facebook:...


Episode 2 Jeremy Spengeman

This week on What's Up Greenville, Bill and Frank talk with Jeremy owner and operator of Basil's, one of Greenville's longest running independent restaurants that is celebrating 20 years of business in 2019. Join us in good fun conversation while we talk about how the restaurant business works and some of the struggles a new owner experiences. Thank you for all of the listens and the support we have gotten on this podcast. Please subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on...


Episode 1 "Intro"

On this episode of WHAT'S UP GREENVILLE!!! Bill and Frank Introduce themselves and explain the content of future episodes, the interviews and the growth of our beloved town of Greenville. we are going to be covering harder and deeper subjects so just stick around and we think you will be pleasantly surprised! thank you for listening Please give us a follow: Facebook: www.facebook.com/whatsupgreenvillepodcast Instagram: @whatsupgreenvillepodcast Twitter: @whatsupgreenvillepodcast Gmail:...