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John Garrett’s research involves talking with professionals who realize that who you are is so much more than what you do. Accountants, consultants, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals everywhere are doing hobbies and passions after they leave the office. We discuss why these outside-of-work interests matter and how they've impacted their career.


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John Garrett’s research involves talking with professionals who realize that who you are is so much more than what you do. Accountants, consultants, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals everywhere are doing hobbies and passions after they leave the office. We discuss why these outside-of-work interests matter and how they've impacted their career.





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621: Rory Henry is a Holistic Financial Planner & Improv Comedy Performer & UCLA / Rams Football Fan [podcast]

Rory Henry, director at Arrowroot Family Office and host of the AFO Wealth Management Forward podcast, shares how he's seen the What's Your "And"? message resonate with so many people in a short amount of time. He emphasizes the importance of saying "Yes, and" to opportunities, which can lead to serendipitous moments in life. Rory also touches on his passion for sports, recounting memorable experiences at football and basketball games. He discusses using improv comedy to overcome the fear of public speaking and how its principles can be applied in the workplace. In addition, Rory highlights the importance of organizations creating spaces for individuals to explore and share their passions, which can enhance overall well-being. Episode Highlights · He emphasizes the importance of saying “Yes, and” to opportunities as a way to lead to serendipitous moments and open doors for progress in life. · Rory talks about the connection and sense of community that sports can bring, highlighting the emotional rollercoaster and joy of attending live sports events. · He shares his experiences of using improv comedy to overcome fear of public speaking and its successful application in settings like wealth management conferences. · Rory underscores the significance of integrating passions and interests in the workplace to enhance overall well-being and unlock the human element within organizations.


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619: Lindsey Kane Leaverton is a Wealth Manager & Writer & Musician [podcast]

Wealth Management Director and Author Lindsey Kane Leaverton joins host John Garrett to discuss the intersection of her financial expertise and her passion for creativity. Lindsey shares insights from her book "Not Another Self-Help Book," reflecting on the role of songwriting and writing in her personal healing journey. She delves into the unexpected positive impact her book has had on her clients, revealing the importance of authenticity in professional and personal spheres. Lindsey's love for Life cereal, dark chocolate-dipped waffle cones, and an out-of-tune green piano is also on full display. Through her candid conversation, she illustrates the enriching power of embracing one's creative side. The episode showcases Lindsey as a prime example of living the "What's Your 'And'?" philosophy, blending professional drive with personal passions.


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617: Zane Stevens is a Chartered Accountant & Soccer Fan [podcast]

Zane Stevens joins host John Garrett to share insights on his nontraditional approach to accountancy firm structure, prioritizing employee happiness for increased productivity. He delves into his personal passions, including his significant involvement in coaching soccer and managing a youth soccer league. Zane credits the skills he's developed through coaching, such as patience and recognizing individual motivations, as valuable lessons that translate to the corporate world.


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615: Clint Padgett is a CEO & Vegan Foodie & Scuba Diver [podcast]

Clint Padgett dives into his passion for scuba diving, recounting night dives with bioluminescent plankton and close encounters with marine wildlife, such as barracudas and hammerhead sharks. He shares the exhilaration of drift diving in destinations like Cozumel and relives a particularly nerve-wracking experience with an air supply issue in Curacao. Clint also opens up about his journey to veganism through his travels and the use of helpful apps like Happy Cow. He fondly recalls the adventure that led to him and his brother getting certified for scuba diving and speaks on the joy his company brings him in helping clients. Listeners get a glimpse of Clint's personal side as he answers rapid-fire questions, revealing his preferences and favorite memories. Throughout the episode, Clint emphasizes the importance of pursuing individual passions and how they can enrich one’s professional life.


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613: Alice Grey Harrison is a Communications Consultant & Needlepointer [podcast]

Alice Grey Harrison shares her passion for needlepoint, which she discovered during a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. She expresses the meditative benefits of needlepoint and defends integrating hobbies like this into the workplace, arguing that they enhance energy and spark creativity. She advocates for integrating personal passions into work life, suggesting that such practices can lead to moments of clarity and contribute to overall well-being. She also discusses how organizations can have programs to support employees' pursuits outside of work, helping them be their best both personally and professionally.


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611: Steve Grimes is a Firm Administrator & Mountain Climber [podcast]

Steve Grimes delves into his passion for mountain climbing, sharing insights from his experiences with altitude sickness and the perseverance required to conquer towering peaks like Kilimanjaro. Steve, the firm administrator at Whipplewood CPAs in Littleton, Colorado, has tackled 34 of the state's 58 "14ers," with mountain climbing providing him not only a physical challenge but also a mental resilience that translates into his professional life. He discusses the parallels between climbing and workplace culture, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability and human connection. This episode explores how personal endeavors such as Steve's mountain climbing and book collecting can enrich office dynamics and professional relationships.


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609: Michael Berthold is an Accountant & Musician [podcast]

In this episode of "What's Your 'And'?", Michael Berthold shares his journey from engineering to embracing his passion for music. Michael recounts how forming the band Clubhouse in college and winning a contest to play at the LC Pavilion gave him tremendous confidence, which he has carried into his accounting career. He discusses the balancing act of being a senior accountant and client engagement manager at Bean in Los Angeles, while also pursuing his love for creating music. Berthold encourages listeners to express their hobbies and interests at work, relating a memorable encounter with a CFO who was a former bass player for Imagine Dragons. He emphasizes the importance of being authentic and sharing one's talents with the world.


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607: Chris Mossa is a Chief Strategy Officer & Endurance Runner [podcast]

Chris Mossa, Chief Strategy Officer at Graphite in New York City, shares his passion for endurance running and the impact it has had on his life. He discusses the evolution of running from a competitive pursuit to a mental health practice and now a focus on longevity. Chris emphasizes the importance of finding commonality to make connections in sales and business and highlights the value of getting to know employees beyond their professional skills. He also shares insights on thorough preparation in both comedy and corporate settings, emphasizing the importance of having interests outside of work. Join Chris and host John Garrett in a conversation about the power of personal passions and building connections in the professional world.


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605: Arlie Kidd is a Podcast PR Pro & Singer [podcast]

Arlie Kidd, Head of Talent Relations at Lemonpie, shares the value of singing as a way to unplug and recounts her personal experiences, from being Miss North Carolina to finding joy in telling people's stories through PR and podcasting. She emphasizes the significance of incorporating personal passions into the workplace to create a more well-rounded and engaged environment. Arlie reflects on the magical moments singing has created and the impact it has had on her professional career, culminating in her recent reconnection with the joy of singing as live events have resumed. She advocates for investing time in activities outside of work for personal enrichment and self-care, encouraging listeners to explore past interests from school and join organizations for personal growth. Arlie Kidd highlights the importance of human connection in the workplace, suggesting that allowing time for personal conversations can lead to emotional bonds and improved work productivity.


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603: Will Hill is a Consultant & Hiker [podcast]

Will Hill, owner at Will Hill Consults, shares his passion for hiking and finding waterfalls with host John Garrett in episode 603 of What's Your "And"? He discusses how outdoor activities like hiking have energized him and provided a valuable perspective that he applies to his work. Will talks about his favorite hikes, including those in the redwoods and at Joshua Tree National Park, and how he incorporates his outdoor experiences into his speaking presentations. He also emphasizes the importance of both leadership and individuals in creating a space for people to share their "And." Tune in for this engaging conversation on the What's Your "And"? podcast!


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601: Stephen Vono is an Insurance Broker & Vinyl Record Collector [podcast]

Stephen Vono, Senior Vice President at McGowan Pro, shares his passion for vinyl records and music, which has enhanced his professional career. He talks about how hearing John speak at a conference motivated him to start the Risky Records Podcast which combines his love for music and work, creating a humanizing effect on his professional image. Stephen discusses the resurgence of vinyl, his extensive record collection of over 2,500 records, and the importance of integrating personal passions into the workplace to create human connections and improve client relationships. He emphasizes the responsibility of leaders and individuals in creating a work culture that encourages sharing personal interests.


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599: Mike Gillis is a CEO & Lake Life Enthusiast [podcast]

Mike Gillis, CEO of DMJPS, a CPA and advisory firm in North Carolina, joins John Garrett on this episode of What's Your "And"? Mike talks about his passion for lake life and how it's become a huge part of his personal and professional life. His dedication to promoting work-life balance and employee engagement, along with his advocacy for sharing personal interests in the workplace, creates a positive atmosphere for his staff. Mike's commitment to encouraging a culture that values people's interests beyond work serves as an inspiration and encouragement for leaders looking to prioritize employee well-being and satisfaction.


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597: Michelle Kooi is a Consultant & Outdoorswoman [podcast]

Michelle Kooi, the founder of Confluence Coaching and Consulting in Durango, Colorado, talks about her passion for outdoor activities, including rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing. Michelle shares how these activities help her alleviate stress, learn new things, and ultimately improve her work and life. She discusses the importance of authenticity and embracing one's passions beyond their profession, highlighting her own experiences in finding joy and fulfillment outside of work. With her emphasis on living a big, bright life and making time for activities that make her better, Michelle encourages listeners to connect with others and truly show up at work as their authentic selves.


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595: Rafael Casas is a Fintech Executive & Soccer Player & Jiu Jitsu Practitioner [podcast]

In this episode of What's Your "And"?, host John Garrett sits down with Rafael Casas, the Director of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at QuickFee. Rafael emphasizes the importance of discipline and work ethic, as he has honed these skills through playing soccer. He values the lifelong friendships he made on the field and highlights the importance of putting in time and effort. As a captain of his teams, he learned crucial leadership skills. Rafael also discusses his experience facing health challenges and how his background in Jiu Jitsu helped him mentally and emotionally. John and Rafael explore their ideal moments to time travel and discuss their personal interests, including their favorite travel destinations and their preferences for various aspects of everyday life. Tune in to find out more about Rafael Casas' journey and the impact of personal passions on work.


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593: David G. Ewing is a CEO & Robotics Coach [podcast]

David G. Ewing, CEO of Motiv, shares his passion for robotics coaching his son's high school team in Austin, Texas. He highlights the importance of building teamwork and structure within robotics programs and talks about the intense but rewarding 12-week competition season. David emphasizes the positive spirit of competition, where teams support each other and foster camaraderie. He also explains how coaching robotics can translate valuable skills like teamwork, camaraderie, and a positive mindset into the workplace. Tune in to hear David's insights on the power of robotics and its impact on personal and professional growth.


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591: Phil Alves is a CEO & Pilot [podcast]

Phil Alves, CEO & Founder of DevSquad, talks about his passion for piloting, how he was introduced to it, how it has helped improve his problem-solving skills and much more!


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589: Meredith Monday Schwarz is a CEO & Podcaster [podcast]

Meredith Monday Schwartz, CEO of Here Comes the Guide, and co-host of the Currently Reading Podcast, talks about how her passion for reading led her to start a podcast about it, how her podcasting skills have applied to her career as a CEO, supporting employees’ hobbies in the office, and much more!


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587: Jason Staats is a Founder & Content Creator [podcast]

Jason Staats, founder of Realize LLC., talks about his passion for creating funny content and how it both applies to his career and separates from his job, using AI tools, bringing your whole self into the office, and much more!


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585: Ritu Singh is a Marketing Leader & Dancer [podcast]

Ritu Singh, Marketing Ops and Martech Leader for PwC, talks about her passion for dancing, how she got back into it after taking a break, how PwC provides a nurturing environment for their employees to do what makes them happy, and much more!


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583: Mark Mirsky is a Tax Partner & Soccer Coach [podcast]

In this episode, Mark Mirsky from KRD in Chicago shares his experiences in balancing work and his passion for coaching soccer, emphasizing the importance of work-life balance. He also reveals how his love for soccer led to unexpected connections, including a memorable trip to London to watch Manchester United play at Arsenal. Through their conversation, Mark highlights the significance of finding one's "and" beyond their profession, inspiring listeners to embrace their diverse identities and support one another's unique passions. Tune in to hear Mark's insightful perspectives on sports, work-life balance, and the power of sharing our stories.