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Certified Trainer and Corporate Consultant Dawn Shuler delivers sharp, relevant inspiration and success strategies for CEOs, business owners, founders, managers, and leaders. Learn the importance of aligning your company’s purpose and values with those of your people and employees for greater success. Topics include business success, team building, employee engagement, communication, leadership, values, and more.

Certified Trainer and Corporate Consultant Dawn Shuler delivers sharp, relevant inspiration and success strategies for CEOs, business owners, founders, managers, and leaders. Learn the importance of aligning your company’s purpose and values with those of your people and employees for greater success. Topics include business success, team building, employee engagement, communication, leadership, values, and more.


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Certified Trainer and Corporate Consultant Dawn Shuler delivers sharp, relevant inspiration and success strategies for CEOs, business owners, founders, managers, and leaders. Learn the importance of aligning your company’s purpose and values with those of your people and employees for greater success. Topics include business success, team building, employee engagement, communication, leadership, values, and more.








Episode 183 – Who do your systems serve?

Good systems and processes are crucial to the success of any organization. They play a significant role in any organization’s success or struggle. One of the common denominators that hurt operations is when there are inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the system or process. After all, keeping all stakeholders happy and satisfied is a delicate balancing act. To make the most out of it, here are some great questions that we need to ask ourselves: Why do these systems and processes in your...


Episode 182 – You are not the lowest common denominator

A couple of years ago, a magazine I enjoyed reading announced they shifted focus, thus, overhauling their content and a lot of their staff. With that, its quality, in my opinion, has gone downhill. This magazine used to have brilliant content with entertaining articles containing helpful and valuable information. Now, the articles aren’t as dynamic and detailed. I find them quite generic, and there’s not much value in them as before. I then realized why I am no longer drawn to it; they are...


Episode 181 – Engaging International and Remote Groups – Interview with Cedric Nwafor, Founder of ROOTS Africa

It was a delight interviewing Cedric Nwafor, founder of ROOTS Africa. It’s my pleasure to share his story growing up in Cameroon and touch on things that our organizations have in common like: Finding the Deeper Why of an organization Identifying individuals’ Deeper Why Re-engaging participants, especially in remote groups Leaders’ roles in discovering the Deeper Why Listen in as we go through some of the challenges he faces with aligning groups across the globe and some solutions we...


Episode 180 – Do you get lost in your passion?

When we’re passionate about something, we approach the subject matter with a level of dedication, enthusiasm, and intensity. That amount of attention often translates to good things, especially when your passion aligns with your work or projects. However, there can be a tendency to get lost in our passion. The further we go down the rabbit hole, the more it can cause a disconnect or confusion in communication. Your colleagues, especially those from another department, may not have the same...


Episode 179 – What is your queen bee role?

I’ve been reading a book by Michael Michalowicz called Clockwork. (He is also the author of Profit First, a book that I thoroughly loved.) In Clockwork, Mike Michalowicz compared a company to a beehive. In a beehive, each bee’s job is its primary role plus protecting the queen bee role. Like in a company, aside from what you do in your position, each individual has a major part in protecting and upholding the company’s queen bee role, as well as its core values. Listen in as Dawn Shuler...


Episode 178 – The dark underbelly of normalizing

When we experience a recurring stressful situation that we cannot change or do something about, we tend to normalize that situation and attempt to live with it as we go on. This is a natural coping mechanism to reduce or subdue its stressful effect on us. While normalizing an abnormal or chronically stressful situation can be helpful, it can also be detrimental when mismanaged. It can desensitize us to things that are uncustomary, potentially unhealthy, or socially unacceptable. Having...


Episode 177 – Methods of giving feedback

Much of the work we do in our businesses revolves around communication, particularly when we talk about employee engagement. Feedback is one of the most effective means to ensure that you have actively engaged employees. So how do we make sure we’re giving effective and meaningful feedback? Before answering that, what exactly is feedback? Feedback is communicating clearly about a person’s progress, strength, and areas of improvement. With that definition, your feedback should acknowledge...


Episode 176 – 7 Creator Personality Types

In a successful professional or business setting, each individual is designated to their role based on their strengths, qualifications, and creativity. Good team dynamics is essential in maximizing your team’s productivity, and their Creator Personality types are a good indicator of their place on the team. In my years working as a coach and consultant for individuals, teams, and organizations, I have identified the 7 Creator Personalities: The Planner The Storyteller The Divinely Inspired...


Episode 175 – Is your response about you or them?

Have you ever been in a situation where a statement or a comment from someone got to you personally or somewhat irritated you? How do you respond to these circumstances? Most of us automatically retaliate with a level of snark or hostility. It’s normal and part of our defense mechanism. But for sure, we can teach ourselves to do better in dealing with these situations. When responding to something that irked you, the worst thing you can do is react when your emotions are heightened. It’s...


Episode 174 – Right people in the right seats – for real

One of the most rigorous processes a company goes through is recruitment. Regardless of whose perspective, several boxes need to be checked to ensure we get the right person for the position or land the perfect job as applicants. Recruiting and qualifications go beyond what’s in the resume. Yes, credentials and skills are essential, but often overlooked are the intangibles. Character, inquisitiveness, and enthusiasm are equally important qualities that need to be carefully considered. A lot...


Episode 173 – 4 areas of competence

There are four areas of competence: the Zone of Incompetence, Competence, Excellence, and Genius. A brief description of each: the Zone of Incompetence includes areas you’re not good at doing. Zone of Competence are the things that you can do, but you’re inefficient at it. Zone of Excellence are areas you’re very good at, but there’s little desire in doing it. Lastly, the Zone of Genius comprises areas where you excel, but the difference is you have the passion and enthusiasm to do the...


Episode 172 – Employee engagement, employee happiness, and the choice to make

One of the cornerstones of the success of any organization or business is the people behind it. And one of the most reliable ways to guarantee productivity and growth is keeping employee engagement up. A handful of research and statistics show that actively engaged employees perform much better, more likely to go the extra mile, and less likely to take paid time off, or even leave the company when they’re engaged in their work. Disengaged employees often only do what’s in the job description...


Episode 171 – Is your training just checking a box?

In organizations/companies, training is something that we go through regularly. Be it for operations or human resources, held by the company you’re working on or an external firm, we all experience training in one form or another. Management training, diversity and inclusion training, compliance training may seem superfluous, but we shouldn’t take these for granted. Often these are treated just like checking a box; we only go through it because it’s required, and then set it aside after and...


Episode 170 – Are you willing to communicate?

In a business or professional setting, the best way to get things done correctly and efficiently is through communication. For a business to succeed, communication efforts should be the driving force with whatever situation you’re facing. Not communicating can give out impressions of apathy, callousness, and carelessness. To put it simply, good communication = productivity. For owners, professionals, and/or employees, here’s a couple of questions to ponder on: Do you effectively communicate?...


Episode 169 – Communication is different now

The way we communicate now is very different. With modern technology, the way we communicate from 8 months ago has changed dramatically because of COVID-19. Before, we could lightly knock and poke our heads in a colleague’s office doors; now communication is mostly done digitally, usually in the form of emails, direct messages, text messages, and the like. As a result, much of the way we communicate is forcibly done through writing. So what we can all take away from this? Each person has a...


Episode 168 – Energy units, self-care, and compassion

Our lives look far different now than they were about a year ago. If there’s anything to learn from events this year, it’s the crucial importance of self-care. Every day we’re faced with situations that can mentally or physically take its toll. I’ve talked before about energy units and how they’re finite. Some of us wake up with fewer energy units because of what’s going on. The social distancing, staying at home, missing important events from family and friends, all these seemingly little...


Episode 167 – Interview with Lisa Niser on Financial Health for Employees

It was a delight interviewing Lisa Niser of Taking On Taxes Together. We had an insightful discussion about taxes, finances, and subjects like: Looking at taxes through a different lens Making taxes and finances fun Tax returns are the least important number Managing and understanding taxes better Empowering people by taking control of their finances One reason why I think you should listen to this interview… the in-depth talk about properly handling your taxes, invaluable information...


Episode 166 – We’re caught up in the whirlwind

There’s a lot going on…. no denying it. If we continue on with our fast thinking, we’ll keep responding out of fear. So how do we combat that? We need to slow down and go to that place of Be, Do, Have… rather than Have, Do, Be. What would your higher and wiser self do? Can you channel that slower thinking and peaceful self and make decisions from there? Listen in as Dawn Shuler discusses how we get caught up in the whirlwind… as well as how we can disengage from the whirlwind and make...


Episode 165 – You have a voice

If there is anything this recent election has taught us is that we all have a voice. It’s important that we stand up and share it. That isn’t only true in politics. It’s also true in your organization. You have a voice. Are you taking advantage of opportunities to use it? Listen in as Dawn Shuler shares instances where people do – and do not – use their voice in their organizations. Special bonus: a favorite scene from one of Dawn’s favorite movies, The King’s Speech. The post Episode 165 –...


Episode 164 – How do I fit into your movie?

Years ago, I read the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. One concept that greatly impacted me was that each of us is running our own movie in our heads. In that movie, we are the writer, director, producer, and main star. Everyone else is a supporting cast member in our movies. Here’s the kicker: everyone else is also running their own movie in their heads, and we are but supporting cast members in their movies. How do the individual movies impact one another? Listen in as I share...