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Certified Trainer and Corporate Consultant Dawn Shuler delivers sharp, relevant inspiration and success strategies for CEOs, business owners, founders, managers, and leaders. Learn the importance of aligning your company’s purpose and values with those of your people and employees for greater success. Topics include business success, team building, employee engagement, communication, leadership, values, and more.

Certified Trainer and Corporate Consultant Dawn Shuler delivers sharp, relevant inspiration and success strategies for CEOs, business owners, founders, managers, and leaders. Learn the importance of aligning your company’s purpose and values with those of your people and employees for greater success. Topics include business success, team building, employee engagement, communication, leadership, values, and more.


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Certified Trainer and Corporate Consultant Dawn Shuler delivers sharp, relevant inspiration and success strategies for CEOs, business owners, founders, managers, and leaders. Learn the importance of aligning your company’s purpose and values with those of your people and employees for greater success. Topics include business success, team building, employee engagement, communication, leadership, values, and more.








Episode 193 – How do you ensure you have the right people in the right seats?

I consider an organization a living structure, composed of an intricate and dynamic relationship between humans and systems. To ensure an efficient and consistent forward motion, every person in their respective position has to be in the right seat. Having the right people in the right seats is critical to any organization’s success. So, how do you ensure the right person in the right seat? First of all, he/she has to be in alignment with the organization’s values and culture. Placing the...


Episode 192 – People and numbers are the magic – Interview with Janette Gallardo, CFO

I had a fantastic interview with Janette Gallardo of Vitta Solutions, a company that offers fractional CFO services to other organizations. While you might not think that numbers, data, and forecasts have anything to do with employee engagement and productivity, you would be mistaken! Listen in as Dawn and Janette discuss: The red flags that indicate that employees are not aligned with the direction of the organization What turnover tells you about your company How you can measure...


Episode 191 – How do you have those difficult conversations?

In any business or professional setting, having difficult conversations is something that a company has to go through. Every business has its problems, and for it to move forward, these problems need to be addressed and discussed. It’s difficult for people involved in such a discussion not to get defensive, because they’re going to feel confronted. So how do you have these difficult conversations without putting them on the defensive and not making them feel attacked? When you’re about to...


Episode 190 – When normal is strange

After over a year into this pandemic, one of the things that struck me is our view of what’s normal. In just one year, we’ve grown so accustomed to the safety protocols, social distancing, working from home, and other “new normal” things that it becomes a natural part of us and our daily lives. And the things that we usually did in the “old normal” now feel a bit strange: going on a ski trip, traveling with friends, sitting leisurely in a restaurant over a meal, seeing a person without a...


Episode 189 – Do the work, show the work, teach the work

I firmly believe that everyone in a company innately wants to be of value and wants to see their efforts impact its forward movement. This is especially true in smaller and mid-sized businesses. No matter what level they’re in the organization, each person must be able to wear multiple hats and know their primary role inside and out. For an organization to succeed, each person should be able to do the work, show the work and teach the work. When these things are in place, it will be easier...


Episode 188 – Just when you think you’re communicating clearly…

Communication is a fundamental life skill. Effective communication is essential to move any business forward. Without it, there will be confusion and inefficiencies in the company. Effective communication isn’t just conveying your messages clearly. You also have to take the recipient into account; it is a two-way street. Great communication is something that is shared, felt, and reciprocated by both sides. In this episode, Dawn shares her insights about communication and three steps toward...


Episode 187 – Making working remotely work well – Interview with John Vuong, owner, and founder of Local SEO Search

While one might wonder why the owner of an SEO company would show up on a podcast devoted to people, processes, and performance, the answer is clear within seconds of listening to this episode. John’s company has been fully remote for eight years, and so we talked about the following: Implementing social interaction as part of the work environment (“For some, work IS the social circle.”) The importance of finding your “why purpose” and being happy along the way Tips on being self-disciplined...


Episode 186 – Two tools to move your organization forward

As coaches, our goal is to equip teams, leaders, and employees with tools, techniques, and strategies to move the organization forward. We want our tools to be effective and powerful so staff can perform at their best. After all, it is what our company is about, instituting forward motion and helping organizations move in a positive direction. There are two tools that we use over and over with our clients (and internally here at The Shuler Group). One of our clients commented that one tool...


Episode 185 – Not offering remote work options is for the dinosaurs

One thing that has been greatly affected by the pandemic is the workplace setup. Most companies have had to tweak operations, and sometimes even to make drastic changes, like going from 100% in-person to 100% remote. Even as organizations think about phasing back into some version of in-person work, it still makes sense to offer remote and teleworking options for your employees’ and business’s health and security. You can always shuffle a number of your staff to work on-site and remotely,...


Episode 184 – People Processes Performance

The workforce is one of the greatest resources that an organization can have. So much depends on a company’s employees and staff for it to move forward and uphold its core values. Then there are two other equally important areas: Process and Performance. Strong Processes ensure that roles and responsibilities are clear, and efficient systems are in place. For Performance: are your people working in their Zone of Genius? If their strengths complement their position perfectly, Performance will...


Episode 183 – Who do your systems serve?

Good systems and processes are crucial to the success of any organization. They play a significant role in any organization’s success or struggle. One of the common denominators that hurt operations is when there are inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the system or process. After all, keeping all stakeholders happy and satisfied is a delicate balancing act. To make the most out of it, here are some great questions that we need to ask ourselves: Why do these systems and processes in your...


Episode 182 – You are not the lowest common denominator

A couple of years ago, a magazine I enjoyed reading announced they shifted focus, thus, overhauling their content and a lot of their staff. With that, its quality, in my opinion, has gone downhill. This magazine used to have brilliant content with entertaining articles containing helpful and valuable information. Now, the articles aren’t as dynamic and detailed. I find them quite generic, and there’s not much value in them as before. I then realized why I am no longer drawn to it; they are...


Episode 181 – Engaging International and Remote Groups – Interview with Cedric Nwafor, Founder of ROOTS Africa

It was a delight interviewing Cedric Nwafor, founder of ROOTS Africa. It’s my pleasure to share his story growing up in Cameroon and touch on things that our organizations have in common like: Finding the Deeper Why of an organization Identifying individuals’ Deeper Why Re-engaging participants, especially in remote groups Leaders’ roles in discovering the Deeper Why Listen in as we go through some of the challenges he faces with aligning groups across the globe and some solutions we...


Episode 180 – Do you get lost in your passion?

When we’re passionate about something, we approach the subject matter with a level of dedication, enthusiasm, and intensity. That amount of attention often translates to good things, especially when your passion aligns with your work or projects. However, there can be a tendency to get lost in our passion. The further we go down the rabbit hole, the more it can cause a disconnect or confusion in communication. Your colleagues, especially those from another department, may not have the same...


Episode 179 – What is your queen bee role?

I’ve been reading a book by Michael Michalowicz called Clockwork. (He is also the author of Profit First, a book that I thoroughly loved.) In Clockwork, Mike Michalowicz compared a company to a beehive. In a beehive, each bee’s job is its primary role plus protecting the queen bee role. Like in a company, aside from what you do in your position, each individual has a major part in protecting and upholding the company’s queen bee role, as well as its core values. Listen in as Dawn Shuler...


Episode 178 – The dark underbelly of normalizing

When we experience a recurring stressful situation that we cannot change or do something about, we tend to normalize that situation and attempt to live with it as we go on. This is a natural coping mechanism to reduce or subdue its stressful effect on us. While normalizing an abnormal or chronically stressful situation can be helpful, it can also be detrimental when mismanaged. It can desensitize us to things that are uncustomary, potentially unhealthy, or socially unacceptable. Having...


Episode 177 – Methods of giving feedback

Much of the work we do in our businesses revolves around communication, particularly when we talk about employee engagement. Feedback is one of the most effective means to ensure that you have actively engaged employees. So how do we make sure we’re giving effective and meaningful feedback? Before answering that, what exactly is feedback? Feedback is communicating clearly about a person’s progress, strength, and areas of improvement. With that definition, your feedback should acknowledge...


Episode 176 – 7 Creator Personality Types

In a successful professional or business setting, each individual is designated to their role based on their strengths, qualifications, and creativity. Good team dynamics is essential in maximizing your team’s productivity, and their Creator Personality types are a good indicator of their place on the team. In my years working as a coach and consultant for individuals, teams, and organizations, I have identified the 7 Creator Personalities: The Planner The Storyteller The Divinely Inspired...


Episode 175 – Is your response about you or them?

Have you ever been in a situation where a statement or a comment from someone got to you personally or somewhat irritated you? How do you respond to these circumstances? Most of us automatically retaliate with a level of snark or hostility. It’s normal and part of our defense mechanism. But for sure, we can teach ourselves to do better in dealing with these situations. When responding to something that irked you, the worst thing you can do is react when your emotions are heightened. It’s...


Episode 174 – Right people in the right seats – for real

One of the most rigorous processes a company goes through is recruitment. Regardless of whose perspective, several boxes need to be checked to ensure we get the right person for the position or land the perfect job as applicants. Recruiting and qualifications go beyond what’s in the resume. Yes, credentials and skills are essential, but often overlooked are the intangibles. Character, inquisitiveness, and enthusiasm are equally important qualities that need to be carefully considered. A lot...