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"Everything rises and falls on leadership," - John Maxwell My name is Ben Owden and I have weekly conversations with leaders. I hope that these conversations will help you find the clarity and conviction to lead a more meaningful and impactful life. I’ve curated some of the best thinker practitioners from all over the world to help you get to your leadership nirvana.




"Everything rises and falls on leadership," - John Maxwell My name is Ben Owden and I have weekly conversations with leaders. I hope that these conversations will help you find the clarity and conviction to lead a more meaningful and impactful life. I’ve curated some of the best thinker practitioners from all over the world to help you get to your leadership nirvana.







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0070 - Master Any Skill: The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Learn ft Barbara Oakley

Dive into a journey of transformation with Barbara Oakley, from struggling with basic math to becoming a renowned engineering professor, and discover the secrets to mastering any skill. This episode isn't just a story; it's a blueprint for turning your biggest challenges into your greatest strengths. Barbara shares groundbreaking insights on the neuroscience of learning, the power of habits, and the crucial role of sleep in mastering new skills. Whether you're looking to overhaul your learning strategy, enhance your leadership skills, or simply find more meaning in your daily tasks, Barbara's insights will guide you to a more enlightened path. Don't miss the chance to unlock the genius within you. Tune in and transform the way you think, learn, and lead. Barbara Oakley's Website: https://barbaraoakley.com/ Barbara Oakley's Books: https://shorturl.at/amEUZ Barbara's Coursera Course: https://www.coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn


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0069 - How to Change Lives Through Simple Conversations ft Haesun Moon

Join host Ben Owden on a transformative journey through the art of conversation with communication scientist, educator, and author Haesun Moon. In this heartfelt episode, we delve into the healing power of dialogue and discover how intentional communication can lead to profound changes in our personal and professional lives. Haesun shares her insights on the significance of celebrating progress, the importance of listening over speaking, and the transformative potential of adopting a 'suppose, not impose' approach to our interactions. Through personal stories and professional experiences, Haesun illuminates the path to curating curative narratives that empower and uplift. Prepare to be inspired by the life-changing impact of words well-spoken and learn how to wield the power of conversation to heal, motivate, and connect deeply with those around you.


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0068 - Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Win While Anxious ft Morra Aarons Melle

Morra, with her rich background in leadership and mental health advocacy, shares groundbreaking insights into how we can reframe our relationship with anxiety. From the gripping tales of leaders who've harnessed their inner turmoil to achieve greatness, to practical advice on managing the day-to-day challenges of anxiety, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to find peace in the chaos. Discover why anxiety doesn't have to be the villain in your story, how vulnerability can be a powerful tool in leadership, and why embracing your anxious tendencies might just be the secret to unlocking your potential. Whether you're a high-flying CEO or just starting your journey, Morra's candid sharing and actionable strategies will inspire you to view your anxiety through a new lens. Morra's Website: https://morraam.com/ The Anxious Achiever Book: https://www.amazon.com/Anxious-Achiever-Biggest-Leadership-Superpower/dp/164782253X The Anxious Achiever Podcast: https://morraam.com/podcast


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0067 - Winning The Stress War, Embracing Calmness and Overcoming Procrastination ft Paul Loomans

Ben Owden engages with Paul Loomans to explore the intersection of calmness and productivity. Loomans offers profound insights into the detrimental effects of sustained stress and the importance of embracing calmness in everyday life. They discuss strategies for managing interruptions, focusing on one task at a time, and transforming limiting beliefs that hinder productivity. Through anecdotes and practical advice, they highlight the power of acceptance and self-awareness in achieving optimal performance and well-being. This episode serves as a guiding beacon for those seeking to navigate the complexities of modern life with clarity, purpose, and tranquility. Paul Lomans's Book: https://www.timesurfing.uk/ Paul Looman's Website: https://www.destressontknoping.nl/ To book Ben to train your leadership team, please email yoda@whyleadothers.com Ben's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benowden/


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0066 - How Busyness is Stealing Our Happiness and How Our Obsession Is Robbing Us of True Meaning ft Oliver Burkeman

Ben Owden engages in a profound conversation with Oliver Burkeman, the insightful author of the New York Times bestselling book, Four Thousand Weeks. A book Adam Grant called, the most important time management book of all time. The discussion delves into the societal glorification of busyness, exploring the ironic guilt associated with idleness. Oliver addresses the discomfort of slowing down and the necessity of embracing the poignancy of life's trade-offs. The conversation extends to the joy of missing out (JoMo) and the empowering act of closing doors to focus on what truly matters. Oliver shares wisdom from his book, drawing from diverse perspectives, including Aristotle and modern productivity insights. The episode concludes with reflections on cultivating habits that prioritize intuition over obligation and the enduring value of empathy in navigating the human experience. Oliver's Book - Four Thousand Weeks: https://a.co/d/c87rWyl Oliver's Email Newsletter Subscription: www.oliverburkeman.com Oliver's Twitter: https://twitter.com/oliverburkeman Ben Owden's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benowden/ To book Ben to train your teams: yoda@whyleadothers.com


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0065 - Transform Your Life NOW: Unlocking Superhuman Productivity with David Allen

In this insightful conversation, Ben and David Allen, one of the world’s most influential thinkers on productivity, explore the principles of productivity, life philosophy, and the essence of "Getting Things Done." As the creator of the GTD methodology, David shares wisdom gained from a lifetime of experiences, discussing the importance of control and focus, the value of patience, and the role of intuition in decision-making. The conversation delves into the application of martial arts principles, the concept of antifragility, and the transformative power of acceptance. David's bestselling book, the groundbreaking “Getting Things Done” and its methods, commonly known as “GTD,” spawned a movement with millions of practitioners and fans around the world. His methods of staying relaxed and focused in our fast-paced world are now being spread by certified trainers and coaches in more than ninety countries. Getting Things Done (The Book) https://shorturl.at/cqsyL David Allen's Resources https://gettingthingsdone.com/


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0064 - Cultivating Your Soft Life, Saying No, Avoiding Being Average and Grow Old and Rich ft Sam Ndandala, Anna Mwasha and Chris Rwechungura

This episode features personal finance coaches, Sam Ndandala, Anna Mwasha, and Chris Rwechungura. We delve into a discussion on the Psychology of Money book by Morgan Housel. To get Ben to train your teams, email us at yoda@whyleadothers.com or go to our website https://whyleadothers.com/


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0063 - Invite Change and Embrace Judgment as a Catalyst for Growth ft Janet Harvey

In this episode, dive deep into the profound insights shared by leadership expert Janet Harvey. Discover the transformative power of judgment and how it catalyzes personal and leadership growth. Janet highlights the importance of courage and curiosity, turning judgment from a stumbling block into a stepping stone. Get ready to redefine your relationship with judgment and unlock the doors to your truest self. How to Connect with Janet Harvey https://www.amazon.com/Invite-Change-Lessons-2020-Return/dp/B08PX7DCL1https://www.linkedin.com/in/janetharvey/https://www.invitechange.com/https://www.facebook.com/invCHANGEhttps://www.instagram.com/invite_change/How to Connect with Ben Owden


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0062 - How to Lead Successfully in the Digital Age ft Brian Spisak

Dive into the future of leadership with renowned researcher Dr. Brian R. Spisak as he explores the transformative realm of Computational Leadership. With insights from industry giants at IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, and more, discover how simulations, AI, and network analysis revolutionize leadership practices. Uncover concrete strategies for enhancing remote collaboration, evidence-based techniques for fostering diversity and inclusion, and ways to fortify supply chains through cutting-edge technologies. Whether you're a manager, executive, or business leader, this episode unveils a holistic framework for leveraging modern technologies in the timeless art of leadership, challenging conventional wisdom and guiding you toward a post-digital future. Brian's Book: https://www.amazon.com/Computational-Leadership-Connecting-Behavioral-Decision-Making/dp/1119984041/ref=sr_1_1?crid=31HLDQ4PF5FS7&keywords=brian%20spisak&qid=1676298122&sprefix=brian%20spisak%2Caps%2C244&sr=8-1 Brian's Website: https://brianspisak.com/


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0061 - How to Become a More Integrated Leader and Lead with Grace ft Alexsys Thompson

You will discover the power of self-accountability, learning to greet yourself with humility and make amends when your actions misalign with your values. Alexsys guides us through a decade-by-decade relationship inventory, emphasizing the importance of compassion and forgiveness. The conversation delves into heart-centered leadership, challenging binary thinking in the corporate world, and cultivating curiosity for personal growth. Alexsys unveils practical steps to strengthen intuition and introduces the six tenets of graceful leadership, with a focus on transparency as the foundational key. Alexsys Book: https://www.amazon.com/Power-Graceful-Leader-Alexsys-Thompson-ebook/dp/B08SJ4GSRV/ Alexsys LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexsysthompson/


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0060 - Building the Africa We Want ft Dr. Lucy Surhyel Newman & Hon. Prof. Kitila Mkumbo

Welcome to a thought-provoking conversation that delves into the heart of transformational leadership in Africa. Join Prof. Kitila Mkumbo and me, Ben Owden as I sit down with the author, Dr. Lucy S. Newman, to unravel the intricate layers of her book, "African Leaders’ Tête À Tête: Navigating Entity Design And Prioritization For Systemic Outcomes." In this enlightening dialogue, Dr. Newman opens the door to a new era of leadership on the African continent. With a focus on practicality and timeliness, her book is a compass guiding leaders toward tangible contributions to Africa’s emerging transformation. The video sheds light on the core concepts that set this book apart from the rest in the leadership genre. Dr. Lucy's Book: https://www.amazon.com/African-Leaders-T%C3%AAte-Navigating-Prioritization/dp/1946530352 Dr. Lucy's Website: https://drlsnewman.com/


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0059 - Weird, Irrational, and Wonderful Ways Humans Navigate the Workplace ft Matthias Sutter

Join the conversation as Matthias Sutter, renowned economist and author, reveals the surprising intricacies of leadership and human behavior. Unraveling the mysteries behind successful teams, he delves into the power of charisma, the impact of imitating others, and the vital role of a leader's social image. From the surprising habits of Mozart to the critical distinction between managers and leaders, Matthias shares insights that challenge conventional thinking on work ethics, corporate culture, and decision-making. If you're a leader navigating growth or aspiring to the top, this episode exposes the hidden dynamics that can reshape your approach to leadership and propel your team to new heights. Matthias's book: https://www.amazon.com/Behavioral-Economics-Leaders-Research-Based-Irrational/dp/1119982979 Matthias's Website: https://www.coll.mpg.de/matthias-sutter.html Matthias's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthias-sutter-6b6a83230/?originalSubdomain=at Matthias's Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattsutter_mpi?lang=en


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0058 - Five Keys for Unshakable Peace and A formula for Successful Conversations ft Jeremie Kubiceck

Unveil the secrets to a more peaceful and purposeful life with Jeremie Kubichek on the latest episode! Discover how to quantify and manage your peace using the groundbreaking Peace Index. Dive deep into the journey of finding your unique purpose, breaking free from external expectations. Learn the art of balance for increased influence, explore communication mastery to prevent breakdowns, and unlock meaningful relationships one conversation at a time. Jeremie Kubicek along with co-author Steve Cockram have done it again. They have written a practical leadership book packed with a proven method for unlocking relationships and helping teams and organizations grow. Below is the link to the book, Communication Code. Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Communication-Code-Strategies-Stronger-Relationships/dp/1394150539 Jeremie's Website https://www.jeremiekubicek.com/ Jeremie's LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremiekubicek/ Jeremie's Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeremieKubicek


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0057 - Choosing Excellence Every Time ft Christine Musisi

In this episode, Ben sits down with Ms. Christine Musisi, a leader with over 23 years of experience in the development field. Discover the power of love and integrity in leadership, and the importance of saying no for personal growth. Gain wisdom on family-work balance and the pivotal role of self-affirmation. Christine's story is a beacon of inspiration, urging us to find purpose, volunteer, and navigate our unique paths to success. She shares insights on leadership and the importance of followership. Tune in to gain inspiration and learn about the principles that have guided Ms. Musisi's successful career in sustainable development.


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0056 - The Five Ingredients of Lasting Happiness ft Tal Ben-Shahar

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar is an internationally renowned teacher, and author in the fields of happiness and leadership. In this episode, he discusses the misconceptions around happiness, particularly the belief that material success leads to happiness. Tal argues that money is a means to an end, not an end in itself and that pursuing it as such can lead to disappointment and unhappiness. Instead, he suggests that the ultimate currency, by which we should measure our lives, is happiness. He emphasizes that happiness is not just about feeling good in the moment, but also about having a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in all aspects of life. Tal also introduces his Spire model of happiness, which consists of spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional well-being. He explains that financial well-being is a derivative of the primary attributes of well-being and should not be the central focus of our lives. To become happier, Tal suggests focusing on cultivating the primary attributes of well-being, which will ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life. This includes finding meaning and purpose in our work and relationships, as well as taking care of our physical and emotional health. In conclusion, Tal encourages listeners to shift their focus from material success to happiness in all aspects of their lives. https://www.happinessstudies.academy/ https://talbenshahar.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/tal-ben-shahar/?trk=public_post-text


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0055 - The Hero's Journey: How Leaders Can Guide Their Teams to Success ft Dr. J.J. Peterson

The guest speaker, Dr. JJ Peterson, shares his expertise in branding and marketing and highlights how leaders can use storytelling to build trust, foster effective team building, and get buy-in from their teams. He emphasizes that storytelling is a critical skill that leaders in the 21st century need to develop if they want to achieve long-term success. Dr. Peterson discusses the four main characters in a story - hero, villain, victim, and guide - and how they relate to our lives. He explains that everyone wants to be the hero of their own life, and as leaders, we need to position ourselves as guides to help others achieve their goals. To do this, we need to understand what the hero wants and identify the problems that are getting in the way of them achieving their goals. By offering empathy and authority, we can position ourselves as the guide and help others win. The discussion also touches on the importance of giving meaning and context to everything we do, as this helps people connect with our message and gives them a sense of purpose. The guest speaker also talks about how to use digital media to tell stories ethically and encourages listeners to become heroes in their own lives and guides for others. Overall, this podcast episode provides valuable insights into the power of storytelling in leadership and business and offers practical tips for leaders to position themselves as guides and help others achieve their goals. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the wants and needs of others and using empathy and authority to build trust and foster effective communication. Links to connect with Storybrand Storybrand: https://storybrand.com/ Dr. Peterson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/j-j-peterson-1b4011a2/


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0054 - Nurturing Curiosity & The Impact of Learning on Leadership ft Amb. Ombeni Sefue

I’d like to share a leadership conversation I had with an Amb. Ombeni Sefue. It covers various topics such as reading, change management, and growth mindset. Our guest served as Chief Secretary to the President of Tanzania and excelled as a diplomat. He also worked closely with two presidents and currently serves as the board chair for Uongozi Leadership Institute. To watch the video. click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X3bexNzn_I&t=10s To get Ben to train your teams and staff, email us at talktome@whyleadothers.com or go to our website https://whyleadothers.com/ To follow Ben Owden click the links below LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benowden/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/godsrafiki


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0053 - Leading From the Backseat ft Ngasuma Kanyeka

In today’s episode, we are exploring learning and growth, competition, and self-care as tools of empowerment in leadership. And in the course of this exploration, Ngasuma shares a leadership philosophy that has proven useful for her in her journey. Ngasuma Kanyeka is a leader who started her own consulting firm in 2011 called Capacitate consulting, a niche communication and strategy development firm which supported UN agencies such as UNDP, UNFPA, and UN Women across the African continent and worked with a foundation such as Open Society and supported the Government of Tanzania Oil and Gas communication strategy as well as creating investment briefers for the Tanzania Investment Centre. And in the last few years, she has worked in the youth innovation, entrepreneurship, governance, and health space in Tanzania as a Chief of Party for a $20 million dollar USAID-funded project called Feed the Future Tanzania Advancing Youth. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ngasuma Kanyeka.


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0052 - Building Organic Clusters & Sustainable Innovation ft Dr. Nkundwe Mwasaga

In today's episode, we're exploring how to build clusters without falling into the pitfalls of cluster imitation. We explore how to build sustainable innovation systems and many more ideas. I am joined by Dr. Nkundwe Moses Mwasaga, a leader passionate about high-performance computing (HPC), in both micro and quantum capacity. He is currently the Director General of the ICT Commission, an organization that promotes and fosters investment and development of the ICT industry, collaborates with other stakeholders on ICT research and foresight on ICT trends, and builds the capacity of ICT Professionals in Tanzania.


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0051 - The Power of Losing Control & The Principles of Authentic Power ft Joe Caruso

In today’s episode, we will be diving into the individual mind, the collective mind of an organization, and how meaning drives our behavior and determines outcomes in all aspects of life. To have this conversation, I am joined by Joe Caruso, an in-demand keynote speaker worldwide, a syndicated columnist, and a sought-after business advisor, who brings his lifetime of expertise to help organizations and leaders change the way they see themselves — and in turn, the way they think about markets, products, and services. His efforts culminated in a best-selling book and a PBS special, both called The Power of Losing Control. In it, he encourages readers to “remember that the only control you really have is over yourself,” and provides techniques and strategies to stop wasting valuable time and energy on what we can’t control. He also produced an audiobook, The Power of Losing Control. He advises CEOs, military leaders, and leadership teams on the essence of change for success, ultimately driving success for his clients.