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The Wicked Pissah Podcast, brought to you by the Financial Planning Association of New England (FPA of New England), features discussions for financial professionals including topics of financial planning, recent or future events in the financial services industry, and interactions with influential speakers from across the industry. Additionally, the educational program will review the latest updates and announcements surrounding the New England chapter of FPA. Join us and listen in for engaging discussions and insightful content!


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The Wicked Pissah Podcast, brought to you by the Financial Planning Association of New England (FPA of New England), features discussions for financial professionals including topics of financial planning, recent or future events in the financial services industry, and interactions with influential speakers from across the industry. Additionally, the educational program will review the latest updates and announcements surrounding the New England chapter of FPA. Join us and listen in for engaging discussions and insightful content!








#179 - Balancing Act: Thriving as a Financial Advisor with Jennifer Gray

On this episode of the Wicked Pissah Podcast we speak with licensed professional counselor Jennifer Gray. Jennifer focuses her counseling work on helping financial advisors find balance and authenticity between their personal and professional selves; manage and overcome burnout and overwhelm; and celebrate the success of building a fulfilling life and business. Keep listening to hear Jennifer’s tips for setting boundaries with your clients and your business, using your values to build a life and practice that you love, and how to slowly start loosening your grip on the reins of control to create more space in your life to take care of yourself, not just your clients. For more information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifergraylpc/ https://www.jennifergraycounseling.com/therapy-for-financial-professionals


#178 - Creating Tax Alpha- Cantor Fitzgerald's Jay Frank

Learn how to help your clients utilize various tax benefits from real estate investments - including benefits of depreciation, capital gains deferrals, & more. Energetic and entertaining guest, Jay Frank, Pres. & COO of Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management, joins co-hosts Chris Boyd & Brad Wright. It may not be for CE, but you will learn important resources to help your clients. 'Like-kind" 1031 Exchanges of real estate transactions can seem to have complex rules, but Jay explains with ease. Learn more about things like: 721 exchanges, what is a DST or a TIC. You've probably heard of a Qualified Opportunity Zone, but did you know clients can defer capital gains from real estate, stocks, or other investments by investing in one? Whet your appetite to learn more and help your clients. Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management https://www.cantor.com/our-business/asset-management/ Jay Frank President & Chief Operating Officer Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management jfrank@cantor.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/jay-frank-b52b624/ Allan Sheahan, CFP® Senior Vice President - Regional Director Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management Allan.sheahan@cantor.com (mobile) 785-221-1202 / (text) 617-371-8303 https://www.linkedin.com/in/allan-sheahan-cfp%C2%AE-06b895158/


#177 - Beyond Finance: Planning for your life in Retirement

Beyond Finance: Planning for Your Life In Retirement Host Chris Boyd, CFP® is joined by Jennifer Simes, CFP®, long time FPA member who suggested today’s topic and guests. Nan Ives & Lisa Stornaielo share the challenges of retirement beyond finances. In the course of navigating challenges of identity and purpose, Nan & Lisa have found and developed resources for those in or near retirement to consider the next chapter of life and find fulfillment. Learn more about “The Future of You” in this episode of the Wicked Pissah Podcast. Jennifer Simes: Email: JSimes@CarlPSherr.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-simes-cfp%C2%AE-a5246911/ https://carlpsherr.com/ Nan Ives: Email: Nan@TheFutureOfYou.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/nanives/ https://www.thefutureofyou.com/ Lisa Stornaielo: Email: Lisa@TheFutureOfYou.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-stornaielo/ https://www.thefutureofyou.com/ Chris Boyd: Email: Chris@amrfinancial.com https://linkedin.com/in/chris-boyd-562504299/


#176 - Adjustment-Based Income Planning, During Retirement with Income Lab Co-Founder Johnny Poulsen

Hosts Brad Wright and Jeff Tomaneng are joined by Income Lab co-founder Johnny Poulsen, CFP®. They discuss: Whether or not advisors have been looking at retirement distributions the wrong way What Guardrails are and how they can help a retiree remain on track How uncertainty can be less stressful than the certainty of a negative event. You’ll also learn how Monte-Carlo analysis can work during a client’s accumulation phase, but adjustment-based income planning, during retirement, may be better understood and provide more certainty. For more info on Income Lab, visit www.incomelab.io


#175 - Marketing advice to stand out -Kristen Luke of Kaleido Creative Studio

Kathleen and Jeff speak with advisor marketing thought leader and author Kristen Luke of Kaleido Creative Studio. Kaleido Creative Studio is a marketing agency that helps Registered Investment Advisors market themselves to a niche, making it easier for them to stand out from the competition and attract ideal clients. Stay tuned for a Wicked Pissah! (recorded 9/14/23) https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristenluke/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/kaleido-creative-studio/ https://www.kaleidocreative.com/ https://www.OnNiche.com/ https://www.fpanewengland.org/wicked-good-half-day-talks/


#174 - Helping women become more financially confident - Purse Strings

Hosts Brad Wright and Kathleen Kenealy are joined by Purse Strings founders Dr. Barb Provost and her daughter Maggie Nielsen, MBA. They discuss: What led Barb and Maggie to found a financial services organization for women How the gender wealth pay gap impacts women’s financial security, and how women can become more financially confident How you, as an advisor, can potentially team up with this organization You’ll also learn how to become comfortable working with female clients and the skills required. For more info on Purse Strings, visit www.pursestrings.co Reach Barb and Maggie, info@pursestrings.co Become a Purse Strings Approved Professional, https://pursestrings.co/be-purse-strings-approved-2023/ Purse Strings Podcast, https://pursestrings.co/podcast/


#173 - Time to pay those student loans- Dan Rooker

According to studentaid.gov, there are a whopping 45 million borrowers in the US who have Federal student loan debt – that’s almost 15% of the country’s population. Pretty soon those borrowers are going to need to start making loan payments again as the student loan payment pause is coming to an end after providing borrowers with payment relief for the last 3 plus years. To talk about what this means and the options that student loan borrowers currently face, we are joined by Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and Certified Student Loan Professional™, Dan Rooker. Dan will give us an overview of the new SAVE plan and how it differs from prior repayment plans, actions that borrowers can take today to prepare for their payments to start up again, and resources that advisors can leverage to learn more about planning for clients with student loans. For more information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danrooker/ https://www.studentloanplanner.com/ https://slpwealth.com/ Double Consolidation Guide Double Consolidation - PSLF


#172 - Grieving Clients and how Financial Advisors can help - Kathi Balasek

As part of this journey we call life, all of us will experience and grieve a loss or know someone who has. What do you say? How do you say it? Acknolwedging the loss and grief of another person can be uncomfortable and awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. Kathi Balasek is on a mission to help financial advisors relate to a person who is a grieving. As an educator and grief literacy communication coach, Kathi works with advisors to help them understand language around grief, how to better communicate with empathy, and how to create a safe space and better connect with those who are grieving. This episode may help you be a better advisor, but it likely will help you be a better human, too. For more information about Kathi: https://www.kathibalasek.com/ The Well Widow Podcast: https://www.kathibalasek.com/podcast https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathibalasek/


#171 - "The Why of Wealth" and "Haisley's Birthday Money" Authors and FPA Members

From Planning to Publishing: Educating Others by Writing from the Heart Have you ever thought about writing a book but you’re not sure where to start? How do you figure out what to write about? How do you go about getting published? How do you get people to buy and read your book? On this episode, Cassandra Smalley and Nycole Freer join us to help answer some of these questions. Cassandra and Nycole are two FPA members who each took the leap to write a book while also starting their own financial advisory practices. Cassandra and Nycole share with us what inspired them to become authors, what the writing process was like for each of them, things they learned along their publishing journey and words of wisdom they have for other aspiring advisors-turned-authors. "Haisley's Birthday Money" "The Why of Wealth" Contact / Follow Cassandra and Nycole: Nycole Freer - Eden Financial You can find Nycole on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Cassandra Smalley - Cassandra Smalley Wealth Management You can find Cassandra on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Resources Mentioned During the Conversation Reedsy Children's Book Authors and Illustrations Facebook Group Purple Diamond Press Manuscripts New Degree Press "The Why of Wealth" Book Club Discussion Guide


#170 - FPA Update: So Many Benefits of Membership - Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis, Chief Communications Officer of the Financial Planning Association joins the podcast to share new member resources and remind us about many more. We discuss: https://www.financialplanningassociation.org/advocacy/media-engagementhttps://www.financialplanningassociation.org/learning/researchhttps://www.financialplanningassociation.org/practice-support/marketplacehttps://fpa.chalicenetwork.com/marketplace/unifibycaia/https://fpalearning.onefpa.org/products/elder-planning-specialist-program-2https://hellochoir.com/voices/https://www.financialplanningassociation.org/press-room/releases-announcements/fpa-tifin-wealth-partnership … and much more.


#169 - Divorce Financial Planning - Diane Pappas

Kathleen and Jeff speak with Diane Pappas of Solutions for Divorce. Solutions for Divorce is a boutique fee-only Divorce Financial Planning firm on the North Shore of Boston dedicated to improving the divorce process for individuals and couples going through this challenging time in their lives. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianecpappas/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/solutions-for-divorce-llc/ https://solutionsfordivorce.com/ https://www.fpanewengland.org/2023/07/september-13-wicked-good-half-day-talks-boston-ma/


#168 - Helping Yourself Before You Can Help Others – Dr. Sarah Newcomb

Did you know that before Dr. Sarah Newcomb became an applied scientist in behavioral economics she was an aspiring opera singer? No? Then tune in to this episode of the Wicked Pissah Podcast to find out what else you might not know about Sarah! We will hear how Sarah’s effort to get her financial situation in order led her to realize she needed to first heal her own attitudes and unhealthy thinking about money. She’ll give us some tips on how advisors can use psychological frameworks to help coach their clients into healthier financial behavior. We’ll also get a sneak-peek into her “Financial Life Modes” presentation to the FPA of New England coming up on October 5th in York, Maine. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahcnewcomb/ https://www.thrive-financial.net/ Loaded: Money, Psychology, and How to Get Ahead without Leaving Your Values Behind Register for Wicked Good Talks: October 5, 2023 in York, Maine


#167 - The Current Equity and Fixed Income Environment with MRB- Bob Hanney and Phil Colmar

Chris and Jeff speak with Bob Hanney and Phil Colmar of MRB, The Macro Research Board. MRB is an independent research firm providing integrated global multi-asset investment strategy as well as actionable, absolute-return ideas. We hear their thoughts on the current equity and fixed income environment and how they help financial advisors with their research. (recorded 8/24/23) https://www.linkedin.com/company/mrb-partners/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/phillip-colmar-b3a82514/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-hanney-448b3ab8/ https://www.mrbpartners.com/ https://www.fpanewengland.org/2023/07/september-13-wicked-good-half-day-talks-boston-ma/


#166 - Protecting your clients' property and wealth-Holly Gately

Protecting your clients’ property and wealth with Personal Risk Advisor Holly Gately When was the last time you took your clients through a comprehensive risk assessment? Can’t remember? Then tune into this episode of the Wicked Pissah Podcast and hear from Personal Risk Advisor Holly Gately. Holly is a risk management specialist with USI Insurance Services who focuses on personal property and casualty insurance for successful individuals and families. We’ll learn about the holistic approach Holly takes to make sure clients are properly insured, how advisors can make the insurance review experience better for clients, why you might want to think twice about buying that condo in Florida, and more. HOLLY GATELY Personal Risk Advisor CA Individual License No. 4106472 USI Insurance Services, LLC CA Agency License No. 0G11911 holly.gately@usi.com | www.usi.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/hollyoconnor/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/usi-insurance-services/ https://www.usi.com/property-casualty/ https://www.usi.com/personal-risk/


#165 - Scale and Gain Clients with Chris Field-Holistiplan's Chief Growth Officer and Disruptor

Host Brad Wright is joined by Holistiplan’s Chief Growth Officer, Chris Field. They’ll walk you through Holistiplan's tax planning software (even if you’re not a CPA or an EA). You’ll learn how the software can help you: scale gain clients justify your fees You’ll also learn about two books Chris has written on becoming a “Disruptor” and the non-profit Mercy Project, which he founded to use sustainability and empowerment to help rescue children out of slavery in Ghana. For more info on Holistiplan: www.Holistiplan.com To reach Chris: Chris@Holistiplan.com


#164 - John Leonetti - Preparing to sell or exit your company

Are you an advisor working with baby boomer business owner clients? According to the US Small Business Administration, there are 33.2 million small businesses in America representing 99.9% of all US businesses. Obviously small businesses are a critical part of our local, state, and national economies. But what happens when someone who has spent their life building and growing their business decides they are finally ready to let go of the reins and do something different? How do privately held business owners prepare to eventually sell or exit their company? On this episode of the Wicked Pissah Podcast, we are joined by speaker, author and exit planning expert John Leonetti, Founder and CEO of Beacon Hill Equity Group and the International Exit Planning Association. We’ll hear from John about what exit planning is and why business owners need it, why demand for exit planning continues to increase amongst baby boomer business owners, and how advisors can better engage with business owners to help them through what is both a financial and emotional process. You’ll also hear a story from John about a recent transaction he facilitated that gave me goosebumps and helps support his claim that exit planning is the greatest work there is. https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-leonetti-421b83a/ https://theiepa.com/ https://beaconhillequitygroup.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Exiting-Your-Business-Protecting-Wealth/dp/0692016228


#163 - Jeffrey Kleintop - Global Economy - Potential Opportunities and Risks

In this episode, our esteemed guest is Jeffrey Kleintop, CFA, Chief Global Investment Strategist and Managing Director of Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. Listen in as Jeff reminds advisors of the virtues of international exposure, not just from the perspective of company domicile or sales exposure. Jeff will share their perspective on the state of the global economy, including the potential opportunities (attractive multiples or recovery from recession) and risks (whether climate, geopolitical concerns, or others), We’ll be reminded that even domestic investors may not be exempt from many of these same concerns, but are we entering a period of foreign markets outpacing US markets? Let’s talk about Global Markets and International Investing! To connect further with Jeffrey you can find him below: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrey-kleintop-36427a9/ https://www.schwab.com/learn/author/jeffrey-kleintop https://twitter.com/jeffreykleintop To find out about the educational opportunities we discussed in this episode and more: https://www.fpanewengland.org/


#162 - Kristin Beane - FPA of New England Update

Returning guest, Kristin Beane of Endeavor Consulting, LLC and FPA of New England's executive director joins the podcast for an update on what's been happening in the chapter the first half of the year and for a preview of things to come. Whether for the Free CE Day for members (on 8/1 & 8/2), upcoming half-day educational programs, community building, or pro bono offerings, the FPA of New England has loads to offer members. Hear how Kristin and her team have grown from serving one chapter to some of the largest chapters along the east coast. https://www.fpanewengland.org/ Admin@FPAMA.org https://www.linkedin.com/company/financial-planning-association-of-massachusetts?trk=company_logo http://www.facebook.com/pages/Financial-Planning-Association-of-Massachusetts/180236272033414


#161 - College Planning with Joe Messinger

Brad Wright CFP® and Jeff Tomaneng CFP® speak with Joe Messinger CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CCFC. Joe is a trusted authority in the areas of college planning and funding. He’s on a mission to "Change the way America shops for college." He created the innovative College Pre-Approval™ system to seamlessly guide families through the college funding maze and ensure that every student graduates with manageable student loan debt without robbing retirement. We discuss: The rising costs of college tuition How to calculate net costs at over 3,000 schools across the country How late is too late to begin planning for college Joe’s “College Planning Made Easy Certificate Program for Advisors” Contact Joe: https://www.joethemessinger.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/joemessinger/ https://capstonewealthpartners.com/ https://twitter.com/capstonewealth https://www.facebook.com/mycapstoneplan/


#160 - Duncan MacPherson - The Blue Square Method (2023.06.21)

As a financial professional, are you working in your business, or are you working on your business? Today we are joined again by renowned professional coach and author, Duncan McPherson. Chapter Past Presidents Brad Wright & Chris Boyd discuss with Duncan some of the powerful insights from the book, The Blue Square Method, which he co-authored with Chris Jeppesen. The Blue Square Method is about building a business and a life … finding that balance and developing a business that serves clients effectively, efficiently, and compellingly so that they become raving fans with branded processes, all while building a business that serves your life well. Additionally, Duncan shares about the virtues of professional coaching services for financial advisors and his team at Pareto Systems. Okay, let’s get started and learn more about the Blue Square Method! https://www.linkedin.com/in/duncanmacpherson/ https://www.thebluesquaremethod.com/ https://www.paretosystems.com/