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A podcast redefining our relationship with work through stories and conversations with wild hearts who have dared to challenge the status quo.


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A podcast redefining our relationship with work through stories and conversations with wild hearts who have dared to challenge the status quo.





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Social Justice in the Workplace with Jonathan Dumas of CommonCulture Coaching & Consulting

How is social justice in the workplace an act of rebellion? How do we help to enact systemic AND individual change in support of social justice? What IS social justice, really? Jonathan is a husband, son, and brother who is fascinated by workplace culture and driven by his passion for creating, sustaining, and encouraging thriving workplaces for EVERYONE. Listen in to this vulnerable and explosive conversation about how we can be more aware, more involved, and more loving to those around us. CommonCulture Coaching & Consulting Real Talk with Dumas Podcast Support the show


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Technology Mindfulness & the 4 Hour Work Week with Rob Krecak of Humans First

How is technology affecting the whole of humanity? How is affecting our ability to work, connect, and communicate? "I'm not anti-technology; I'm pro-humanity." - Rob Krecak Rob Krecak has spent hundreds of hours researching our (for better or worse) connection to technology, and now he is on a mission to help individuals and companies reduce burnout and get back time to master their careers and lives. He founded Humans First to provide a one-of-a-kind coaching experience that analyzes and coaches people’s efficiency and energy by paying attention to their mindfulness with technology. Listen in as we talk about how being mindful of technology could help us shake up corporate world and get to a four hour work week! Father of Flow The Social Dilemma The Four Hour Work Week - Timothy Ferriss Humans First Wild Hearts at Work listeners receive a complimentary 30 min call with Rob! Email rob@humansfirst.us and mention Wild Hearts at Work in the Email subject. Support the show


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Workplace Hurt with Katie McLaughlin of the McLaughlin Method

How is your past workplace hurt showing up in your work today? As a leader, are you aware of how trauma and past experiences are affecting the perception and performance of your team? In this episode, I speak with Katie McLaughlin who asks these very important questions of leaders as she seeks to help them all heal and move forward in a productive way. Using methods from her theatre background, she helps to uncover what's holding individuals and teams back from their best work. https://www.mclaughlinmethod.com/blog/work-conflict-isnt-about-you https://www.linkedin.com/company/mclaughlin-method https://www.linkedin.com/in/mclaughlinkatie/ https://bit.ly/ShowYourTeamYouHearThem Support the show


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Turning the Mic Around: Melissa joins The Executive Edge Podcast

Another episode where we are turning the mic around. In this episode, Melissa joined Sue Firth on The Executive Edge. Here is the description she provided: In this episode, Melissa talks about what leadership looks like after the pandemic. She is a leadership coach who encourages business to bridge the gap between the executive team at the top and the rest of the business. She calls this ‘building an employee experience’. Melissa and I discussed how she works with leaders so as to bridge this gap. There can be difficulties with the culture, the structure, or a generational issue. I asked if it was always expected that there is a gap and why. She believes she often finds trust issues, or employees who are mistrustful of the things that are said or done. Making promises and not keeping them is a classic mistake. The executive team can also make errors when they don’t live the values of their culture. Or they don’t appreciate that this ‘gap’ matters. Why is it so important to bridge this gap? The biggest reason is that people are coming to work and already dedicating hours of their time or effort for their jobs. Being paid is not the only motivator and many want to believe they are part of something. She’s coined a new phrase recently and called it ‘organisational gaslighting’. This refers to the way an organisation may say or suggest they will do something to get people through the door i.e. recruitment, but not then deliver. They behave in an entirely different way but expect the employee to stay. Reversing the decisions a business makes can be tricky too. It’s not that they make these errors intentionally, but ‘psychological safety’ is important. This is when an employee feels their feedback is welcomed and they can influence the decisions or choices that are made for them. This is particularly important if it refers to the direction the business is going and the expectations the top team have from their managers. Support the show


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Turning the Mic Around: Melissa joins Subject Matter Pros

This week, we are turning the mic around! I had the pleasure of being a guest on Subject Matter Pros Podcast with Kunal Desai. It was a wonderful chat that I wanted to share with you! Check out his podcast - he interviews lots of different guests on many topics. Here's his description: Today's workplace is a whole new being. With the great resignation brought about by the pandemic, being agile is not just important, it is mandatory! Join us and our guest this week - Melissa Boggs as we discuss what being Agile means and the what the future of work will look like. Subject Matter Pros is sponsored by OCSDeals.ca and Branding And Promo. Support the show


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The Great Resignation Opportunity: Gary Ware, Allison Pollard, Seth Erickson Season 1 Guest Panel

Join me for this live episode of Wild Hearts at Work as I chat with Gary Ware, Allison Pollard, and Seth Erickson about one big question: In this Great Resignation era, what is the opportunity for employees to make change in the workplace? Support the show


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2022 Leadership: Bob Osmond, Rich Sheridan, Katelyn Magnuson Season 1 Guest Panel

Join me for our first live episode as I chat with Katelyn Magnuson, Rich Sheridan, and Bob Osmond about the skills and attributes necessary for leaders today! Support the show


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Non-Hierarchical Consulting: David Hawks of Agile Velocity

David Hawks knew that a change was necessary in order for Agile Velocity to survive and thrive when the world had turned upside down in 2020. Like most companies, they could no longer rely on their old habits or assumptions to move forward. So David took it to the team: What would AV2.0 need to look like? How could they walk their own talk? Could they create a flat consulting organization? Listen in as he tells us the AV story of structure, compensation, and client service--- contained in his own story of leadership, burnout, and redemption. www.agilevelocity.com www.pathtoagility.com Support the show


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Crack the Clarity Code with Dr. Michael Gerharz

This quote from Dr. Michael Gerharz is what drew me in: "I imagine a world in which those of us who have an important story to tell, a story that has the potential to change the world, find the words to make that happen." For those of us who are wild hearts at work, one of the biggest impediments to change is getting other people on board. In this episode, Dr. Gerharz talks about the difference between show and substance, how to understand what matters to others, and how to crack the clarity code. https://michaelgerharz.com/ https://michaelgerharz.com/leaders-light-the-path Support the show


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Minimum PTO is Just the Beginning: Tom Holliss of Zappi

The Chief People Officer at Zappi understands the importance of preventing burnout. At Zappi, they have a minimum PTO policy and they take all-company holidays at certain intervals in the quarter. I saw this on LinkedIn and immediately asked Tom if he would join me on the podcast. Little did I know that minimum PTO was just the beginning of the Zappi story. Listen in as Tom shares a story of self organization, no managers but then managers, unlimited PTO turned minimum PTO, the advice process, and policy-less expense policies. https://www.zappi.io/web/pages/what-is-zappi/how-zappi-works https://www.zappi.io/web/pages/careers https://corporate-rebels.com/advice-process/ Support the show


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Participatory Budgeting with Luke Hohmann of FirstRoot

What happens when a group of kids are given a substantial amount of money to make change in their school? Do they spend it on chips and candy? Or do they invest in the things that will really help make a difference in other kids' lives? Learn the answer from this podcast with FirstRoot CEO Luke Hohmann as we examine the journey of kids and adults who learn what it takes to really prioritize and invest in a big idea through participatory budgeting. Find out more and learn how you can help! www.firstroot.co Support the show


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Psychological Safety with Joseph Pelrine

In this episode, I speak with Joseph Pelrine about the focus on (and the danger of misunderstanding) Psychological Safety in the workplace. He speaks to what teams really need in order to open up innovation and risk-taking in teams and help them to high performance. References: “Trust is the intersection of a person’s hopes and fears” Simpson, J.A. (2007) Psychological foundations of trust. Current directions in psychological science, 16, 264-268. “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” - Eric Hoffer, The Temper of Our Time (1967) (FWIW the original seems to be: "Up to now, America has not been a good milieu for the rise of a mass movement. What starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.") AN easily accessible (and understandable) intro to the safety/diversity/empathy model: Woolley, A. & Malone, T. (2011) What makes a team smarter? More women. Harvard business review, The Smell of the Place - Fantastic Talk on Culture by Prof. Sumantra Ghoshal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgrD7yJwxAM&t=195s&ab_channel=NewInsight Support the show


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Bias Disruption with Tiffany Farriss of Palantir.net

Word/Phrase of the Week: Bias Disruption Palantir.net is a digital consultancy led by CEO Tiffany Farriss. (not to be confused with another company of a similar name) I was excited to speak with Tiffany because she has set out to lead her company in a very wild-hearted way, right down to how people are compensated and how promotions are handled in her no-manager org structure. Listen in as we talk about the different assumptions and biases that Palantir.net tackles head on through their implicit and explicit policies about work. Learn more about Palantir.net: www.palantir.net Support the show


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Imposter Syndrome with Asia Bribiesca-Hedin of Bridgewell Professional Services

Word/Phrase of the Week: Imposter Syndrome In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with leadership coach Asia about overcoming imposter syndrome and sitting deeply in your values to become the strongest - and most YOU- leader you can be. We talk about accepting constructive "feedback" vs. being firm in your personal boundaries when criticism is not well-communicated. Most importantly, we talk about being driven by personal purpose that helps you withstand any external storm. Learn more about Asia's work: https://www.bridgewellpro.com/about Support the show


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Boundaries with Nic Frick, Career Coach

Word/Phrase of the Week: Boundaries Nic Frick is a Career Coach who specializes in working with new moms who are trying to find their next career move. Often these new moms are struggling to reprioritize their lives and find new identity after the birth of their children. Like these new moms, all of us are experience reprioritization and new identities as we approach the end of the pandemic. In this episode, we discuss the parallels of these experiences, how to establish and maintain boundaries, and when to apply them as a leader. This episode is hilarious, so buckle your seat belts. :) Find out more about Nic's work: https://www.nicfrick.com/ Also mentioned: https://revelationproject.fireside.fm/ https://www.instagram.com/melissau/?hl=en Support the show


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Welcome to Season 2 of Wild Hearts at Work!

Hello, Friends! (Every time I say that, I imagine Robin Williams' voice as Mrs. Doubtfire.) I'm so thrilled to be kicking off Season 2 with this episode. For nearly 12 minutes, I look back at learnings from Season 1, share some gratitude, and give you a sneak peek at what Season 2 is shaping up to be! Support the show


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Agency with William Adams of Microsoft

Word/Phrase of the Week: Agency In this episode, I speak with Microsoft CTO Advisor Williams Adams on the topic of Agency. A long time Microsoft employee, William has made long-standing impact within the large company by engaging his own sense of agency. He talks with me about how he challenged the status quo, created new programs (specifically LEAP, Microsoft's apprenticeship program), and made global impact through a series of decisions and just saying, "why not?". Learn more about William and Microsoft LEAP: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/leap/ https://twitter.com/leaptotech Support the show


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Authenticity with Dr. Erika Michalski of Strategically Authentic

Word/Phrase of this episode: Authenticity In this episode, I speak with Dr. Erika Michalski about her favorite topic: authenticity. What does it mean? How does it show up at work? What is rebellious about it? This glitter loving doctor shares some challenges of being truly authentic, and how authenticity shows up in our leadership. We also talk about balancing our own needs with the needs of others in order to truly be our authentic selves - even at work. Find out more and connect with Erika: https://stratauth.com/ https://stratauth.com/ola/services/strategically-authentic-leadership-6-week-professional-development-series https://www.instagram.com/consultantbarbie/?hl=en Support the show


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Wild-Hearted TikTok Virality: Katelyn Magnuson of the Freelance CFO

I first learned of Katelyn Magnuson in the same way as many others: when her 1 minute video on the flexibility of her business went viral on TikTok. In this video, she was explaining how she and her employees work 32 hour work weeks and no more. For obvious reasons, I was dying to talk with her about this and invite you to listen! I was thrilled to wrap this Season 1 of Wild Hearts at Work with a leader of her caliber, emotional intelligence, and humor. Listen in to hear how her company operates, the story behind the viral video, and how her organization will continue to thrive in the future! https://www.katelynmagnuson.com/ Support the show


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Wild-Hearted Experimentation: Melanie Parish of The Experimental Leader

In this episode, I speak with Melanie Parish of The Experimental Leader book, The Experimental Leader Academy, and the Experimental Leader podcast! We had a lovely chat about the nature of experiments, why humans are wary of experiments, and what it looks like to experiment or support experimentation as a leader! Moreover, I really enjoyed just talking about leadership with someone of Melanie's perspective. https://www.melanieparish.com/ The Experimental Leader (book) The Experimental Leader (podcast) Support the show