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Recorded weekly at The Panel Wine Lounge in Sonoma, California, WINE WOMEN Radio features members of the nonprofit, professional organization that’s focused on providing the tools, guidance and creativity for its members to attain wine industry prominence.

Recorded weekly at The Panel Wine Lounge in Sonoma, California, WINE WOMEN Radio features members of the nonprofit, professional organization that’s focused on providing the tools, guidance and creativity for its members to attain wine industry prominence.


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Recorded weekly at The Panel Wine Lounge in Sonoma, California, WINE WOMEN Radio features members of the nonprofit, professional organization that’s focused on providing the tools, guidance and creativity for its members to attain wine industry prominence.




Wine Women – Erica Timmerman, pt. 2

Continuing our holiday entertaining theme, part two of our show with Erica Timmerman focuses on two appetizers and how well they pair with each of the sparkling wines Erica shares. (For a bit of background, listen to part one of the show where Erica shared an artichoke dip recipe here.) First up is a delicious salmon “salad” appetizer. Tune in to hear Erica’s comments about how well salmon pairs with various sparkling wines – especially with brut rosés. One of her go-to ingredients for...


Wine Women – Erica Timmerman, pt. 1

We’re winding up the year and the season with two shows featuring guest Erica Timmerman. This is a bit of a departure for WWRH as Erica doesn’t work in the wine or hospitality industries, but you’d never know it from her deep knowledge of wine and food pairing, along with her myriad tips for entertaining and making guests feel great. She says she buys a lot of wine because she loves to share it with friends. (We should all have such friends!) When asked what her go-to wines are for...


Wine Women – Chef Lauren Kershner (part 2)

The celebration continued into our 101st podcast, with guest Chef Lauren Kershner. In part 1 of our interview with her, we talked extensively about the origins of her new endeavor, Songbird Parlour, in Glen Ellen, California. In the second part, we turned to her holiday hospitality tips and business advice. Among Chef Lauren’s recommendations during the show were dialing up your holiday parties by offering gourmet cheeses to guests and not just the usual cheese log fare. Co-host Lisa Adams...


Wine Women – 100 with Chef Lauren Kershner

We were thrilled when Chef Lauren Kershner agreed to help us celebrate our 100th podcast. Chef Lauren, founder and culinary director of Goodness Gracious Private Chef & Catering in Sonoma, had been searching for the right facilities for some time to serve her team’s expanded catering needs. Additionally, she’d been wanting to offer her own venue for private events and parties. These dual goals neatly intertwined and became available in one space within Glen Ellen’s Jack London Village. Built...


Wine Women – Kari Auringer, Winemaker, Cornerstone Cellars Pt. 2

Kari Auringer, winemaker at Cornerstone Cellars, continued to regale us with her wonderful wines and tales in the second part of our conversation with her at their newly opened tasting room in Yountville, California. In the first show, Kari tasted us through Cornerstone’s sauvignon blanc, rosé and pinot noir, three wines from their Taste of Cornerstone experience. In this second half, she tasted us through their merlot, two cabernet sauvignons and a cabernet franc, all of which kept...


Wine Women – Kari Auringer, Winemaker, Cornerstone Cellars

Bright, airy, and elegant, with Carrera marble tables and wine bar, and a black and white checkered floor, the new tasting room at Cornerstone Cellars in Yountville, California, was a welcoming respite from a busy workday. Kari Auringer, winemaker for well over a decade at Cornerstone, greeted the hosts with beautifully appointed tasting flights, featured as their signature wine tasting experience. We settled into the luxurious, gray velvet armchairs to hear Kari’s latest news. (The tasting...


Wine Women – A Wine Women Thanksgiving

The hosts’ Thanksgiving wines show got off to a rousing start with a discussion about climate action. Twenty-two CEOs and senior leaders of the International Wineries for Climate Action just called on all wine trade CEOs to join their rigorous, science-based efforts to de-carbonise the wine sector—and begin working towards net zero emissions by 2050. In fact, they’re hoping to halve carbon emissions by 2030. It’s a tall order. In parallel news, the hosts discussed Jason Haas’ (Tablas Creek...


Wine Women – Valerie Fisch, Pillsbury Wine Co.

Valerie Fisch, a woman wearing many hats at the Pillsbury Wine Company in Cottonwood, Arizona, is very expressive. (See the pics!) The hosts loved hearing her stories, laced with fascinating observations. Since the Pillsbury tasting room is in Old Town Cottonwood, we were curious if they’d participated in the recent and nearby Sedona Wine Festival? (See our earlier show on the festival with Paula Woolsey.) Valerie’s story about it was telling of the current state of the wine hospitality...


Wine Women – Michelle Rulmont, La Belle Vie Tours

Like many, Michelle Rulmont arrived at a career in the wine industry unexpectedly. Having dabbled in teaching, and raising twins with husband Marc, Michelle found herself working as the sponsorship coordinator of the Red & White Ball in Sonoma one year, contacting wineries for donations. (The ball is a fundraiser for Sonoma Valley schools.) She had never considered working in the wine industry at this point but was enchanted to find most wineries she contacted were very enthusiastic to...


Wine Women – Lauren Maldonado, The Art of Wine

Lauren Maldonado is such a breath of fresh air! Our latest guest is co-owner (with her husband) of The Art of Wine in Sedona, Arizona. Our conversation with Lauren was so refreshing due to (at least) two proclivities that have served her well in life: First, she has boundless curiosity. It led her to Sedona and to the wine industry. (You’ll have to hear her story in the podcast to learn how infectious her curiosity really is.) Second, Lauren has dogged determination. While she never said...


Wine Women – Shana Bull, Digital Strategist

Shana Bull is the owner and digital strategist at her own digital marketing strategy agency in San Francisco’s East Bay. She is a lover of rosé, craft beer, and food adventures with her husband and redheaded (feisty) youngster. Shana works with wine, food, technology, consumer brands, marketing agencies and local businesses in the East Bay, Sonoma, Napa, Marin and San Francisco. She’s been named one of North Bay Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Professionals in the North Bay area. Shana is...


Wine Women – Harvest and the Hosts

While harvest is underway across wine country, we check in with the hosts in this episode. Unsurprisingly, everyone reported mighty tight and busy schedules, with Misty Roudebush Cain just in off a night harvest where she was working with a videographer for St. Supery hours earlier. Lisa Adams Walter announced a new initiative headed by Napa Valley Wine Academy (NVWA), America’s Premier Wine School, and Albertsons Companies, a leading food and drug retailer with more than 2,200 stores in 34...


Wine Women – Wendy Narby, Insider Tasting

British-born Wendy Narby’s premise ‘Knowledge Increases Pleasure’ not only applies to her extensive wine education but also to her wellness education. The Chef d’Enterprise (love the title!) at Insider Tasting zoomed in directly from Bordeaux to talk with the hosts about returning to France post-pandemic, as well as to discuss The Drinking Woman’s Diet, A Liver-Friendly Lifestyle Guide, her most recent book. Previously a wine and food consultant in Paris and Bordeaux, Wendy’s wine experience...


Wine Women – Scout Driscoll, Founder & CEO, VINT Studio

“I had a lot of moxie at 22!” replied Scout Driscoll, Founder and CEO of DesignScout and VINT Studio, when asked about her entrepreneurial inclinations at such a young age. The co-hosts (none of whom had dreamed of owning their own businesses at such a young age) were eager to interview Scout to learn about her success. In particular, we knew before speaking with Scout she had plenty of moxie since her firm was woman-owned and she touted it as an all-woman studio, with no ladders, no...


Wine Women – Kevin Holt, Bartholomew Estate Vyds. & Winery, Pt. 2

Kevin Holt has been making wine professionally in northern California for more than twenty years. A native of the southern end of the Golden State, he’s been indulging his passion for fine wine most of his adult life, as a consumer, retailer, wholesaler, student, and now, producer. Kevin loves to hear, "You know, I hate [fill in varietal name here], but yours is really good!" Or, better still, "I love [fill in varietal name here], and this is the best one I've ever had!" Hearing both...


Wine Women – Paula Woolsey, CSW, Cellar Door Unhinged

Paula Woolsey, CSW, aka “The Wine Witch,” is the owner of Cellar Door Unhinged, helping Arizona wineries in the fields of sales, marketing and business operations. She consults in all areas of the wine industry, restaurant wine programs, tasting rooms and Liquor Compliance. Although she was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has long called Arizona home and played a major role in shepherding the state’s wine industry to newfound growth over the past couple of decades. Paula’s...


Wine Women – Paul Franson, Napa Life, Pt2

Paul Franson has been writing about Napa Valley for so long, it took two shows for us to cover all the topics on our list! (Part one of our show with Paul can be found here.) We wanted to learn his perspective on the many events and changes that have occurred across the past quarter century in Napa. Paul’s writing has not only been seen in almost every North Bay publication over the decades, but he also self-publishes a weekly subscription newsletter, NapaLife. His work has extended to his...


Wine Women – Paul Franson, NapaLife

Paul Franson has been writing and self-publishing his weekly subscription newsletter, NapaLife, for more than sixteen years. With his pulse on Napa Valley’s wine, food and arts scene, we couldn’t think of anyone better to reflect on the trajectory of, well, life in Napa Valley for lo these many years. As he mentions several times throughout part one of our interview with Paul in Yountville, California, he’s seen several trends, developments and big changes come and go throughout Napa Valley....


Wine Women – Anna Pope, Bartholomew Estate Vyds. & Winery

What if every decision you made for your winery had to be planned around ensuring that the estate property was thriving 100 years from now? Anna Pope has that mandate. As Trustee of the Frank H. Bartholomew Foundation, which owns and operates Bartholomew Estate Vineyards & Winery in Sonoma, California, Pope is charged with ensuring the 375-acre private park (open to the public) with winery remains financially sound and the land prospers. We sat down on the tasting room patio with Anna for...


Wine Women – Vin de Filles, An Arizona Women’s Wine Project

VIN DE FILLES: An Arizona Women’s Wine Project Not only does Arizona have a thriving wine industry, but there’s a vast breadth of talented women working there in the industry to bring women-made, women-supported and women-affiliated wines to market. Gayle Glomski and her husband Eric, owners of Page Springs Cellars, near Sedona, traveled to Champagne in France, a few years ago, during which Gayle was inspired by a serendipitous meeting with the owner of the Duval-Leroy winery. Madame...