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Welcome to the podcast all about Women's health, wealth and well-being. Women’s Wealth is growing faster than Men’s. As women and the next generation rise in financial power, Women will fundamentally change the meaning of legacy. Women – as singles, mothers, wives, or widows – need access to a full continuum of opportunities to save, invest and preserve financial assets so they can build a better future for themselves and their families. We also need tools for physical and emotional health and well-being. Join us on a journey of discovery of all of the factors and tools we as women can use to enhance our lives.


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Welcome to the podcast all about Women's health, wealth and well-being. Women’s Wealth is growing faster than Men’s. As women and the next generation rise in financial power, Women will fundamentally change the meaning of legacy. Women – as singles, mothers, wives, or widows – need access to a full continuum of opportunities to save, invest and preserve financial assets so they can build a better future for themselves and their families. We also need tools for physical and emotional health and well-being. Join us on a journey of discovery of all of the factors and tools we as women can use to enhance our lives.






Guest Laura Rock - Rock Family Foundation

Laura Rock began The Laura and Jason Rock Family Foundation in early 2017. What started off as a general challenge to “help women” evolved into a specific vision of empowering young women of color exiting county run services in Pittsburgh. As the Rock Family Foundation (RFF) began meeting with the funder and programming communities the mission grew – these programs needed miscellaneous and operational funding so they could focus on their missions instead of on their feelings of scarcity and lack. These organizations and the population they served wanted advocacy and collaboration. RFF began to seek out the organizations that were partnering with others and the programs that were outside the county-funded systems. Bringing fresh ideas, new viewpoints and multi-faceted solutions are just as important as funding. And the way that grants are delivered is streamlined and different. RFF prioritizes the conversation. A synergy or two. An opportunity to band together with other programs. A memo and a handshake. These steps replace the traditional routes that programs were used to requesting funding. And Laura wanted to walk the line between the old ways and the new ways bringing together the best of both modalities.


Guest Addie Elabor- Founder and CEO of D’IYANU

Adesola (Addie) Elabor is the founder and CEO of D’IYANU, an African inspired apparel brand based in Philadelphia, PA. Addie was born in Nigeria and moved to the U.S with her family at the age of six. As with most children new to a foreign environment, she struggled to fit into the American lifestyle with new foods, vocabulary, and culture. As she grew older, she learned to accept and embrace her uniqueness and African roots. She graduated from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK with a Bachelor’s in International Business and French. It was in college where she solidified her life’s goal of creating a business that would enable her to give back to the African community. Her first job after graduating was with an online store called Pet Food Direct where she worked in the merchandising and subsequently the purchasing department. Little did she know that the experience gained at this company would prove beneficial to her future business endeavors. While working at Pet Food Direct, she started a master’s program in International Marketing. Upon completion of her Master’s degree and unable to find a job in the marketing field, she decided to launch her own business. Seeing an opportunity for a ready-to-wear African inspired line and seeking to express her heritage through clothing, Addie launched D’IYANU in January 2014 from her little studio apartment in King of Prussia, PA. Addie currently works out of the D’IYANU headquarter in Norristown, PA along with her brother, Dara Ajayi and 16 other employees. When she is not working on her business, she enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and family. She also enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling, and trying new activities. She’s passionate about self-development and empowering her community. Since launching D’IYANU, she has made it a priority to donate a portion of revenue to charities empowering the black community and providing clean water and education to underdeveloped countries. D’IYANU has been able to donate over $35,000 to date.


Guest Simone Sauter

Simone Sauter is a PR & Publicity Coach, bestselling author and tech nerd. She helps coaches, consultants and trainers to become the go-to expert and consistently attract high-paying clients by building authority, trust and credibility through the power of the media. Simone has nearly 2 decades experience in the media and PR world. She worked as a journalist for 8 years and before her entrepreneurial journey as a PR manager for several fortune 100 companies. She also has a master’s degree in Journalism and PR and is a certified PR consultant. But most important is that she has built a very successful coaching business in the relationship coaching niche solely by using PR which means that she understands 100% how to make PR work for your coaching and consulting business in a way that you get new clients.


Dr. Tonya Robertson, Focused Training Solutions

Dr. Tonya Robertson, the learning and strategy specialist is the Founder and CEO of Focused Training Solutions, a company that is committed to curating instructional learning tools designed to optimize performance in the workplace. Robertson has worked with numerous C-Suite Executives of well-known companies to create training materials that will guide their team to success and establish good retention among their employees. Alongside working tirelessly to help others be productive in the workplace, Tonya also devotes her time to organizations such as the Association of Talent Development and Dell’s Women Entrepreneur Network. She has also received a Doctorate Degree in Education and eLearning. To learn more about Tonya and her work, visit www.focusedtrainingsolutions.com


Guest Sambrero Browning - Diamond Made Life

Sambrero Browning is a mental health therapist. She has been in the field of mental health for over 10 years. Sambrero has serviced every demographic within the field of mental health from children to veterans to geriatric clients. As a native of the metropolitan Atlanta area Sambrero has been afforded the opportunity to witness firsthand the disparities within the field of mental health. She lives by the quote from Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” She is the author of the book, “You Are The Upgrade: A Guide For Self Love While Navigating Dating In Your 30s. This book explores her own irrational thoughts and beliefs that led to negative dating patterns while offering skills for insight and personal development. Sambrero is the founder of “A Diamond Made Life” which is a women empowerment and coaching group. She plans to expand her brand to offer personal development and branding solutions for young up incoming female entrepreneurs.


Guest Tae Lee, The Money Maximizer

Tae Lee, known as the “Money Maximizer,” is a International Best-Selling financial author, speaker, coach and trainer. Tae now creates diverse streams of income in the tax, real estate, insurance, and finance industry. Tae Lee is also known for her other financial literacy books, NGB Money Success Planner & High School Edition. She is constantly building generational wealth, not debt.


Guest Barbara Ceptus Schreiber, PhD, Radical Presence

Dr. Ceptus Schreiber is a trauma informed coach, Spiritual Activist, and educator. She teaches spiritual consciousness-raising skills to bring about personal growth and presence in the body. Her work with Radical Presence is grounded in the belief that healing happens in the body aided by spirit and consciousness. She works with people of color, specifically women, around healing from sexual trauma. Her latest course, Coming Home is a 6-week exploration of healing from childhood sexual abuse that aims to empower survivors with tools to reconnect with their bodies, learn how to respond to overwhelming emotions, and develop a practice of forgiveness, so they can spend more time feeling calm and present in their body.


Guest Dr. Pamela Larde, Holistic Institute for Creative Life Change

Pamela is an associate professor of qualitative research and higher education at Mercer University, a fellow of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, and a certified life coach. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, a master’s degree in College Student Affairs from Azusa Pacific University, and a Ph.D. in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service from Cardinal Stritch University. Her research focuses on interpersonal relationships, self-motivation, inspiration, resilience, and post-traumatic growth. She is the founder of Tandem Light Press, a publishing company, and the Holistic Institute for Creative Life Change. She facilitates speaking engagements and training sessions for audiences across the country. Additionally, she has written three books, has contributed chapters to scholarly publications, and presents her research extensively for national and international audiences. The bulk of Dr. Pamela’s career has been spent in higher education, where she has fourteen years of professional experience. As a student affairs professional, she received training in suicide prevention, motivational interviewing, and substance abuse counseling. After completing her master’s degree in College Student Affairs, Dr. Pamela pursued her Ph.D. to better position herself to help develop leadership skills in others, particularly with the desire to help people live fulfilling, purpose-driven lives. As a member of Mercer University’s Educational Leadership faculty, the opportunity to utilize key coaching skills to compliment her work with students compelled her to pursue life coach certification in 2011. By seeking out the experience of seasoned experts and drawing upon her own holistic leadership background and curriculum development experience, Dr. Pamela launched the Academy of Creative Coaching. Her vision for the Academy of Creative Coaching is to offer a life-changing certification program that not only trains, but that also transforms. Thus, through the empowerment of the Academy’s graduates, they will in turn, empower the coachees they have the ability to touch through their own coaching practices and through the testimonies of their own lives.


Guest Michelle Ngome, Line 25 Consulting

Michelle Ngome is a connection strategist, marketing expert and consultant. She is the founder of Line 25 Consulting, a marketing firm focused on inclusive marketing. Michelle understands what drives powerful connections and is committed to helping others raise their game through the delicate art of networking. She is the author of Network, Navigate & Nurture: The Equation to Strategic Networking, a practical guide to networking success. Michelle is dedicated to creating and sharing opportunities with others. She founded the African-American Marketing Association, creating a platform that empowers Black marketers all over the United States. Michelle loves sharing her wisdom with her community. She has interviewed thought leaders on her podcast, Networking with Michelle. She has also been featured across various reputable media outlets where she is often seen offering insightful ideas and opinions on marketing and branding. Michelle combines her interests in an authentic way to help professionals and businesses level up.


Guest Nic Hyl, Nic Hyl Clothing

Nic Hyl designs women's swimwear and resort wear in Ne York City in an effort to help them to feel beautiful in the skin that they're in. She helps solve problems that aren't typically discussed. Namely low self esteem, negative self talk and low self confidence. Beyond making body positive swim and resortwear, Nic has written a "Live Beautifully" challenge to help begin to heal and address the source of some of our low self esteem, and she produces monthly monthly IG live's with a personal development coach where they address the steps of building self esteem, and some of the reasons why it may be lower than it should.


Guest Buffany Hunter, 2020 - 2021 JLLA President

Buffany N. Hunter is the President of the Junior League of Los Angeles, one of Los Angeles’ most recognizable, largest, and oldest women’s civic leadership organizations. As an entrepreneur and transformative change-promoter, Buffany has dedicated 15 plus years’ to inspiring and leading strategic initiatives and organizational change in local government and the nonprofit sector. She is a communications consultant who has also held positions with the City of Santa Monica, University of California, Los Angeles, and the United Negro College Fund, among other public sector organizations. Over the years, Buffany has established a brand as a strategic and critical thinker specializing in organizational development, policy, and finance. She draws on her lived experience and allows her commitment to women’s leadership, collaboration, community, and diversity to drive her work. And when promoting community change, Buffany prioritizes economic development, education, social justice, and housing. She has served in various participant and leadership roles with the City of Santa Monica, Cal Alumni Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, the Empowerment Congress, and her local assembly districts. Buffany graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and minors in African American Studies and Education. And from the USC Sol School of Public Policy, Buffany earned a Master of Public Administration with a specialization in Financial Management.


Guest Gail Dudley, Author and Inspirational Speaker

Gail is an Ohio-based lifestyle influencer, author, and motivational speaker with a loyal and engaged audience across multiple platforms. As host of News In Motion and Something & Mimosas, as well as founder of The Table With Gail and Ministry In Motion International, her purpose is to uplift people and unlock their potential through spiritual prayer, motivation and inspiration. On top of being an influencer, she is also the Co-founder, CEO and Publisher of READY Magazine, a publication to give women and girls the platform and voice to encourage and elevate other women.


Guest Camilla Constance, Libido Coach

Camilla Constance is a libido coach for women. She helps women, struggling with low sexual desire, to cultivate more sensuality, pleasure and sexual intimacy in their lives and relationships so that they have increased sexual ease and confidence bringing joy, sparkle, energy and bounce back into their lives. It was motherhood that led Camilla to become a sexuality coach. She completely lost herself in the demanding early years of parenting, her marriage suffered, she became more and more isolated and deeply depressed. As she worked her way back to happiness she discovered the incredible power of her sexual pleasure. She released long held wounds and learnt how to use sexual energy to nourish her body, filling her life with renewed energy, vitality, intimacy, laughter and love. Knowing she could not keep this secret to herself, she launched her coaching business in 2016. Camilla’ fascination with all things sexual led her to enroll at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality where she learnt the ancient tantric practices which now form an integral part of her work. But it is her lived experience of suffering from low libido and a sterile sex life that enables her to empathize so closely with her clients. She is passionate advocate for what she calls “The Good Sex Movement”. Visit www.camillaconstance.com where you sign up to her newsletter and receive two meditations to begin you on your journey.


Guest Taylor Johnson, Founder and CEO of Hazel & Olive Boutique

Hazel & Olive is named after my great grandmother Hazel Olive. Grandma Hazel taught me everything about fashion and passed down her love of sewing to me! I started this business in my tiny apartment in 2012 with $300. I was determined to provide the best customer service, low pricing and great quality. We strive to have the most trendy boutique items at prices that can't be beat! Today we are proud to continue providing our customers with those standards and more. We are committed to giving back with our H&O foundation we are able to give back to organizations locally and worldwide!


Guest Maya Garnett, Founder P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (her) Nonprofit

P.R.O.M.I.S.E.(HER)INC. is a woman and girl nonprofit dedicated to breaking down generational barriers while building up generational wealth. Why/how did you start your company? | I started my company because I wanted to bring change and a new perspective to life for those who have chosen a different path in life outside of the traditional one that we are accustom too. I wanted others to get a second chance at Life and providing them with all the necessary tools to have fun but also become educated on Major life skills that are not always taught in schools. Also, life skills that were never taught based on the lack of knowledge from generation to generation. I wanted this organization to be someone's second chance to get it right and heal the internal while molding the external. How does your company make a difference? | My organization allows women and girls to become accepting of who they are and to use their personal lives to bring change to themselves and others. It gives them the opportunity to Understand themselves, their behaviors and let them become educated on using life skills earlier in life to help benefit them long term. Our organization Breaks down generational Barriers and build up Generational Wealth. And we allow you to decide what your level of wealth and success is and provide you the tools to making those things possible. We want to put dreaming back in the eyes of those who have lost hope and help others who have hope to continue holding on to it.


Guest Margo Ford, Fitness by Ford

Margo Ford shares, "I started my fitness journey 4 years ago only trying to lose weight for my wedding. If you would’ve asked me to workout with you I probably would’ve avoided it. I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a fitness bootcamp. Working out in front of other people was a lot easier than I thought it would’ve been. I lost 10lbs the first week. After losing that much weight that fast I became addicted to working out. Watching my body transform so fast was just amazing to me. I was able to lose 45lbs in 6 months. I set a goal to lose 50lbs before my wedding. The month before my wedding I reached that goal. I decided to get certified and become a fitness trainer because so many people were asking me to help them lose weight. Once I started helping my friends lose weight I new this was something I need to continue doing. I started my fitness business Fitness by Ford during the quarantine with a 21 day AB challenge that turned out to be a hit. I’ve had over 200 clients do that virtual challenge. I came up with my Fine & Fit collection because a lot of my workout challenges require waist trainers & resistance bands. Now I have waist trainers & resistance bands on hand for my local clients. Women love to look good while working out and that’s where my clothing line will come into place."


Guest Tahanee Sayyid, Author of Lust Now, Cry Later Relationship Expert Everything Girls Love

Author and relationship columnist, Tahanee Sayyid, offers women logical resolutions, methods and suggestions for accomplishing positive outcomes in their relationships. Although Tahanee understands the human need and desire to interact, connect and behave with others, she also believes that a person does not need companionship to attain happiness, and thrive in life. Tahanee is also the host and creator of the YouTube series, “Bedroom, Busters and Bites.” Her passion for writing landed her a writing position with Yandy Smith-Harris’, star of VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop: New York,” “Everything Girls Love” magazine. Tahanee is employed as a computer operations technician in the education field, where she enjoys a 15-year career. Tahanee communicates the significance of self-awareness, respect, dignity and love for family, friends and the Creator while engaging with the public at churches, fundraisers, AIDS awareness events and colleges such as Gaudette College, Howard University and University of Maryland University College. Tahanee is featured on various media platforms, including print, podcast, social media and radio, such as “Madame Noire” magazine, the “Stafford Sun Newspaper,” “The Renee Adams Show” and “Unapologetically Us.” Tahanee consistently communicates the importance of self-love and having standards in her books, YouTube series and interviews. She also reminds others of the following message: “Never give up on your hope and dreams because it is NEVER too late!”


Guest Tammy Thompson, Founder of T3 Consulting, Inc.

Tammy Thompson started T3 Consulting, Inc. after being out of work for a year and not being able to find another job. "I knew that I had skills and talents that the local non profit community needed. I won't lie though, I started out of desperation and wasn't ready. I didn't have everything I needed, financially or technically. Over the years I had to find mentors and technical training to get to a place where I am running a real business. It's ok not to know everything but we need to make sure that we are being honest about what we don't know so that we can get that information for the benefit of the people that we serve but also for our own benefit as well. Since primarily focus on raising awareness about poverty and how it impacts people mentally, emotionally and psychologically, I think we bring a different perspective to the issue of poverty and the people working hard to escape it. I've found over the years that there are many agencies and social service practitioners who benefit from having the information that I provide because it makes them better at what they do and as a result families who find themselves needing assistance get better services. Increased awareness also creates space to think about poverty differently and encourages the powers-that-be to be more creative and innovative in thinking about, creating and changing policy that directly impacts people living in poverty."


Guest Isi Aladejobi, Founder of Become Fulfilled by Powerful Women Make Power Moves

Isi shares, "I started my business to help women of color close the salary gap and live out their God-given story. I'm a passionate Career & Salary Strategist who believes you can do anything you put your actions to. We have helped women to advocate for their well deserved earnings in the workplace and to hone in on what makes them unique for the ultimate confidence. To date, my strategies have equipped women to earn 20k-100k Salary raises even in the midst of a pandemic."


Guest Julie Parker

With a focus on client attraction & retention Julie Parker is a national educator, role model and mentor and founder of Elite Consulting. A national educator, role model and mentor with over 15 years of corp experience in Oil & Gas industry, she helps established entrepreneurs, sm biz owners and commission based professionals with their own online events so they consistently and elegantly fuel their sales pipelines with targeted quality leads & ideal referral partners by showing up powerfully and making a bigger impact to convert them into clients.