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A show designed for young game changers revealing cutting-edge secrets from successful entrepreneurs, artists, producers, authors and badass individuals living epic and purposeful lives.

A show designed for young game changers revealing cutting-edge secrets from successful entrepreneurs, artists, producers, authors and badass individuals living epic and purposeful lives.
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A show designed for young game changers revealing cutting-edge secrets from successful entrepreneurs, artists, producers, authors and badass individuals living epic and purposeful lives.






Brett Knutson: Serial Entrepreneur & Speaker on Raising Financing for Your Company

Brett Knutson is a Serial Entrepreneur & Speaker who has started companies across several different industries. His first company is a fashion one called Amare with products sold in stores. The second company is a virtual receptionist agency called Mediphone. And the third one is Hive, a social network designed to help people make new friends by connecting them with others nearby who share their same interests. Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Brett Knutson tells his challenging raw story as...


Alex Lombard: Digital Entrepreneur, Speaker and Influencer on How to Keep Going Through Hard Times

Alex Lombard is a digital entrepreneur, speaker and influencer, as well as CEO and founder of VisionWall INC. Where he helps create online influence for entrepreneurs through features in major publications and scaling their presence on Instagram. VisionWall is also Alex Lombard's personal brand that shows his own journey as an entrepreneur along with doing large promotional campaigns. Alex sells a variety of digital products helping people gain awareness around themselves online. At we...


Julia Haber: Entrepreneur & Founder on Finding Out What You Want and Go After

Julia Haber is a creator, innovator, and go getter young entrepreneur. As a student, Julia studied how Millennials & Gen Z create content and influence on social media, including interning at Snapchat in Los Angeles. Julia's studies & passion led to creating WAYV – a venture entitled WAYV, LLC. WAYV brings the heart of brands to colleges. WAYV gives brand partners unique spaces to engage with college students who are influencers in fashion, technology and other sectors. Today on Words 2...


#19 – Dwayne J. Clark: Founder and CEO of “Aegis Living” on Making Every Moment Count

Dwayne J. Clark is a philanthropist, creative entrepreneur, executive producer, author and theater producer with a passion for telling true stories that inspire and uplift audiences. Clark is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aegis Living. This company was the first in the industry to ever be ranked in the Top 50 Best Places to Work by Glassdoor in 2017. Dwayne is also an entrepreneurial leader who has founded True Productions, a production company producing films, plays and books based...


#18 – Matthew Sabia: Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur on Staying Focused on One Thing

Matthew Sabia is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and owner and CEO of Sabia Solutions, a reputation management firm in Connecticut. He has spoken on CNN, Fox local news, and the Huffington Post. In 2013, Matthew was named one of CNN’s Top Young Entrepreneurs to Watch. Now, it is your opportunity to listening to him on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show. Today on the W2S show , Matthew Sabia brings his expertice and young wisdom on: You never know, are those little things that...


#17 – Akhil Chandra: Mobile App Expert & Entrepreneur on giving advices as a tech CEO

Akhil Chandra is a Mobile Application (App) Expert & Entrepreneur, and the Founder & CEO of Studio Mosaic company. Through his company, is credited with promoting & growing 400+ apps for over 200 clients across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Many of these apps have clocked over a million downloads, been ranked no. 1 for their chosen keywords and even been featured by Apple. Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Akhil Chandra provides us with his CEO entrepreneur lessons as well as he...


#16 – Steven Foster: Entrepreneur, Musician & Creative Thinker on Smashing Your Goals in the Moment

Steven Foster is an Entrepreneur, Musician, Creative thinker & Motivational Book Writer. He is currently on a mission to sell 2 million copies of his upcoming new book One Golden Nugget With all profits going to YoungMinds, a charity that helps young people with their mental health. Steven Foster has also put together projects for : EDF Energy, Head & Shoulders, Monster, JML, Harry Hill, Roland, Universal, Sony, BMG. Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Steven Foster provides us with business...


#15 – Mitch Durfee: Real Estate Investor & Serial Entrepreneur on the Importance of Networking, Power of Connection & Mastermind

Mitch Durfee is a Serial Entrepreneur, a Real Estate Investor. Someone who has an incredible outlook on life and in business. He is a passionate writer who has written valuable books such as his latest #1 Best Seller: Serve2Win Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Mitch Durfee unveils advices and tips that experts rarely give to implement networking, power of connection and mastermind as well as he answers other interesting questions: "Who is one person that you know that I should know?" If you...


#14 – Peter Chan Jr.: eCommerce Marketing Expert on Building a Skill Set that Will Work for a Life Time

Peter Chan Jr. is a eCommerce Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur who completely changed his life around. He is a Shopify Master. Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Peter Chan Jr. answers on and talks about: Don’t be stuck in the 9 to 5. Have the dream of doing something something besides school. An escape to freedom! “Entrepreneurs fear getting a job when everyone else fear losing a job” In the first couple of years, where you having successes or ... just constant feedback on eCommerce? I found in...


#13 Thoughts In my Head (TIH) episode with Juan Grey on Creating & Bending Your Own Reality

- Juan Grey - Perception video - This is the first episode of the new segment called: "Thoughts in My Head" that is an opportunity for Juan Grey to speak his mind and to answer questions from the "W2S" True Tribe about many interesting topics to be shared with everyone. At a glance, some relevant thoughts in this episode: Number "13" represents unlucky for many people, but you decide what it represents. In the end, you decide the significance you give to something. Perception is everything....


#12 Moe Abbassi: International Dating Coach on How to Attract the Opposite Sex and Invest For Your Best Life

Moe Abbassi is an International Dating Coach and an internet online marketer with a Degree in Business and Marketing. Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Moe Abbassi: How do you help people (men & women) to connect/attract? You can't be needy & you can't be negative to connect/attract Habits to help people feel more attractive/more confident? When you are vulnerable, people will be vulnerable with you The Reticular Activation System (RAS) You have to have...


#11 Jon Emond: Actor, Writer and Producer on “Live to Love & Love to Live”

Jon (Jonathan) Emond is a Canadian-born Actor, Writer, Producer & Spiritual Badass who is a Hollywood rising star!! As a young teen, Jon was on stage speaking to corporate businesses encouraging them to pledge funds for Operation Enfant Soleil, the local charity. He is also a Make-A-Wish Ambassador. Jonathan has appeared on different Canadian TV shows such as Tactik, Impostor, Fatal Vows, Being Human, 30 Vies and The Fixer. In 2015 Jonathan decided to make the leap to Hollywood, in order to...


#10 Nick Drossos: Self-Defense & Entrepreneur on Everybody Has a Plan ’till We Get Punched in the Face

Nick Drossos is an Entrepreneur, Self-Defense Expert & Fitness Instructor, with more than 20 years of experience, who is passionate to teach people how to defend themselves. Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Nick Drossos: [2:30] - My passion and love is to teach people how to defend themselves... What can I teach from what I learned... Self-defense & fitness instructor... How do you see the correlation with what you are doing in Martial Arts and you also as an...


#9 Alex Ferrari: Filmmaker, Entrepreneur & Author on Following your Dreams Without Being an Idiot

Alex Ferrari is an American film writer, producer and director. He is notable for his online independent film education website Indie Film Hustle and has a background in post-production. Alex began his career as an editor and quickly moved up the ranks as a colorist, post production and visual effects supervisor. Coming from a visual effects/post production background, this versatile director combines his passion for storytelling and visual effects experience with a unique visual style. Alex...


#8 Stephen Voyce: Award Winning Producer, Singer, Actor & Director on How to Transform from Pain to Greatness

Stephen Voyce is an upcoming force in the music scene. His style blends elements of Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B to create his infectious sound. Voyce lives for his passion of creating music. With a large, rapidly growing fan base, multiple awards and nominations, and music that is topping charts, there is no doubt that Voyce will continue to grow in popularity. His most recent release that fans are raving about is his catchy tune, “Summer Lust.” There are five things you need to know about...


#7 Dimitris Skiadas: Ecommerce Strategist on How You Can Change Your Life Anytime

Dimitris Skiada is an ecommerce strategist who has completely transformed his life. He has been consulting e-com businesses since 2010. He has consulted more than 45+ Shopify store owners. He has worked with the biggest brands in Greece and with big marketers like Donald Wilson, Travis Petelle, Matt Schmitt, Will Velasquez, Thomas Bartke, John Hutchison, etc. He travels the world to public speak about ecommerce, google analytics, conversion rate optimization and mindset. Our favourite...


#6 Bob Van Buul: Business Mentor on Peak Performance for Young Entrepreneurs

Bob Van Buul is a business mentor and multiple business owner who helps entrepreneurs bring their ventures to the next level. He has been an entrepreneur from an early age starting multiple different companies and learning valuable lessons from each one. He has the mission to help as many people as possible live their best lives and loves to inspire the youth to make a real difference in the world and not only chase money for the sake of money. Bob is also very knowledgable within the area...


#5 J. J. Soria: Hollywood Actor on Making Every Day Count

Joseph Julian (J.J.) Soria is a renown actor who possesses the talent, energy and experience to bring memorable characters to life on and off the screen. Most recently, he stars in 50 Cent's new tv show "The Oath" which is produced by Sony. Previous credits include projects such as Dexter, Line of Duty, The Purge: Election Day, Sons of Anarchy, Crank, and many many more. OUR FAVORITE CONVERSATIONS & TAKEAWAYS FROM THE W2S EPISODE WITH J.J. Soria: [8:44] - I think it’s really the mindset,...


#4 Bryce Alderson: Former Professional Soccer Player on Re-Creating Yourself

Bryce Alderson is a former professional soccer player. He won 2 times the U-17 Canadian soccer player of the year. He played professionally in Canada, Germany, and the USA. He retired from soccer after an ankle injury in which he tore 3 ligaments. At the age of 22, he transitioned from being a professional athlete to a professional entrepreneur. He purchased and managed a restaurant while beginning to build a nutrition/supplement company. After 18 months he sold the restaurant and...


#3 Melisa Vong: E-Commerce Expert on Winning as a Woman Entrepreneur

Melisa Vong is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder, mentor and investor in multiple 6-figure and 7-figure E-Commerce brands in the Beauty and Health space. She has played a critical role in successful brand launches, setting up and managing product development pipelines from concept to launch, ensuring flawless supply chain execution, and creating captivating marketing stories. Melisa's no-nonsense approach has been imperative in the development of her investment portfolio. Leading up to her...