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Conversations designed to change the way you think about work. Whether you're a business owner or an entry-level employee, discover inspiration and knowledge that can be put to work at your organization. Get ready to Work Inspired!


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Conversations designed to change the way you think about work. Whether you're a business owner or an entry-level employee, discover inspiration and knowledge that can be put to work at your organization. Get ready to Work Inspired!




Creative Synergy: Exploring AI as a Collaborative Partner - Jeremiah Knight, Saatchi & Saatchi

Jeremiah Knight, COO of Saatchi & Saatchi joins the Work Inspired Podcast to discuss the use of AI in enabling creative teams and expanding the possibilities of future workplaces.


The Art of Procurement: Insights from a Professional Buyer Who Believes in the Value of Selling - Vernon Griffin, Northern Trust

Vernon Griffin, Vice President - Global Procurement for Northern Trust joins the Work Inspired Podcast to discuss the evolving role of procurement professionals and uncover the essentials for fostering high-performance cultures in modern workplaces.


Business of Innovation & Transformation + Making Change Approachable - Kelly Benedict, VP of Innovation and Transformation, Gilbane

Kelly Benedict, VP of Innovation and Transformation for Gilbane, joins the Work Inspired Podcast to discuss digital transformation, change, disruptive technologies, and exciting opportunities presented by AI. The future is here!


Turning Workplace Data into Action and How Gen Z Will Shape the Future of Work - Amanda Schneider, LEED AP, MBA Founder & President - ThinkLab

On today's episode of the Work Inspired podcast, we have a very special guest to talk to us about Gen Z, the future of the workplace, and how the digital space continues to rapidly evolve everyday. Amanda Schneider, the Founder and President of ThinkLab, gives her top insights on all these topics plus her words of wisdom to everyone listening.


Creating Incredible Workplaces and the Role of the Modern Interior Designer - Scott Delano, AIA IIDA NCARB, Design Principal - Studio GC

It's no secret that creating a great place to work starts with the office and workplace. Scott Delano, AIA IIDA NCARB, Design Principal at Studio GC, talks to us today about how to use modern interior design to draw people back to the office, along with his own personal life story on how he got to where he is today.


Lessons from Luxury Real Estate and Building Your Personal Brand - Carrie McCormick, Chicago's Top Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry, both from the commercial and residential side, has seen many changes, innovations, and evolutions within the past couple of years due to its complex nature. Carrie McCormick, one of Chicago's top real estate agents, talks to us today about some of the interesting decisions being made within the industry right now, along with where she thinks the industry will go within the next couple of years.


Collaboration - The Workplace Superpower - Todd Emeott, Principal - Lamar Johnson Collaborative

The workplace and its various definitions have been a hot topic in every industry since emerging from the pandemic. Todd Emeott, a Principal at Lamar Johnson Collaborative, talks about the need for in-person collaborations and how the office can supercharge work cultures to new heights.


Embracing Life's Curves and Effective Leadership - Carrie Szarzynski, Senior Vice President - Hiffman National

Life has a way of throwing unexpected curveballs thrown your way, and sometimes navigating these changes can be difficult. Carrie Szarzynski, the Senior Vice President at Hiffman National talks at great length about her personal journey to how she got to where she is today, along with how leadership in the workplace can help others navigate through tough and challenging times.


Game Changing Opportunities with Solar Power and Affordable Housing - AJ Patton, Founder & CEO - 548 Enterprise

Affordable housing is a topic that is on everyone's mind these days, and making housing more affordable is one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed. AJ Patton, the founder and CEO at 548 Enterprise is leading the forefront of innovative opportunities with solar power and affordable homes for everyone.


The Relevant Modern Workplace - Bill Himmelstein, Founder & CEO at Tenant Advisory Group, LLC

Today on the Work Inspired podcast we have Bill Himmelstein, the Founder & CEO at Tenant Advisory Group, LLC. Bill talks to us about the current new and exciting innovations that the commercial real estate market is seeing and developing, along with what organizations can do to bring employees into the workplace and to further enhance the office experience.


Applying Behavioral Science & Patient Experience Learnings to the Workplace - Dr. Jennie Byrne, MD, PhD, Chief Patient Officer - Belong Health

Mental health has been a hot topic for the workplace for a couple of years now, but with the post-pandemic work culture upon us, mental health is now more than ever a topic that every leader in every industry needs to address and think of. Dr. Jennie Byrne, MD, PhD, the Chief Patient Officer at Belong Health, talks today about how behavioral science can apply to the office, and how patient learnings from healthcare can help shape a positive working environment.


Crisis Communication, Leading Through Change & The Importance of Equity - Bradley Akubuiro - Partner, Bully Pulpit Interactive

We have the extreme privilege of talking and interview with some of the greatest minds within a number of different businesses and organizations across the country, and today's episode is no different. Today we have Bradley Akubuiro, a partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive, discussing with us today about the importance of equity in the workplace and how to lead a culture through communication.


Make A Difference Through Governance and Leadership in A Major American City - Deborah Witzburg, Inspector General - City of Chicago

Deborah Witzburg, the Inspector General for the City of Chicago, is our special guest today on the Work Inspired podcast. Deborah talks about the challenges Chicago is facing and how strong leadership can help overcome these obstacles, along with how city government can help shape positive perspectives when it comes to the relationship between citizens and a city. Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge to the podcast that you won't want to miss.


Literacy For All - Empowering the Future Through Access to Books - Brian & Christy Floriani, Literacy Entrepreneurs & Literacy Advocates

To kick off season four of The Work Inspired podcast, powered by BOS, we have two special guests, Brian & Christy Floriani from Bernie's Book Bank and FreadomUSA. Brian and Christy talk to us today about how everyone on this earth, especially children, deserves the privilege to own and read books. With the power of books, the Floriani's talk about how this can empower young children and adults and can also help shape their future to become bright and successful.


Immigrating to America, Architectural Excellence and Paying it Forward - J.J. Tang, Vice President, Director of Federal Facilities - HDR

J.J. Tang joins us on the Work Inspired podcast today to talk about his inspirational immigration story and how he used that journey to create a once in a lifetime opportunity in the architectural industry. J.J. brings decades of leadership quality experience to our show and his journey is an inspiration to many. Get ready to Work Inspired.


Facility Management Evolution, Relationships and Continued Learning - Jerry DiCola, Director, Workplace Solutions and Real Estate - AHEAD

Facility Management continues to be the leading driver in creating a workplace culture where individuals can learn, grow, and thrive. Jerry DiCola from AHEAD talks to us today about how people within Facility Management Leadership can help shape colleagues future growth, along with how to provide a though-provoking mentorship.


Fear is A Lie & Building Long-Lasting Teams - Ashley Sinclair, Village Green

One of the top ways to create an unforgettable customer experience is to build long lasting teams in the workplace. Ashley Sinclair, the executive vice president at Village Green, talks to us today about the importance on the customer and employee experience.


Growth through Sustained Innovation and Diversity - Monica McGurk

Monica McGurk is an insight-driven people leader fusing commercial instinct, pragmatism, technology and market insight to navigate ambiguity, champion consumer experience, and enable sustainable growth. Monica joins the Work Inspired podcast this week to talk about the many ways to use innovation and diversity to drive growth within any organization.


Future of Healthcare & Creating a Winning Employee Experience - Lynn Herrick, Chief Operating Officer - Best Buy Health

What the future of healthcare holds is one of the many unanswered questions in todays society. Lynn Herrick, the Chief Operating Officer at Best Buy Health, discusses today on what healthcare is going to look like for individuals and businesses alike.


Real Estate Trends and Owning Your Success Story - Meg Epstein, Founder and CEO - CA South

There are many different people in this day and age who have a specific measure of success that they want to achieve. Meg Epstein, the Founder & CEO of CA South discusses today about how to use personal success to tell an engaging story.