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Not all jobs suck. Talking about work with Reed Fish.

Not all jobs suck. Talking about work with Reed Fish.
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Not all jobs suck. Talking about work with Reed Fish.








Trader Joe's behind the scenes. Are people as happy as they seem? A talk with Trader Joe's Sign Artist Meggie Hawthorne.

Meggie Hawthorne was a crew member at Trader Joes for for seven years and a Sign Artist for three of those. In our talk we learn about the daily grind of making sure all the shelf signs in the store are correct and how you have to plan months ahead of time for "pumpkin season." In the 2nd half of the show we really get down to the honest truth about what happens in the store behind the scenes and try to answer the question of why everyone at Trader Joe's seems so happy. It might not be for...


Every single moment of our lives is unscripted. A talk with Improvisation Coach David Taylor.

David Taylor has a 10-year history with Improvisation, studying at the American Acadamey of Dramatic Arts in New York and taking improv classes from Gary Austin, the founder of the Groundlings. In our conversation, David explains why he believes that improv can fundamentally change how we live our lives and how anyone, not just actors, can benefit from improvisation training. Also, Reed learns why trying to improv swimming on stage is probably not a good idea! Follow @davidnelsontaylor on...


Wherever you go, there you are. Or, how to go to Kyrgyzstan and reshape your life. A talk with Kiva Media Fellow Liz Fish.

Liz Fish did a stint as a Kiva Media Fellow in 2013, traveling to Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan to document success stories of entrepreneurs receiving loans from Kiva, the micro-finance non-profit. In our fun (and emotional) conversation, Liz lets us in on the secret of what gift to bring Ukrainian farmers to immediately get in their good graces. She also gives the inside scoop on what it's like to be married to Reed. Uh-oh. This episode features laughs, tears and, hopefully, some...


Quenching the thirst of the kombucha generation. A talk with Kombucha Brewer Adam Gallegos.

Adam and Sonia Gallegos needed a change. They sold their thriving real estate business, moved across the country and, taking a very big leap of faith, opened Revel, a kombucha bar in Ojai CA two and a half years ago. Revel turned out to be an immediate runaway success, converting kombucha skeptics, like Reed, into believers along the way. In our conversation, we also get to the bottom of what exactly kombucha is and how Adam's background in brewing beer helped make Revel a success. Follow...


Yes, you have a personal brand. And that's a good thing. A talk with Brand Director Rachel Garahan.

Rachel Garahan is a Brand Director working with high-profile clients in the wellness and lifestyle sectors, such as Yoga Journal, Dr. Andrew Weil and Bobby Berk (!!!!!!) from Queer Eye. We talk about the skill set required to for her job and why authenticity is important when thinking about how you brand yourself or your company. We also try to get Rachel to re-brand the Workin' Podcast. Is it an offer she can refuse? Listen and find out! Rachel is also a photographer, writer, graphic...


EVERYONE is a curator now. Or are they? A talk with Curator Frederick Janka.

Frederick Janka has been curating contemporary art in Mexico and the U.S. for over 15 years. In our conversation he politely brushes aside the notion that everyone is curator and tells us why he thinks the more typical role curators play is vitally important. HINT: It has to do with supporting artists. He also tells us how being a curator is actually like being a producer and explains that in many cases, capitalism has co-opted curation. Hit Frederick up on Instagram. Check out the...


What's wrong with Industrial Wine? Plenty. A talk with Wine Buyer Bob Huey.

Bob Huey has been in the wine business for 14 years and has tasted thousands and thousands of wines. In our conversation, he lets us in on the single biggest factor he looks for when buying a wine and explains why Cherry Coke influences the flavors of so much American wine. Plus, he tells us the thoroughly depressing reason why he likes to stock European wines in his shop. Also, we have an EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS SEGMENT where Bob gives us the low-down on just what exactly goes into the vast...


How to be Real Fun, Wow! A talk with Illustrator Daren Magee.

Illustrator Daren Magee is better know to his thousands of fans as Real Fun, Wow. Daren is talented, prolific and has a singular, immediately recognizable aesthetic. We sit down, stretch out our legs and chat about ego, obsessiveness, simplicity and why having time constraints just might be a good thing. Also, we, of course, talk about ayahuasca. You know you want to see Daren's work, so go now to and of course, follow him on Instagram. Reed Fish is @tallreedfish on...


Disney Princesses do make dreams come true. A talk with Disney Princess Stephanie Fish.

Stephanie Fish was Princess Tiana at Disneyland for four years. In our conversation she tells us how her insatiable love of Disneyland was not diminished by the grind of doing endless princess meet-and-greets. Stephanie also opens up about how portraying Disney's first Black princess was literally a dream come true. Stephanie was cast as Princess Tiana even before the movie Princess and the Frog was released in 2009. Plus, we get to the bottom of whether there are secret tunnels under...


Using Instagram to grow your small-town gift shop.. A talk with Shopkeeper Rachel Graves.

Rachel Graves, along with her husband, Mike, co-founded Summer Camp in 2014. Rachel illuminates the process of how a small-town gift and framing shop amassed tens of thousands of social media followers and why that's less meaningful than you might think. We also chat about what it means to have something for everyone and why, for Rachel, timeless retail is the best retail. Buy stuff at and follow them on Instagram. Reed Fish is @tallreedfish on Instagram and @reedfish on...


Window washing as meditation. A talk with Window Washer Chris Wilson.

Chris Wilson has thought more about window washing than anyone you know. He's been cleaning the dust, grime and residue of negative thoughts from his client's windows for the last 27 years. In this episode, we talk about the physical and spiritual aches and pains that come with the relentless pursuit of perfectly clean windows. Chris Wilson owns Window Washing by Chris Wilson in Ojai, California. Check out Chris Wilson: Instagram @iamchristwilson & Reed Fish is @tallreedfish...


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