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46 - Investing vs. paying off debt

Should I invest, or should I pay off my debt first? Good question! I love exploring this topic with my clients. I may not know your personal circumstances to sensibly advise you, but I do know that the first step to building wealth is to truly understand your HABITS. Wealth is 90% behaviour and only 10% investment knowledge. My podcast provides some fundamental things for you to consider.


45 - Building the ultimate brand with Paula Sartini

Building the ultimate brand is no small feat particularly when businesses of all sizes are competing on the same playing fields. We chat with Paula Sartini, CEO of BrandQuantum and an award-winning global brand expert. We explore the world of delivering a consistent brand experience, the value of authenticity, using the right technology, and the impact it has on the bottom line.


44 - Living Your Future Now

“I want to live NOW… But I also want to have enough money for my future!” This is the most common response I get when I ask someone what their biggest worry is when it comes to money. Sound familiar? We live in a society that promotes instant gratification and too many ways to satisfy the unhealthy urges and splurges. So what if I told you that we are robbing from our futures for momentary instant gratification today?


43 - The value of creating family-preneurs with Meg Brunson

How do 'mom-preneurs' balance building their passion business and still raise healthy, happy kids? Or, on the flip side, have you ever hoped to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in your kids? We chat with Meg Brunson, podcast host of the FamilyPreneur and a super mom to four girls. Meg talks with us about her journey, how this changed her family, and the lessons she and her family learned along the way.


42 - The 4 steps to teach older kids and young adults about money

Ever wondered why so many kids are still at home way after university? Our main task as parents when it comes to money is to transition our children from primary school where we pay for everything, to their first job where they are able to pay for what they need. The challenge is that for many of us, we over-correct on our own experiences. We try and take away the struggle we experienced by giving our kids everything we never had - but in doing so, remove the valuable lessons they need to...


41 - Resilience - overcoming the impossible with Gloria Mitchell

Resilience is the ability to overcome life’s challenges that seem impossible by making an active decision to fight back. Financial resilience helps us to stick to our long-term goals, like saving for your children's future and your retirement, despite unfortunate setbacks like losing your income or getting through a divorce. We talk to Gloria Mitchell who has walked an extraordinary path from being homeless to attaining an MBA at Stanford University. Gloria's passion is to help people...


40 - Teaching Children Under 12 About Money

It’s a question I get asked often - how do I teach my children about money? This is a topic I am passionate about because I have three little people whom all have very different outlooks and habits when dealing with money. Raising kids who are grounded, generous and smart about money is no small feat but it is incredibly rewarding both financially and emotionally for you and your child. I highlight some great tools to put in place at different learning stages.


39 - Aging Parents: dealing with the financial and emotional challenges

Helping aging parents is indiscriminant in the toll it takes - the reversal of roles is tough, not to mention the physical and emotional burden it places on adult children. Sheryl Smith, a registered nurse, certified health coach and host of the engAGING Conversations podcast talks to us about what it takes to manage aging parents.


38 - Working half day - what you need to know

Working half day is a great option for many people in different phases of life. Some use it because they are having small children, others use it to keep earning a steady income while they work on their new business, and some use it as they go into retirement. I've done half day for 5 years over the span of my career. It can work very well, but it also can be really challenging. I share with you the lessons I've learnt and the pro's and con's


37 - The 4 key factors of EQ + how to grow yours with Candice Dick

Candice Dick is an Emotional Intelligence expert and the host of the EQ Evolution podcast and consulting company. Understanding the four key philosophies of emotional intelligence, and how you can understand and grow EQ is key to all of us as humans, parents, and in business. We discuss how to build it in your children, and how to build it in yourself. How to be more conscious of your subconscious - when by its very nature you're not aware of it.


036 - Four things you need to know about your house (financially)

For most of us our home is the biggest 'asset' we own - so these are four things you need to know about your home financially. Make sure you don't fall into these traps to ensure that you have a greater chance of being financially free. I've made ALL of these mistakes, and learnt painful expensive lessons.


035 - Setting and achieving your goals with goal expert Brittany Hoopes

Goal expert, Brittany Hoopes, chats to Lisa about frameworks for setting and achieving your goals, and how you deal with the road blocks that come when the reality of life meets the dreams of our goals. She takes us through what to do when we lose all hope, and how to achieve the recurring 'new year's resolution' type goals such as losing weight and saving more. Brittany shares with us her personal goal success rate and the golden thread that goes through great goal setters. Soultiply is her...


034 - Two ways to manage unexpected expenses

There are many reasons why our savings get derailed by unexpected expenses: such as medical bills and cars that breakdown. In this episode I give you a 3-jar strategy to make sure that you won't be caught off guard when they hit. We look at how we manage both your monthly cashflow and any larger expenses and how to protect that from un-budgeted demands We also discuss one of the golden rules of managing money - don't use capital (money you've invested) to help out with expenses. Always...


033 - Emerging Markets Women in Leadership with Shireen Chengadu

Author, business school lecturer and consultant Shireen Chengadu has researched women in leadership in emerging markets. I chat to her about her observations of what makes great leaders, why diversity of leadership is so important and the commonalities and differences between developed and emerging markets. Her book Women in Leadership in Emerging Markets profiles 46 amazing women.


032- Employee Retirement Funds

For many of us, most of our retirement money comes from an Employee retirement fund... either ours or our partner's. One of the biggest assumptions that people make is that the employer will take the right amount of money from your paycheck so that when you retire you'll have enough. But this isn't the case. Take the time to understand your retirement funds - It's your money, manage it


031 - Getting the support you need for your worklife

Dr. Maelisa Hall and Amber Hawley look at the networks you need to support you as a woman entrepreneur. They discuss the options: Biz Besties (a dedicated sounding board); masterminds; tribes; 1-on-1 and group coaching. We also discuss options of how to structure these network options, why women aren't as good at leveraging their networks, and making sure you overcome the isolation of entrepreneurship. Both are licensed therapists, yet both have different non - therapy related second...


030 - Divorce and Money

Money permeates all aspects of a divorce - because it becomes an expression of the challenges in a relationship, as well as the individual issues each carries. Learn the 5 ground rules you need to bear in mind when thinking about money in your divorce, as well as the 15 best practices for it during your divorce. Lastly, 5 tips to bear in mind after the ink has dried.


029 - Family finances with award-winning financial journalist Maya Fisher-French

Award winning personal finance journalist, Maya Fischer-French talks to Lisa Linfield about her own personal finance journey, family finances and the challenges to raise financially wise children. Learning from her own experiences and that with teenage children, we discuss the transition from school through university and to first jobbers and how to guide people through the financial journey.


028 - Asking for what you're worth

Asking for what you're worth is almost as difficult as facing your fears. It's much easier to give something away for free than it is to ask for what you're worth. In this episode, we understand why we struggle with this, and go through 4 ways to overcome it. We also look at how women and men negotiate differently.


027 - Mindset Mentor, and Stop the Bully Within podcast host, Jacqui Letran

Jacqui Letran is a Mindset Mentor, award winning author, and host of the Stop the Bully Within podcast. She shares her journey from a 16 year old teenage mum to the owner of her own business helping adults and teenagers. We discuss her self-publishing journey, and the work she does to help people change their mindsets.