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Tech billionaire Naveen Jain on taking moon shots.

Naveen Jain wants to send people to the moon and cure chronic diseases. The founder of MoonExpress and Viome talks with Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous about his new book and how you can set lofty goals and achieve your moon shots.


Billionaire John Paul Dejoria goes from haircare and liquor to tech

From Paul Mitchell hair care products to Patron Spirits to tech, there's no stopping John Paul Dejoria. The billionaire entrepreneur sits down with Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous to talk about his new smartphone venture and how giving back is still at the core of all he does.


The only pot ETF in the U.S. could be getting some competition

There could soon be a second pot exchange traded fund on the U.S. market. Innovation Shares has filed with the SEC to launch its own cannabis ETF, which would go head-to-head with MJ Fund. Alexis Christoforous sits down Jason Wilson, a partner at MJ Fund, about the hits, misses, and challenges for the marijuana industry.


Eliminating Bias from Hiring with A-I

Recruiting candidates is becoming tougher in the red-hot jobs market, but one company is promising to do it better using technology. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous speaks with Jacob Hsu, CEO of Catalyte, about how artificial intelligence is helping eliminate bias from the hiring proces


This real estate unicorn wants to conquer the world

Real estate start-up, Compass, is now valued at $4.4 million dollars. CEO Robert Reffkin sits down with Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous to talk about the cooling housing market, Compass' future and how tech is changing the face of real estate.


How to become a social media super star

DigiTour Media co-founder and CEO Meridith Rojas is turning social media stars into the rockstars of Generation Z. She sits down with Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous to discuss the do's and don'ts of social media stardom.


Press Juiciery’s CEO: We have a broken food system

The cold-pressed juice market is red-hot and estimated to top 8 billion dollars by 2024. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous sits down with Pressed Juiciery’s CEO, Hayden Slater, about his company’s humble beginnings, and how he’s trying to standout of the crowd with juices that are accessible and affordable.


Roger McNamee: Microsoft wouldn't have existed without Paul Allen.

The tech community is remembering the legacy left by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen after his death at age 65 due to complications with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Long-time tech investor and Elevation Partners co-founder, Roger McNamee, remembers his friend, tech pioneer, and fellow musician in this special edition of the Yahoo Finance Presents podcast. We're joined by Yahoo Finance's editor-in-chief, Andy Serwer, as we reflect on Paul Allen's impact on not just the tech industry, but science,...


How a family’s quest to save their children from a deadly disease, launched a biotech company.

At Amicus Therapeutics, it’s not just business – it’s personal. CEO John Crowley founded the New Jersey-based biotech company in 2002, to save his two children from a rare and often deadly disease. Crowley sits down with Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous to share his family’s story, the strides Amicus has made in the rare disease space and the company’s new $100 million bet on gene therapy.


Blackrock’s CEO Larry Fink says the markets will be higher in 10 years

At Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit, Blackrock's CEO, Larry Fink, told Yahoo Finance’s Editor-in-Chief, Andy Serwer, that the markets will be higher in ten years. He also discussed challenges facing CEOs and corporations, the importance of socially responsible investing and how millennials expect more out of companies than older generations.


The Carlyle Group's Co-CEO: We won't see a global recession in the next year.

As the stock market continues to make new all-time highs, the Carlyle Group's Co-CEO, Kewsong Lee, says he sees no imminent risk of recession and predicts the US economy will continue to grow. Lee was a recent guest at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit in New York City, where he sat down with Alexis Christoforous to discuss the economic effects of the US-China trade war, where his private equity firm sees opportunities, and why it’s still hip to be a private company.


10th Anniversary of Lehman Collapse: Widow of Bloomberg reporter, Mark Pittman, Releases Memoir Where She Drove 31K Miles Searching for Answers

The award-winning journalist who predicted the sub-prime mortgage mess that led to the 2008 Financial Crisis is Mark Pittman, the Bloomberg reporter who became the only journalist to ever sue the Federal Reserve. Tragically, Mark died Thanksgiving day 2009. He was 52 and never lived to see his historic Supreme Court victory - just a few months later. Mark’s wife, Laura Fahrenthold, has written a memoir -- Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles – detailing her family’s journey after his death.


Howard Schultz on the first Starbucks in Italy and his political aspirations

Starbucks is making its mark in the country that gave birth to the espresso. How are Italians embracing the American import? Alexis Christoforous chats with Yahoo Finance's Julia LaRoche who visited the new Starbucks roastery in Milan and then Julia sits down with Starbucks' Chairman Emeritus, Howard Schultz, about his inspiration for the coffee mecca and whether he's planning a presidential run


Making money off trash with the CFO of Waste Management

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous sits down with Waste Management’s CFO, Devina Rankin to talk about the future of recycling, attracting millennials to the trash business, and on being the first female C-suite executive in the waste management industry.


The Queen of Comedy on how the “funny business “ is no laughing matter

Comedy is serious business, just ask Caroline Hirsch. The woman behind Caroline’s legendary NYC comedy club chats with Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous about launching the careers of some of comedy’s biggest names, including Jay Leno and Chris Rock, and her journey as an entrepreneur.


How Crunchbase went from startup to grownup

With 45 million users, Crunchbase is the leading aggregator of private company information on the internet. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous sits down CEO Jager McConnell about the record year for unicorns, monetizing data, and the unique way Crunchbase is attracting new talent.


Suze Orman: How to retire like you mean it

Whether you’re years from retirement or already retired, you need to hear this conversation. Personal Finance expert Suze Orman shares her rules of retirement with Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous, including why 70 is the new 65.


The CEO behind Sam Adam's overflowing success

Former Boston Beer Company CEO, Martin Roper, joins Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous to discuss how he transformed an up and coming craft brewer into a leader in the beer industry. Plus, he shares what he’s brewing up next.


The red-hot housing market is cooling down

A number of key reports on housing data recently are on a downward trend. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous sits down with ERA Real Estate’s CEO Simon Chen to discuss the health of the housing market and whether the slowdown is a red flag for the overall economy.


The spare change investing app Acorns is growing up

The 4 year old Acorns app now has 3.7 million users and manages $1 billion in assets. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous sits down with Acorns CEO Noah Kerner to find out what the company is doing to get people, especially millennials, to invest early and often. Kerner also discusses his passion for music as a DJ and how that’s helped him be a better CEO.