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113 - Tomorrow's Tech

The Adweek team is back from CES and ready to share the weird, wonderful and Jetsons-esque technology they saw on display in Las Vegas. We also talk about what we're expecting from this year's Super Bowl and our favorite ads of the past week. Joining the discussion this week: • Jim Cooper, Editorial Director, Adweek • Kelsey Sutton, Tech Reporter, Adweek • David Griner, Creative and Innovation Editor, Adweek Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Facebook, which has a new...


112 - Our Predictions for 2019

We've assembled a veritable Voltron of Adweek news experts to talk about our predictions for the issues that professionals will face in marketing, media, TV and tech over the coming year. Weighing in on the outlook for 2019 are: • David Griner, Creative and Innovation Editor • Ann-Marie Alcántara, tech reporter • Jason Lynch, TV/media editor • Diana Pearl, brand marketing reporter Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Facebook Blueprint. Learn everything about building a...


111 - The Best Ads of the Year

Four of Adweek's writers and editors come together to share their picks for the Top 5 ads of the 2018. Will any of your favorites make the cut? We also look at the newest stunts in the branded trolling trend, with Burger King's Whopper Detour and Payless' fake luxury shop. Palessi. Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Facebook Blueprint. Learn everything about building a business using Facebook, Instagram and more at


Bonus: A Chat With Sara Tate, CEO of TBWA\London

London has been a rapidly resurgent market for TBWA\Worldwide, Adweek's Global Agency of the Year for 2018. So while we were in the city recently, we sat down with British agency veteran Sara Tate, recently named CEO of the storied TBWA\London office. She tells us about her career path, her time at startup agency Lucky Generals (recently acquired by TBWA) and much more.


110 - The Agencies of the Year

Which creative agencies dominated and drove the conversation in 2018? As Adweek unveils its Agencies of the Year, our editors explain each pick in the categories of U.S., Global, Breakthrough and International Agencies of the Year. Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Facebook Blueprint. Learn everything about building a business using Facebook, Instagram and more at


109 - The Oldest Name in Advertising, Retired

J. Walter Thompson, the world's oldest ad agency, is being retired as a name through its just-announced merger with sister agency Wunderman to form Wunderman Thompson. This week we talk about the trend of names from advertising's golden age going out to pasture. We're also talking about Apple's amazing holiday ad, a feminine brand's new anthem of vaginal pride, and who made the cut for this year's Adweek 50. Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Facebook Blueprint. Learn everything...


108 - How 11/11 Became Shopping's Biggest Day

Black Friday? Nah. Cyber Monday. Nope. Prime Day? No, the biggest shopping day of the year is Nov. 11. Why? Because that's Singles Day, which has quickly exploded in China into an ecommerce day that blows U.S. holiday shopping out of the water. On this week's episode, Adweek ecommerce expert Lisa Lacy joins us to explain how Singles Day became a $31 billion behemoth. Our panel of writers and editors also discuss a holiday ad that got banned into viral glory and this week's L.A. issue of...


107 - A Shockingly Effective PSA | 2018's Brand Geniuses

Does "Love, Actually" hold up? Do you sleep with the door closed? We tackle these (surprisingly relevant) questions and much more this week as we discuss R/GA's changing of the guard, an airline's emotional short film, a shockingly effective fire-safety PSA and this year's lineup of Adweek's Brand Genius winners. Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Flipboard, home of The Insight, a new destination for the advertising industry where news, data stories and inspiration live all in one...


106 - Halloween Ads | Megyn Kelly | Seattle Brands

Megyn Kelly was a $69 million investment by NBC, and this week we're talking about the network's buyer's remorse after the morning host defended blackface on national TV. We also talk about our favorite Halloween ads of all time and our roundup of Seattle's Rising Brand Stars. Questions? Email us at


105 - Challenger Brands | CP+B Quits Awards

This week, we're talking about the up-and-coming brands disrupting decades-old industries. Our panel of Adweek editors and writers also looks at recent debate around DDB's hiring of a freelancer ousted amid controversy, CP+B's decision to drop out of award shows altogether, Nebraska's unexpected new tourism slogan and this week's ads worth watching. Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by StackAdapt. Hundreds of agencies and marketers build their programmatic and native advertising...


104 - The Hottest of Everything | WPP's Very Bad Week

This week, we're talking about Adweek's annual Hot List, looking at the shows, apps, obsessions and publishers that define each year. And in the opposite of hot, we look at WPP's ice-cold week of high-profile client losses. And obviously we talk about this week's Ad Worth Watching.


103 - Young Influentials | Curse of The California Raisins

It's time for Adweek's annual list of the Young Influentials in marketing, media and tech, so this week we're going over the names you might know—and the ones you SHOULD know. We also talk about the strangely parallel fates that befell two men who invented modern Claymation, including California Raisins creator Will Vinton, who just passed away. We also talk about the return of ABC's TGIF block and, of course, this week's ads worth watching. Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by...


102 - How Cannabis Marketing is Maturing

Marijuana marketing is quickly shifting from novelty to big business as the trend of legalization sweeps across America. Adweek staff writer Lindsay Rittenhouse joins us to talk about her cover story on how cannabis marketers are battling stereotypes and carving out new niches. We also recap the best of Brandweek and talk about the week's best ads, including a polarizing political ad trying to get more millennials to the polls.


101 - Brandweek, Reborn

Veteran marketing pros may remember Brandweek as Adweek's former sister publication, which was combined with Adweek several years back. Now it's back—as both an event and a print magazine. To talk about both, we've got Adweek Brand Marketing Editor Kristina Monllos and her colleague on the brand marketing beat, Katie Richards. We'll give you a sneak peek at the highlights of this week's Brandweek event, and in addition, we'll talk about some leadership shifts at Wieden + Kennedy and the...


Bonus - We Take Your Questions

We recently reached the 100-episode mark, so we're celebrating the milestone by pausing to take questions from listeners. Adweek editors David Griner, Aneya Fernando and Doug Zanger field questions on launching your career, getting into podcasting, multicultural marketing, Nike parody ads and much, much more. Missed the call for questions? You can still send yours to and we'll try to answer them on an upcoming show.


100 - The Best Plans

This week, we look at this year's picks for Adweek's annual Media Plan of the Year winners, celebrating innovative ways of getting the word out. We also talk about KFC's newest marketing oddity, HBO's Insecure-inspired music festival and this week's ads worth watching. Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Accenture Interactive. Greater experiences start with reimagined consumer experiences. Learn more at


99 - The Ad That Changed 2018

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad has dominated the national discussion in a way that's likely unparalleled in modern ad history. This week, we talk about how Wieden + Kennedy's work featuring the polarizing Kaepernick has sparked praise, protest and more than one Donald Trump tweet. We also look at the week's Ads Worth Watching and discuss Adweek's picks for the Rising Brand Stars of Washington, D.C. Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by...


98 - The New Power Struggle | Paving for Pizza

This week we're talking about whether post-merger AT&T is growing to the point where it can put a dent in the duopoly of Facebook and Google. We also discuss how to get Domino's to fill your town's potholes, and we go over three of the week's best ads. Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by StackAdapt. Brand safety remains a challenge in programmatic advertising. Marketers choose StackAdapt for their whitelist approach to ad inventory and their promise of delivering relevant ads...


97 - The Viral Video Mastermind

This week we're joined by Michael Krivicka, co-founder of viral hit factory Thinkmodo, which recently disbanded after eight years. Michael shares his breakthrough into viral marketing, his biggest hits (like "Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise") and what's next now that he's going solo. Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by Flipboard. In today’s chaotic media landscape, it can feel impossible to reach people while they’re actually paying attention. Flipboard solves that problem. Learn...


96 - The Creative Hangover

Are creatives and brands playing it too safe in the Trump era? While the nation has become intensely polarized and politically opinionated, marketing creativity has gotten blander than ever. This week, we look at the creative hangover since the election—and why many think it may soon be ending. We also discuss Aretha Franklin's surprisingly robust legacy in advertising, the marketing genius of Ryan Reynolds and this year's winners of Adweek's Project Isaac innovation awards. Sponsor: This...