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In Cannes: Sir John Hegarty and the World Food Programme

In this bonus episode from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, we're joined by advertising legend Sir John Hegarty and Corinne Woods, CMO of the U.N. World Food Programme. They tell us about the heartbreaking PSA they just launched at Cannes to help alleviate famine in war-torn regions around the world.


133 - Cannes Lions Preview

It's Cannes week! The advertising industry's biggest festival and awards show is back for 2019, so we gathered the Adweek team to let you know what we expect from this year's show—and our winner predictions. Be sure to follow along at


132 - The Creative 100 | Desus and Mero

It's time for Adweek's annual Creative 100 list, honoring some of today's most fascinating talents in marketing, media, art and culture! This week, we talk about the 2019 list, including our cover stars: Showtime talk show hosts Desus and Mero. Sponsor: This week episode is brought to you by Pantheon. More than 2,500 agencies trust Pantheon to power their clients' websites. Learn more at


131 - How to Launch Your Career the Right Way

If you know (or you ARE) a recent college grad looking to break into marketing or media, this is the episode for you. Our writers and editors share the lessons from this year's Adweek Graduate's Guide to Marketing and Media, including tips on landing your first job and making the most of mentoring opportunities. Sponsor: This week episode is brought to you by Pantheon. More than 2,500 agencies trust Pantheon to power their clients' websites. Learn more at


Bonus: NASA's Creative Spirit

We caught up with Dan Goods, NASA Visual Strategist, at the D&AD Festival in London to learn how the famed space administration uses creativity to inspire a new generation of explorers and celebrate the incredible technology we often take for granted.


130 - The Brand Shattering Stigmas Worldwide

With bold, empowering and award-winning marketing that's rewriting the rules around how periods and women's bodies are portrayed in advertising, Essity (sold under Bodyform, Libresse and other brand names) is defiantly tackling taboos around the globe. This week, we caught up with brand manager Martina Poulopati and agency partner Nadja Lossgott of AMV BBDO to discuss #BloodNormal and "Viva La Vulva," which won top honors at D&AD shortly after our interview at the London festival.


129 - Extreme Brand Tweeting

Weird brand Twitter can't be stopped, and each year it seems to get weirder. Send the kids out of earshot, because this week we're talking about some of the most bizarre and unsettling tweets we've seen over the years, including this past week's "pee jar" incident. This week's panel: • Kimeko McCoy, Social Editor, Adweek • Ann-Marie Alcántara, Staff Writer, Adweek • David Griner, Creative and Innovation Editor, Adweek


128 - Rise of the Amazon Private Label

Amazon has been rolling out more and more house brands in recent years, undercutting third-party sellers while often repackaging the exact same products. This week, Adweek staff writer Lisa Lacy joins the podcast to explain Amazon's strategy and the pressures it puts on sellers when their own ecommerce platform becomes their No. 1 competitor.


127 - The Best Experiential Marketing | NewFronts Preview

This week we look at the winners of the first Adweek Experiential Awards and what trends we expect to see at this year's NewFronts digital content pitches. Our panel is: • James Cooper, Adweek Editorial Director • Sara Jerde, Adweek Digital Media Reporter • David Griner, Adweek Creative and Innovation Editor • Doug Zanger, Adweek Senior Editor


126 - Game of Branded Thrones | Disney+ Revealed

A spoiler-free discussion of how brands are embracing Game of Thrones, along with a detailed look at Disney's game-changing streaming service. And we hear the evil laugh of a long-lost friend. Host David Griner is joined by Adweek digital media reporter Sara Jerde. Sponsor: Adweek's Elevate: Creativity event, May 1 in NYC — Learn from the brightest minds in creative marketing today., promo code PODCAST


125 - Where Streaming TV Is Headed

If you're not already facing streaming subscription overload, you will be soon, with Disney's service on the way. So will ad-supported (ie free) services gain ground in the months and years to come as consumers tire of monthly fees? Our panel of TV and digital media experts looks at these topics in more as we catch up on the state of streaming. This week's panel: • Sara Jerde, Adweek Digital Media Reporter • Jason Lynch, Adweek TV/Media Editor • David Griner, Adweek Creative and...


Bonus: Droga5, Independent No More

The trend of consultancies buying agencies just went into overdrive as Accenture Interactive announced it will purchase Droga5. In this bonus episode, we talk about Droga5's history and creative work, along with the messages this purchase might send to the marketing world. On this bonus podcast panel: • David Griner, Adweek Creative and Innovation Editor • Lindsay Rittenhouse, Adweek Agencies Reporter • Doug Zanger, Adweek Senior Editor Our theme music is by home. This episode was...


124 - What Apple Has in Store for News and TV

This week, we look at Apple's recently announced plans for TV streaming, magazine subscriptions and more. We also dig into the factors behind the failed Kraft Heinz megamerger and what the rest of the brand marketing world can learn from it. This week's panel is: • Josh Rios, Adweek video producer/editor and guest host • Sara Jerde, Adweek digital media reporter • Patrick Coffee, Adweek Senior Editor • Diana Pearl, Adweek Brand Marketing Reporter


123 - Being a Woman in Advertising and Media

For Women's History Month, a panel of women from Adweek's news team discuss the obstacles and opportunities for women in today's marketing, media and tech worlds. On this week's panel are: • Aneya Fernando, podcast producer and digital projects editor • Kimeko McCoy, social editor • Ann-Marie Alcántara, tech reporter Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you by Facebook, which has a new podcast — Three and a Half Degrees: The Power of Connection. This podcast brings some of the...


Bonus: W+K London's Ray Shaughnessy on Awards, Work and F1

During a break from her judging of One Show film entries, Wieden + Kennedy London creative director Ray Shaughnessy joined us in the Dominican Republic to talk about the pros and cons of advertising awards. She also walks us through the process behind Formula 1's new sonic branding, created by compressing an entire Chemical Brothers track down to just 3 seconds. Our theme music is by Home. This week's episode was produced by David Griner and edited by Lane McGiboney.


122 - Giant Spoon on Going Big With Experiential

Fresh back from SXSW, Adweek Brand Marketing Editor Kristina Monllos shares the panel she moderated with experiential marketing leader Giant Spoon. The agency created HBO's high-profile interactive SXSW experiences for Westworld in 2018 and Game of Thrones in 2019. In this week's episode, we hear Kristina's talk with Giant Spoon co-founders Trevor Guthrie and Marc Simons, who share the lessons learned in creating epic experiences.


121 - From 'Got Milk?' to Greatness

Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein will be this year's lifetime achievement honorees at the Cannes Lions, so this week we're revisiting the legacy of Goodby Silverstein & Partners, from "Got Milk?" to three Super Bowl ads this year alone. Adweek Senior Editor Doug Zanger shares the agency's background and his recent interview with Goodby and Silverstein. Upcoming Event: Want to learn how some of today's top brands and agencies are bridging the real and digital worlds? Don't miss Adweek's...


120 - SXSW Preview | YouTube's Comment Crackdown

As the marketing and tech worlds descend on Austin, we caught up with Adweek's SXSW coverage crew to learn more about what they'll be looking for at this year's festival. We also look at YouTube's massive clampdown on comments in content featuring minors and what it says about the state of brand safety. This week's panel is: • Kristina Monllos, Brand Marketing Editor, Adweek • Marty Swant, Tech Reporter, Adweek • Josh Rios, Video Producer and Editor, Adweek • David Griner, Creative and...


119 - Real Talk About Race and Advertising

As Black History Month winds down, we're pausing to have an enjoyably blunt conversation about the obstacles faced by young people of color in today's ad industry—and how these discussions can be extended far beyond each February. This week's panelists are: • Kai Lawson, Co-host, Mixed Company podcast • Bennett D. Bennett, Freelance Copywriter • Kimeko McCoy, Social Editor, Adweek • David Griner, Creative and Innovation Editor, Adweek Sponsor: This week's episode is brought to you...


118 - The Legacy of Lee Clow

Nancy Reyes, president of TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, joins us to discuss the retirement and legacy of creative icon Lee Clow. A pioneer of advertising's creative revolution, Clow led Chiat/Day to become one of the most celebrated ad agencies of all time—especially for its work on Apple ads like "1984." This week's panel is: • Nancy Reyes, President, TBWA\Chiat\Day New York • Patrick Coffee, Editor at Large, Adweek • David Griner, Creative and Innovation Editor, Adweek