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Exceptional field service creates and sustains exceptional customer experiences. Welcome to Zuper FM – Field Service, Your Way with Michael Israel. Michael leads conversations about real field service issues with seasoned service management professionals. Gain insights into how your field service team can be a powerful competitive differentiator, one that boosts customer loyalty and grows your business


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Exceptional field service creates and sustains exceptional customer experiences. Welcome to Zuper FM – Field Service, Your Way with Michael Israel. Michael leads conversations about real field service issues with seasoned service management professionals. Gain insights into how your field service team can be a powerful competitive differentiator, one that boosts customer loyalty and grows your business






How Can Field Service Technology Improve User Adoption and Efficiency? with Vanessa Hunt (Ep. 28)

In this episode, Michael Israel discusses change management in the context of field service and implementing field service technology. He is joined by Vanessa Hunt, founder of Vanessa Hunt Consulting, who shares insights on user adoption and the challenges faced by field service users. They emphasize the importance of involving field service staff early on, … Read More Read More


How Will AI Revolutionize Field Service? with Jeff Oskin (Ep. 27)

In this episode, we welcome Jeff Oskin, the founder of Newlogiq, to delve into the practical applications of AI for businesses. Jeff shares insights on how AI can yield a substantial return on investment, stressing the significance of a robust foundation in field service platforms and ticketing systems for effective AI integration. He also dives … Read More Read More


Field Service and the Potential Impact of a Recession with Michael Blumberg (Ep. 26)

Did you know that field service can be recession-proof? In a recent study conducted by Blumberg Advisory Group Inc., results showed that despite concerns of a recession, a majority of respondents are optimistic about the future. What happens most times during a recession, there is a higher demand for maintaining and servicing existing products, which … Read More Read More


The Key to Exceptional Customer Service in the Construction Industry with Eduardo Samayoa (Ep. 25)

In Mexico City, Eduardo saw firsthand the struggles architects and developers faced in procuring materials on time. As a homeowner himself, he also noticed the lack of professional services in the construction industry. In this episode, Eduardo Samayoa, CEO and founder of Simplo, shared his journey from working in lighting and product consulting in San … Read More Read More


Fixing Customers, Not Just Problems: The Art of Building Lasting Relationships with Gaven Fahl (Ep. 24)

“You can’t have a reasonable conversation during a fire or even when there’s a lot of smoke around.” In this episode, Gaven Fahl, Director of the Critical Accounts Program at Hewlett Packard Enterprise joins us to talk about building proactive customer relationships and maintaining them. With 12 years under her belt at Hewlett Packard Enterprise … Read More Read More


The Path to Success for Skilled Technicians in Field Service Work with Rod Cook (Ep. 23)

In recent years, the field service industry has undergone significant changes, with a growing emphasis on sustainability and innovation. In this episode, Rod Cook, Director of North American Service Operations at Trane Technologies, discusses the challenges and opportunities available for talent within the trades industry, particularly in HVAC. He explores how to achieve a lucrative … Read More Read More


Building a Unified Customer Experience: The Power of Collaborative Partnerships with Sai Padmarajen (Ep. 22)

Collaborative partnerships have the power to revolutionize the way you build a unified customer experience. In this episode, Sai Padmarajen, Head of Channel & Ecosystem Partnership, and Rob Freedman, Head of Growth, both from Zuper, share their insights on their partnership model’s three-pronged approach. They highlight the evolution of Zuper’s partner network, which has grown … Read More Read More


The Power of Relationships in Field Service with David Nour (Ep. 21)

This week we’ll explore the concept of Relationship Economics and how it can transform the customer service and field service industries. In this episode, we feature David Nour, CEO of The Nour Group, Inc. and author of Relationship Economics®, to talk about the importance of relationships in business. David shares his insights on creating a … Read More Read More


Predicting Field Service Management Business Market in 2023 (Ep. 20)

As we enter a new year, staying ahead of the curve and understanding the challenges and opportunities is essential to the field services business. In this episode, we’re joined by Rob Freedman, Head of Growth at Zuper to explore the forecasted growth of the field service management market and the technology trends shaping the industry … Read More Read More


Triple Growth: How Zuper’s Platform Connected People and Improved Field Service Management in 2022 (Ep. 19)

Zuper experienced substantial growth in 2022, tripling the number of users and new customers. In this episode, Michael Israel discusses all the attributes that added to the growth and value of Zuper’s service in connecting people digitally and the added functionality and enhancements they have put into their product. Michael shares the key elements that … Read More Read More


Outside-In leadership: The Fundamentals with Dennis Sadlowski (Ep. 18)

Customer experience is how your customers perceive their interaction with your company, and it is fundamental to every business. So how do you excel at customer experience? In this episode, Dennis Sadlowski, a CEO & Outside-In Leadership expert, discusses the roadmap to attaining the best customer experience. Dennis shares how teams have an advantage over … Read More Read More


Growing Your Business in Challenging Times With Rob Freedman (Ep. 17)

As field service businesses come to terms with the recession – investing in technology, specifically AI technology can be a cost-cutting opportunity. In this episode, Rob Freedman, Head of Growth Marketing at Zuper, maps out the biggest growth opportunities during the recession for companies in the field service industry. Additionally, he shines a spotlight on … Read More Read More


Service Trends to Watch Out for in 2023 with Wael Mohammed (Ep. 16)

The field service industry is experiencing a massive opportunity for growth in 2023. As the industry moves forward, service leaders and technicians will need to strive to make data-driven decisions that will move them in the right direction. In this episode, Michael Israel is joined by Wael Mohammed, EVP of Strategy at Field Nation, to … Read More Read More


Field Nation: Cutting Labor Costs In The Market with Mynul Khan (Ep. 15)

With the change in consumer expectations, there is a substantial investment in IT and telecom infrastructure to support the digital customer experience. As a result, the demand for skilled technical labor as a fast, convenient cost-cutting option has risen. In this episode, Michael Israel sits down with Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation, to discuss … Read More Read More


Expanding Completed Service Work: How to Elevate The Customer Service Experience with David Nour (Ep. 14)

Enhancing the customer service experience is really all about exceeding expectations. Going above and beyond for your customer leaves them feeling delighted and satisfied — ultimately building the customer Loyalty you want. In this episode, we build on last week’s conversation about the concept of completed service work with executive coach and founder of The … Read More Read More


A Framework for Completed Service Work with Michael Blumberg and David Nour (Ep. 13)

Completed Service Work is a lot more than providing service to customers when things need fixing. It’s a very strategic aspect of the business if performed correctly can set your business apart from your competitors. In this episode, Michael Blumberg, the President and CEO of Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc. and David Nour, the author of … Read More Read More


Live From the HubSpot Inbound Conference in Beantown (Ep. 12)

There is no doubt that HubSpot is one of the leading CRM platforms for scaling businesses. One of the main reasons HubSpot has managed to stay the course in a competitive industry is because of its ease of integration with many other solutions and applications such as Zuper FSM. Michael Israel and the Zuper team … Read More Read More


Gearing Up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Wajid Zakir (Ep. 11)

Did you know that we’re currently in the midst of our Fourth Industrial Revolution? The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a period of rapid transformation across industries, societies, and nations. Technology, connectivity, and automation have been at the forefront of this revolution. In this episode, We make a virtual stop in the UAE to speak with … Read More Read More


Streamlining Services in the Landscaping Industry with Ben Souva and Jacob Krum (Ep. 10)

The best businesses are created when you’ve identified a problem that needs solving. Our guests this week found their niche in the landscaping market as a result of their own frustrating experiences. In this episode, Ben Souva and Jacob Krum, the founders of Trim Landscaping, join Michael Israel to discuss the circumstances that made them … Read More Read More


Completed Service Work and Its Value in Field Services with David Nour (Ep. 9)

You’ve probably heard of a popular management principle called Completed Staff Work. Completed Service Work is an evolution of this concept of doing everything thoroughly and anticipating next steps to the world of field service management. Did you know there is more to completed service work than simply fixing a customer’s problem? In this episode, … Read More Read More